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James Bond will return on April 8th 2020

This is the forum's dedicated Bond 25 production thread, where all facets of production will be discussed. Below is a comprehensive timeline of events including news, rumours, and announcements pertaining to the forthcoming Bond film beginning from 2015:

The thread rules are as follows

Any major spoilers regarding Bond 25 (i.e. character deaths, plot material, etc.), MUST BE IN SPOILER TAGS. Should the script leak (let's hope it never comes to that), no content of those leaks may ever be discussed or linked in this thread.

Official (statements from EON/MGM directly related to B25): ***
Confirmed (fact-based items/statements from trusted sources): ***
Uncertain (items from uncertain sources and/or with uncertain results): ***
Debunked (items proven incorrect): ***

Potential spoilers below

(Due to the forum's character limit, the 2015 and 2016 sections can be found below on page 1)

January 2017
->Naomie Harris meets with Bond producers, who reiterate that all gears are shifted towards non-Bond productions
->Bond scribes Neal Purvis and Robert Wade weigh in on Bond's place in the current political climate, and avoid ruling out the possibility of penning another Bond screenplay
February 2017
->Eon Productions acquire a Bell UHD-1D vintage helicopter from the Saxony-Anhalt aviation museum in Germany, to be flown to Heathrow on Feb. 9.
->The helicopter is to be used 'specifically for the next Bond film.'
->Daily Mail's Baz Bamigboye tweets to user @Pierce2Daniel; says B25 is 'a long, long way off,' when asked where the franchise currently stood
->Further signs point to Craig's return when Othello co-star David Oyelowo responds to Stephen Colbert's claim that he has indeed gone. "We don't know that (...) I've been in a dressing room with him for three months, so I don't know about that."
->The mayor of Dubrovnik, Croatia confirms that EON is in "advanced talks" with officials about featuring the city in B25
March 2017
->Reliable Daily Mail columnist Baz Bamigboye reports that six-time Bond scribes Neal Purvis & Robert Wade have been commissioned to pen the script for B25, while Daniel Craig remains undecided. It is likely that he will wait on a script prior to making a final decision
->Bamigboye also surmises that cameras won't start rolling on the forthcoming adventure until 'next autumn' at the earliest; also hints that the script (or lack thereof) isn't the only factor holding Craig back
->MI6-HQ confirms that the vintage helicopter recently acquired by Eon Productions will not be used for B25, but for a historical war film that Broccoli and Wilson will co-produce in late 2017. This would effectively rule out a Nov/Dec. 2017 start date
April 2017
->The New York Times reports that five studios (Sony, Warner Bros, 20th Century Fox, Universal, and Annapurna) are competing for the distribution rights of a one-picture deal, and are putting on pitches in front of Broccoli & Wilson as well as MGM executives
->Fanclub Archivo 007 says they have reason to believe that Craig will more than likely return for B25 based on contractual information (possibly Craig's stunt double singing on) let slip by a source at Pinewood Studios
->Dave Bautista tells Metro that he is more than willing to return as Hinx, harkening back to Richard Kiel's double feature as Jaws. "We’re waiting for the news to see if Daniel will sign up for Bond 25, because then there’s a chance that Hinx will come back."
May 2017
->Paul McGuigan, who directed the Eon-produced Film Stars Don't Die in Liverpool, is tipped as a leading contender to helm B25 according to Indiewire
->IMDB Pro questionably lists Christopher Nolan's Syncopy as a B25 production company. The forthcoming Bond film is also listed under the company's "in development" titles
->IMDB staff stick to their word regarding Syncopy's involvement with B25 and believe "the information [they] have displayed to be correct."
->Syncopy is removed from B25's IMDB Pro page after numerous film sites pick up the story
July 2017
->While talking to Playboy, Christopher Nolan reaffirms his desire to helm a Bond film, but stresses that "it has to need reinvention, it has to need you."
->Eon Productions announce that they will soon begin work on The Rhythm Section, a non-007 spy thriller based on the four novel series by Mark Burnell. American actress Blake Lively is set to star as the film's protagonist
->The 25th James Bond film is officially confirmed for a US release on November 8th, 2019, with international dates as well as the cast & director to be announced at a later date
->The New York Times reports that Craig's return is a done deal based on sources close to production
->Both BirthMoviesDeath and MI6-HQ stress the possibility of Broccoli and Wilson selling the franchise off post-B25, based on an unknown source close to production
->Deadline reports that Yann Demange (71), Denis Villeneuve (Prisoners, Sicario, Arrival, Blade Runner 2049), and David Mackenzie (Hell or High Water) are on the shortlist to helm the next film in the series, and have all allegedly had meetings with Broccoli and Wilson. Villeneuve may be out of the race due to scheduling conflicts having recently signed onto Dune
->According to Variety, Demange is the frontrunner and claims Warner Bros. is the closest to landing a distribution deal with MGM for B25
->James Bond Downunder reports that Yann Demange was spotted at EON House in London; comments from fans asking about Bond on Demange's Instagram are promptly deleted
->Mirror claims the next Bond film will be titled "Shatterhand" and will be an adaptation of Raymond Benson's continuation novel, Never Dream of Dying
->Benson denies ever speaking to journalists at Mirror; says the article is nothing more than a fabrication
August 2017
->Craig is said to still be attached to Purity according to David Nevins, CEO of Showtime, although production may not commence on the mini-series until 2019 as he's "doing Bond first"
->Stuntmen Gary Powell and Martin Ivanov visit Budapest for reasons unclear; rumors start that they are location scouting (page 932)
->While promoting Logan Lucky, Craig states on numerous radio shows that he has not signed up for another (or two) Bond films and that personal decisions (rather than pay demands as rumored in the press) are being made. "I know that they are desperate to get going. I would, in theory, love to do it... But no decisions just yet."
->Daniel Craig officially confirms his return as James Bond in Bond 25, with 2019 set to be his last performance in the role
->"It's been a couple of months. [...] This is it. I just want to go out on a high note. I can't wait."
->Industry insiders claim that B25 (pre) production is to officially kick-off in May 2018; principle photography likely to commence 5-6 months after
September 2017
->Based on information from a Hollywood insider, Page Six reveals a "surprising" (and all too familiar) plot for B25 in which 007 seeks revenge following the death of his wife
->Apple and Amazon Studios join the race for the B25 distribution rights according to a report from The Hollywood Reporter
->In an interview with The Globe and Mail, Craig comments vaguely about B25 saying he has 'some things he wants to finish with 007' and dismisses the public perception that he is ungrateful toward the role
->Broccoli discusses her keenness to support women within the industry and would "of course" consider the possibility of hiring a female director to helm a future Bond film
->Barbara Broccoli says getting Craig back for a fifth film is a "dream come true" while attending the Toronto premiere of Film Stars Don't Die in Liverpool
->According to Baz Bamigboye, Craig is apparently 'keen' on Sicario, Blade Runner 2049 director Denis Villeneuve, which means getting the gig will either put Dune on ice or have him drop the project entirely
->More talks of Croatia as a location resurface, as local reports claim the production is to arrive in 'early 2018' to film in several cities throughout the country (an unlikely scenario given the script is still in early stages of development)
->Villeneuve confirms to several media outlets while promoting Blade Runner 2049 that he is indeed in talks with Broccoli and Craig, but that his involvement in other projects will determine whether or not he signs onto the film
October 2017
->Martin Campbell states that he'd only be interested in directing another Bond film if he were introducing a new actor into the role, as he did with both Brosnan and Craig for their debuts as the character
->Location scouting has taken place in western Norway according to local reports, although, as with the 24th Bond film, it is unlikely that production will actually film there (with an incentive application deadline cited as one of the reasons)
->Attending the European premiere Film Stars Don't Die in Liverpool, Paul McGuigan rules himself out of B25 directing duties while Broccoli comments that they have yet to select anyone to helm the forthcoming film
->Production designer Dennis Gassner is confirmed to return for B25
->Rory Kinnear tells the press that he is unsure if he'll reprise his role as Bill Tanner for a fourth time
->Archivo007 reports that Gary Powell, who served as stunt coordinator since Casino Royale, will not return for B25 and will instead be replaced by Craig's stunt double Ben Cooke
->Christoph Waltz confirms he will not return as Blofeld in B25, meaning the film will most likely not follow on from the events of SPECTRE. Speculation points to Blofeld being recast or the character being absent altogether (page 1135)
->MGM strikes a joint venture with Annapurna for theatrical distribution in the US, a distribution announcement for B25 may be a waiting game
November 2017
->Monica Bellucci tells reporters she "can't say anything" when asked about the rumours of Craig wanting her back for a second outing, leading many to believe that she has been asked to return as Lucia Sciarra
->Deadline confirms that MGM and Annapurna will partner to release the next Bond film domestically, and will officially announce it in the coming days. International distribution has yet to be finalized but may go to another studio
->Broccoli says she hopes to have hired a director by early 2018. "We've got our Daniel; we've got to find the director. We're working on the script and we'll see. Hopefully by the beginning of the year we'll have more news on all those fronts."
->Broccoli's next non-Bond film The Rhythm Section commences production in Ireland, which Broccoli shows interest in returning to on a future Bond film
December 2017
->Baz Bamigboye debunks a rumor that Nolan is the frontrunner to direct the next Bond film, despite Archivo007 claiming otherwise
->A tipster with industry connections says the B25 team will move into pinewood in March 2018, with reshoots for Solo causing a brief delay
->When asked who would end up taking the reigns from Broccoli & Wilson in a podcast, she states that '[she'd] like to think the family will continue, but Bond belongs to everybody. He'll survive, whatever happens.'
->Broccoli also states that they are more open to a multi-film deal with a major studio, depending mainly on their passion for the franchise
January 2018
->Villeneuve implies he is too busy to commit to B25 due to his attachment to dream-project Dune, telling Screen Crush that he cannot be 'in two places at the same time.'
->Local reports detail 007's alleged involvement in Croatia, with the character set to have a 'near death experience' in the Adriatic and will encounter 'old acquaintances'
->Ben Whishaw tells Metro he imagines filming will start 'at the end of this year' despite having not received an update 'for a while.' He later stated that he think's he'll return despite not being offered a script.
->Production of EON's The Rhythm Section shuts down until June due to an injury Blake Lively sustained on-set. It is unclear if the delay will affect B25
->Ben Whishaw speaks further about his possible return as Q, hoping to 'get to do more action in the next one.'
February 2018
->Christopher Nolan officially rules himself out of B25
->Variety reports that Danny Boyle, who previously expressed his reservations for making a Bond film, is 'high on MGM's list' to direct B25
->According to Deadline, Boyle is said to be interested in the project and has reportedly enlisted Trainspotting screenwriter John Hodge to write a spec script. The producers will then decide to go in the direction of Purvis & Wade's draft or Boyle & Hodge's
->A Reddit user claims that Yann Demange was hired on a 'speculative' basis and worked with Purvis & Wade on their draft, only to be ousted in favor of Boyle. The user points to recent delays on The Rhythm Section as a reason for the impromptu switch
->Baz Bamigboye confirms that Boyle's next project will be a 'contemporary film musical' and will likely start filming later this year, possibly ruling him out as director for B25 (page 1355)
March 2018
->Bamigboye reports that English director Danny Boyle will direct Bond 25 'later this year', as long as John Hodge's screenplay meets the approval of Broccoli, Wilson, and Craig
->Boyle confirms rumours that he and Hodge are working on a script, plans to direct B25 at the end of the year if all goes well
->Gary Barber, a close ally to EON Productions, is unexpectedly fired from CEO position by MGM's board of directors over 'disagreements on strategy about the future direction of the company'
->Reddit user "CahleyPersia" details Boyle and Hodge's script, claiming that A-list actresses are being scouted for a central villain role with a 'personal connection' to Bond and that another, younger female agent will serve as Bond's protégé. They also claim that Boyle will edit this film and his Richard Curtis musical simultaneously despite the latter being shot first (page 1426)
April 2018
->A knowledgeable source tells The Hollywood Reporter that MGM has been holding off a distribution deal because it is using the Bond rights as leverage for a possible sale of the studio (Sony is said to be interested). A separate source also claims that Boyle is a done deal
->When commenting on Bond's womanizing in a post 'MeToo' context, Craig states that he's "been trying to [veer away from that] gently for the past four movies and I’ll continue to do that.”
->Harris tells the press that filming for B25 commences at the end of the year, but remains in the dark about whether she'll appear in the film
->Both Variety and THR make passing comments that B25 may not meet its intended November 2019 release date
->IMDB lists Vic Armstrong as B25's stunt coordinator, making it his first Bond film since 2002's Die Another Day (page 1470)
->Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz announce that they are expecting their first child together, and it is unclear as to how this will affect B25
May 2018
->According to Variety, Craig is set to earn $25 million for starring in his final Bond film, topping the list of upcoming actor salaries
->Whishaw tells Metro he's "thrilled" by Boyle's involvement in B25 and mentions that he believes he is under contract to star in B25
->Film site Omega Underground claims stunt-coordinator Vic Armstrong has been hired for the next Bond film
->EON Productions announce that Danny Boyle will direct an original screenplay by John Hodge with Craig in his 5th turn as Bond. Universal & Annapurna Pictures will distribute the film (internationally and domestically, respectively) with MGM for a UK release on October 25th 2019, and November 8th in North America. Production is set to commence on December 3rd at Pinewood Studios
->Costume designer Jany Temime confirms to James Bond Downunder that she will not be returning for B25 due to her commitments to other projects (page 1548)
->Vic Armstrong refutes claims of his involvement in B25 (page 1558)
->Craig is spotted in Barcelona filming scenes in character for what is believed to be the Heineken tie-in advertisement for B25
June 2018
->According to The Guardian, discussions are under way to film at Centre Point, a skyscraper in Central London. Suggested scenarios are said to include Bond landing on the roof via helicopter or parachute
->Neil Callow confirms to CNN that he will return as an art director on B25, while Omega Underground reports that SPECTRE's Olivier Schneider will oversee stunts
->An Instagram post of Mark Strong training is posted by his personal trainer and captioned with the hashtags "007" and "Danny Boyle," leading some to believe that he has been cast in the next Bond film (page 1598)
->Jeffrey Wright says a return of Felix Leiter is a "possibility" during a Reddit AMA
July 2018
->British pop band Years & Years make a casual remark that Dua Lipa will perform the theme song, but may just be going off previous rumours
->Special effects supervisor Chris Corbould tells the press he "can’t remember being so excited" about embarking on another Bond film
->Corbould also refers to the 2012 Boyle-directed Olympics sketch (featuring Bond and the Queen) when asked if there would be a focus on 'realism' for B25. This potentially hints at a royal angle in the story
->According to casting calls revealed by MI6-HQ, EON is looking for male and female Russian actors to play the antagonist and the leading Bond girl respectively. A 'ruthless' and 'loyal' henchman of Māori descent is also being sought after (combat skills are required for both the Bond girl and henchman roles)
->Mark Tildesley is unofficially confirmed as heading production design on the film, replacing Gassner
August 2018
->New Zealand actors Xavier Horan and Benjamin Mitchell are reported to have sent out video auditions for the Māori henchman role. A third actor, Manu Bennett, was coy when asked to comment
->EON Productions & Daniel Craig announce that Danny Boyle will no longer direct Bond 25 due to "creative differences"
->According to The Telegraph, EON and Boyle were in the process of casting the Russian villain when a fall out occurred over whether to cast Polish actor Tomasz Kot in the role. Variety reports that the producers are acting quickly to secure a replacement
->Mirror claims that John Hodge is no longer involved in the project
->Yann Demange is 'understood' to be the frontrunner to replace Boyle, according to Irish film site
->According to industry insiders, EON & MGM are looking for a new writer or writer-director to come on board the film, which may put the film's 2019 release date in jeopardy. Hodge's script, said to be a modern-day cold war plot, has presumably been scrapped
->Actor Oleg Taktarov is reported to have screen-tested for a villain role
->Added to the shortlist are directors Edgar Wright and Jean-Marc Vallee (later confirmed to have turned the gig down due to scheduling) according to Deadline
->Production Weekly lists B25's working title as "Shatterhand" in a list of future film and TV production data
->Location scouting is said to have taken place in Namibia, Africa, prior to Boyle's exit. Crew members were reportedly searching for suitable locations to build sets for a 'planned sequence' in Hodge's treatment
->Boyle's exit was due to Eon and Craig's desire to bring on a new writer, reports Baz Bamigboye
->Casting Director Debbie McWilliams is reported to have held casting sessions with nearly 20 male and female actors from Finland and surrounding countries
September 2018
->Craig is set to star in Rian Johnson's murder mystery 'Knives Out' slated to begin filming in November, which may indicate a possible delay for B25
->Variety adds Bart Layton (American Animals) and S.J. Clarkson to the director shortlist
->Contrary to several reports, pre-production (i.e. set building, script work) is continuing as planned despite the absence of a director (according to MI6-HQ). Hodge's draft is said to be a re-working of Purvis & Wade's and is now being tweaked by Bond producers and Craig
->Moroccan actor Saïd Taghmaoui is said to have been cast in B25, though the actor later denied the claims
->Both David Mackenzie and Yann Demange play down speculation that they are in the running to direct the next Bond film
->Purvis & Wade are brought back in in as writers on B25, though it's unclear if they are working on their own treatment or polishing Hodge's draft
->Cary Joji Fukunaga is announced as Bond 25's new director. Production is set to begin at Pinewood on March 4th, 2019 for a new worldwide release of February 14, 2020
October 2018
->Aston Martin CEO Andy Palmer confirms that the car manufacturer will be collaborating with EON for B25
->Stefan Zurcher, who has done location work on 11 Bond films, mentions in an interview that B25 is scheduled to shoot in Canada in March
November 2018
->Fukunaga confirms that Bond's character arc that began with Casino Royale will continue over into B25. He also mentions that he has toyed with the idea of bringing back Christoph Waltz and Ben Whishaw if 'there is space for them in the story'
December 2018
->Linus Sandgren (La La Land, First Man) has joined the B25 team as Director of Photography, according to a Variety reporter
->According to Norwegian reports, the B25 team has been applying for government incentive schemes to film in the country
->Baz Bamigboye confirms via Cary Fukunaga that Lea Seydoux will reprise her role as Madeleine Swann, in addition to Ralph Fiennes, Ben Whishaw, and Naomie Harris all returning to their roles as M, Q, and Moneypenny respectively
->Casting has begun for the villain and 'Bond girl' parts (an MI6 agent and mystery role), with producers reportedly eyeing Rami Malek for the main antagonist. Scheduling issues with Mr. Robot are said to remove the actor from contention
->Sandgren confirms himself that he'll be taking on cinematography duties
->Second Unit Director Alexander Witt is returning for production
->Actress Tuppence Middleton is rumoured to have a small role in B25
January 2019
->Paul Haggis (who co-wrote Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace) is reported to have contributed to the B25 script
->Rami Malek is coy when quizzed about B25 villain rumours
->Linus Sandgren will reportedly shoot B25 on digital, becoming the second film in the series to do so (after Skyfall)
->Cadiz, Spain is rumoured to have been scouted by production, with the location said to be doubling for Tunisia
->A grant worth approximately €4.5M is awarded to the B25 production to film in Norway, making the country's use in the upcoming film highly likely (later reports suggest Rjukan in the Tinn region as a possible location)
February 2019
->Jamaica is tipped as a shooting location for B25 (page 2066)
->Production may be heading to the mountainside city of Matera in southern Italy this April, if local press reports prove accurate (further reports suggest Puglia as another Italian location)
->According to Archivo007, Daniel Craig has arrived in London for rehearsals at Pinewood (to begin on February 4th) with possible second unit work taking place at the same time
->A Reddit tipster claims that EON were in negotiations to film at the Stavros Niarchos Cultural Center in Athens
->Collider's Steven Weintraub, who recently met with Linus Sandgren, mentions in a tweet that filming is due to commence in April, not March as previously announced
->The MGM/Annapurna joint venture is re-branded as United Artists Releasing, meaning B25 will be the first Bond film to be released under the UA banner in 20 years
->MGM & Universal push back Bond 25's release date two months to April 8th, 2020
->American screenwriter Scott Z. Burns has been hired to re-write the script. He is expected to spend four weeks working on what is being called an 'overhaul' of the screenplay
->Film editor Elliot Graham is linked to the Bond 25 editing job (page 2161)
->Baz Bamigboye reports that Kenyan-Mexican actress Lupita Nyong'o is being eyed for a Bond girl role in the upcoming film (these plans fell through according to Variety). He also hints at the possibility of an expanded role for Miss Moneypenny
->Set construction of a cottage-esque building has begun near Lake Langvann in Nittedal, Norway for what is presumed to be for B25 (reports detail a sequence in which a young girl kills an intruder and is chased by another onto a frozen lake)
->A recently uncovered two-month old casting notice for a feature film was searching for a young girl with aquatic experience to play the part of a young Léa Seydoux. The role was to be casted in Paris last month (page 2188)
->Ben Whishaw confirms an early April start date (most likely the 5th), with some location work likely taking place beforehand
->Fukunaga is reportedly eyeing Billy Magnussen to play a CIA operative who 'crosses paths with Bond.' Meanwhile, casting is in full swing for two Bond girl characters (an MI6 agent and an accomplice akin to Olga Kurylenko's Camille), as well as the main villain
->The same report mentions that the Burns re-write was not as substantial as previously reported and that there was excitement with what Purvis, Wade, and Fukunaga delivered
->Rami Malek is reported to be in final negotiations to play the main villain after the recent delay has allowed Universal to accomodate the schedules for both Mr. Robot and B25
March 2019
->Bamigboye confirms Jamaica as a shooting location, and that the frozen lake/intruder sequence in Norway will form part of the pre-title sequence
->Variety confirms that a production crew of 500 people will head to Matera, Italy in late July for the film's 'prologue action sequence'
->Local Italian reports suggest that Dua Lipa will travel to Matera and other locations throughout southern Italy to film a music video for the B25 title song (page 2231)
->007 may be behind the wheel of the electric Aston Martin Rapide E, according to The Sun
->Billy Magnussen hints at his possible casting in an Instagram post
->Filming in Norway commences with Fukunaga leading a small crew equipped with underwater cameras and rigs
->A behind the scenes set photo from the Norway shoot reveals that select sequences will be shot on IMAX 70mm film (the rest will be shot on 35mm, not digital as previously believed)
->A video taken of filming shows a frightened blonde child being chased by a masked-villain wielding a machine gun on a frozen lake
April 2019
->Bollinger and Land Rover product placement will continue for B25
->According to an insider, the cast and crew will be flown out to Jamaica in late April for a press conference
->Pheobe Waller-Bridge has reportedly been brought in to strenghthen female characters and improve humour in the script. Story rumors suggest a retired bond will have to re-earn his '007' codename from a female agent
->Good Morning Britain and Good Morning America tease 'big news' on B25 near the end of the week
->The cast & crew arrive in Jamaica ahead of the official press reveal on Thursday at 13:10 BST/05:10 PST
->Reports of Christoph Waltz's return resurface ahead of the launch
->Bond 25 kicks off production in Jamaica. New cast members include Ana De Armas, Lashana Lynch, David Dencik, Dali Benssalah, Billy Magnussen, and Rami Malek. Returning cast members include Lea Seydoux, Jeffrey Wright, Ralph Fiennes, Naomie Harris, Ben Whishaw, and Daniel Craig as James Bond, 007
->New crew members include Linus Sandgren as DoP, Mark Tildesley as Production designer, Sutirrat Larlarb as Costume designer, and editors Tom Cross & Elliott Graham. The film will be written by Neal Purvis & Robert Wade, Scott Z. Burns and Pheobe Waller-Bridge
->Locations include Jamaica, Norway, London, Matera, and Pinewood Studios
->The official plot synopsis is: Bond has left active service and is enjoying a tranquil life in Jamaica. His peace is short-lived when his old friend Felix Leiter from the CIA turns up asking for help. The mission to rescue a kidnapped scientist turns out to be far more treacherous than expected, leading Bond onto the trail of a mysterious villain armed with dangerous new technology

Status: Post-Production


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    Who says there will even be a Bond 25 ;)

    Nah, course there will :P
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    I can say it will involve people and buildings, a certain amount of walking will take place along with dialogue. :D
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    DrGorner wrote: »
    I can say it will involve people and buildings, a certain amount of walking will take place along with dialogue. :D

    Maybe there will be some running, too.

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    Jan1985 wrote: »
    I can say it will involve people and buildings, a certain amount of walking will take place along with dialogue. :D
    DrGorner wrote: »
    Maybe there will be some running, too.
    Where are you getting this information?! Have you read the leaked Bond 25 script?
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    it will be titled All The Time in the World I know because my uncle's best friends former room mate once new a guy who new a guy who live next to Daniel Craig's aunt ;)
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    Oh, the first movie with the 7th actor to officially play Bond. And the first Bond movie to be written and directed by the same person. It's gonna be a great one! =D>
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    There are some things we do know about the next film

    Fiennes Harris Wishaw And Craig will all be back I presume Rory kinnear will be back but that is more a guess.

    As for writers and director

    Mendes might be lured back but something tells me to look elsewhere
    I think Purvis and Wade might be back perhaps with Jez Butterworth (or however you spell his name writer on Skyfall and Spectre)

    And that is about it folks it is rumored to be coming out in November 2017
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    (First portion of the timeline. For 2017 and beyond, see above)

    February 2015
    ->Rumors spark that Spectre and Bond 25 will share a two story arc, according to a report from Film Divider. Speculation suggests that Léa Seydoux and Christoph Waltz have signed on to reprise their roles, though the accuracy of these rumors is questioned
    May 2015
    ->'B25 Ltd', Eon's shareholding company for the forthcoming film, is officially formed
    June 2015
    ->Variety reports that the distribution rights for the Bond franchise will be up for grabs following Spectre's release and Sony's departure from the series, and lists Warner Bros. as a viable candidate due to their recent partnerships with MGM on films such as the Hobbit franchise and the upcoming Rocky spin-off, Creed
    July 2015
    ->Sam Mendes reveals he will not direct any more Bonds after Spectre, making it unlikely for Bond 25 to be a direct sequel to its predecessor
    August 2015
    ->Daniel Craig confirms in an interview he has no plans for the next 2 years, but is considering some theater work in NY, opening up the possibility for another 3 year gap
    September 2015
    ->When asked in an interview for Esquire whether he'd be open to doing a 5th film in his tenure, Craig responds with, "At this moment, no. I have a life and I’ve got to get on with it a bit. But we’ll see.”
    October 2015
    ->Daniel Craig hints in numerous interviews that he'll likely return for Bond 25, but is quoted as 'needing a break.'
    ->A questionable rumour from suggests that the series' 25th entry will be a period film, with it being set in the 60s
    ->Spectre's ending sets us up for a return of a few key cast members
    November 2015
    ->Following Spectre's critical success, Sam Mendes hesitates to rule out making his Bond helm a trilogy
    ->In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, producer Michael G. Wilson confirms that a new distributor for the franchise will be chosen sometime near February 2016; also reconfirms a likely return for Craig
    ->Michael G. Wilson hints at another 3 year gap
    ->Producer Barbara Broccoli reveals development on B25 could begin sometime near Spring 2016
    ->Léa Seydoux admits to the press she has not been asked to return for B25, but would love to if given the opportunity
    ->Daniel Craig is announced to play Iago alongside David Oyelowo in the upcoming "Othello" in 2016, which may interfere with his role in the development of B25. The play is to be co-produced by Barbara Broccoli
    December 2015
    ->The Mirror stirs rumours that director Guy Ritchie of The Man from UNCLE fame has been tipped to helm Bond 25, after the producers allegedly enjoyed the film
    January 2016
    ->According to reports, Christoph Waltz has signed on to reprise his role as Ernst Stavro Blofeld for two more consecutive Bond films, as long as Craig returns as Bond
    ->Multiple tabloids claim a similar story in which the producers have offered Daniel Craig to film both Bond 25 and 26 back to back, due to his requests for time off
    ->While on the Graham Norton show, Ralph Fiennes revealed he will return for another and possibly final time as Bond's boss
    February 2016
    ->Daniel Craig is reported to star in a Todd Field directed limited series adaptation of Jonathan Franzen's Purity
    ->Daniel Craig's reps confirm he is not "quitting" the role of Bond, despite reports from The Sun that claim otherwise
    ->Associate producer Gregg Wilson states that creative work for B25 has yet to begin, but that as far as he is concerned, Craig is still Bond
    ->Wilson also states that they have begun to look for the next real world threat to center a B25 plotline around
    ->In another likely attempt to stir rumors, The Sun reports that both EoN and MGM are desperate to keep Craig in the role, and are willing to delay B25 to accommodate for his involvements in other plans
    ->Actor Mark Strong, a close friend of Daniel Craig, is quoted as saying he thinks Craig is done with the role
    ->The producers are reportedly eyeing Croatia, particularly Dubrovnik, as a filming location for B25 according to local reports, after franchises like Game of Thrones and Star Wars had filmed in the country
    March 2016
    ->Multiple outlets report that Poldark's Aidan Turner has been tipped to succeed Daniel Craig as James Bond, and has been rather coy when asked to comment in interviews
    ->At the Empire Awards, Sam Mendes states that he is still unsure about whether Craig will return or not. "I think you’ve got to feel 100% to come back, and I think he knows that. He needs to have a break and do another role and see how he feels after that. I’ll be watching with as much interest as you guys."
    ->At an MGM conference call, CEO Gary Barber confirms that Bond films will be released on a three-to-four year cycle; also states that there is 'no rush' for making a distribution deal
    ->Ben Whishaw states in an interview that he thinks Craig will return
    ->The Mirror reports that producer Barbara Broccoli is set on The Night Manager's Tom Hiddleston as Craig's replacement, but is likely building on previous rumours
    April 2016
    ->Tom Hiddleston denies having ever had discusstions with EoN about possibly succeeding Craig as Bond
    ->Sam Mendes' next project is announced for DreamWorks' The Voyeur's Motel, to be directed by Mendes and produced by both him and Steven Spielberg, effectively ruling him out for B25
    ->Ralph Fiennes tells Den of Geek that he doesn't know whether he will come back as M or not, and that his return relies on Daniel Craig's pending decision
    ->Baz Bamigboye of the Daily Mail reports that Barbara Broccoli is set to produce Film Stars Don't Die in Liverpool, hinting that there is no urgency in commencing production on B25
    May 2016
    ->Hiddleston further deflates any rumors that he is involved with replacing Craig
    ->A new addition in a set of likely false tabloid rumours states that an "unknown source" has spotted Tom Hiddleston meeting with producers Barbara and Michael about possibly playing Fleming's creation in a future film
    ->Hiddleston's representatives deny having ever had talks with EON
    ->Daily Mail reports that Daniel Craig has turned down a $68 million deal to return as Bond in both Bond 25 and Bond 26
    ->Just as the news was catching interest from several media outlets, BBC claims that Bond officials contacted them to deny any validity surrounding the story
    ->In an interview with Total Film, John Logan hints that he has no plans to script the forthcoming Bond film, going against earlier statements that confirmed his writing duties for both B24 and B25
    ->Daniel Craig is reported to be in negotiations to star in the film Logan Lucky, alongside Katherine Heigl
    ->The same report confirms that development on B25 still hasn't commenced and that MGM's distribution deal has yet to be struck
    ->Jamie Bell joins a long list of Bond #7 rumours, as does Michael Fassbender
    ->BirthMoviesDeath, a reliable film news site, reports that Tom Hiddleston has been in "advanced talks" with EoN about Bond
    ->Sam Mendes re-confirms that he will not direct the 25th installment of the Bond franchise
    ->While talking to The Guardian, Mendes vaguely suggests that the future of the Bond franchise "will not be what you expect." (page 206)
    ->According to Radio Times, Susanne Bier, known largely for directing John Le Carré's The Night Manager, is on the shortlist to direct Bond 25. If proven true, Bier would become the first female director to take on the helm of Bond film
    June 2016
    ->It is announced that Scott Rudin's Purity TV series has been greenlit and picked up by Showtime for 20 episodes to be filmed in 2017 and air over the course of two years, which may interfere with Craig's schedule for B25
    ->Susanne Bier addresses Bond 25 rumors; says she would love to do the job
    ->Metro reports that the next Bond actor will be revealed "probably within the next two weeks" according to bookmaker William Hill. This is unlikely, as EoN's hiring process will have taken much longer had they known Craig would not return
    ->Former BBC creative director Alan Yentob, who recently met with Barbara Broccoli, reveals that she has not yet made up her mind about Craig's possible successor, further hinting at his departure from the series
    ->Fan Site James Bond Downunder reports that an announcement is expected in June, but doesn't specify as to what it is for
    ->Paul Haggis, who co-wrote both Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace, says he would love to come back to the series if given the opportunity
    ->Naomie Harris states that she is still unsure about whether she will return to the series
    ->Former Bond girl Caterina Murino says the need for fresh challenges is the reason why Craig is "quitting" Bond, but may simply be speculating based on recent press rumours
    ->007 Magazine, who have proved reliable in the past, reports that Daniel Craig has indeed gone and Tom Hiddleston is the frontrunner having already shot a Bond screentest at Pinewood
    ->James Bond Radio denies any truth to 007 Magazine's claim based on authoritative sources
    ->Gary Barber is reported as saying he is considering distributing the Bond franchise through MGM, making the corporation B25's sole distributor, but may be misdirection
    ->Tom Rothman, head of Sony Pictures, confirms that discusstions have yet to begin regarding potential distributors, but thinks Sony has the upper hand
    ->At the 2016 CinemaCon, Christoph Waltz reveals he has not yet been approached to return as the classic Bond villain
    ->Nicolas Winding Refn expresses his interest in directing a future Bond film after acknowledging previous meetings that took place between him and EON for Spectre
    ->MGM renews their deal with Fox Home Entertainment to distribute Bond related home releases until 2020
    ->A Reddit user claims that EON have been searching for directors, allegedly having met with Joe Wright, Yann Demange, and Paul McGuigan. The user also claims that Sony will distribute the film and that the producers have hired Steven Knight to write the screenplay
    ->Deadline reports that Daniel Craig is set to star alongside former Bond girl Halle Berry in Deniz Gamze Erguven's Kings, a film centred around the 1992 LA Riots
    July 2016
    ->Nicolas Winding Refn says he is growing disinterested in franchise films, perhaps ruling himself out of the director's chair for Bond 25. He is, however working on a Japan-based spy thriller with Bond writers Neal Purvis and Robert Wade
    ->Barbara Broccoli's non-Bond film begins filming at Pinewood Studios, and is expected to slow development on Bond 25 during that period
    ->Graham Rye of 007 Magazine claims that a reliable source told him that Craig is definitely quitting the role
    ->UK Tabloids tip Margo Robbie as a favorite to become the next Bond girl
    ->The schedule for Craig's off Broadway play, Othello, reveals a much shorter run than previously thought, leaving more time for Craig to work on Bond 25 should he decide to return
    August 2016
    ->British thriller writer Frederick Forsyth tells Mail on Sunday that there is "absolutely no way" Barbara Broccoli will choose Tom Hiddleston as the 7th actor to portray James Bond
    ->Michael Fassbender joins a long list of actors rumored to replace Craig, after Barbara Broccoli is reported to have had her eyes on him for a while
    ->Craig's next film, Steven Soderbergh's Logan Lucky, begins filming, and is expected to take 35 days. Soderbergh is known for his brief shooting schedules
    ->Bobby Holland Hanton, Craig's 3 time stunt double currently working on 'Thor Ragnarok,' tips Chris Hemsworth as the next actor to take the reigns of 007, saying that he stood "head and shoulders" above the competition from other candidates. Hemsworth himself has expressed interest in playing the role
    September 2016
    ->In the latest set of tabloid nonsense, The Sun creates a falsified MGM "shortlist" of Bond #7s, notably Tom Hiddleston, Michael Fassbender, Charlie Hunnam, Jamie Bell, and famed Bond candidate Idris Elba, who, at this stage, is too old to take the reigns from Craig.
    ->Other stories put British actors Tom Hughes (30) and James Norton (31) into the ring
    ->The rumour of Daniel Craig being offered millions to return resurfaces after gossip site Radar Online, who supposedly have a proven track record, reports that Craig has been offered $150 million to film two more consecutive Bond films back to back
    ->The site also claims that Sony Pictures have re-secured distribution rights and are to be announcing it 'soon'
    ->In an interview from Zeit-Magazin, Christoph Waltz says that he was dissatisfied with his performance in Spectre and comments that his chemistry with Sam Mendes wasn't all that he had hoped. In addition, he also states that there are no plans for him to return as of yet, but implies that he would do a better job if given the opportunity
    ->Daniel Craig will talk with Nicholas Schmidle at the New Yorker Festival on October 7th in an event tentatively called "Beyond Bond," which will have him face the inevitable questions regarding his uncertain future with the franchise
    ->Léa Seydoux announces that she is expecting her first child, and likely won't work for months following the birth
    ->Former composer David Arnold expresses his interest in scoring another Bond film if asked back
    ->Ralph Fiennes weighs in on Bond 25, saying that he expects it to be a tonal shift from Mendes' films following his departure, but reaffirms the fact that he knows nothing about the forthcoming Bond film
    ->Susanne Bier once again shoots down rumours that she has been approached to direct Bond 25,while rumours of Guy Ritchie's involvement resurface
    ->Bond veteran Callum McDougall tells BBC that Craig is "absolutely, without question" EON Productions' first choice, possibly implying that he still hasn't made the decision that has been up in the air for nearly a year
    October 2016
    ->Naomie Harris tells HeyUGuys that she "cannot wait to get back to work with [the producers]"; restates her desire for Craig to return
    ->At the New Yorker Festival, Daniel Craig is interviewed for the first time in nearly a year following SPECTRE's rollout to cinemas. He notes that while no decision has been made regarding Bond 25, "If [he] were to stop doing it, [he'd] miss it terribly."
    ->When asked if Bond driving away with Madeleine was the end, he responded with, "Yes, at the moment in SPECTRE, that's what he thinks. But it always says 'to be continued'."
    ->On B25's status, he states that, "there’s no conversation going on, and genuinely because everybody’s just a bit tired.”
    ->Craig was also quick to adamantly deny any allegation that he had been offered $150 million to return
    ->Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli will be co-producing The Kid Stays in the Picture, a west-end play that will run until April 2017, hinting at a further lack of urgency of develop B25
    November 2016
    ->AT&T acquires Time Warner for $85 billion and is likely to put a freeze on future deals, including a possible distribution deal between Warner Bros and MGM, who they have been eyeing to take over from Sony for quite some time
    ->Naomie Harris says she thinks the current MI6 cast will continue beyond Craig's possible departure
    ->An MGM conference call reveals that B25 is in development and will be released, along with other franchise films, 'in the next few years' according to CEO Gary Barber. It is also reported that the film studio suffered a write-down of $48 million after Ben Hur's massive underperformance at the box office
    December 2016
    ->Sam Mendes' next film The Voyeur's Motel is dropped, prompting unlikely speculation that he indeed may helm a third Bond film
    ->Norwegian tabloid Dagbladet claims that Craig has part ways with 007 and lists Norway as a possible location for B25 after being abandoned for Spectre due to infeasible costs. Similar complications arose for other franchises due to Norway lacking in incentives for film studios, making it unlikely that Bond will shoot in the country in the foreseeable future
    ->A source tells gossip site Page Six that Barbara Broccoli's offer to produce Othello is a ruse to entice Craig to make his swan song, and that he'd need a hiatus of a few years to focus on more 'serious' roles before making a comeback
    ->EON Productions are among film executives on a promotional tour hosted by the Abu Dhabi Film Commision, and may consider featuring the Emirate capital as a B25 location
    -> A Reddit user, who previously touted Steven Knight as having writing duties on B25, claims that Purvis, Wade, and Knight had developed a treatment which was later rejected
    ->The same user also claims that Mendes (who's next film Beautiful Ruins is set to commence 2017) has come up with an idea with the backing of Craig and that EON had met with numerous directors including Colin Trevorrow

  • MurdockMurdock The minus world
    Posts: 16,330
    jake24 wrote: »
    I could not be more confident that Christopher Nolan will be the director.

  • Posts: 613
    lol that was the funniest thing ive seen on here yet
  • Posts: 9,767
    Eh if Nolan does do it I would be fine so long as he stays far away from the script. Batman Begins is my favorite batman film and it's the one he had the least in terms of script
  • doubleoegodoubleoego #LightWork
    Posts: 11,139
    And keep him away from the action. Nolan is generally terrible when it comes to action.
  • MurdockMurdock The minus world
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    doubleoego wrote: »
    And keep him away from the action. Nolan is generally terrible when it comes to action.

    And writing.

  • Posts: 4,619
    Nolan may not be one of the best screenwriters woring today, but he is certainly way better at writing than any writer who has ever worked on a Bond film. There is no way a Bond movie written AND directed by him wouldn't become on of the 5 greatest Bond films of all time.
  • ThunderpussyThunderpussy My Secret Lair
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    To keep Daniel sweet for the role HE will direct Bond 25. ;)
  • Posts: 9,767
    Nolan directs I would be fine with it I honestly would.
  • MurdockMurdock The minus world
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    Risico007 wrote: »
    Nolan directs I would be fine with it I honestly would.
    Just don't let him write the script. :-&
  • Posts: 9,767
    I have a few names as I am thinking of besides nolan the older I get and branch out the more I am interested in people like

    Jaume Collet-Serra (I loved Unknown and Non-Stop)
    Brian De Palma (I liked Snake Eyes and Mission Impossible)
    Chris Nolan (again I like the Dark Knight Trilogy and Inception)
    Pierre Morel (i loved Taken 2 and haven't seen Taken 3 but I feel Taken was the best and the most brutal so I figured I will put him on the list)
    Tony Gilroy (Again I liked the Bourne Legacy plus he was apparently approached for Spectre)

    will most agree with this list no but hopefully most of my friends here will find one name they like.

  • BennyBenny In the shadowsAdministrator, Moderator
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    As Spectre is still being filmed, and Bond 25 is still a long way off, I think we can put this on ice till the time comes to discuss.
    Closed until Bond 25 goes into production.
  • BennyBenny In the shadowsAdministrator, Moderator
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    I'll re-open this as requested by @jake24 ,however it is for the sole purpose of discussing Bond 25 production.
    It should have no spoiler talk regarding Spectre, or any potential spoilers discussed without using the spoiler tags.

    If it goes off track or spoilers are openly revealed I'll close it till Bond 25 goes into official production. Thanks for your understanding.
  • jake24jake24 Sitting at your desk, kissing your lover, eating supper with your familyModerator
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    Thanks so much @Benny.
  • AntiLocqueBrakesAntiLocqueBrakes The edge
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    I hope Spectre ends with "James Bond Will Return"…and the name of Bond 25. When's the last time that happened?
  • Posts: 832
    I actually like All the TIme in the World as a title, provided that Craig does return for B25, which I very much hope he does
  • Creasy47Creasy47 In Cuba with Natalya.Moderator
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    I hope Spectre ends with "James Bond Will Return"…and the name of Bond 25. When's the last time that happened?

    It was up until OP that this happened. In this day and age, I don't see this happening again unless we get some unique back-to-back shooting at some point in time for two films.
  • jake24jake24 Sitting at your desk, kissing your lover, eating supper with your familyModerator
    edited August 2015 Posts: 10,588
    I hope Spectre ends with "James Bond Will Return"…and the name of Bond 25. When's the last time that happened?
    I'm kind of 50/50 on this. I loved when they did that, however I enjoy the suspense and anticipation of not knowing what the title is until the announcement. Also the announcement of the title and cast marks the beginning of the movie's buzz and hype cycle. If people know the title of the next one as soon as when the current one is released, they will forget about the film over the course of the gap in between Bond movies until the one after that is released.
  • echoecho 007 in New York
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    Nolan may not be one of the best screenwriters woring today, but he is certainly way better at writing than any writer who has ever worked on a Bond film. There is no way a Bond movie written AND directed by him wouldn't become on of the 5 greatest Bond films of all time.

    No way is he better than Maibaum.
  • Posts: 12,506
    I am glad that i have my own Bond project starting next year, it will help pass the time between movies! :-bd
  • Posts: 9,767
    wait so Bond 25 will be 2018... sigh man I was praying for 2017 but oh well here is hoping something changes. However June 2013 we knew director and release date here is hoping for that to happen this time (so for argument sake June 2016 Tony Gilroy is announced as director with a Ocotober 2018 release date)

    although if Mendes is back for Bond 25 can we just change the name of this thread to Shatterhand Production diary the man loves S titles...

    However even if it is 2018 I have a feeling we will get at least 5 big pieces of news relating to bond 25 that we can discuss and enjoy in 2016

    1. Who will distribute the film I am praying for WB because then RockSteady gets the 007 game license (with WB Montreal doing batman arkham games) so I get to be in video game heaven. This will be announced January - February
    2. Who will write the film (this will be announced around April (assuming there is no legal wrangling and the production companies go seamless)
    3. Daniel Craig confirming he will be back for bond 25 (Again many feel he won't come back I believe he will confirmation should come around April)
    4. Director rumors and eventual confirmation which is always fun as we can debate and discuss the various directors strengths and weaknesses and plus this will be a push toward enjoying different film on movie night with the wife ;) Of course when we find out who will direct the film this will either raise or lower expectations depending on whether you like the news or not.
    5. Release Date

    So while I am annoyed at a potential 2018 release date it could be worse.
  • Pretty great new rumour:

    007 set to return to his heyday era of the 1960s

    Is this is the case, I believe a Bond concept film (if you will) would be great. I reckon you could still keep Harris, Fiennes and Whishaw in as well.

    Also I believe Fassbender would be such a perfect fit for a 60s set Bond:

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