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    Title: Estranged

    James Bond - Daniel Craig
    Victor Flynn - Benedict Cumberbatch (Villain)
    Evelynn - Yvonne Strahovski (Deceitful villainess)
    Tanner - Rory Kinnear
    Giselle Des Marie - Marion Cotillard
    M - Ralph Fiennes
    Q - Ben Whishaw
    unnamed agent- Maxim Gaudette

    Locations: (In order)
    Athens, Greece
    London, England
    Havana, Cuba
    (Skiing) Whistler, Canada
    Vancouver, Canada

    Audi RS4 Avant (Black - in Greece Pursuit)
    1957 Chevrolet Bel Air (Black/White - in Cuba. Nod to Dr. No)
    Aston Martin Vanquish (Skyfall silver - in Canada)
    Walther PPK (+ Silencer)
    iPhone, packed with C4 explosives

    Music: Thomas Newman

    Synopsis: Bond's capabilities are questioned when a mission gets out of hand. EU trading relations are increasingly tense. 007 must track down the root of the cause before coalitions break and a war begins.

    Description: Bond (Craig) is pursuing a rogue french agent (Gaudette), when the suspect is suddenly killed by an unknown sniper. The sniper escapes before Bond can track them down. An explosion goes off before 007's eyes, destroying a large trading port in Greece.

    007 returns to London, to the displeasure and dejection of M (Fiennes). Tanner (Kinnear) sides with Bond, and illegally obtains information on possible suspects. This leads bond to Cuba, where he meets Giselle Des Marie (Cotillard), a french DGSE agent. Marie leads Bond to a couple dead ends in their investigation.

    Uncertain about Marie's legitimacy, Bond messages MI6 to look into her profile. He further investigates on his own at a Cuban casino, where he meets Evelynn (Strahovski), an Australian agent. Evelynn gains Bond's trust, and immediately points Bond to root of the havoc, Victor Flynn (Cumberbatch). As Bond is about to make his move, Evelynn captures Bond and kills Marie. Bond is named the murderer for Marie's death, and M issues an execution warrant to all MI6 agents.

    Bond wakes up in a cold, abandoned WWII bunker in the mountains of Canada. Flynn tortures Bond with ice and fire, and explains his plan to destroy all major ports around the world; causing a global recession, and potentially, war. Flynn leaves Bond with Evelynn, as he begins his attack on the trading Canadian ports for North America and Asia.

    Bond escapes, killing Evelynn, in pursuit of Flynn. MI6 is in pursuit of Bond. Bond must use wit and skill to track down Victor Flynn in time to stop a global crisis.
  • Film Title: The Property of A Lady
    Year: 1991
    Location: Hong Kong, South Africa, Scotland, England
    Theme Performed by: I don't know
    Timothy Dalton as James Bond
    Anthony Hopkins as the Villain
    Monica Bellucci as the Bond Girl
    Uma Thurman as the Femme Fatale
    Antonio Banderas as the Henchman
    Robert Brown as M
    Desmond Llewelyn as Q
    Caroline Bliss as Moneypenny
    Directed by: Martin Campbell
    Weapon of Choice: Walther PPK
    Bond Car: Aston Martin Virage

    Sypnosis: After renewing his Licence to Kill, Timothy Dalton returns as James Bond as he travels the world when he investigates several murders of fellow MI6 agents, all connected by a skull branding, which is believed to be the calling card of a new organization on the rise.

    I like this alot!
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    Lol, a long time ago I wrote a Bond story called Stormkeeper. The villain is Ariel Stormkeeper who launched a weather controlling satellite. :D

    He has a henchman who has an artificial right hand (Austin Powers' Robert Wagner's character ripped me off!). @-)

    Stormkeeper had a mistress named Nina whom Bond naturally seduces. But she didn't became the sacrificial lamb, that goes to his personal pilot, Lila, a Naomi-type ripoff. ;)

    The main Bond girl was some dimwitted fellow agent named Grayson LeVine (named her after actress Grayson Hall), kind of a redheaded Mary Goodnight. I had Rebecca Holden of Knight Rider in mind when visualizing her. :-O

    The ironic part is that for the most part, the story didn't concentrate much on the became a soap opera thingy as Nina wants Bond to kill Stormkeeper because he murdered her parents, and later, Bond and Grayson spend most of the time running away from Stormkeeper's henchmen from one place to another.

    Oh, yeah, Lila got blown up in a helicopter, Naomi-style! =D>
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    Film Title: Dangerous Curves Ahead
    Year: 2016
    Location: Bangkok, Switzerland, Italy, England
    Theme Performed by: Beyonce
    Jason Isaacs as James Bond
    Chris Hemsworth as the Villain
    Monica Bellucci as the Bond Girl
    Jessica Alba as the Femme Fatale
    Jet Li as the Henchman
    Anthony Hopkins as M
    John Cleese as Q
    Caroline Bliss as Moneypenny
    Directed by: Roger Spottiswoode
    Weapon of Choice: Walther PPK
    Bond Car: Aston Martin Vantage S

    Sypnosis: Bond goes undercover at Learning Curve, a think tank for scientific advancement where suspected Quantum activity has been detected.
  • "Identity" series? Three movies about an epic Bond adventure? A refreshing take on the origin of Bond's nemesis, Blofeld. The second story is pretty much entirely developed but the other two are pretty vague at the moment, sorry.

    Profile For A Killer
    Kiss From A Lover
    Identity Of A Man

    James Bond - Daniel Craig
    Ernst Stavro Blofeld - Kevin Spacey
    Felix Leiter - Jeffery Wright
    Bond Girl - Marron Cotillard/Amy Smart
    M - Ralph Feines
    Q - Ben Wishaw
    Moneypenny - Naomie Harris
    AGNI Leader - James McAvoy
    SPECTRE Agent - Michael Fassbender
    MI6/AGNI Psych - Sam Riley
    004 - Aaron Taylor Johnson

    Friend Is A Four Letter World - CAKE
    Would You Fight For My Love? - Jack White
    Simple Man - Lynyrd Skynyrd

    Aston Martin DBS
    Maserati GranCabrio

    Profile For A Killer - After Bond's mission in which he must assassinate a rising dictator in Eastern Europe is thwarted, signs point to sabotage from within MI6. He suspects the newly promoted 004 of working for the Eastern European dictator's terror team. After killing 004 while on a follow up mission, Bond becomes aware of the extent of the infiltration and is forced to flee to the French Riviera. He is forced to adjust to a simpler lifestyle while Q and Moneypenny investigate from within MI6. Bond teams with French secret service agent (Marrion Cotillard). They are soon discovered and are chased into Monaco where Bond confronts several mercenaries. On the other end M, Q, and Moneypenny manage to remove MI6 of suspicious individuals and hire many new employees to replace those persecuted. Believing he is safe, Bond is able to return to the UK and MI6.

    Kiss From A Lover - Since returning, Bond has been requesting joint operations with French intelligence to remain close to (Marrion Cotillard). However, while sleeping they are compromised and (Cotillard) is tortured extensively launching Bond into fury. They manage to escape but (Cotillard) spends many months in recovery and Bond is required to see a psychologist do to the rage that caused him to act irrationally and outside of MI6 protocol. The psychologist prescribes pills to calm Bond's mind. Bond continues to work for MI6 during this time, investigating the mercenaries from earlier. A connection to a terrorist group on the Indian coast that has been developing chemical warheads is uncovered. Bond heads to Delhi, acting undercover while spying on a related company, AGNI. When talking with (McAvoy) Bond feels sick and his cover is blown, he is forced to blast his way from the building. He tells his psychologist about his symptoms and how he wishes to stop taking the pills. However, he is asked to continue, being told the symptoms will end with time. Bond returns to the Indian coast but this time investigates an AGNI factory near the Pakistani border. He discovers chemical warheads there and also runs into recently recovered (Cotillard) who is investigating a drug and chemical corporation suspected of foul play which led her to the same factory. They attempt to flee but are caught and brought to (McAvoy). (McAvoy) reveals a deep understanding of Bond's mental state when he presents both the chemical warheads bound for several major cities as well as (Cotillard) who will face a slow painful death. Bond must choose between his country and his love. However, being Bond, he manages to free (Cotillard) and disable many of the warheads. But he fails to disable the last warhead, as time was lost in saving (Cotillard), and the missile kills roughly 50 people. While being taken into custody, (McAvoy) escapes for a moments and shoots (Cotillard) dead, proving to Bond that he must choose between love and duty, or he will end up destroying both. Bond is traumatized by the entire event and his dosage is increased by the psychologist and he takes some time off from MI6 to recover. Bond visits (McAvoy) who manages to get under the intoxicated Bond's skin and convince him that he will never escape the conflict of love and duty. Meanwhile, M reads through the French intelligence file (Cotillard) had been assigned and discovers that AGNI is a father company to the drug and chemical corporation (Cotillard) had originally investigated. He also realizes that the same corporation supplies MI6 with all of their medical supplies and drugs. M goes to (McAvoy) and questions him about the relation, (McAvoy) reveals that he knows about Bond's condition because the psychologist (appointed after the removal of suspicious individuals in the last story) is actually working for AGNI and has been giving Bond drugs to increase paranoia, depression, etc. He also reveals Bond's recent visit and M rushes to Bond's apartment fearing the worse. However, when he comes in, he finds the home a wreck and the balcony door ajar. Assuming the worst, M turns around to leave but instead finds Bond standing behind him, ready to pursue the rest of AGNI. Bond tortures the psychologist in his home, hoping to extract information about other associates of AGNI. Bond elicits three words from the dying psychologist... Ernst Stavro Blofeld.

    Identity Of A Man - Bond is requested to oversee the transportation of a world leader through the alps aboard a train. Many suspicious deaths have occurred recently and this specific leader is the next suspected target. (Fassbender) infiltrates the train and pursues Bond and the leader. Leiter (also present) battles (Fassbender) but is unable to hold him back and the leader is assassinated just as Bond attempts to escape with him. (Fassbender) flees the train. Bond spends the story chasing (Fassbender) and attempting to prevent further assassinations and involvements in world trade. All the while he is uncovering information about (Fassbender's) employers (the associates of AGNI) who belong to a higher group which shapes world politics and economics through sheer force. Within the group, Blofeld, attempts to work his way to the top in order to see to his needs rather than the boards. By the time Bond catches up with the group, Blofeld is number one and the group has taken on a new form, SPECTRE. Bond will spend the rest of his career trying to stop Blofeld's malicious plans and agents (like Fassbender).
    This makes for leading up to all previous films involving Blofeld (From Russia With Love, Thunderball, OHMSS, etc.).

    Thanks, I appreciate any input. I'm in a film group and we've been planning to write full scripts for these films, I'll let you know how it goes.
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    Time period: 60s

    Title: " For Queen And Country"

    Director: Brian De Palma/ Guy Ritchie

    Title Artist: Bittersweet/Lana Del Rey

    Composer: John Barry

    James Bond: Jon Hamm/Luke Evans

    "M": Alec Guinness

    "Q": Peter Boyle

    Moneypenny: Lesley Ann Down (1971)

    Blofeld: Mark Strong

    Henchman: Adolph Lundgren

    Villain #2: Kenneth Branagh

    Bond girl #1: Jane Birkin

    Bond girl #2: January Jones
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    Time period: 80s

    Title: Risico

    Director: Peter MacDonald

    Title Artist: Jimmy Page

    Composer: Jerry Goldsmith

    James Bond: Pierce Brosnan

    "M": Robert Brown

    "Q": Desmond Llewelyn

    Moneypenny: Michaela Clavell

    Blofeld: Anthony Hopkins

    Henchman: Gil Gerard

    Bond girl: Jane Badlar

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    Murdock wrote: »
    Time period: 80s

    Title: Risico

    Director: Peter MacDonald

    Title Artist: Jimmy Page

    Composer: Jerry Goldsmith

    James Bond: Pierce Brosnan

    "M": Robert Brown

    "Q": Desmond Llewelyn

    Moneypenny: Michaela Clavell

    Blofeld: Anthony Hopkins

    Henchman: Gil Gerard

    Bond girl: Jane Badlar

    Would Gil Gerard bring Twiki the Robot with him?

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    This is a fun exercise. Here's a Bond movie the producers could have made if they'd decided to drop Brosnan and adapt some Fleming after TWINE:

    Film Title: Hell is Here
    Year: 2001
    Locations: England, Japan
    Song by: Goldfrapp
    Music by: Elliot Goldenthal
    Directed by: Martin Campbell
    Jason Isaacs as Bond
    Catherine Zeta-Jones as Bond Girl
    John Lone as Villain
    Tilda Swinton as Villain #2
    Michael Kitchen as Tanner
    Judi Dench as M
    (No Q or Moneypenny)

    Story: A Chinese industrialist is developing a wonder vaccine for Britain at his medical facility in Japan. When the facility’s head of security commits suicide over being rejected romantically by Secret Service officer Gala Brand, M assigns Bond to replace the head of security. However, Bond and Brand suspect the mysterious industrialist of foul play, and what they discover goes way beyond one suicide: an international cult obsessed with understanding the afterlife and a plot to control the world’s pharmaceutical industry. Adapts the bridge game from Fleming's Moonraker, the garden of death from You Only Live Twice and the squid fight from Dr No.
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    Birdleson wrote: »
    I'm a pretty big Zepplin fan, but I never would have thought of associating Page with Bond. Where did that come from? Instrumental, I'm taking?
    I was recently listening to his music for Death Wish 2 particularity "Who's to Blame" and thought he would be an interesting choice for a Bond song.
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    Birdleson wrote: »
    I remember being shocked that that was his first post-Zepplin project. I had the album, but don't remember a thing.

    Here's the instrumental version of "Who's to Blame" from the intro titles of Death Wish 2, I think it's a nice tune.
  • Title: love and death never end
    year: 1986

    007/Timothy Dalton
    Erika (bond girl)/Carrie Fisher
    Holly- Lin( bond girl, dies in middle of film)/ Jamie Lee Curtis
    bond bad guy/ John Hurt
    MoneyPenny/ Caroline Bliss
    M/ Robert Brown
    Felix Leiter/David Hedison

    After 007's date (Jamie Lee Curtis) got killed, 007 hunts the killer down with Erika, (Carrie fisher) they met because she's the witness of the murder.
  • I've kicked around a Bond plot in my head for a while that would be a way to involve post Cold War elements before it becomes anachronistic and also would have been an alternate way to re-introduce Blofeld and Spectre.

    A brutal former Warsaw Pact dictator (somebody like Nicolae Ceausescu from Romania) has been a fugitive of international justice since the fall of Communism in Eastern Europe. He reemerges, claiming to have kidnapped a young European royal (a beautiful girl of course) and is demanding amnesty (and probably money and stuff) from INTERPOL in exchange for her safe release.

    007 is of course sent on the case. He seduces the villain's mistress/wife to find out the location of his lair where he's holding the girl, and that's where the fun begins. I might have to add another obstacle, since I tend to not like "lair oriented" Bond films where he movie is just Bond crawling through dark hallways at a villain's lair. We can always put the mistress in an exotic location and have an action sequence there, but I'd like for him to go somewhere else before arriving at the lair. Anyway, the girl is an ingenue (in the vein of an early Audrey Hepburn role or Kara from TLD for a Bond example) but she'll be somewhat plucky and have laid plans for her own escape before Bond arrives that will be helpful later in the movie (perhaps having constructed a homemade gadget that Bond uses to kill a bad guy at the end or something). This will be another "true love" for Bond and he will fall head over heels for her but in a somewhat more paternal/protective way that is different than his other serious relationships.

    After that a series of plot twists will emerge. The girl has a brother who either has a protective older brother with high ranking government position due to his title or who is a disaffected trouble-making royal who became a master hacker. The villain will have made a separate ransom offer to him: his sister in exchange for nuclear codes (if he works for a government he would have to be British, and I'm not sure what rules they have about titled people in the government, if he was a hacker it could be anywhere). He then reveals to Bond (presumably right before he's going to kill him) that his plan is to use his new-found nuclear access to build a new hardcore Stalinist Worker's State in Europe. He is then shot from off camera, and it is revealed that he was working for Spectre ( that explains his lair and whatever other technology he uses in the movie) and is too ideological to be of use any longer. A classic non-Blofeld Spectre villain (Dr. No, Red Grant, Largo, even Rosa Klebb) takes over in the final act as Spectre tries to hold the world for ransom as in TB. Of course, Bond and the girl escape certain death at the end of the second act and have a cathartic love scene before figuring out exactly where they need to go to beat the ticking clock to shut down the nukes and save the world. However, the Bond Girl dies in the climax (preferably going out in a blaze of glory to sacrifice herself to save Bond or stop Spectre) and the villain escapes.

    The head man at Spectre is of course not pleased with his underling's failure. In the second to last scene of the movie, we see Blofeld sitting in shadow as in the early movies, as the Spectre villain is theatrically killed as punishment for his failure. In the final scene Bond picks up some kind of clue as to Blofeld's identity/whereabouts, and sets off to avenge his dead lover, setting up the Blofeld revenge movie we never got after OHMSS.

    I always like PTS's that are non-connected to the main plot and somewhat simple, just focusing on Bond being cool. So I'd just do Bond in a casino or something where he wins at cards, easily dispatches some bad guys, gets a girl, and then says something cool as it cuts to the title sequence. For the action scenes, I could see him having to dispatch a body guard in a Red Grant/Hinx style fight before meeting the mistress, and then maybe them getting in a boat or car chase or something. There could be another fistfight when Bond arrives at the lair, and the escape after the big reveal would likely have to involve a big gun battle. For the finale, a gunfight in a room with nuclear reactors always works for suspense, or Bond could be in another "boss fight" fist fight while the girl tries to find the right lever to pull/cord to cut.

    This story would be ideal for a new Bond, so I won't pick any of the other ones. The girl should also be a fresh face. The dictator villain would need to be pretty old, so Malcolm McDowell or Patrick Stewart could work since I'd like to see either of them play Bond villains. Not sure who I'd cast as any of the classic Bond villains.

    Not going to claim this is better than Spectre as a way to reintroduce Blofeld, the second act isn't worked out and a few things don't make sense (why does Spectre even need the dictator dude?) but those things could be fixed with work. Could have been an interesting idea.
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    I'll give it a try.
    Name: Rising Sun (Token From Medal Of Honor, heheh)
    Year: 2023/2024
    Warden Wayne as James Bond
    Joaquin Phoenix as Mr. Biggs
    Daisy Ridley as Catherinne, The Bond Girl
    Ralph Fiennes as M
    Rory Kinnear as Bill Tanner
    Sophia Woodward as Eve Moneypenny
    Synopsis: Bond is assigned to investigate Mr. Biggs, a british ambassador who they supect is selling nuclear missiles to a terrorist group to bomb the various natural reserves of the world, which would cause a mass extintion.
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  • TheSkyfallen06TheSkyfallen06 Buenos Aires, Argentina.
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  • TheSkyfallen06TheSkyfallen06 Buenos Aires, Argentina.
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    I'll give it a try.
    Name: Rising Sun (Token From Medal Of Honor, heheh)
    Year: 2023/2024
    Warden Wayne as James Bond
    Joaquin Phoenix as Mr. Biggs
    Daisy Ridley as Catherinne, The Bond Girl
    Ralph Fiennes as M
    Rory Kinnear as Bill Tanner
    Sophia Woodward as Eve Moneypenny
    Synopsis: Bond is assigned to investigate Mr. Biggs, a british ambassador who they supect is selling nuclear missiles to a terrorist group to bomb the various natural reserves of the world, which would cause a mass extintion.

    I like the OTT-ness of it!
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    I'll give it a try.
    Name: Rising Sun (Token From Medal Of Honor, heheh)
    Year: 2023/2024
    Warden Wayne as James Bond
    Joaquin Phoenix as Mr. Biggs
    Daisy Ridley as Catherinne, The Bond Girl
    Ralph Fiennes as M
    Rory Kinnear as Bill Tanner
    Sophia Woodward as Eve Moneypenny
    Synopsis: Bond is assigned to investigate Mr. Biggs, a british ambassador who they supect is selling nuclear missiles to a terrorist group to bomb the various natural reserves of the world, which would cause a mass extintion.

    I like the OTT-ness of it!

    It could use some dinosaurs, but otherwise I agree, that's a pretty good level of OTT for them to take the series in.
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    Forever and a Day (2023)
    Directed by Denis Villeneuve
    Written by Taylor Sheridan, Jonathan Nolan, and Phoebe Waller-Bridge
    Cinematography by Claudio Miranda
    Music by Ludwig Goransson
    Forever and a Day Original Song performed by Sia, written and produced by Sia and Ludwig Goransson

    Toby Kebbell as James Bond

    Jared Harris as Sir Admiral Miles Messervy (M)

    David Oyelowo as Bill Tanner

    Phoebe Waller-Bridge as Moneypenny

    Sam Rockwell as Felix Leiter

    Daniel Kaluuya as Matthew Avery (003)

    Riz Ahmed as The Quartermaster

    Sonoya Mizuno as Gala Brand

    Benicio Del Toro as Francisco ‘Pistols’ Scaramanga

    Plot Summary
    A series of defunct number stations begin to broadcast mysterious and eerie coded messages as powerful industrial and political figures are mysteriously murdered or missing. As the attacks progress, the targets begin to close in on the Western Intelligence Community and UK/US intelligence operatives including MI6s own become the latest victims, with the global intelligence community reeling to anticipate and thwart the attacks.

    M assigns Bond to investigate the murderous events but as Bond prepares to re-enter active duty for the first time after experiencing the loss of his wife Tracy; his boredom, substance abuse, and high risk behaviours result in Bond being critically injured in a reckless driving incident during a torrential downpour, which sidelines him from the assignment and forces Bond to rehabilitate himself physically and mentally at Shrublands while 003 is sent in his place. 003 is nearly killed shortly after being dispatched to investigate the attacks and returns home severely injured and paralyzed.

    Both recovering at Shrublands, 003 passes on a lead to Bond regarding an elusive contract assassin known as Fransisco Scaramanga who may be connected to the recent attacks. Skeptical of his ability to function reliably as an operative, M gives Bond one final opportunity to redeem himself by sending him to find Scaramanga with the assistance of Gala Brand, a former intelligence communications analyst who retired to civilian life nearly a decade ago after failing to intercept a fatal terrorist attack.
    She’s now a wife and mother with everything
    to lose, she fills her days as a lecturer and solving mysterious cyphers on online cryptography communities to practice her passion and unique cypher solving gifts.

    Determined to finish the job 003 started, the two embark on a treacherous journey spanning across London, Singapore, Croatia, and Columbia to uncover the motives of the elusive Scaramanga and the targeted attacks hell bent on destabilizing the current world order. The deeper Bond delves into the assignment the less clear it becomes, is he an agent of good? Or is he just another pawn in a the eternal battle for global supremacy and control?
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    Film Title: Risico
    Year: 1991
    Theme Song: "This Must Be the Place I Waited Years To Leave" by The Pet Shop Boys


    Brussels, Belgium
    Vancouver, Canada
    London, England
    Beijing (PTS) and Hong Kong, China


    James Bond - Timothy Dalton
    Malcom Darwood - Gary Oldman (Main Villain)
    Rhondia Masters - Elizabeth Hurley (Bond girl #1)
    Xan Kohoni - John Lone (Chinese entrepreneur who is secretly working with Darwood)
    Eva Debroux - Uma Thurman (Femme fatale/Bond girl #2)
    Prof. Denholm Crisp - Ian Holm (Scientist under Darwood’s thumb)
    Connie Webb - Cindy Crawford (Insurance expert/Bond girl #3 cameo in PTS sequence)
    Rodin - Brandon Lee (Kohoni’s mute Triad assassin)
    Felix Leiter - David Hedison
    M - Robert Brown
    Q - Desmond Llewelyn
    Miss Moneypenny - Caroline Bliss
    Minister of Defence - Geoffrey Keen
    David Yupland - Cary Elwes (Junior Minister of Defence who believes the 00 section is obsolete.)

    Directed by: Martin Campbell

    Music by: Eric Sera

    Weapon of Choice: Walther PPK

    Bond Car: Aston Martin Virage with all the usual refinements

    Synopsis: With his Licence to Kill now renewed, M assigns Bond to investigate Malcom Darwood, a charismatic and ruthless British tech billionaire, who is working on a mysterious renewable energy project called "Apollo", which could power the entire United Kingdom for the decade. However, Bond soon discovers that this project is a doomsday weapon in military electronic counter measures - a super virus that, if properly positioned, could wipe out a nation’s computer networks and leave the Western continent wide to open to a full scale invasion from China. Bond faces a race against time to prevent Darwood from plunging England into a dark future. This features aspects of the MGW/Alfonse Ruggiero draft (Webb, Kohoni, Crisp, Yupland), but no robotics.
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    Title: In The Name Of Vengeance
    Time Period: Early 70's
    George Lazenby as James Bond
    Gabrielle Ferzetti as Marc-Ange Draco
    Telly Savalas as Ernst Stavro Blofield
    Ilse Steppat as Irma Bunt (Had She Didn't Die in 1970)
    Bernard Lee as 'M'
    Plot: After The Death Of Her Beloved Wife, Bond, Along With His Father-In-Law, Marc-Ange Draco Decide To End With S.P.E.C.T.R.E. And His Leader, Ernst Stavro Blofield Once And For All in Vendetta For The Only Thing They Loved In The World, Teresa...
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    George Lazenby as Bond (Had he continue to the role, reduced the number of films to three and signed it)
    Suzanne Pleshette as Policewoman Gala Brand
    Jack Palance as Zographos
    Bernard Lee as M
    Lois Maxwell as Moneypenny
    Michael Billington as 005

    Synopsis: After the events of Bond's revenge against Blofeld (he avenged Tracy's death), Bond was presumed dead by the MI6 and the public.
    But after the weeks have passed, Bond returns to England, but he's been brainwashed and he failed an attempt to kill M, when he's reprogrammed by a group of MI6 Psychiatrists in Shrublands, M has gave Bond an impossible mission to prove himself, beat Zographos and save 005.

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    90s Bond film.

    Title- Shatterhand.

    Locations- Australia, Ireland and Hong Kong.

    Cast- Timothy Dalton as Bond

    Alan Rickman as Shatterhand, the main villian.

    Jean Claude Van Damme as a henchman.

    Jackie Chan as Bonds Chinese contact.

    Sharon Stone as one Bond girl and Uma Thurman as another.

    Desmond as Q, Micheal Caine as M, Samantha Bond as Moneypenny.

    Theme song by- The Stone Roses

    Sypnosis- I always thought it would be cool having Bond fight some sort of secret, ancient, Illuminati type society. An ancient group of thieves or assassins or something. Rickman would be some billionaire who's secretly the head, and Van Damme being their top agent.

    So this ancient group are up to no good, their base is a castle in the Irish countryside. I'm not entirely sure what the evil plan would be, but I know the film would involve Jackie Chan being killed by Van Damme in an epic fight, angering Bond who finds the body.

    There would also be a motorbike chase on the great wall, the Jackie Chan team would be responsible for the fight scenes, Rickmans villian would have a black panther as a pet, Dalton would have his TLD Volante back, there would be an assassination attempt at the Sydney opera house and a PTS that would involve some kind of big stunt.

    A Bond movie with some big names. I like it!
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    Some great suggestions here…my only plea is for no more personal / traitor / Bond resigning plots.

    Was TLD in the 80s the last time we didn’t?
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    The personal element of TND is out pretty quickly.
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    Title: Role Of Honor (Taken From John Gardner's Novel)
    Time Period: Early 2000's

    Plot Synopsis: I Always Thought It Would Be Interesting To Take A Look At Bond's Millitary Days, Now On Afganistan, As Mentioned In Carte Blanche (2011), How He Met Moneypenny And Got The Rank Of Commander, I Guess You Know What I Mean, And At The End Of The Film We See Them Both Working At MI6, M Assignes Bond A Mission, At The Movie Ends.
    PS: I Think This Would Work Better As A TV/Mini-Series, But Whatever...
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    Wouldn't Bond have met Moneypenny one night when both were out and about, hooked up on a one-night stand, then both had to rush to a meeting the next morning turns out they're both meeting at MI6 and now will be working together ? Hmm...too cute, cliche and been done, eh ? Well, at least I did not suggest it for Bond and some other character who would be at the office.
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