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  • QuantumOrganization
    Back to continue your torment.
    September 2018
  • QuantumOrganization
    Chris please leave us all alone.
    January 2017
    • Benny
      As a longtime and valued member, I don't want to see @chrisisall go anywhere. I'm sure I'm not alone in that.
  • Focas
    chrisisall -/- chrisisass
    January 2017
  • Murdock
    Chris tone it down. As your friend I recommend staying out of the political corner for a while. Show off your awesome props and models. I'd rather see that than this. People like to stir the pot, don't let it get to you. You're better than this.
    November 2016
    • chrisisall
      Okay, thanks for the advice. Must re-evalu-ate. :)
    • Murdock
      You're welcome buddy. Always happy to help. :)
    • Focas
      You have ruffled one too many feathers this time chris....
  • M16_Cart
    gonna stay here for a while. nice to see a familiar face.
    July 2015
    • Dragonpol
      Did something happen at AJB?
  • Birdleson
    Are you in the UK?
    November 2014
  • fire_and_ice
    Think i miss read your post, do apologise.
    May 2014
  • 46620892648695402878
    That was very rude of you.
    March 2014
  • Dragonpol
    Hi chrisisall. On re the AJB ban. I didn't keep my promises - twice, apparently - not to engage with that Blessed Triumvirate of Bondtoys, danjaq_0ff and minigeff. They should rename AJB after them, I think, as they seem to run that place since 2009 or so. Sir Miles the mod is big mates with all three so I was always going to be the loser, wasn't I? Don't dare step on their toes or you could be next! All the best, Dragonpol.
    May 2013
    • Dragonpol
      It was all my fault. Please disregard what I said before. I've squared things out with the folks on AJB and we're on much better terms, really. I'm glad that this is the case.
    that x bond u were talking about ...well lol
    November 2012
  • bondtheory
    Hi Chrisisall, Just wanted to say a quick hello, and to tell you how much your cat resembles one I had. A beauty! Also cool Indiana Jones shot in the forum! How are you? Where are you located? I am currently a New Yorker. Anyway, be well!
    October 2012
  • chrisisall joined.
    Welcome Aboard!
    October 2012