Lost but now found! The Unreleased Bond Music Thread!



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    Three more Octopussy cues for you now. They're from the sequence in the movie when Bond exposes Kamal Khan as a cheat during the game of backgammon and the subsequent chase through the streets with Gobinda and his thugs.

    The cue is 'Gobinda Attacks' on the OST, but it doesn't reflect what you hear in the film, so I've edited the track so it's screen accurate. The final cue took a bit of work: it uses part of 'Gobinda Attacks' as well as a BluRay rip of the Gun Barrel to get the correct orchestration and also a slightly pitched up and slowed down version of 'May Day Jumps' from the A View To A Kill OST for the be-bop section of the James Bond theme. I'm quite pleased with the result - I hope you are too :)

    Bond Leaves Casino

    Street Chase

    Easy Come, Easy Go
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    Job well done Bond_Scores!
  • Does anyone have the cue where Bond has dinner at the hotel in India after meeting Q? The end of the scene is a piece David Arnold has used several times in his Bond scores (notably at the end of Tomorrow Never Dies).
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    Bit of a random observation, but just watching AVTAK again, there's a little motif I hadn't noticed before when the helicopter is spinning out of the control in the pre-credits sequence. Just a sort of five note brass motif which is played twice, it's quite hard to notice as it's under all the sound effects.

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    @mtm, That is indeed a hidden motif that I tried recreating a few years ago.
  • Wow, I don't recall ever hearing that music before. It really is buried under the sound effects.
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    Murdock wrote: »
    @mtm, That is indeed a hidden motif that I tried recreating a few years ago.

    Nice! I was hoping someone would have tried :D
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    mtm wrote: »
    Bit of a random observation, but just watching AVTAK again, there's a little motif I hadn't noticed before when the helicopter is spinning out of the control in the pre-credits sequence. Just a sort of five note brass motif which is played twice, it's quite hard to notice as it's under all the sound effects.

    They really dialled down the music on that one. Hardly worth Barry scoring it.
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    vzok wrote: »
    mtm wrote: »
    Bit of a random observation, but just watching AVTAK again, there's a little motif I hadn't noticed before when the helicopter is spinning out of the control in the pre-credits sequence. Just a sort of five note brass motif which is played twice, it's quite hard to notice as it's under all the sound effects.

    They really dialled down the music on that one. Hardly worth Barry scoring it.

    I actually think that the score for AVTAK is really memorable and great. It also has a truly lush and beautiful love theme. It's one of the film's main strengths in fact. Barry was clearly moving on to the more modern sound showcased in the next film, TLD.
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    I think it adds a sense of foreboding and menace to a lot of scenes which the film probably doesn't deserve(!) but it really improves the whole thing. It's a bit of a boring listen on the album version as a few of the tracks kind of drone on a bit, but I think it works really well in the film.
  • Wish they’d released the theme for the trip to the chateau
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    Wish they’d released the theme for the trip to the chateau

    I LOVE this cue! Does anyone happen to have it?

    You can hear it here:

    Funny how John Barry basically recreated it on one of his own albums years later:
  • Pretty close! Hoping LaLaLand Records will sneak one expanded Bond score out before the end of the 60th Anniversary
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    seconded heres hoping their traditional november window brings forth the goodies.personally im hoping for tnd or thunderball complete or just maybe tswlm fingers crossed.
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    Moonraker's the one I'm hanging out for, and they said it would have come out three years ago if it weren't for NTTD.
  • BTW, did John Altman score the music for the dish explosion in Goldeneye as Bond jumped to grab the helicopter after killing 006? It doesn’t sound like Eric Serra and does anyone have it (minus sound effects)?
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    mtm wrote: »
    Moonraker's the one I'm hanging out for, and they said it would have come out three years ago if it weren't for NTTD.

    I would kill for a full, remastered MR score. Barry's finest hour, IMO.
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    With Christmas coming soon, I bring gifts. Music gifts. All the tracks are SFX-free, except for one.


    1) Gunbarrel: I put this together using three sources -- an audio rip I found online of the Bond theme heard in the last scene of Skyfall, the film audio of Spectre, and that Guinness World Record featurette music track that was leaked back in the day. The results are virtually identical to the film audio.

    2) Tempus Fugit (film version): I'd wanted to do this for a while. Using the Tempus Fugit OST track and the film audio of Spectre, I put together the music that plays when Bond and Madeleine escape from Blofeld's volcano lair. This took plenty of attentive listening, and a lot of crossfades to get around all the SFX, which I did successfully. I so wanted to have that part at 0:40, where Bond shoots at the gas valve, and that long note played on horns is heard a second time, unlike in the OST track. Considering the part with the flutes, I can only assume the Tempus Fugit track from the OST actually corresponds to the PTS helicopter fight (and in the film, the very end of the cue is replaced with another, unreleased cue). Accordingly, in my custom Spectre album, I have renamed that Tempus Fugit track to Helicopter Fight.

    3) "Spectre Breaks Guinness World Record" featurette music #1 and #2: Apart from the gunbarrel music, the Guinness World Record featurette music track includes two short bits of music, which appear to come from the PTS, when Bond is chasing Sciarra on foot. The music there is just a variation of the Rome car chase music (named Backfire in the OST). I edited the bits of music of the featurette together with each other, and with the Backfire track, to give them a proper beginning and ending. This yielded two short tracks, quite similar to each other.


    1) Gunbarrel (film version): I used a reverb plugin, along with the rear channels of the film audio, to recreate the long tail off of the Bond theme as heard in the film, and get rid of the scary synth chord heard only in the album. This was my second attempt at this track, after the first one proved unsatisfactory a few months ago.

    2) Home (film version): This is the only cue on this list that includes SFX. It's the Home OST track, but replacing the part featuring Billie Eilish's voice with audio taken from the rear channels of the film audio. I had to apply some severe EQ to get rid of part of the ambient sounds (some sounds still remain), so this track sounds fairly dull in that section, but it's listenable. I present it in two versions, one with beginning and ending exactly as in the album version, and another in which the beginning and ending have been faded in/out. This is because my custom NTTD album features this track at the end of the album, at which point it would've sounded abrupt not to have fades bookending the track.

    3) A Man Named Bond / We Have All the Time in the World: A clean rip of the WHATTITW instrumental, taken from the film audio and combined with the WHATTITW song taken from the OHMSS OST.

    4) End Credits Suite: The end credits from the film. I applied a very subtle limiter to reduce some peaks in the audio and make the whole track sound a bit louder.




    In time for Christmas I expect to release three more tracks -- not film rips but recreations using virtual instruments:
    1) Music from the A View to a Kill PTS that plays after Bond spots the iceberg sub (an old request I'm honoring).
    2) Gondola Chase from Moonraker (@DarthDimi, you're getting your wish).
    3) My own Bond theme cover based on the GoldenEye 64 pause menu theme.

    La-La Land Records is announcing their Black Friday soundtrack releases later this month. People are hoping a Bond score is among them. Not trying to get anyone's hopes up, but should they release Moonraker, I'll still do the Gondola Chase music, because it holds great sentimental value for me. Also, to make things more special and interesting, along with the full mix of the track, I'm going to release the individual audio stems of the track (one track where you can only hear the violins, another for the violas, another for the clarinets, etc.). So you will be able to study the arrangement in more detail at your will. This should make the effort worthwhile enough, even if an expanded OST is released.

    That's all for now.
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    This is... awesome. Thank you for these tracks (especially Spectre)!

    Too bad much of this soundtrack is a rehash from Skyfall; it was good in SF, old in SP.
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    You are a god among men, sir.
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    @mattjoes - It's great to be able to hear the instrumental for Home.
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    They're wonderful, amazing work Matt.

    So, La La Land announce releases on Black Friday every year? Is it actually on the day? You've got my anticipation up for Moonraker now.
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    @mattjoes HUGE THANKS to you for these tracks, I've been wishing for the film version of "Home" to get released ever since I saw NTTD last year. Your version is better than I could ever hope. Thank you very much indeed.

    Two unreleased tracks I'd really love to listen to are "Q's lab/new watch" from Spectre (though it might be a difficult one to retrieve from the movie since there's a lot of talking in there. But then again mattjoes did some amazing miracles with the Home track even though it's a scene with a lot of talking, so maybe it IS possible) and "Vesper's grave" from No Time To Die (not the "Vesper's theme" reprise from Casino Royale, but the part before it when Bond walks the bridge and arrives at the cemetery).
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    That Vesper's Grave cue is beautiful.
  • That’s brilliant - well done. Watching the movie again the other day, there’s lot of fine music missing from the soundtrack re the flight out of Cuba and the death of Felix
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    Nov 24th is here, and La-La Land just announced they are releasing Tomorrow Never Dies.


    RELEASE #2

    LLLCD 1607
    Music by David Arnold
    Limited Edition of 5000 Units
    RETAIL PRICE: $29.98


    La-La Land Records, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer and Geffen Records proudly present the remastered and expanded 2-CD re-issue of the original motion picture score to the 1997 feature film TOMORROW NEVER DIES, starring Pierce Brosnan as James Bond 007, Michelle Yeoh and Jonathan Pryce, and directed by Roger Spottiswoode. Renowned composer David Arnold (STARGATE, DIE ANOTHER DAY, THE WORLD IS NOT ENOUGH) unleashes a triumphant score -- his acclaimed debut in the James Bond canon. It’s a breathtaking and sophisticated epic work that propels Bond through an exciting globe-spanning adventure teaming with action, dramatic intrigue and romance. Arnold brings a contemporary edge to Bond, expertly melding orchestra with electronics in robust fashion, but he simultaneously preserves and honors the series’ classic musical legacy, often bringing it thrillingly front and center.

    Remastered and expanded with a treasure trove of previously unreleased music, this deluxe 2-CD set showcases Arnold’s legendary score as well as the movie’s opening and closing songs, “Tomorrow Never Dies” performed by Sheryl Crow and “Surrender” performed by k.d. lang, along with additional bonus music featuring alternate score cues and the previously unreleased source cues “It Had To Be You” performed by Simon Greenaway and “Adrift” and “Shaken But Not Stirred” performed by Simon Greenway and Sacha Collisson. Also here, a never-before-released alternate opening for “Surrender”! Produced by David Arnold and Neil S. Bulk, and mastered by Doug Schwartz, from original stereo digital tapes provided by MGM, this special release is limited to 5000 units and features exclusive, in-depth liner notes by writer Tim Greiving, which include new comments from the composer. The sharp art design is by Dan Goldwasser.


    DISC 1
    1. White Knight† 8:28
    2. Backseat Pilot*† 1:41
    3. Tomorrow Never Dies (Performed By Sheryl Crow) 4:50
    4. The Sinking Of The Devonshire (Extended Version)** 7:22
    5. MI6*† / Launch The Fleet*† 1:34
    6. Company Car (Extended Version)**† 3:35
    7. You Have A Phone Call, Mr. Bond* 1:02
    8. Station Break 3:29
    9. Carver And Paris* 1:06
    10. Paris And Bond (Film Version)** 1:56
    11. The Last Goodbye 1:34
    12. Hamburg Break In 2:52
    13. Hamburg Break Out 1:24
    14. Printing Press Fight* 1:22
    15. Escape To Hotel*† 2:28
    16. Doctor Kaufman 2:27
    17. *-3-Send 1:15
    18. Backseat Driver (Film Version)**† 4:35
    19. Okinawa* / HALO Jump* 2:25
    20. Underwater Discovery 3:37
    21. Vietnam 1:36 22. Banner Escape* 1:10
    23. Bike Chase† 6:43
    24. Bike Shop Fight (Film Version)** 2:32
    TOTAL DISC 1 TIME: 1:11:41

    DISC 2
    1. Ha Long Bay 2:32
    2. Boarding The Stealth† 4:57
    3. Grenade* 1:39
    4. A Tricky Spot For 007** 3:49
    5. Stealth Shoot Out*† 3:33
    6. Carver Gets It*† 2:53
    7. All In A Day’s Work† 5:08
    8. Surrender (Performed By k.d. lang) 3:56
    TOTAL SCORE TIME: 1:40:20

    9. White Knight (Original Version)**† 8:37
    10. Backseat Pilot (Original Version)*† 2:20
    11. The Sinking Of The Devonshire (Original Version)** 5:37
    12. Company Car† 3:06
    13. Shaken But Not Stirred (Simon Greenaway / Sacha Collisson)* 3:27
    14. It Had To Be You (Performed By Simon Greenaway)* 2:03
    15. Adrift (Simon Greenaway / Sacha Collisson)* 3:58
    16. Paris And Bond 1:56
    17. The Last Goodbye (Alternate Version)* 1:30
    18. Printing Press Fight (Film Opening)* 1:10
    19. Backseat Driver† 4:35
    20. Banner Escape (Film Mix)* 1:10
    21. Bike Shop Fight 2:42
    22. Surrender (Alternate Version) (Performed By k.d. lang)** 3:53
    TOTAL DISC 2 TIME: 1:15:12

    * Previously unreleased
    ** Contains previously unreleased material
    † Contains “James Bond Theme” written by Monty Norman

    TOTAL ALBUM TIME: 2:26:53



  • MurdockMurdock The minus world
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    Christmas came early. :-bd
  • mtmmtm United Kingdom
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    It sounds a very nice release… I have two TND scores already though! :) Can’t deny I was disappointed it’s not a Barry..
  • SecretAgentMan⁰⁰⁷SecretAgentMan⁰⁰⁷ Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria
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    Great! I'll add this to the TND scores I have. I would also like La-La Land to release the complete version of DN, GF, TSWLM, MR, AVTAK, LTK & GE.
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    Excellent news regarding the TND lalaland release. Does this leave the door open for more Bond scores to be released now? We know MR / LTK / OHMSS was on the cards but due to the MGM sale to Amazon there was concern that this would halt lalaland from being able to release them.
    The fact that TND has now been released is hopefully a good sign that we might eventually see the jewel in the crown, an expanded Moonraker release?!?!
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