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  • Agent_99
    More London suggestions:

    (I think I'll have to be at work, sadly.)
    July 2
    • Some_Kind_Of_Hero
      Very cool, thanks for the head's up! I may just have to check this out.
  • Thunderball007
    Hey, that avatar is grand!
    July 2017
  • BondJasonBond006
    Hi buddy, I need a longer break from this forum as it has overall become to unfriendly for my taste. Especially towards SPECTRE, Brosnan and Dalton as well. I may be back when a new film is about to hit the theaters. Have a good time. I am on AJB007 or on FB.

    Laters, Jason
    June 2017
    • Some_Kind_Of_Hero
      Hey Jason, sorry to see you go. You're a valued member of this community and I've enjoyed your Avengers and "Choose One" threads recently. But I understand your decision. I've felt tempted to leave once or twice in the past myself. Nowadays I just ignore threads where my favorite things are being bashed and limit interaction with posters whose behavior I frown upon. (And the mods are always there for you if you need them in extreme situations.) I've been quite critical of Spectre myself, but I hope my views have for the most part come across either in earnest or with a tongue firmly in cheek as I'm wont to do. But if anything I've written on Spectre has been distasteful to you, I apologize. I'm afraid I won't be there on either AJB007 or FB, but I hope you return before long.

      Until then, SKOH
  • fire_and_ice
    Cheers for being a normal human being, decent chap :)
    January 2017
    • Some_Kind_Of_Hero
      Haha, don't mention it. Feel better, pal!
    • fire_and_ice
      Thanks mate I will hopefully tomorrow, I am volatile keeping my emotions in check is tough lol cheers though