Quick Big Mi6 Main Villain Ranking Game



  • DarthDimiDarthDimi Behind you!Moderator
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    Really? Huh. I would have thought him to take the gold. I like Sanchez but silver or gold is... unexpected.
  • ProfJoeButcherProfJoeButcher Bless your heart
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    DarthDimi wrote: »
    Really? Huh. I would have thought him to take the gold. I like Sanchez but silver or gold is... unexpected.

    Normally with Sanchez it's lead or silver!

    Dr No was my number three too. Wiseman created the cinematic Bond villain.
  • ThunderfingerThunderfinger Das Boot Hill
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    Dr. No was my number one. The first and still the best, although a few have been up there as well, such as Savalas.
  • peterpeter Toronto
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    My number two.... He's wonderful and commanding, sinister and creepy...
  • Number 1. Perfect amount of menace that lingers over the whole film even though he’s hardly in it, and when he is in it he has that amazing dialogue scene with Connery taking the piss out of him. He set the standard for the Bond villain, and he’s yet to be topped!
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    I mean, uh... I love Dr. No!
  • goldenswissroyalegoldenswissroyale Switzerland
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    The remaining two villains are also my top two and I ranked Dr. No as #3, too. Very happy with the outcome :D
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    The remaining two villains are also my top two and I ranked Dr. No as #3, too. Very happy with the outcome :D

    Ditto! But I dont think they are going to be in the order I have them!!
  • R1s1ngs0nR1s1ngs0n France
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    Birdleson wrote: »
    I agree. I have Sanchez at #8, and I thought that I was being generous.
    Franz is my #7. Sanchez is a wonderful villain. In fact, I consider him to be the last truly great villain of the series, all due respect to Le Chiffre and Silva.
    I'm a little disappointed Dr. No 'only' got 3rd place but it's still quite an achievement, considering he has so little screen time - a testament to Wiseman's sublime performance.
    Goldfinger FTW
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    GoldenGun wrote: »
    That leaves us with these three contestants, battling it out for the top spot:

    Dr. No
    Auric Goldfinger
    Franz Sanchez

    Tomorrow we’ll award the bronze medal. Sunday we reveal the runner-up and the winner!

    Wow these are literally my top 3 villains in my own personal ranking: 1. Goldfinger, 2. Dr. No, 3. Sanchez.
  • GoldenGunGoldenGun Per ora e per il momento che verrà
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    Ladies and gentlemen, hold the presses! We are revealing the top two of our contest:

    At number two, our silver medalist:

    as Auric Goldfinger


    Goldfinger collected seven 1st places, more than anyone else. He also received two 2nd places and three 3rd places. One more top 5 was noted, which was a single 5th place.

    Additionally I counted one 7th place, two 8th places, two 9th places and one 10th place. There was only one participant that ranked him outside the top 15, this was also his lowest placement at #17.

    Auric Goldfinger received 191 points in total.


    That makes our winner, and gold medalist:

    as Franz Sanchez


    Everyone’s favourite Isthmusian received four gold medals, one silver and seven bronzes. Importantly, he received four more top 5’s (which could have been the deciding factor that lifted him over Goldfinger): three 4th places and one fifth place.

    Sanchez also collected two 6th, two 7th, one 8th and two 9th spots, giving him a total of four more top 10’s than Goldfinger. Even more impressive, everyone gave him a top 10 spot, except one participant who put him in 20th.

    Franz Sanchez received 193 points in total.

    He’s also our first non-OHMSS winner in four games. Another win though coming from a short-term Bond tenure.
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    Very worthy winner. I like that he gets the recognition he deserves.
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    Awesome that Sanchez got #1. He’s been in that spot on my list for a long time.
  • mattjoesmattjoes DAY OF THE BROSNAN
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    Sanchez at No. 1? Were you people on Drax when you did your lists?

    Just kidding. Interesting surprise. I like Sanchez very much; he's probably among my favorites. And he has fantastic chemistry with Dalton. That scene at the casino... terrific stuff.
  • ProfJoeButcherProfJoeButcher Bless your heart
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    Wow! Sanchez was my number one, so that's delightful.
  • Wow, did not see that coming. I knew people liked Sanchez but not *that* much. Goldfinger was 3 for me. Not much to be said, he’s certainly iconic and the most quotable Bond villain, and does a lot of the heavy lifting in that movie; I just prefer Telly’s Blofeld and Dr. No. Sanchez is a very solid villain with a real sense of danger about him, and Davi gives a good performance. I had him at #9. I’m not *quite* sure why enough folks love him enough to vote him #1, but he’s not a bad choice.
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    Oh WOW! Top 2 are exactly my ranking!
    Didnt think Sanchez would be in top 5, let alone win!!
    Goldfinger was a brilliant, iconic villain, marvellous performance from Gert Frobe!
    But Robert Davi as Sanchez was utterly superb, great foil for Daltons Bond! Worthy winner!
    Great game Goldengun, thanks for organising!
  • DarthDimiDarthDimi Behind you!Moderator
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    I am surprised for sure. But satisfied. And as usual, a job well-done, @GoldenGun. Ready to do it all again but with NTTD adder to the list? 😉😉
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    I'm stunned and overjoyed and I sincerely do not know what else to say. I know Sanchez has gotten more or less the recognition he deserves for at least a decade but I had no idea he had become so universally adored. I'm very glad I took part in this game given the incredibly slim margin by why which my #1 actually WAS #1.
  • ThunderfingerThunderfinger Das Boot Hill
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    Sanchez was no 4 on my list, which obviously means I like him a lot. Cool that he won.
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    Had Goldfinger at #1.. Sanchez at 5!

    Another great game @GoldenGun. These are always fun and some surprising results!
  • GoldenGunGoldenGun Per ora e per il momento che verrà
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    Glad you all enjoyed participating! Thanks for the kind comments.

    Considering Sanchez ended up in 23 out of 24 top 10’s, I’d say he’s a deserved winner. Think I had him in third behind Elektra and Scaramanga.

    Anyway, for our next game I want to include NTTD, but I would also like to give everyone the opportunity to see it, so that leaves me with my original idea of doing the title songs next.

    I have two possible scenarios in my head.

    Scenario 1: the pieces that play over the credits, which means DN, FRWL, CR67 and OHMSS will be represented by instrumental cues.

    Scenario 2: the most prominent original song of each film, meaning that DN will be represented by either Jump Up or Underneath the Mango Tree, FRWL will be represented by FRWL, CR67 by The Look of Love and OHMSS by We Have All the Time in the World.

    Any thoughts?
  • ThunderfingerThunderfinger Das Boot Hill
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    We can have both.
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    I'd rather have the credits song. I've never really considered WHATITW as "the song" of OHMSS and I'd say those other examples aren't in enough of their respective films to count as "the" song. Unlike with the villains I don't think this necessarily has as much ambiguity.
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    I would like Scenario 1 please, GoldenGun!
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    Scenario 1 would seem to make the most sense, though I'd actually prefer Scenario 2 because I'd have a difficult time ranking the instrumental/score-driven title music of DN, FRWL, CR67, and OHMSS alongside the title songs. In my own mind, I've always ranked Matt Monro's "From Russia with Love" with the other title songs because that's always used on the Bond song compilations rather than Barry's title score, and I'm able to easily rank "We Have All the Time in the World" with the other songs too.

    Rather than title music could it even be a prominent Bond songs category including the likes of "Surrender," "If There Was a Man," and "If You Asked Me To?" (Only songs written specifically for the film, of course. No "London Calling" or "New York, New York.")

    I suppose another argument against including the James Bond theme/Three Blind Mice medley from Dr. No or the main titles of FRWL would be that people (at least some) factored those compositions into their rankings of the scores, differentiating them from the songs.
  • MonsieurMerciMonsieurMerci France
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    Scenario 2, because to me it's understood that scenario 1 will lead to The James Bond theme as #1
    +I'd like to rank songs, and strictly songs.
    problem : it's a bit unfair with Dr.No (where it's well balanced for CR'67 and OHMSS, and doesn't matter for FRWL)
  • DwayneDwayne New York City
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    Thanks for all of your hard work (again) @GoldenGun.

    As for the next round: would it be possible to combine scenario 1 and scenario 2 somehow? That would mean for choices than films, but I game!!! :-)
  • Creasy47Creasy47 In Cuba with Natalya.Moderator
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    Very late to the end of the party here but that final result certainly surprises me! I had Dr. No at #4, Goldfinger at #9 and Sanchez at #7. I'm surprised Franz snuck out with the #1 choice amongst so many other classic favorites but it makes sense, given how iconic he is in his nastiness, the sense of betrayal and backstabbing, and the way he reacts to these situations. He's unrelenting and cold and makes for a great villain in a great installment.
  • Someone should let Robert Davi know of this result (through Twitter?) - I'm sure that would make his day!
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