Feedback and Suggestions V2



  • ResurrectionResurrection You don't need to be an operative to see the obvious
    Posts: 951
    I can't upload any photos even after I copy paste the link like I used to before, it doesn't have any option to post it after that, I am using it from my mobile for a while.
  • ThunderfingerThunderfinger Area 52
    Posts: 32,566
    With the upgrade, it is also back to double and triple quoting for me, I see. Going back a page also usually takes me out of the site completely. In other words, a downgrade.
  • BondAficionadoBondAficionado Former IMDBer
    Posts: 1,474
    My PM inbox isn't sending me a notification via email, since the site's update. Anyone else facing this issue? (I've ticked the "Notify me of private messages" by email, in the settings fyi.)

    Also, I'm still wondering if the hide status feature is being fixed or not. @MI6
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