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    I understand that it's a real problem for Chinese people..

    Or for a community like mine. I work in Silicon Valley (in N. California, in case you forgot your AVTAK), where I teach at a school that is 77.7% Asian. They're traveling back and forth constantly, so a good chunk of our student body is walking around in surgical masks.
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    This is kind annoying me so here goes...

    How come some film fans - including people on this site - have no problem with a 77 year old Harrison Ford coming back for another Indiana Jones film and yet many fans used Roger Moore's age - 57 - as an excuse to dislike A View To A Kill.

    It's absolute hypocrisy.

    "Yeah, let's see Ford back. He's looking good for 77!"

    "Roger Moore was too old in AVTAK. It was disgusting seeing him bedding Grace Jones!"

    Just for the record - I had no problem with recasting Bond in 1986. Roger had done enough, it made sense to recast and change direction but I can't stand people eager to see another old man Indiana Jones film. Ford looks old, he acts old, he talks old, he moves old. He's old. PERIOD. Getting old is not a crime, it happens to us all but I don't need to see old man Indiana Jones back on screen. Geez, please no.

    Rant over.

    And the chorus of No Time To Die is near IDENTICAL to Sam Smith's Writing's On The Wall. It's a blatant copy. You'd think someone at Eon would have said "hey, this sounds the same!"

    Whatever. I feel better now for getting this off my chest.

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    This reminds me that everyone hated that Harrison Ford was rumored to play Indy again in 2012 (when Disney bought Lucasfilm) yet everyone was pretty much wanking at the thought that he, Hamill and Fisher would return for a new Star Wars trilogy. People hardly are coherent with themselves.

    As for Ford playing Indy again, I was up for it 10 years ago after KotCS had been made. I was also okay with the idea four years ago when the movie was first announced and was supposed to come out last year. Now I believe he is too old and I'm skeptical that they're gonna release it next year (if they are, a younger actor will actually portray Indy and Ford will only bookend the movie).
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    Yes, I agree. The technology exists - deep fake - to de-age actors. It's pretty amazing software so in theory Ford could act the part, record his lines and ILM de-age him in post production to around 40 years old. If it all works seamlessly it could be quite something to behold. If I were making IJ 5 I'd go that route. I'm sure if James Cameron were making it he would de-age Ford. Cameron is a visionary when it comes to the use of CGI. I doubt Disney would do that because they're a very safe kinda boring studio.

    I think an entire Indiana Jones film with Ford younger would be a gamechanger for the film industry. Actors were de-aged in The Irishman - Pacino etc - but an entire film with Ford as 40 would be a genuine gamechanger, I feel.

    But 77 or older Ford? No thanks. And if anyone says "he looks great for his age" I'm gonna say "did you think Roger Moore was too old in AVTAK?" and if they say "yes" I'm gonna scream!!!!

    I won't mention Indiana Jones anymore because there is an official thread but I didn't want to rant about some Bond fans raving about Ford as if he's some spring chicken so I thought I'd moan here instead. ;))
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    Well, heck. My Blu-ray player is finally wearing out. My better half bought it for me 6 years ago. It's been amazing, now it only uploads certain discs. Unfortunately, the Blu-rays themselves aren't loading properly. Some DVDs are, though.

    No wonder I haven't been Bond commenting much lately.

    We're supposed to stay in, but I think this calls for a quick field trip. Sadly I'm not quite prepared to go fancy and get a 4K player. I'll have to find something that will hold down the fort until then, and until this era passes. I imagine supplies are low and I may just end up grabbing a back up DVD player if there are no Blu-ray players available.

    In my immediate area, there are only a few places that sell cheap DVD players (ones that freeze on you), so I'll have to venture out further.

    Wish me luck.


    Grabbed a Philips Blu-ray player and am seeing a difference in picture and sound from my old player. Popped in OHMSS to see how the picture looks and it does have a bit more depth than my older player.
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