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Favourite Fleming Novel
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Casino Royale
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  • DarthDimi
    Locking the thread was a necessity. It has caught a virus, the "my opinion is better than your, hear me roar" virus. We'll bring it back, when the children have gone to bed and grownups can take over.
    September 2018
    • PanchitoPistoles
      Thanks for the explanation, DarthDimi. I respect you and the other mods, but I don't understand why I'm not allowed to defend myself when others insult me.
  • If anyone locks the "Bond 25 Production Diary" thread again, and I'm leaving this place for good. This is not a threat. It's a promise.
    April 2018
  • TheBondTheme
    *is timeless and iconic all over your profile*
    October 2017
  • Mendes4Lyfe
    Hello there!
    August 2017
  • mirandafrost
    To answer your question: My dad watched one with me and I loved it! I wanted to see more and more... And then I bought the novels... A thing about me is that whenever I love somethink I tend to become really passionate about it. :)
    December 2014
  • Gustav_Graves
    Hey there Panchito,

    I don't understand why you were agitated in that last post.... Why do you call me a 5-year old kid. I just try to see the obvious from pictures you post. And I don't understand why a lot of people can not see the difference between good proof and bad proof.... And I thought you were quite skillful with these pictures.

    November 2014
    • PanchitoPistoles
      You take that picture as a proof but disregard the fact that QOS was partially shot in digital too. Why?
    • Thunderfinger
      It was just a quantum of digital.
    Could you send me the download link you have for Everything or Nothing The Untold Story? Thanks in advance :)
    October 2012
  • 0BradyM0Bondfanatic7
    You are needed for verification in the James Bond Movie Trivia thread.
    November 2011
  • DaltonCraig007
    I saw your 'reccuring characters' post in the 'guess the character' thread, and saw 2 characters you forgot - Wine bottle man and Smithers.
    November 2011
  • PanchitoPistoles changed his profile picture.
    March 2011
  • Welcome Aboard!
    March 2011