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Please write your fan reviews of SF here.


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    Bumping this to the top of the page. Fans from USA and other places who will get the film later, please try and avoid this thread as it will almost certainly have spoilers.
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    I'm dreadful at reviews, so don't count this as a review. But all I can say, after watching it at the Premiere, is it's a quite superb movie, that really made me proud to be a Bond fan. A glorious opening shot makes you instantly not care about the gun barrel, and the eye-popping PTS leading into the similarly eye-popping TS is quite haunting and one of Kleinman's best TS.

    Great acting by all involved, and loads of laughs (especially a certain scene with M in the DB5). I at times felt the first two acts were a little action overload, and unlike everyone else I loved the relative calm that the third act brought (although the calm doesn't last).

    If I had ONE gripe with this movie, it would be that certain shots of CGI make me wonder why they couldn't spend a LITTLE more on it, as it is a little rubbish in parts. But that's a small irk I have with it.

    The last three minutes had me crying and laughing, and sets it up beautifully for Bond 24/25.

    Great, great movie. Forget all the little petty problems you have with the GB, ect, and just enjoy what will surely go down as one of the best Bond films ever.

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    I think he said "and don't touch your ear" as a nod towards what happened last time someone did! I liked that moment as well.
    Also, did you notice a nod to the Roger Moore days, when Bond jumps on to the end of a moving tube train an old man says to his wife something like " he must have been desperate to catch that train". I may have the words wrong, but it's a long time since we have seen a moment like that.
  • Let me confess I'm no fan of Daniel Craig, but with this third outing, which I've just seen, I'm kind of getting used to him as an atypical 007. As for SKYFALL - wowee! what a non-stop rollercoaster ride! For my money, easily the best of Craig's Bonds and one of the better Bonds of all time. (I've been around long enough to have been among the first to see the original DR NO release.) I feel that criticism of writers Purvis and Wade, which has featured in MI6 discussions, is on this occasion wholly unjustified and Craig appears much more easy in the role. And all praise to Britain's newspaper and magazine critics for keeping the lid firmly on the detailed plotline. Cinema-goers are in for several surprises! Director Sam Mendes never lets the pace, or the brooding suspense, slip for even one moment. While I've been very critical of Barbara Broccoli & Michael G. Wilson in earlier Craig outings, I can only congratulate them and all involved in bringing SKYFALL gloriously to the screen in 007's 50th Anniversary Year.
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    Well, I have seen it twice already, and I'm going to see it twice more later today, including one in the French dubbed version. And yet I won't put it in my top 5, far from it. And yet I can't wait to see where they are going with the next one now that they somehow announced it's "business as usual".

    My main criticism is that it uses the legend a lot, but doesn't make it stronger. Yes, Skyfall quotes a lot of things from the past. But what will next Bond movies quote from Skyfall in the future ? Apart from what happens to both Ms, for the moment, I can't see. I don't think we'll see Kincade back... I mean, how can a future movie "quote" the Bond car from Skyfall, you don't quote quotes (or you sound a bit pompous, like the scene with Tennyson :) )

    Also I'm afraid CGI is becoming more and more a problem with today's blockbusters. If SPECTRE/Blofeld comes back in the next movies, I hope it won't be with a lair as "fake" as Silva's. Is there enough money left in the movie industry to do TSWLM or YOLT final scenes again, I'm not sure !

    Last, I'm curious to know what the UK audiences think about the French song that is played during the Silva/Severine/Bond scene. I don't know if there's an intentional "hidden" meaning or not in this choice.

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    Saw it this morning at my local cinema. Seeing it again tonight in Leicester Sq. Twice I've come away from Craig's Bond movies stunned. The first being CR obviously. He is IMHO now #1. Very tempted to say SF is the best one ever. OHMSS & FRWL being particular favs of mine,but this one sits easily with those. MAGNIFICENT!
  • Suivez_ce_parachute asks: "I'm curious to know what the UK audiences think about the French song that is played during the Silva/Severine/Bond scene. I don't know if there's an hidden meaning or not in this choice."

    Charles Trenet's "Boum!" (1938) is one of my favourite Trenet songs and will already be familiar to many UK audiences from having featured in a PPP medical insurance TV advert a few years ago, where a carefree chap is happily striding along and walks behind an X-ray machine, momentarily revealing his skeleton, before he emerges, without breaking his stride, fully dressed on the other side. As for whether there's a 'hidden meaning' in the choice of this cheery and bouncy song for SKYFALL, the only thing that strikes me is that it's utterly incongruous in the context of the film. Maybe that's it?
  • My opinion in short:

    The good:
    1) Overall great movie. Great script, performances, music, story, ending...
    2) Gorgeous cinematography!
    3) The James Bond Theme is finally back!

    The not so good:
    1) Too little screentime for Bérénice and Javier.
    2) The appearance of the Aston Martin DB5 is just weird since it's a "reboot" timeline.
    3) The gunbarrel should be at the beginning. If it's not broken - don't try to fix it!
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    As for whether there's a 'hidden meaning' in the choice of this cheery and bouncy song for SKYFALL, the only thing that strikes me is that it's utterly incongruous in the context of the film. Maybe that's it?

    Well, it's a bit difficult to explain, but although Charles Trenet never did his coming-out on his own, it's common knowledge here in France he was "homosexual" (bisexual actually), and most notably he was the first very popular artist who was outed in the 60s - because, to make it very simple, at that time you could go to jail for that, and he almost faced that.

    And given we hear him just a few seconds after that Silva/Bond scene, since the lyrics are about feeling someone's heartbeat, well, intentional or not ? It's rather obscure for international audiences if it's intentional !
  • My opinion in short:

    The good:
    1) Overall great movie. Great script, performances, music, story, ending...
    2) Gorgeous cinematography!
    3) The James Bond Theme is finally back!

    The not so good:
    1) Too little screentime for Bérénice and Javier.
    2) The appearance of the Aston Martin DB5 is just weird since it's a "reboot" timeline.
    3) The gunbarrel should be at the beginning. If it's not broken - don't try to fix it!

    Well we never do see what happened to the Aston after Bond was seen driving it in the Bahamas. I take it that it that he probably shipped it over, changed the number plate and the previous Quartermaster must have kitted it out (the one Bond thought he was meeting at the art gallery before the new kid turned up)

  • some great humor in it aswell. so funny at times but then serious and dark. it was almost everything i expected. Great film to the series.
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    jerome007 wrote:
    Saw it this morning at my local cinema. Seeing it again tonight in Leicester Sq. Twice I've come away from Craig's Bond movies stunned. The first being CR obviously. He is IMHO now #1. Very tempted to say SF is the best one ever. OHMSS & FRWL being particular favs of mine,but this one sits easily with those. MAGNIFICENT!

    You, my friend have superb taste.
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    My opinion in short:

    The good:
    1) Overall great movie. Great script, performances, music, story, ending...
    2) Gorgeous cinematography!
    3) The James Bond Theme is finally back!

    The not so good:
    1) Too little screentime for Bérénice and Javier.
    2) The appearance of the Aston Martin DB5 is just weird since it's a "reboot" timeline.
    3) The gunbarrel should be at the beginning. If it's not broken - don't try to fix it!

    I wouldn't loose sleep over time lines. Otherwise it could get very surreal trying to work out why Dench's M had a white Moneypenny years ago, then after she dies a new black Moneypenny appears.

    It's all good from where I sit. Bond's universe is all wiggly waggly ;-)
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    I loved how Craig's fights especially with Patrice and the fat Chinese guy weren't so 1-sided in Bond's favour and I also loved how, Bnod was trying to get the Chinese guy's attention by pointing at the Komodo.

    Bond: how's the arm, sir?

    M: what? Oh yes....

    Fiennes is going to be a brilliant M

    And yes, the trigger man who fatally wounds M is the very same guy she was trying to shoot.
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    Loved it. Its probably the most 'different' of all the bond movies. If I had to draw similarities I'd say: TMWTGG, GE and TWINE and maybe a touch of NSNA.

    The Good:

    Whilst theres no gunbarrel at the beginning, the intro is perfect

    Its as great a leap further in the direction of making bond 'real' as CR was.

    The story is gripping

    There are many exciting and emotional human moments. The fight in the Shanghai building, bond's journey up on the lift, the komodo dragons, and the surprise moment with the car were all stand-out moments for me.

    Even if you know all the scenes from the clapperboard thread, there are still a few nice little surprises

    The script was classy and litterate, the acting perfect, the score has some nice 'mood' generating moments

    It struck the perfect balance between the old and the new

    It perfectly paid homage to the past in a way that felt emotional and real, and not forced

    The humour is perfect

    I didn't feel that any of the CGI was bad

    The cinematography is perfect, and the film has a gritty but beautiful look.

    The music in the square on the island and from the helicopter.

    Silva's speech about rats.

    The bad

    A couple of sequences that were storyboared weren't in the film (a chase on Silva's island, and a chase through burning woods at Skyfall). I'm not saying it was a mistake to drop them, but I did miss them!

    The score lacks any beauty, or sweeping themes (theres a bit of a theme, but not much)

    I was surprised they didnt make more of the tension/mystery of Ms past, the final revelation of what it was in the past that was causing current events was just kind of blurted out in a matter-of-fact way, and I'm sure they could have squeezed more drama out of it.

    Whilst there IS plenty of action, I felt that it could have benefited from just a tiny touch more. I didn't feel there was any one AMAZING stand-out action moment, and Bond should have that.

    Naomie Harris left me cold. Maybe a personal taste thing, but I didn't find her all that sexy/appealing in the way the script is obviously expecting us too. Some of the banter between her and bond was bordering on the corny.

    The Ugly

    Sorry, I know many will disagree, but I HATED the title sequence. It was ugly, out of synch with the music, random, too predictable/generic. It just looked like someone had randomly edited together clips from a video game and a screensaver.

    The unexpected

    I think the sombre tone of this film is probably perfect for our current era but will surprise most people because its not what we usually expect with a Bond film. I left the theatre feeling satisfied but melancholy in a way that I'd never felt upon leaving a bond film before.

    Stuart Baird shared editing credit with a woman, also with the surname Baird. His wife? Sister? Daughter?

    The homo-erotic scene with Bond and Silva, is subtle, and whilst I think Bond's line is referring to his interrogation in CR, I think it will confuse many viewers into thinking he was hinting at gay experiences from his past.

    Whats inside the box at the end that Eve gives to Bond?! we discussed this SO much months ago, thinking it was crucial to the plot, but it turns out to just be one little funny moment!

    Equally, we spent time months back trying to figure out the significance of the national gallery and in the end it was just a completely random location!

    Finally, can I just say:
    Welcome to Scotland!
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    Skyfall. Excellent. But misses David Arnold.
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    Saw it 10am this morning at IMAX screen in Crawley. Probably going to be in my Top 5 of all Bond movies. Towards the end when you realised what was going to it happen with M I could not believe it! But how they handled it was superb and it was great how they introduced Moneypenny and the new M at the end.

    Action scenes were top-notch. Loved the part with Patrice in the Shanghai skyscraper. PTS was up with the best. Deakins deserves all the awards for the photography. Some of the aerial shots of London were wonderful, loved Bond's arrival at the casino in Macau but the Scottish highland scenes were the highlight.

    Bardem was a brilliant baddie. Wonderful when a great actor really throws himself in a evil role. Harris was good - as mentioned above she did not impose on the film and Bond. Would have been good to have seen more of Bernice but she was superb, very stylish but also fragile which reflected her characters background.

    Ben W was good as Q. Loved the scene in National Gallery.

    Gunbarrel - my first thought was disappointment not to see it at the start. I think it could of worked but as they went straight into the story/action I soon forgot. I loved the Title Sequence - so many themese form the movie reflected in it.

    Music - good to hear the theme a few times and overall worked really well I thought.

    Humour - just right in the end. Was a bit concerned they might just overdo it in contrast to the storyline. M had some good lines and loved the two old people with the "he must have really wanted to get that train" line. Very Moore era. Best was when M sees what transport is taking her to Scotland. As we then go into the Bond theme just one of the best moments in the movie for me.

    Now just sad that all the build up is over and now have to start waiting for the next one!!
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    You missed Arnold??? I thought Newman did a fantastic job with the score.
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    The 2 old people on the platform say, something along the lines of, "he must be eager to get home".
  • Went this morning, cinema pretty full at 10.30! Someone even came in a tux!

    I thought it was a great movie but I think CR/QoS are better BOND movies...

    - PTS.. best since TWINE. Completely thrilling...dovetails beautifully into..
    - the title sequence. Another winner and the song fits perfectly
    - Q - almost stole the show for me...
    - Deakins' lens - the whole movie..looked gorgeous
    - the approach to Silva's island
    - the gag...the makeshift Mi6 offices
    - M, Mallory, Tanner (Rory always good)
    - the 'unfit' Bond..Craig on great form, visible in much stunt-work too

    Not so Good
    - the villain. I know a lot of people are waxing lyrical but I just didn't buy him. A bit too much improv allowed by the director too, I think. Came off like a disgruntled hairdresser to me! His best moments were the escape/police outfit bit and when he revealed himself in the Mi6 cell..
    - the score. Never been a fan of Newman..think his stuff is pretty dreary and forgettable. Same here. And this movie needed a bit of musical zest at times. Stick the CR score on your CD player and feel the difference...
    - quite sombre mood but a lot of the dialogue scenes seemed strangely stilted..can't quite put my finger on why
    - gun-barrel, obviously
    - Berenice..blink and you miss her, although she's not the real Bond girl this time out...

    Overall, loved the movie but not buzzing. Will see again in IMAX a few days time. My opinion always shifts on Bond (was down on QoS at first, now one of my favourites) give some idea this is currently my 3rd fave Dan but better than all of Pierce for example....

    More later
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    After seeing Skyfall for the first time:

    Action scenes: Were great, and, most importantly, were believable. Not too OTT.

    Cinematography: The best of the Bond series, even better than YOLT's

    Pre-titles sequence: One of the best of the series, it builds the tension for the film very well.

    Titles sequence: A bit strange than your usual Bond titles, but I think that, after CR, the titles are Kilemann's best.

    Story: really captivating

    Villian: Silva is one of the best villians of the series, it is on my top 3.

    Girls: Harris was a good Bond girl, but Marlhole stole the show on this field. I just regred that:
    She died. She deserved more screentime.

    Bond's realtionship between Q and Mallory is very well done. But what stands off is Kincade's- Bond relationship, and, Bond's-M relationship

    Soundtrack: It suits well the film.

    Humor: The most humorous film of the Craig era, and, best of at all, there was an excellent balance between humor and drama. In fact, the balance between those two conflicting fields ( if done wrong) is more than perfect.

    Gadgets: very simple, and they have a propose on the plot.

    Finale: I won't detail much, because, IMO, it's the best on the series.

    The bad.

    The gunbarrel cloud have been better. Didn't like the design and the sudden 50th anniversary logo. No, it isn' because of the being on the end. In fact, I think it was a good decision by Mendes, but I didn't like the barrel.

    Silva should have had a bit of more screentime.

    Silva's backstory cloud have been a bit more explored.

    I feel that Mallory was a bit underused. I would have liked to see a bit more of him.


    Defiantly on my top 5. It's better than Casino Royale? I don't know. I'll have to see SF one more time, but I think it's neck to neck with CR:

    And one more thing: Daniel Craig IS James Bond. He's now, on my ranking, on par with Connery.

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    Couple of other thoughts:

    - forgot to mention Harries who was great - her arc was nicely done
    - Finney had the funniest line I thought - laugh out loud from the audience at my screening...along with M's 'not sleeping here'/'inconspicuous' lines...
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    doubleoego wrote:
    You missed Arnold??? I thought Newman did a fantastic job with the score.

    Personally I didn't dislike Newman's score, but I'm certain Arnold would have done a better one if he continued the form of CR and QOS. It was just too generic modern thriller in places.

    I'm going to focus on the negative first. The CGI isn't great in places. I've read elsewhere complaints about a couple of CGI moments that didn't really bother me but there were a couple that weren't great. I would appeal to the producers not to allow CGI to creep too much into the movies in future. There is also a (non DB5) vehicle continuity error that most people won't pick up on, but I'm pedantic when it comes to cars in films and it was a bit disappointing (I won't point it out!)

    I find it difficult to fully enjoy my first viewing of any Bond film. Following its development and filming on the internet means I'm waiting for various bits to come along and I have developed an idea of what the film will be like that is usually quite wrong!

    This is very different for a Bond film in a way I didn't expect. The action doesn't dominate and I think the comparisons to FRWL and OHMSS (my two favorites Bond films too!) is absolutely correct. The plot is much more driven by the characters stories and it will be interesting to see if future films will follow this style as closely, particularly if Mendes does not return and given that the stories are unlikely to focus internally on MI6 as much.

    The film is stunning however, I really enjoyed the use of the DB5 and the humor surrounding it (Screenwriters: please not again though! This time it really is finished ok!!), I think Q was brilliant and most of all I loved the dialogue. Its rich, playful yet often deep and serious. It also makes me think I will need to go see this film several times. I think Bardem's villain is probably brilliant, but he was such a departure from what I expected I think I will reserve final judgement until after I have seen the film again.

    I also loved the short scenes with Bond just after the beautiful titles when he has gone AWOL, truly excellent acting in an understated way. And the finale at the lodge is both fun and dramatic. The film for me seemed shorter than QOS!

    Yes, I'm fairly sure SF has dislodged CR to complete my top 3 Bond films. Well done EON.

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    Also: I think this time they were right to use the gun barrel at the end!
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    I disliked the gunbarrel design at the end. The designs for the Craig gunbarrels have sucked so far.

    But, the movie overall was fantastic I thought. The CGI did annoy me though. I don't know why filmmakers have started using CGI to show helicopters hovering in mid-air. The fantastic work at the finale with the helicopter made the island choppers look worse. Hopefully it won't be a continuing trend.

    Craig was brilliant, he absolutely nailed it. Harris was good, Bardem was good, Dench was her usual great self. Everybody was great. I wish Marlohe had more screentime though, she wasn't utilised fully in my opinion. But Harris was fantastic in her role. The flirting between Eve and Bond was sexy without being smutty.

    Mendes knows how to handle an action sequence. Newman didn't do a great job with the score but it worked in the film.

    The ending shocked me, but in a good way. It was very neat and made me smile even though I was sad.

    Great entry. Craig's best.
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    I hate interject a darker message but please bear in mind that all posts in this thread that don't meet the criteria as presented in the introduction to the review section will shortly be deleted.
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    Just got back WOW! Definitely Craig's best, the writing and the acting made it edge Royale for me, no embarrassing lines about little fingers or blatant product placement.
    The best blockbuster of the year so far, easily better than TDKR for me.

    Craig is so James Bond now and yes I think he's on a par with Connery now, suave, lethal and being supplied with a great script at last delivers the quips as confident as Connery ever did and in his own imitable style. Still seeing OHMSS edging as my favourite film because of Barry's score but if it wasn't for that Skyfall would be no. 1, That being said I though Newman score was fantastic.

    Great little nods to the past, the tube train & casino moment was definitely a nod to the Rog era. Everyone bought their A game, Dench was superb finally getting something to get her teeth into, Kinnear was his best yet as Tanner and Harris had some great chemistry with Craig. Wishaw great new Q and Ralph well can't say too much but I was very happy and last but not least Bardem, top tier bad guy, a nice nod to the past with a contemporary spin with a touch of Ledger and Hopkins in his Silva.

    Watched both CR and QOS yesterday and came to conclusion that QOS is Arnold's best score and if he returns for Bond 24 with the fact he's had a break with someone else in role I think he'll feel reinvigorated and maybe produce his best score yet, I don't see him going I think he's here to stay.
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    Great film. But not really a movie that in time will be a Bond-classic I think. The very last scene indicates that Bond 24 could be, though, since SF marks the end of the reboot (meaning the gunbarrel will return to the beginning for Bond 24, the glamour can return and James Bond can return to being James Bond)

    Other thoughts:
    - I think it was a mistake to put the best and biggest action set-piece of the movie in the very beginning.
    - Roger Deakins probably deserves an Oscar for his work here.
    - Love that long shot when Silva is introduced coming out from the elevator. And loved Javier's portrayal.
    - The score was so-so and nothing special. I hope they bring Arnold back for Bond 24.
    - I loved the crossediting during the movie, especially the enquiry/underground-scene, where M cites Tennyson. Great, great filmmaking.
    - The movie could have been 10-15 minutes longer. A shame the much talked about "Indiana Jones"-sequence was cut out. Here's hoping for a directors cut on Blu-Ray,
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    Fellow Agents,
    At last we've got the Bond movie we deserve.
    As a Fleming aficionado, I've always preferred the novels and the only four movies that I have had any affection for are Dr.No, FRWL,OHMSS & CR and in truth, I'd pretty much given up hope on anybody making the perfect Bond movie.
    Then, for the 50th anniversary, along comes Sam Mendes with his deftly plotted, superbly acted, perfectly shot, beautifully scored masterpiece and finally we get what we've all been waiting for, the best Bond film of all time!
    He succeeds at every level by achieving the perfect equilibrium between humour, tension, realism, and glamour. Something that is so difficult to achieve and something that, to varying degrees, has defeated all of his predecessors.
    Furthermore, he gave the movie a huge sense of Englishness that made us all proud to be British.
    I loved it to bits and hope like hell that he directs the next one.

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    I discovered Skyfall, thinking I would see a "classic Bond Film". Classic ? Skyfall is the most different movie ever made in 50 years, concluding a reboot which has been started 6 years ago with CR and QOS.

    Let's begin with the minor flaws of the movie : I HATE the title sequence (it looks like it has been done in some kind of a hurry. Was it really Kleinman who released this thing ?) and Adele's song is in my opinion the dullest and silliest song in the history of James Bond.
    Now, the other flaws of the film is that it lacks homogeneity : the too discreet soundtrack does not give any musical tone to the movie, it lacks a narrative arc, establishing a plot from the beginning to the end, and holding the film together.

    Is it really a problem ? No, far from it !
    What I saw was 5 sequences, each of them with its own purpose, aesthetic, and outcome :
    - Istanbul Chase : a chase in the style of those appearing in CR and QOS. A cocktail of all the bondian action vehicles (from bike and footchase to train and mechanical shovel), and nice interactions with the Bond girl.
    - London Troubles : a slow sequence establishing the various secondary characters. One spots easily who will be in office, and who will vanish before the end of the movie, but it's a great opportunity to appreciate the talent of the various actors. However, it fails at describing a really thrilling espionage plot, and doesn't go far enough in depicting Bond's way from voluntary exile to adjusting to the new MI6.
    - The Asian Sequence : the most perfect sequence I've seen in years ! Everything is in there, from the wit and bondian action, to the emblematic characters that forged the saga. The most perfect light one could imagine for a Bond film. If someone ever ask what the Bond franchise has been these last 50 years, these 30 minutes are more representative than all the extracts from the Bond film. 30 minutes of pure bondian moments. Flawless and magnificent.
    - London Triller : following this most bondian part, here come an independent sequence in the film, which features all the elements of a modern espionage film : urban and technological chase, shadow characters, and a reflection on their role and action in this modern world. This piece of the movie reminds me of all the great thriller that exist (Silence of the lambs, Seven...) and finally takes its distance from the Bourne urban action: it's Bond at the service of it's country
    - Scottish Dénouement : and yet a last stylised sequence for this unusual Bond movie : a family piece which has more to do with Westerns than spy movies. Why not ? For 50 years, Bond has always been an agent. Why can't he be a human embedded in family motives for a few minutes (M for Mother, Silva as shadow double for Bond, fantastic Albert Finney...). The spectacular direction of this sequence shows that there is much more to Bond movies than just a blockbuster.

    Then, the epilogue places all the characters back on their seats, new faces but same story : let's all look forward for a next classic Bond, beginning with the Gunbarrel.

    I was surprised by this movie, but what a great moment of Bondian Stuff ! Such quality in 140 minutes ! I had the impression of watching 5 different and excellent Bond films in a raw. After 50 years, Bond is back, and fresher than ever !

    (I apologize for my english)
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