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    Rog was never what i would consider my favorite Bond - but I nonetheless always enjoyed his performances as 007.. it was always a welcome change of pace..

    i woke up this morning, and got a text message from a friend of mine telling me the news - and it honestly rattled me.. nothing like starting off your day knowing that James Bond has passed away (one of them anyway)... I have spent the whole day thinking about it - his legacy as 007, all the lives he helped make a difference in around the world - not only through his acting, but his ever loving and ever charitable attitude and contributions.. the man was the definition of class and what it means to be a gentleman.... unlike most actors who view being James Bond as a scarlet letter once they are done - i always admired Roger's ever loyal devotion to the character and the Broccoli family - he always wore being James Bond, not as a scarlet letter, but as a badge of honor ((wish some of other actors would learn to embrace it the same way, if not for themselves, then for the fans, while they still can.))..

    the world lost a true gent today.
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    I was fortunate to meet Roger Moore on a book signing in 2008. He autographed the book & I handed him a check for UNICEF. He was so taken back that he stood up, gave me a very firm handshake, a smile and very hearty thank you. I will never forget this. Rest in peace, sir. You will be missed.
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    Lovely to see the quotes from the other Bond actors. The Bond producers also released a statement.
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    It's heartwarming seeing so much love and support and passion from all the fans worldwide, indeed. Like you said, @Benny, Sir Rog would definitely approve.
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    A few weeks back I ordered the movie novelization of The Spy Who Loved Me based on some members' recommendations. It arrived a few days ago with Roger prominently on the cover. Normally, I imagine Bond kind of faceless or Sean when reading the books. But, I look forward to reading this picturing Roger out of respect and love.

    Moore was the Bond of my childhood, back in the days when there were only two Bonds (sorry, George). I'm sure for young Bond lovers, with a string of Bonds to choose from and watch, he's enjoyable and charming, but for those who grew up and lived in those days, he was iconic.

    I've always thought over the last few years, how cool it is that after all this time, all the Bonds are still alive. I wish they had all attended the Skyfall 50th Anniversary premiere. It would be great to have that photo. It's inevitable that someone should pass, and Roger Moore certainly lived a long, great life, so it's hard to be too sad... still, watching his movies without him here will always be different.
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    My tribute to the Great Man, after a day of compiling my thoughts:

    I'd say he'll be missed, but men like Roger never really leave us, do they? For teaching us how a life should be led, he will never be forgotten.

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    OP was my first Bond in the theater. He was the most gracious of Bond actors, and inhabited the role so effortlessly. RIP Sir Roger Moore.
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    My tribute to the Great Man, after a day of compiling my thoughts:

    I'd say he'll be missed, but men like Roger never really leave us, do they? For teaching us how a life should be led, he will never be forgotten.

    Beautiful words, @0BradyM0Bondfanatic7.
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    My tribute to the Great Man, after a day of compiling my thoughts:

    I'd say he'll be missed, but men like Roger never really leave us, do they? For teaching us how a life should be led, he will never be forgotten.


    Eloquently written as always Brady - I enjoy the focus on Moore's world view. It is some thing I've always admired in the man. We can all learn a lot from Sir Roger and it's not about monetary success or fame. It's about making the world a better place and we can do it every day by small or large increments. It's up to us to be open and reach out.

    And damn - the man showed us how to be suave too...

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    Rog wasn't my favorite Bond, but so what, I only have one favourite Bond.
    Rog was one of the 5 excellent successors, arguably the most significant, based on his sheer volume of work.
    I love all 7 of his films. He does great work in all of them.
    My favorite has always been LALD followed by TMWTGG.
    I never tire of watching these two films. These were the first two Bonds that I saw new in cinema on first release. My popcorn munching self kept rallying the other kids and going back to the cinema, and then the two films came out on a double bill too, that ran for a couple of weeks.
    More visits! More popcorn! And now the two movies together!!
    I will remember Rog fondly for these great childhood memories. Rog, Kananga, Scaramanga, Solitaire, Goodnight, voodoo scares, Nick Nack villain lairs, the awesome boat chase, a flying car, crocodiles and on and on.
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    I first heard the news around 12:00 EST. I was in the lunch line at school, turned on my phone and opened up twitter. His death was the number 1 trending piece of news. I was upset when Carrie Fisher passed, but mainly because the franchise's future is irrevocably changed from what it should've been. When I found out that Roger died, it took every ounce of strength not to let a tear fall in front of my classmates. This is completely and utterly heartbreaking.
  • RIP Roger Moore. He lived a long and very full life, defined by iconic film moments and contributions to worthy causes. He was the very first Bond I ever saw, swinging into action during the climax of L&LD. His Bond films will be cherished for all time, impressing and inspiring whole new generations of fans. I will definitely be watching and enjoying a few in his memory in the near future.
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    Rog looked real good as Bond, especially in his first 4 films.
    He had a very strong screen presence!
    He really was a great Bond. He was so very at ease in the role.
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    "Nobody does it quite the way you do, why'd you have to be so good?"

    The line always made me think of Roger spot on. Im gonna miss him.

    I plan on watching all his Bond films in the next few weeks to pay tribute to him.
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    Class act in everything he's done in and away from films. Sir Roger. R.I.P.
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    TSWLM was the first non Brosnan Bond film I saw back in 2004 when I became a Bond superfan. Im one of few that like most of his films better than Connerys.
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    Very sad news. RIP Sir Roger Moore.
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    Certainly feels like a very long day. Almost surreal.
    I don't know if anyone else here has experienced this but, when one goes to bed for the night after a sad day like this, upon awaking in the morning, for the briefest of instances, you feel fine....then suddenly you remember what had happened the day before. It hits you and the grief sinks in again.
    Well, I'm not looking forward to that sensation. I am quite drained.
    In a few days I may pop in a Roger Bond, or a Saint episode, but I couldn't bring myself to do it today.
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    It's now 3.45am here in the U.K. and I confess I've not slept very well.

    I wonder whether this has hit me harder than I was expecting.
  • A very beautiful well written piece Brady, I've been very upset all day over this news. I know I'm not the only one who never expected this to happen, at least at this moment in time, but Sir Roger lived a long happy life to forever be immortalized through his television work, film work, UNICEF work, and most importantly to us, through his portrayal of Ian Fleming's incredible, and unstoppable secret agent. Rest in Peace. May he be reunited with all the other Bond alumni in the sky.
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    I've had this fittingly melancholy tune stuck in my head today.

    Goodbye Sir Roger Moore.
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    Roger was the 2nd Bond I ever saw (in AVTAK after being introduced to Bond with Brosnan) and a really wonderful one to portray the character for a young audience member. It feels like a tiny sliver of my youth has been lost.

    Thoughts and prayers go to his family & friends.
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    Rest in Peace Sir Roger. You are a true gentleman and will always guide me through my life. We will pass on your torch.
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    PussyNoMore sends his deepest condolences to the friends and family of Sir Roger.
    As Ivanhoe, Beau Maverick, Simon Templar, Brett Sinclair, James Bond and above all as himself, he brought so much fun and frivolity into the world and created joy for so many people.
    He then went on to do a phenomenal amount of good as a UNICEF ambassador. What a life!
    Fun, generous, humble and kind - PussyNoMore will remember you forever. RIP and thanks for everything.
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    "Flight Into Space" seems more appropriate than ever.
    Cheers, Sir Rog.
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    Oh, dear.

    Like others, I'd also given this moment some thought over the last few years, but, well, that doesn't make it any easier now. This is terribly sad, and a huge blow.

    I became a Bond fan at the age of five. As a kid, I loved Sean Connery and Pierce Brosnan, but Roger Moore was unquestionably the Bond closest to my heart. As 007, he was so gentlemanly and in control of every situation. He could've been beating a bunch of thugs, or escaping from them, or exchanging insults with the villain, or seducing the girl; it didn't matter: he was always --always-- resourceful, always stylish, always urbane. Always cool!

    I enjoyed his films so much, that when me and my dad would play to pretend we were in a movie, I'd insist that most of the time that movie be a Bond film, and that I play Bond. But not Connery's Bond, or Brosnan's Bond. Roger's Bond! He was one of my favorite people.

    Over the years, I got to watch the rest of his work. The first film I saw was Bullseye! I know it's not a very well loved movie, but what a fun romp it is! Roger and his good friend Michael Caine, having a blast on the screen, and with Roger cutting loose when disguised as the blind piano tuner! Then I saw The Man Who Wouldn't Die-- much underrated, I feel. Then The Quest, The Wild Geese, the splendid The Man Who Haunted Himself, and finally ffolkes, with Roger once again showing his untapped potential for character parts. And The Persuaders! with the late, great Tony Curtis providing a wonderful, brashly American counterpart to him.

    With the passing of time, I've come to enjoy Roger's Bond in new and different ways. The very eloquent and moving post in the front page of the site puts it best: "in nearly all of his roles there was a basic humanity shining through, something that (for lack of a better word and doubtlessly betraying my naïveté here) I would like to call a ‘quantum of nobility’ – a kind of empathy and strive for the good we all would be capable of." In the specific case of Bond, when I see Roger's films nowadays, behind the humor and the tongue-in-cheek qualities, behind the stylishness, his Bond feels real, warm, humane, as if the one-liners were the defense mechanisms of a man with a dangerous and cruel profession, but who deep-down believes in fighting for the right thing and who believes things can be made right. And you can see that humanity, showing more clearly from behind the light-hearted touch of Roger, when Bond talks to Melina about revenge, or when he angrily confronts General Orlov, or when he shows his contained disgust at villains such as Scaramanga or Zorin. Roger was a damn good actor, much better than he give himself credit for.

    Of course, by all accounts, Roger the human being was also terrific. His perennial humbleness was endearing, as was his gratefulness and appreciation for the good fortune he got to experience in life, and which he retributed through his UNICEF work. Wouldn't the world be better, wouldn't we get along a bit more if we all tried to be a bit more humble, a bit more grateful?

    I wrote two questions to Roger through his website back in 2008. His replying to them made my day, my week, my year! It was, of course, a small thing in the large scheme of things, but I relish it to this day.

    As I said, I'd given this moment some thought before, but deep down, I kind of refused to accept this possibility. I suppose I felt, like others, that Bond couldn't die. Not James Bond, and not Roger Moore! But such is life. It's very sad, and I'm still slightly in disbelief about it. I'm not a religious person, but it'd be nice to think he may now get a chance to reunite with his departed friend, the great David Niven, whom he missed so much.

    I'm not sure I'll be watching a film with Roger these days; it's going to be too painful. In the meantime though, I just want to say,

    Roger, my childhood (and adulthood) hero! You'll live in our hearts!
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    RIP, Sir Roger Moore.

    You were saint on this world, now you're one of the angels in heaven.
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    Despite the sadness involved in losing Sir Roger Moore, it has been wonderful to read this thread, full of memories, stories and our thoughts on a massive part of Bond history. It has shown that, even despite some not being the biggest fan of his movies, that people know the impact he has made in the world of 007.

    As I have stated before, Sir Rog is my Bond, the first I ever saw in MR and my favourite Bond ever since. The love shown on here is wonderful and I'm sure he will be looking down, smiling and raising an eyebrow.
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    The last RM film I saw was TMWTGG on Sunday. I'll make this coming weekend a small private tribute to the great man by watching some more of his 007 films.
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    Creasy47 wrote: »
    @Revelator, that story put a huge smile on my face. Thanks for sharing!

    Pierce Brosnan shared this image on Facebook a bit ago:


    That's a great photo.
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