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  • No problem; we all want to see better writers in the world.

    Re: character bios: the material created may not make an appearance in the book literally, but it gives the writer a private insight into what his characters do. Trust me on this and try it one day; you will know your creation so much more, and it gives you more tools to work with, making your characters far deeper.
    October 20
  • noSolaceleft
    Hi Peter,

    Thanks a lot again for your time and your advice. The part about pen and paper I absolutely believe myself. I just feel it in that moments. I believe that's because I don't have to remember the keypad. My wrist knows all the letters by heart, so to speak. To be honest, I never sought about writing biographies of my protagonist. Actually I don't plan to tell people a lot about him. I want him to be in the vein of Hammett's Continental Op and Deighton's nameless spy. I always liked that form of watching an anonymous - extremely professional - instrument doing his work myself. Actually I want my book to represent the kind of works I so much adored when I was young and which I don't see any around these days.

    Have a nice day and I hope you won't ever have to regret to have offered me help in case I should need it. I might be very well come back to that.
    October 20
  • ... seems I ran out of space in my last message!! Re: pen and paper: there have been studies that strongly suggest we use different parts of our brain, more creative impulse-messaging, with pen and paper; it proves these same areas are not stimulated efficiently when we work on a computer. I tend to use pen and paper, always, and transfer the ideas on my computer later.

    Bon chance!
    October 18
  • Hi NoSolaceLeft, let me know if I can help; the best advice I can give is put the novel down for two or three weeks— write something else in the interim. And then go back to the novel, reading it out loud, as I had mentioned. Repeat this cycle several times, and when you truly think you can’t take the story further, have a few honest people read it.

    Also, about character work, did you write biographies for your main protagonist and antagonists? This has proved to be an incredible exercise that, once writing, the characters tend to be written with more depth and dimensions. Trust me on this.

    Writing is a hard profession; if it was easy, we would all be published. So make sure you’re writing something every day. The more you write, the more skilled you become.

    And when you decide to write your next novel, outline the hell out of it, starting with “know your ending”... Then work on character bios... and then I’d suggest writing the first draft with pen and paper. Yes, pen and paper.
    October 18
  • noSolaceleft
    Hi Peter,

    Thank you for taking the time to write down your comments.
    About the pace of the book, I am aware that it's starts a bit sedate (that's why I wrote the prologue to let the reader know that there's something big worth his time going on) but I wanted to give the story time to breeze and develop. The next six days will see my man to a CIA black site in Romania and via hamburg to Syria right into Tehran, so I thought I might give it some time to get into a higher gear. Also, I wanted to convey some atmosphere. You see one thing that especially American written spy thrillers lack is the feel for the places. As someone aquatinted with Europe you very often can only shake your head about what you read.
    Yes, the novel is complete and as I mentioned before features a plot that, to the best of my knowledge, is completely new to the genre. This is not a Vince Flynn style terrorist attack of the week story but rather a throwback to those times when professionals were fighting professionals and not religious fanatics.
    However, I still have to translate about 50 pages.
    I have read over the novel and corrected a few things, so technically I guess you could say this is my second draft, but I will certainly try reading loud routine. Thanks for the advice.

    Have a nice day
    October 18
  • noSolaceleft

    To answer your questions in the correct order

    I am seriously pushing 40 and
    I'm just as serious about the criticism (actually even more since I really believe in honest, not kind criticism)
    No, this has not been self published nor do I intend to do so. I believe my book features some good writing and most of all a plot that's completely new (which as you probably are aware off is a very rare thing in this genre.), so I really hope to find a literary agent that sells them it to some publisher of Frank. That's probably quite naïve, but that's my plan anyway.
    No I don't have access to an editor but my plan is to have the literary agency have iron things out, since I believe this is part of their services.

    I'm quite curious about these questions I have to admit. It would be kind of you if you were to enlighten me.


    By mistake I've sent you the same mail from the account of my girlfriend on whose desktop I also have for convenience my mail adress. Hope this doesn't distract your spam filter. Anyway, here are the answers to your questions again.
    October 17
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  • ohmss42
    no hard feelings peter, all i meant in my comments was that I dont post as much as most people on here. Been a member since QOS, love (most) your insightful comments

    July 28
    • peter
      Hey @ohmss42, I'm not sure what you're saying? Did we disagree on something? That's okay! We don't need to agree and I'm not offended. But, I just don't know what thread you're referencing?
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