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    That chunk of the article just makes no sense to me, how a suit is so tight that it makes one flexible. Surely it'd be the opposite, and as I've said for a while now, not the type of suits a secret agent should be rocking. That shot of him landing on the couch in SP, it looks like his buttons are ready to pop.
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    What is so feminist about the ladies not wearing their dress because it was a man watching them? Especially in a spy flic the ladies should use their girl power to control the men.
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    I guess the implication is that a woman wearing a dress for a man is a woman acting on behalf of another (and if they do anything for a man it lessens their female power and liberty or something). It's just some blabby creative fluff to make it all seem more important than it is, when in reality it just so happens that Naomi and Berenice look drop dead in their dresses and they fit in well with the casino set, so they were chosen.

    But every conversation we have about and with women these days has to be had in light of a post-MeToo world where people are pretending like women's rights, thoughts and consent didn't matter before 2017 and only now do we really have to be on our best behavior. Which is extremely disingenuous and darkly comedic. Women deserve far better than to be the center of another goddamn trend that dilutes the suffering of people who need support. Anyway...
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    James Bond: Daniel Craig was ‘FREAKED OUT’ by Spectre’s record-breaking explosion

    However undertaking Spectre’s explosion of Blofeld’s Moroccan desert lair, which was actually three times bigger than what was captured on film, was a particular challenge due to its size, and something that Craig was a little nervous about getting his one shot at the scene right.

    Speaking at the opening of 007 ELEMENTS, a new Bond Cinematic Installation in Austria, Chris said: “Originally there was this great big underground lair and the computer guys kept showing concepts of this great big cavern opening up.

    “They showed us two or three versions of this concept and in the end Sam [Mendes, director] said, ‘I’m not buying this. It’s not Bond.

    “So I said to him, ‘Sam, I can do an explosion that will blow you away.’

    The Special Effects Supervisor continued: “[He agreed and] I knew what the whole layout of the baddie’s complex was, so I designed this whole series of explosions. Sam only shot it on three cameras, the temptation is to shoot it on fifteen.”

    “But he only used one, when Daniel comes up with Lea and it all goes off.

    “Funny thing about that is we used a fairly new technology that initiated all the explosives.

    “Normally you run a wire to each explosion, and bare in mind there were 200 explosions in there, but we used this new technology that uses a computerised initiation.

    “So each detonator you programme it. The good side is you only run one wire around the whole circuit. The down side is when you push the button there’s a three second delay where all these detonators say ‘I’m ready’ to each other.”

    When Craig arrived on the Moroccan set, there was quite the pressure to get the scene exactly right. After all, they only had one shot.

    Chris added: “So when Daniel came up I said, ‘This is going to be spectacular, but there is a problem with this.’ He said, ‘What’s that?’

    “I said, ‘We’ve got to press the button before you’ve said the end of your line. He said, ‘What do you mean?’

    “I said, ‘Well I’m not going to go into the technicalities here, but you’d just better get your line right alright otherwise we’re in deep s***.’

    “Anyhow we did lots of tests. Y’know we wouldn’t let the whole lot off; just a couple of sample ones so he could get used to it. But it did freak him out for a minute.”
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    Do we know what Mendes and Logan's original idea was for B24 mentioned in this interview?

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    Some Spectre concept artwork by Tim Browning


    Special thanks to @Thunderballs007 for providing these on Twitter. What could have been!
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    Wow that’s impressive x expensive though !
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    Here some other unused concept:





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    Incredible imagery (and in the end we got a massive explosion)...
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    Look fantastic.
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    How about Blofeld re-building the house where he lived with his parents and shared the same roof with the “blue eyed orphan”? The imagery is extremely powerful - and was clearly inspired by Tarkovsky’s Nostalghia - but how about the meaning behind it? I think a few members here would’ve liked a far more exploration of Blofeld personal connection and angst (just because daddy liked Bond more than him) against James.
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    Geez. That stuff looks way better than the final product to me.
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    Thanks guys, a few pics there I hadn't seen before. Will be interesting to see if any of these unused ideas will be recycled for the next film.
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    matt_u wrote: »
    Here some other unused concept:


    Bond on a snow machine has a lot of great possibilities. CGI snow tsunamis excepted.
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    Matt also revealed Bond star Daniel Craig is a joker on set.

    He added: “Spectre was my second Bond movie.

    "Dave Bautista plays Mr Hinx and I was his double in a driving sequence in Austria.

    “Then I played a bodyguard in a scene where Daniel is tortured then blows up the room.

    "Daniel tries to do as much as he can, or as much as the production will allow him, to make his actions look aggressive.

    “He’s got a lovely sense of humour — he does mess around.”
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    Incredible imagery (and in the end we got a massive explosion)...

    This could come in handy hey @peter ;)
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    Absolutely @Shardlake
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    Son and granddaughter of iconic Bond star Roger Moore reveal their inspiring idea to honour his memory

    Ambra who reveals how she was a personal runner for Daniel Craig on the 2015 Bond film Spectre. "I was on set as a general runner but all my errands revolved around Daniel," she says. "He didn't know I was Roger Moore's granddaughter. He is such a charming man – and a terrific actor."

    Asked if she'd like to try her hand at being a Bond girl, she says, "A Bond villain would be quite nice." While Geoffrey tells HELLO!, "My father thought Daniel Craig was a great Bond. A perfect reflection of today."
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    It take almoost 4,5 years, but finaly on Sunday 05 April around 20.00 on RTL 4 Dutch tv premiere of SPECTRE. Rtl 007 start repeating earlier movies from TDL till Skyfall with this Sunday Casino Royale around 20.00 and QOS on Monday and Thuesday Skyfall around 20.30.

    Edit: Dutch tv premiere of Spectre is delayd.
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    Some Spectre concept artwork by Tim Browning


    Special thanks to @Thunderballs007 for providing these on Twitter. What could have been!

    Looks a lot better than the actual film. I like the dinner scene. What happened to that?

    Mendes made some such weird decisions on SP. Going back to London at the end is so dire and pointless. They should have spent much longer at Blofelds lair. And still had a tacked on epilogue with M and then Bond and Maddy driving away at the end.
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    I'm sure they used some of the concept ideas for Blofeld's Lair for SPECTRE, in B25.
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    It take almoost 6 years but finaly on Saturday 09 October at 20.00 (08.00 pm) Dutch tv premiere of Spectre on RTL7 (RTL007) and followed on the movie at 23.00 (11.00 Pm) the Dutch tv priemiere of New Documentry ''Being James Bond''. The on this moment Apple exclusief. Quistion i have or include spoilers from NTTD, but i possible going wait a couple of days after i have seen the movie in cinema.
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    wish theres more concept art now that we have seen this. like, i have seen few db10 designs, they never (aston or eon)gave away the design of the interior or more details in the concept. the same goes for the range rovers.
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