If Blofeld were to return to the modern Bond films...who would play him well?

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Which actors would you like to see play Ernst Stavro Blofeld if he were to come back into modern Bond films?

Some actors who I think would make an excellent Blofeld;
1) Gary Oldman
2) Mark Rylance
3) Joaquin Phoenix
4) maybe Dominic West?


  • doubleoegodoubleoego #LightWork
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    Dunno about Blofeld but I'll shoot my load if Oldman is ever cast in a Bond film.
  • X3MSonicXX3MSonicX https://www.behance.net/gallery/86760163/Fa-Posteres-de-007-No-Time-To-Die
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    Phoenix and Dominic are way too young; the best choice is Gary.
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    Gary Oldman, or maybe Anthony Hopkins?
  • Christopher Eccleston.
  • doubleoegodoubleoego #LightWork
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    Eccleston could be interesting. I believe he's a villain for the new Thor film.
  • M_BaljeM_Balje Amsterdam, Netherlands
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    Then it mabey should someone with hair, also if if turn out his hair is fake.

    Blofeld in my opnion stil should have intrest Austria see OHMSS and with a return i wil change this and i think there should not change that for Quantum too.

    There is only one actor i can think about as first option and that is Yigal Naor, when i saw him in Rendition (2007) i must think about Blofeld. Not only in his looks but also his voice, he is Telly Savalas Blofeld. You also can see him in in Munich, where DC playing in too and Green Zone.


    Another option:

    Dietrich Siegl born in Austria and grow up in Germany and Switzerland.


  • easy one, Micheal Shannon

  • Yigal Naor is a good suggestion who I'll look into now that you've mentioned him actually.

    how about Antony Sher? anyone who has seen him in a number of Shakespeare plays will know that he has that quality that great actors like Ben Kingsley and Anthony Hopkins have of making you watch them and also being able to be menacing as well as subtle.
  • Depends what nationality we have him as and which version of Models we want to play him closet to. Michael Shannon was a great call. I think Vincent Cassell might be a good shout.
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    Michael Shannon is great - but he's Zod. Certain actors would be great as Blofeld -but at the same time you have to strike them off the list because they've become too synonymous with other villainous roles or have become almost predictable in their very villainy; e.g. (IMO), Christopher Eccleston, Willem Defoe, Ben Kingsley, Anthony Hopkins etc
  • Faran Tahir would be an interesting call - but I'd want to keep some semblence of the character that was somewhat established in the previous Bond films.
  • Just thought; John Malkovich would be a decent Blofeld maybes.

  • Mike Myers ;)
  • sorry about the big pic btw :P
  • 002002
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    Patrick Stewart
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    lewisblake wrote:
    Just thought; John Malkovich would be a decent Blofeld maybes.


    is it my impression or his face is mirrored? :O
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    It definitely is. What an eye!
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    Alfred Molina

    Ben Kingsley
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    Anthony Hopkins, John Malcovich, Ben Kingsley and Ralph Finnes, I know it's impossible, would do it well...
  • 4EverBonded4EverBonded Dancing at midnight under the BeBop Moon
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    Christoph Waltz (Oscar winner, Inglorious Basterds) might do very nicely.
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    how about young Blofeld play by Henry Cavill? that's would be interesting...
  • 00Zenon00Zenon Perth, Australia
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    I always though Ralph Fiennes would be good...but alas, he is now in Skyfall...
  • 00Zenon00Zenon Perth, Australia
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    Also I always thought Hugh Laurie could play a good older villain
  • 001001
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    Michael Gambon.
  • Samuel L Jackson
  • Sir Ben Kingsley
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    Brent Spiner would be a decent Blofeld, now that he is older and a bit massier:


    Or Ciarán Hinds:


    Richard Sammel (Gettler in CR) would also deserve a main villain role:

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    Lots of good actors could be thrilling Blofelds.
    Not all suggest it on first sight. Here is a picture of German actor Götz George in a satirical role:

    And here he plays KZ doctor Josef Mengele: mengele3.jpg
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    doubleoego wrote:
    Eccleston could be interesting. I believe he's a villain for the new Thor film.

    I picked him because think he's just a brilliant actor, who looks like Blofeld, and he's a Bond fan.

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