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  • I too came here to post about the peeping tom bit in Solo. It is really off the wall. I have read all of Fleming's novels and felt this was out of character for Bond. Also the leaving of the glass with the note made it just that much creepier.
  • I've only just finished Splinter Cell: Blacklist. Like every fan of the series, I miss Michel Ironside, the new actor sounds too young, especially when talking to Sara. And I too prefer the original three. However I think they did a good job at tak…
  • Michael Ironside could've played a really dark, twisted, and scary Brad Whitaker. Kate Winslet could've done a lot with the Christmas Jones character, She could've given her much more depth and personality. Stellan Skarsgard could have added some m…
  • I'm happy for him. I also respect his bravery; no matter how far we have come as people, it is still difficult to be respected when one is a little different. Whether it is being gay, or ones skin color, or beliefs. He has come out as who he is, kn…
  • Bruce Campbell would have made a great Falco or a great Felix; and after watching him in Burn Notice, I'd say he would have made a good Jack Wade. I'd also like to see what he could do with a villain role. Carver in Tomorrow Never Dies would be a g…
  • Grace Kelly would have made a wonderful Domino in Thunderball. She has that innocent quality that Domino needs for the audience to really feel for her being held captive by Largo. Great pick Benny.
  • Lazenby's final scene was great, but it did leave the audience with the feeling that there was more to come in regards to the Tracy murder arch. And Dalton had a good final scene as well, it ended the film on a high note (minus the winking fish). Th…
  • Stephen Fry could be a great Goldfinger. Also If they went with the original idea of Goldeneye; where 006 is a mentor figure, Stephen Fry would be brilliant in that sort of role as well. That being said, Stephen Fry is brilliant in anything he dose.
  • I always thought Hugh Laurie would have made a good Q.
  • Everybody has their own taste in books; besides Fleming I would recommend Colonel Sun. You could try the Raymond Benson books, but I must say they read like more of a fan fiction (because they are in a way). The Gardner books are hit and miss for my…
  • I loved the American. It's certainly not for the average movie goer, but it is a kind of film that harks back to the dramas/thrillers of the 1950's and how movies used to be; I.E. solely charater based. For me another overlooked/underrated film is "…
  • Goldeneye , Tomorrow Never Dies , and Everything or Nothing had great soundtracks (In my opinion), but as far as the others go I see your point. Especially with goldeneye reloaded and 007 legends.
  • With the exception of a few (mainly Goldeneye, nightfire, Everything or Nothing and to an extent Tomorrow Never Dies) they have mostly been quick cash in's with little effort put into them.
  • Speaking of clapping; the only time I've been to a movie where the entire audience clapped at the end was Casino Royale. At the end of SkyFall most everybody applauded, but not like they did at the end of Casino Royale, it was really cool.
  • After my dad took me to see Goldeneye, it started a tradition where we would see every Bond film on opening day. The day before SkyFall premiered he was in a minor vehiciar accident; he checked out of hospital with two cracked ribs so we could cont…
  • I've read before that continuation author Raymond Benson tried to adapt Casino Royale as a stage play in the 90's. Might have been interesting.
  • My first memory of Bond is from when I was five. My dad took me to the theater to see this new movie that he had told me about (Goldeneye). He would talk about how his dad used to take him to see the Bond films and he was excited to have the chance …
  • In my opinion, when Brosnan came into the world as James Bond the series had been dormant since 89 and had been feared dead. The last Bond film that had been made had tried something new and had a mixed reaction; critics and hard core fans loved it,…
  • My thoughts go out to Pierce and his family.
  • Despite Octopussys flaws, that has always been a moment that stands out to me, it is a really good scene in that film.
  • I adore the original (both the Japanese and U.S. versions), Godzillia 1985, Godzilla vs Biolante and GMK. I always prefer Godzilla to be portrayed as an force of nature and not as an anti hero, and for me these films best capture that feel. I also w…
  • I've always thought the song "late great planet earth" would have made a good Brosnan era theme.
  • I am a huge fan of both the novels and the films. Both have their own issues in regards to being dated. However, if I had to make a choice I'd go with the books, they have a more consistent tone from one to the other. Unlike the films; which (as muc…
    in Book or Movie Comment by dkem91 May 2013
  • I'm curious to see the spider emblem on the back, no film has used the round spider from the comics yet. I'd love to see it on the big screen.
  • I'm currently reading Scorpius; its OK, not as great as his earlier novels, it has its moments though. As others have already stated; the first three are the best.
  • 0BradyM0Bondfanatic7 wrote: I read some of it and the part where Q is around a bunch of bikini clad women who actually turn out to be his granddaughters is weird. Especially when he basically tells Bond to no even think about romancing them. Som…
  • At the urging of a friend, I just read the Killing Joke by Alan Moore. It was an increadable Joker story, and the art was stunning. I don't know why I have put off reading it for so long.
  • This script had a few interesting ideas, but as a whole it clearly needed work. Also as mentioned before every line from Bonds mouth is a corny one liner. It almost reads like a fan script at times in regards to Bonds dialogue.
  • It was the first video game I ever played. I thought it had a great soundtrack, and I loved the levels were Bond was able to ski. It had its downsides like every game, but I've always felt it was a bit underrated. Also I've always prefered the Bond …
  • It is a difficult choice, but I would have to go for The Living Daylights.