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  • nurseyann
    Nikos78. I'm married to a Greek who lived on Paxos when we met. Hrs not much of a Bond fan. I'll tell him some Greeks are.
    June 2018
  • nurseyann
    I can't type worth a darn. Sorry
    June 2018
  • nurseyann
    I'm new and I loved SF but was so disappointed Duntrune was not used in the film SF. I'm in Texas but my clan chief is at Duntrune and the Malcolms were so nice to all 17 of us at Duntrune. Maiden name is McCallum. Anyway, I just had to say that little ditty. I loved Sean Connery but think Daniel Craig is great. My kids think Mind is Roger Moore but I never like him nor Pierce Brosnan as Bond. Don't know if anyone has seen the series _Son_ with Brosnan as head of a wild Texas clan, but he's quite good. Bye from Texas for now.
    June 2018
  • ggl00
    Hi, I'm @ggl007 but I have a problem with my account. I tried to change my email address in my profile and now I can't write here! I have not received the confirmation email and can't reach any of you. Could you write me with a solution in any of these?:

    Older address:
    New address:

    Thanks! And sorry for this new profile!
    September 2017
  • TripAces

    I have recently taken over the role of editor (and lead "expert") for It is a blogging site on the FanSided network.

    I would like to see if any MI6 Community members would like to write for the site...maybe 5-6 posts per month. But I won't post or promote the site without permission. If you prefer, I can send messages to individual members.

    As I build the site, I also plan to link info to MI6, as this is the #1 news/entertainment/info site on the Web. If I can steer more traffic here, I will definitely do so.

    Please let me know your thoughts.
    May 2017
  • Major_Boothroyd
    Hello - I was wondering if I could create a thread to promote my published short story that has been released in kindle form? I've been an active member on the Mi6 forum for a while now and would like to alert all the friendly posters I've interacted with over the years to this book's release. This collection of stories is my first published work and I would be grateful for the exposure. Licence renewed? Or revoked? Thank you for your time.
    October 2016
    • NicNac
      Will get back to you asap Major :)
  • darrenr
    Excuse me, and forgive me for not playing by some unseen rules as to asking a honest and genuine question about the movie on my thread about Michael wilson which was closed in a seemingly sarcastic and with aplomb manner by two of the administrators.

    Surely being on this forum is to seek, offer, and generally share mutual enthusiasm about the films??? Where is the issue in posting the question on a thread if you don't know what to do otherwise? Where would be right to post a query?

    I really do feel that there is some unwritten clique on here, and as someone that subscribes to the magazine too, I never thought I would feel unwelcome here. Their reaction to my innocent question does bring everything, including my paid subscription to the printed copy, into my own questioning which is most regretful.
    November 2015
  • nikos78
    Hi there. I am a Bond fan from Greece. Used to study in London, graduated in 2000 and have been returning ever since, every year there's a Bond film, to watch it opening weekend at Odeon Leicester Sq. I ve started organising this year's trip, but I m a bit confused with the UK release date. Some sources still mention October 23 (e.g. IMDB) while the official site gives only November 6. Could you clarify, please? Thanks and keep up the great work.
    February 2015
  • 00killswitch
    Hey guy's, do I get 24/hr protection with you guys?
    December 2014
    • Thunderfinger
      Be very afraid. Of Dragonpol. He is the best hitman we have, and he has been released from Guantanamo now.
    • Dragonpol
      I'm back in action...
  • bbartlettbooks
    Hi I'm new to the forums. How do I edit/remove posts I've made? Thanks.
    August 2013
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    April 2013
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    February 2013
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  • RickFerrari
    I am new to the reservation and wanted inform all MI6 operatives in North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia about a special event. Charlotte, North Carolina, also known as the Queen City, is hosting an exclusive celebration of James Bond and a red carpet premier for Skyfall. Our week long celebration will start on Saturday November 3 with a car show featuring bond cars like Aston Martins, BMWs, Jaguars, Land Rovers, Lotus' and Triumph motorcycles. We will enjoy food and watch Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace in a mini Bond marathon. Then on Thursday November 8, we will host a VIP reception featuring premium gift bags. Afterwards we will walk the red carpet, pose for the Paparazzi in front of the Hollywood style step and repeat, followed by the advance screening of Skyfall and ending with a VIP after party.For more information and to purchase tickets online, visit: This is an event not to be missed by movie fans and especially MI6 opperatives. After all, 0
    October 2012
  • JackMc
    Hey guys, new boy Jack here. I'm a shy guy who just happens to be a huuuge James Bond fan and have been most of my life, my dissertation was based on James Bond (well 3 of the films, originally it was going to be the whole 22 official ones but I saw sense when I was reminded the word limit is 7000 words), it was also published and is now on several university reading lists - so it must be up to something
    May 2012
    • Creasy47
      Any chance I could read it?
    • JackMc
      Yep, I'll put the link up to the book on amazon, although it is a little costly: