007 Shared Universe??

RoadphillRoadphill United Kingdom
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So it seems this awful rumour is gaining traction.

One can only imagine the possible delights of "Luigi Ferrara Begins", " The Talented Mr. Kil" and "How Osato Got His Groove Back".

In all seriousness though, what are your thoughts on this? I think it may be the worst idea in the EON's history, if true.


  • royale65royale65 Caustic misanthrope reporting for duty.
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    Hopefully this rumour is false. This "shared universe" is only a passing fad.
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    I agree the rumor is false but the shared universe idea is anything but a fad. It's the new reality of cinema.
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    It just couldn't work with Bond, though. While characters like Felix are interesting, could they really carry their own spin off films? Doubtful, in my opinion.

    Things like the Marvel Cinematic Universe work because each character can carry their own film and there's 60 years of each character doing that same thing in the comics. There just isn't that history with the Bond characters. They've existed purely as side characters in the Bond novels and films.
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    This is a completely BS rumour made up by some clueless idiot
  • Major_BoothroydMajor_Boothroyd Republic of Isthmus
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    Completely unsustainable. This concept would be dead on arrival. There wouldn't be enough interest in any of these characters to do a big budget film series.
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    Exactly. It's total nonsense.
  • Halle Berry at the peak of her stardom couldn't launch a Jinx series. Neither will Rory Kinnear launch a Tanner series. End of.
  • ForYourEyesOnlyForYourEyesOnly In the untained cradle of the heavens
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    The Bond universe was created around and for Bond. He's the star of the show; everyone else is just an extra in his play.
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    I would hate for this to be the case. What I love about the Bond movies is that each film is a huge event in and of itself, one of the main reasons for this is the wait between movies, it builds the excitement and anticipation.

    If a shared universe was to happen then you can bet your bottom dollar that the next Bond movie would be rushed into production and introduce new characters (other 00 agents) and plot threads that would be unresolved within the plot of Bond 25 itself just so the producers can continue them in spin offs.

    Moneypenny, Q and Felix are all candidates for their own movies but no doubt producers would sacrifice Bond 25 for the sake of introducing new characters making for a staggered incoherent mess of a film ala Amazing Spider-Man 2 or the Mummy.

    If this news is indeed to be believed it will hurt whichever actor is playing Bond. It would damage Craig's swansong. Infact it would probably be cause to lose Craig in favour of a new, cheaper Bond actor because 007 would surely be called to cameo in some of these spin-offs. I can't see Craig doing any of that, or being affordable to take part in any of that.

    If it's a new Bond actor then his debut will be spoiled by setting up this new universe as opposed to establishing the new guy in the role.

    Really can't see any benefit to this.
  • QsAssistantQsAssistant All those moments lost in time... like tears in rain
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    I doubt this will happen but if it does I can only see two or three options for it to be successful. Give Felix Leiter his own movie, give villains their own movie, and/or give a kick ass Bond girl her own movie (mostly so we can finally shut up about a female 007). Either way it'll be a hard sell. I know Bond movies tend to stick with what's popular with the pop culture of the era the movie is made in, but maybe they shouldn't do the shared universe thing.
  • bondjamesbondjames You were expecting someone else?
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    Folks are looking at this in the context of the actors and characters they have now. I agree that none of these Scooby jokers can carry a film on their own (except perhaps Fiennes, whose character & backstory is somewhat interesting).

    However, if they reboot with a shared universe concept in mind, they could set the characters up in a way that does allow for a universe (even if on on the small screen). Anything can be done, if done properly.

    Having said that, I don't think it will happen. Most likely a joke by someone looking for headlines.
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    Bottom line? Why on earth do they think it would make more Box Office than a James Bond film! They clearly struggle to come out with a Bond film every 2 years let alone 3 years it appears!

    Are people really prepared to wait over a decade for Bond 25 because they think people would prefer a movie about M? Q? Moneypenny? Tanner? Villiers? Past Villains! This Bond universe is BS IMHO.
  • talos7talos7 New Orleans
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    No thank you! Just make more great Bond films and release with greater frequency, every 3 years perhaps. Is this unreasonable?
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    Apparently so
  • ClarkDevlinClarkDevlin Martinis, Girls and Guns
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    Nobody in the Bond "universe" is eligible enough to carry out a film on his or her own. I clarified in the Bond 25 Production Diary thread.

    M, Q, Moneypenny, Tanner, whatever are all created to be supporting characters and serve the lead character go through a or three two minute (tops) scenes each and help Bond be dispatched to his mission.

    You can't go and make a movie about Alfred Pennyworth or J.A.R.V.I.S. just because you want an "expanded universe".

    The Marvel/DC comparison is utter bollocks because each of those individual lead characters in their own films are created to be lead heroes and as such are very much of established characters who serve a large purpose rather than be desk clerks with normal daily lives in their belts.

    So, if they want a shared 007 universe, they are going to have to create characters with strong presence in each of them. Because no existing one in the Bond series in any format has that qualification. Even Felix.
  • TheWizardOfIceTheWizardOfIce 'One of the Internet's more toxic individuals'
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    Roadphill wrote: »
    One can only imagine the possible delights of "Luigi Ferrara Begins"

    Its rare someone comes out with a line on here that I wish I'd written myself but that did give me a chuckle. Top work Sir.

    Although on reflection maybe 'Bibi Begins' for the alliteration?
    Neither will Rory Kinnear launch a Tanner series. End of.

    Thats a very pessimistic view to take old son. I pray on my knees thrice daily in front my Rory shrine that this will happen.

    Anyway I think people need to calm down. This is moronic clickbait of the most laughable kind. Lets not give the cretinous Jeff Sneider's inane scribblings any more oxygen. Babs is not an idiot. There is no way she is going to double down on what at best is a massive punt rather than put her energies into making one last film with the most bankable Bond since Connery.

    I just wish she'd get on with it.
  • ThunderfingerThunderfinger Das Boot Hill
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    A shared universe is not quite the same as an expanded universe.

    Let me bring up my suggestion just once more. MR WINT AND MR KIDD WERE SWEETHEARTS (2018)

    Mr Wint:

    Mr Kidd:

    Then they go up against Bond in B25 in 2019. They survive and get their own tv series. Bond can still bump into them in the future.
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    Let's not forget that if they actually do go ahead with a shared universe they'd more than likely hire P&W to write it!!
  • ClarkDevlinClarkDevlin Martinis, Girls and Guns
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    I personally don't see the point in this shared universe.

    I mean... let's put it this way...

    Are they going to use all the 00-agents? Supposing that they go ahead and forget the absurd idea of bringing Q, M, Moneypenny and Tanner into the center...

    What are they going to do with those 00-agents? Tell the same James Bond thriller story just with the lead characters' names and genders changed?

    It will be pointless.
  • ThunderfingerThunderfinger Das Boot Hill
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    This rumour was started by a moron, so relax.
  • DragonpolDragonpol https://thebondologistblog.blogspot.com
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    Sounds like a heap of dung to me.
  • RoadphillRoadphill United Kingdom
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    @TheWizardOfIce thank you kind sir, im glad it got a laugh out of you.
  • mattjoesmattjoes People's Republic of Matjoeguay
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    Finally an opportunity to flesh out the intriguing but mysterious Mr. Kil.

    Graves: I need an experienced enforcer to join my evil organization.
    Kil: I'm Mr. Kil.
    Graves: Pleased to meet you. Tell me what experience you've had with evil masterminds.
    Kil: I'm Mr. Kil.
    Graves: Kil, does the word 'ergonomics' mean anything to you?
    Kil: I'm Mr. Kil.
    Graves: I see... now there's name to die for!
    Kil: I'm Mr. Kil.
    Graves: Okay, you're in.
  • DragonpolDragonpol https://thebondologistblog.blogspot.com
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    Elvis World of Wigs.
  • MurdockMurdock The minus world
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    Can we get a movie about each of Whittaker's wax dummies of himself as historical figures?
  • DragonpolDragonpol https://thebondologistblog.blogspot.com
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    Murdock wrote: »
    Can we get a movie about each of Whittaker's wax dummies of himself as historical figures?

    Brilliant suggestion! On the back of that, how about Al Capone's dummy from TMWTGG having his own adventures too?
  • MurdockMurdock The minus world
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    Dragonpol wrote: »
    Murdock wrote: »
    Can we get a movie about each of Whittaker's wax dummies of himself as historical figures?

    Brilliant suggestion! On the back of that, how about Al Capone's dummy from TMWTGG having his own adventures too?

    Sure! it could be called BrokenArms. :))
  • doubleoegodoubleoego #LightWork
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    A shared universe for Bond doesn't even make the slightest bit of sense unless the intention is to kill and cremate the franchise.
  • ThunderfingerThunderfinger Das Boot Hill
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    Max the Parrot reciting the Bible in between the regular series.
  • mattjoesmattjoes People's Republic of Matjoeguay
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    ...in Ian Fleming's <<GIVE US A KISS!>>
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