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    I actually like the idea of Bond mentoring a younger agent, provided it is executed properly.
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    I think this redditor is full of it. I don’t think he knows much more than any of us. Seems like he always is “changing his mind” when the news changes.
  • jake24jake24 Sitting at your desk, kissing your lover, eating supper with your familyModerator
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    FoxRox wrote: »
    I think this redditor is full of it. I don’t think he knows much more than any of us. Seems like he always is “changing his mind” when the news changes.
    Seems that way to me too.
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    Could Queen Elizabeth be the villain?
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    I wouldn't dismiss him outright. He is piecing it together based on what he hears from his sources. He's admitted in the past that there is speculation involved and third party comments so of course I wouldn't take anything as fact, but there could be some truth to it. I guess we'll find out soon enough.

    If true, I'm curious about the 'A' list actresses they are apparently scouting around for. I was hopeful they would go with someone unknown to English speaking folks, but perhaps we will get that with the supposed 'mentee'.

    If they must go this route, I'd rather they just cast Cate Blanchett and be done with it. I've always wanted to see her in a Bond film and the window is closing.
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    I think this Redditor has always read as credible. I think it was @bondjames who noted that this guy in the past has admitted that he’s just a person working in the film industry who is getting his information passed down to him.

    He sounds genuine enough to me.
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    As things get passed down details can become muddled. I think he may have some credibility in the sense that he hears things, but I certainly wouldn’t 100% trust anything he says.
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    I thought it wasn’t internet gossip that Boyle was working on the script it came out of his mouth
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    FoxRox wrote: »
    As things get passed down details can become muddled. I think he may have some credibility in the sense that he hears things, but I certainly wouldn’t 100% trust anything he says.
    Definitely. It's best to take it with a pinch of salt for sure. He's made lots of mistakes before and has admitted them. He's just passing on the gossip that he comes across when he comes across it.
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    I would like to see a female main villain. But please do away with personal BS. Unless it’s a darn original and good kind.
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    Well, if the info is real, then we're up for a real BS film again. Bond mentoring a young agent...what?! Personal, that's fresh. Those are the brilliant ideias?

    Maybe someday they'll start making Bond films again. Who knows?

    Here's hoping its all fake news, all of it.
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    jake24 wrote: »
    echo wrote: »
    jake24 wrote: »
    Getting pretty tired of analyzing Craig's face for the past 3 months. In those pictures it is quite obviously the buzz cut that is contributing to the "roundness." Larry King looks a lot worse.

    Hellooooo, Albuquerque!
    I'm lost.

    Larry King reference.
    DoctorNo wrote: »
    Watching Boyle's films has definitely helped ignite my anticipation and enthusiasm

    Trainspotting... a classic for it's time and is still great, funny and unexpectedly entertaining

    Slumdog Millionaire... never stops, great music throughout too

    127 Hours... first time watch and was expecting to be bored by the true story, but was not remotely. that had everything to do with Boyle.

    Trainspotting 2... an actual decent sequel instead of the typical sequel that never should have been made. Hodge wrote too so that's good.

    Steve Jobs... I was surprised by both the performances and how compelling it was given the way it was set and structured.

    28 Days Later was the only thing I couldn’t get through but it’s not my kind of movie. He seemed to have gotten the most he could out of a small budget though

    Trance... one of his lesser films but again watchable. There are some shots and looks I would want in a Bond film and then some I wouldn’t. I think Boyle knows the difference when applying it to the project he’s working on.

    I think B25 will be like QOS as the only Bond comparison but with a better, more compelling story focused on Bond. Supporting characters will only be used to support as needed so that’s good news for everyone wanting the Mi6 gang to not get bloated screen time.

    As for the great idea... well that could be a clever villain plot, a twist for Bond, a Craig era narrative twist, or some kind of overall twist for Bond movies. I really doubt the last as EON and MGM won’t green light anything that could damage their cash cow. A Craig era narrative twist has a lot to lose by entangling themselves with the retcon/brofeld mess, so again I doubt. Boyle’s movies are so varied, on one hand Trance is a twisting character ride, but then others like 127 hours are just a straight ahead story. I’m hoping his love for Fleming is his driving factor and would make him follow that path rather than try and impose something unnecessary. But whatever it is it will not be ponderous so it will feel like a stark contrast to the Mendes era which for me is totally necessary to get excited.

    I'd love to see Bond cut off from MI6 entirely in some sort of deep-cover operation. No back-channel to Q/Moneypenny BS.

    I don't know if Bond mentoring another agent would work...I wouldn't want Ms. James Bond, Jr. (Jinx, you say?) It could work if the younger agent flips to the other side.

    I'd love a female main villain who is truly in charge. They've hedged their bets too much in the past (Elektra/Renard and to a lesser extent Klebb/Grant--in that Tania was the one to kill her). The final showdown should be Bond grappling with whether to kill her, and doing so. With strong acting and writing, it could work.
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    I can’t believe it here is the official press release

    Bond 25 is The Property of a Lady

    The producers are happy to announce Bond 25 is indeed The Property of a Lady. “The title is Three Fold, it refers to the villains plot, Bond being the property of the Queen and of course the young Mi6 Agent Gala Brand and her influence on 007." Michael G Wilson said early this morning

    "This is a chance to work with some A+ talent like Danny Boyle Daisey Ridley and Helen Mirren." Barbara chimed in.

    The plot is as follows An Aging James Bond is asked to be brought back in the hopes of training young head strong agent Gala Brand 007 (Daisey Ridley). but all of this is really a plot of Sara Blofield ( Helen Mirren) wife of the now dead Ernst Stavro Blofield who was the maid of the school Bond went to and has been angry ever since he lost his virginity to her and has tried desperately to kill every woman in bond's life since.

    full press release just went live on youtube here

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    Don't give them any ideas
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    Too late. Bond 25 = 100x worse than DAD confirmed.

    But seriously, we need to just keep as cool as possible until the next official details. I don’t trust Cashley, even if he does get a little more info than us. Not to mention even if he’s right, this is probably just the first draft which could go through a lot of change.
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    If the Redditor is correct-- what's the ultimate thing a mentor, in this field, could teach his protege?...


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    Yeah the female villain is Vespers mom
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    Yeah the female villain is Vespers mom

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    I'm still angry that Waltz isn't back. The story feels incomplete without Bond killing him. Actually, it is weird the no actor has played Blofeld twice. I thought for once they'd finally do it with Waltz. Sigh. :/

    Same, and I still hope Waltz will be the villain for Craig's last.
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    No sense doubling down on a mistake.
  • A few thoughts:

    --Bond mentoring a younger agent? Happened already. Octopussy with Bond and Vijay. Vijay, of course, ended up as the sacrificial lamb. But there was definitely a mentor/student vibe. So if a Boyle-directed, Hodge-written Bond 25 had that element, it's not *that* new.

    --Despite internet gossip, Danny Boyle is not officially writing the script." That's how it's always phrased. John Logan supposedly was working with Sam Mendes on Bond 24/SPECTRE at least until Logan finally delivered his first draft in March 2014. I think it's always been clear that Hodge is actually writing, he's been "working with" Boyle during the writing.

    --Reddit guy's information. He's been fairly clear in various posts that's he's passing on gossip from the "London film community." This is the first time I've seen him quote "a friend at CAA." (CAA a leading talent agency.)

    --Separate from Reddit guy: There have been stories in the US entertainment press that Kate McKinnon is in talks to join the cast of the Boyle-Curtis musical comedy. She's very popular right now. *IF* she joins that project *and* it films this summer, I would not be surprised if it gets released before Bond 25. All that is my analysis, no inside information.
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    On the bright side, if some of these rumors are true, Property of a Lady stands a good chance and it’s the title I most want to see.
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    Birdleson wrote: »
    No sense doubling down on a mistake.

    Agreed. Save OHMSS/YOLT/TMWTGG for the next actor. It's too late for Craig after Mendes botched SP (and stripped YOLT for parts for SF).
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    Property of a lady with string female villainess? Quite appropriate with #metoo
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    I’m cool with that much. Just please cut out the “this time it’s personal” BS.
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    Was critical and casual movie going reception to Waltz really that bad? Or does it just seem like it because seemingly everyone around here hates his performance?
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    .............OF A LADY.
    This time it's impersonal.

    I expect the general audience liked Waltz and the film just fine.
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    I don’t hate his performance at all. I just think some of the writing for his character is weak, such as the past connection with Bond. Waltz himself, while not outstanding, did okay. He had some good moments, though the script gave him very little to work with.
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    I’ll take it with a pinch of salt, but if true... if true... why is there a “personal connection”, again? Do films today have to force a personal connection between the hero and the villain to make it interesting? It’s beyond me, to be honest.

    Of course, this said reddit user could very well be reading this thread and borrowing ideas from here as much as possible to gain attention. You never know.

    What is with all the hysteria that comes around the word "personal"? Every great story needs personal connections. You don't have a great story without coincidences.

    What Bond fans are tired of are personal stories, something that puts Bond's personal life front-in-center of the story, rather than the story itself.

    Personally I like the ideas presented, if I wanted to see a run-of-the-mill Bond film I'd just watch Connery or Moore.
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    Helen Mirren would obviously be great. And she still has sex appeal, not easy at 72!
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