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    Yes @QsAssistant, I thought this doesn't look too promising; Alicia looks like a young girl (where, although Jolie may've been on the too-thin side, she still looked and acted like a woman with plenty of sex appeal and intelligence). Production values in this version look cheap with some questionable dialogue and delivery.

    Right now this looks like something I will stay away from....
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    The new film is certainly taking influence from Rise of the Tomb Raider game...


    The game is superb
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    I have to say that Vikander delivers a less affected performance in that trailer in comparison to Jolie who I always thought overdid it. I don't know anything about the reimagined game but I thought Jolie physically embodied the original game heroine more so than Alicia does here. We'll have to see how this plays. She's an excellent actress, so I'm sure she can deliver.
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    Looks kind of cheap to me. I haven't seen them for ages but enjoyed the Angelina Jolie ones for what they were. Never got into the games but I've heard really good things about the last two and have the first one installed from when it was free on Xbox Gold a while ago so might give it a shot.
    Oh I loved Assasin's Creed, it had far more depth then I'd expected.

    Yeah I don't understand the hate for that one. Wasn't a great film but I appreciated that they really tried, I think they took a lot of risks with it and it didn't deserve the critical slating they got. The main protagonist is a psychologically scarred convicted murderer, basically raised as a child soldier (his dad killed his willing mum in front of the kid rather than let her be captured, that's pretty messed up) who's been sentenced to death by lethal injection and who seems to be losing his mind. The historical protagonist is a Muslim and those bits are entirely in Spanish. They at least deserve props for doing something different imo and the stunts and fight scenes were really great, I loved their commitment to doing it all for real rather than just CGI, really made it feel like I was watching the action from the games come to life. I even enjoyed the modern day stuff, which I've always hated in the games and thought was completely unnecessary, because of how weird and trippy they went with it.

    It wasn't great (the animus scenes were just action scenes which were cool but the games have these long historical epic stories with really well written fleshed out characters) but I think it was probably as good an Assassin's Creed film as they could have made. The problem is there's just too much there to try and fit into a two hour movie imo. A TV series would be a better option. But even though it wasn't perfect I think it deserved more credit than it got for just doing something different by blockbuster standards. Could have easily done a Marvel style blockbuster but instead they made a weird, surreal and pretty bleak film, with some very good action scenes. I think that if it wasn't a video game adaptation the critics would have gone easier on it and if it wasn't Assassin's Creed the online communities wouldn't have ripped it to shreds the way they did. I wouldn't mind a sequel but I do think a Game Of Thrones style TV show would be a better fit.

    I thought Mark Kermode's review was very fair

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    It's kind of ironic that both Vikander and Fassbender (Assassin's Creed) either have starred or are starring in game adaptations, given that they are romantically involved in real life.
  • bondjamesbondjames You were expecting someone else?
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    Have you guys seen this? Vikander is not messing around.
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    I am still not sure about Vikander, but the film does resemble Tomb Raider (2013) and Rise Of The Tomb Raider. So right there, it is more faithful to the source than most other video game to film adaptions.

    Even as a fan of the games, and Charlotte Rampling, I still have not seen the Assassin's Creed film.
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    @bondjames I hadn't seen that video yet. I have no doubt that the action and stunts will be great. I'm more worried about the depth the movie will have. Is it just another generic action flick or will we be invested in the character of Laura Croft like how the two newest games did?
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    I didn't expect Nick Frost to be in the movie. That was a nice surprise.
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    @QsAssistant , as mentioned I don't know anything about the games, but in one of the clips from the video I posted above Vikander mentions that it's an origin story about how she becomes the well known character. So I think there will be a character arc progression. How they execute it will be key. So I assume there are some interesting character growth and challenge moments that aren't captured in the trailer, which seems to be action oriented.
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    @bondjames thanks for that video, extremely impressed by Vikander. She's a fantastic actress and with this dedication, even if the script won't work, she'll make it an entertaining watch.

    The problem with these game- film adaptations I think is people's expectancy. It's the gamers of Assassins' creed that are negative about the film (personally I like it a lot, but I never played the game) and here I think we'll see the same forces at work. I don't understand why people can't accept films for what they are: a different take on the story. Video games have far more time for in-depth storytelling then movies, so choices have to be made, whilst at the mean time often a more 'boring' part can be explained with some interaction of the player, something impossible with a film. Both media have their own rules and you can't copy- paste them.

    What i don't like about this film is the rather CGI look of jungle-assets (like the plane). |They should've made those into real sets.
  • I want to like this film and will likely see it, but agree that the trailer felt somehow bland to me. Not very colourful, perhaps? Not too many memorable actors (besides Vikander)?

    I don't know, but I'm still giving it the benefit of the doubt. I'm a big fan of adventure as a genre and hope that this film succeeds.

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    Definitely looks bland. Will see it at some point but not rushing to pay to see it, that's for sure.

    The poster is even more jarringly awful once someone pointed out how badly Photoshopped her neck is.
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    bondjames wrote: »
    Have you guys seen this? Vikander is not messing around.

    Im a huge fan of the TR games; especially the rebooted games and although i wasnt THAT impressed wwith the trailer and I'm not really a fan of Vikander, this video has enticed me. I'm hoping I can enjoy this.
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    I think the game is far more appealing than the film from what I have seen so far?
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    Shame there again start with a search to her father. Humor at end of trailer, i don't know.
    I whant adventure - treasure movie. Poster give it much if horror look, but mabey movie is more darker and violence then trailer show. It is also Stuart Baid who edit the movie and Casino Royale trailer was also difrent then final movie.
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    Just watched this in advanced screening yesterday. I had very low expectations and was only going to the theater to try out the food (my first time at a Studio Movie Grill), and I was pleasantly surprised. The film is certainly not devoid of its plot holes or issues (such as rushed exposition), but overall it was a fun adventure movie and is a nice example of a modern film not having to take everything so seriously. Alicia Vikander is definitely the best part of the film and she steals the show in every possible way. I look forward to sequels.
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    That first film captured peak Jolie like few others did. I will always appreciate it for that.
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    I also saw the new Tomb Raider yesterday, and I really enjoyed it. Just a fun & entertaining 2-hours action flick with some very thrilling action sequences. And Alicia Vikander was impressive as Lara Croft.
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    I'm glad people are saying it's fun! I read reviews that said it didn't have a sense of humour, which made me sad because that's an important part of Tomb Raider IMHO.
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    Dutch street promotion

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    Happy about some of the feedback here. The new teaser trailer for the new game dropped a couple days ago and it looks great. Hopefully the movie captures the spirit of the reboot games.
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    My wife and I saw it last night and we both loved it. Not sure where the negative reviews are coming from. Is it great cinema? No, but it's not supposed to be. It's a fun, thrilling ride, very much in keeping with the spirit of the video games. Alicia Vikander killed it, and I love that she's a real person and not just pixels with boobs (which, IMO, is all Angelina Jolie was).

    I really hope this movie has legs because I'd love to see a sequel!
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    I really hope this movie has legs because I'd love to see a sequel!
    This is how I felt after seeing the movie. Even though it wasn't great, I wanted to see more.
  • bondjamesbondjames You were expecting someone else?
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    I just got back from a showing a couple of hours ago. I enjoyed the film and found it quite entertaining and engaging. It's an adventure, Indy style, but has an earnest approach. There's no camp this time. The film is well paced, and I didn't feel bored throughout any of it.

    I don't know anything about the games so can't comment on character authenticity, but I thought Alicia Vikander was terrific as Croft, and portrayed a rounded character. She's athletic and believable in the fight and chase sequences. Moreover, she's a good actress and handles the emotional elements very well too. The villain (Walter Goggins) lacks charisma and is pretty forgettable however. He sadly pales in comparison to Iain Glen from the first film.

    Norwegian director Roar Uthaug makes very good use of the locations (particularly London and Hong Kong). Once again I was uncomfortably reminded of what a piss poor effort we got in this respect for the last Bond film.

    Overall it's worth a watch, even if the plot is a bit predictable and the finale in the caves is very 'been there, done that'.

    It's Vikander's film, and she carries it.
  • Agent_99Agent_99 enjoys a spirited ride as much as the next girl
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    I'm seeing it tomorrow and I'm very excited. Watch this space.
  • Is it great cinema? No

    Wow you really sold it.
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    Is it great cinema? No

    Wow you really sold it.

    Sorry, but were you expecting a film called "Tomb Raider" to be great cinema?
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    I thought it was an okay piece of action/adventure cinema. Alicia Vikander was quite a surprise for me. Going in I thought, 'Well, she's not Lara…" but she proved herself and I'd accepted her after just a few scenes. My biggest bugbear was the loudness of it all. Hideous songs playing over the early scenes at VERY LOUD volume and then when we got a proper score that too was VERY LOUD, and all the effects sounds were VERY LOUD, a film that tried to convince you that because the sound was VERY LOUD it must be a good film! Ha Ha.
    Best bit for me was (and I think this was a lift from the re-boot game) set piece down the river and on/in the Messerschmitt Bf110. Quite tense even though I knew she'd escape!
  • WalecsWalecs On Her Majesty's Secret Service
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    Watched it last night and I was surprised at how enjoyable it is. It is a great movie? No, but it definitely entertains and never bores.
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