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  • MyNameIsMyBond2
    Hi German lady et al..! Greetings from the Cold, very cold..!
    July 2017
  • meredith44
    Hi. I'm looking for good German movies. Can you recommend something to me?
    November 2015
    • Thunderfinger
      I can. DER HIMMEL UBER BERLIN from 1987, aka Wings of Desire.
    • Creasy47
      ^ a little Wim Wenders never hurt anybody. Great movie.
    • Thunderfinger
      It is a Wim Wim situation.
  • IanBrash
    What about aspiring screenwriters that need up to date access to better research their methods? [On the Spectre Screenplay Leak] Orbis Non Sufficit.
    August 2015
  • SuzanneStone

    In reply of your comment on my wall: yes, I am a female, but since I've cleared this up several times and people still seem confused, I think I'll just leave it that way. :p Anyway thanks for the nice comment! I really do love Daniel Craig, but then again I love most a Bond actors. :)

    Have a nice day
    December 2014
  • SaintMark
    a man can get raped by other men and when a female does certain thing his thingie might just betray him. Which is similar to females getting orgasms during a rape where the body goes where the miond does not.
    April 2014
  • JamesCraig
    RC7 is a troll, it's best to ignore him denke ich.
    November 2012
  • Mathewq
    November 2012
  • sincnarf
    hey, thanks in advance...
    October 2012
    • sincnarf
      i'm still on a hunt for that vanity fair nov 2012 scans :(
  • inge66
    Hi, Germanlady, have only recently signed up, but have read lots of your comments and contributions, as a fellow girl am loving the girls room, and will have to dip in daily....
    August 2012
  • acidie
    Hello, just want to say, dont let the buggers get you down! I find it very strange how personal people get on here and attack, attack, attack. Anyway keep up the good work!
    June 2012
  • TouchMyButtons
    hi GL, I thought your post in the Bond getting down&dirty thread was funny lol. It seems like your one of the few people on here who isn't a tightass. Alot of these guys on here are so uptight, this forum is literally their life. anyway cya around the forums.
    June 2012
  • M_Balje
    German trailer of Skyfall, i believe you search for it.
    May 2012
  • Germanlady changed her profile picture.
    April 2012
  • 007RogerMoore
    Ich liebe Kartoffelauflauf.
    March 2012
  • iyassmany
    Hello, sorry, do you know when will be filming again in London and where exactly?
    March 2012
    • Samuel001
      Nothing else in London now, until maybe late May. But that will be finishing up indoors Pinewood anyway.
  • goodir27
    January 2012
  • Germanlady changed her profile picture.
    November 2011
  • Germanlady changed her profile picture.
    November 2011
  • Germanlady joined.
    Welcome Aboard!
    March 2011