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  • battleshipgreygt
    I see. I'll see if I can do some digging around to find that script then. Thanks.
    December 2014
    • ohmss42
      id like a link to that too if possible
    • PanchitoPistoles
      You won't find it as the screenplay has not leaked.
  • Germanlady
    Hi Suivez,

    what I would like to know - can this really be harming the films plot in a big way? Like the plot might be all over the place?

    Thanks for taking the time to answer.
    December 2014
    • Suivez_ce_parachute
      This is very weird as if I tell you the available info is not important, then it means I basically tell you there are no major twists in the story, and if I tell you the available info is important, then I basically tell you there is a big twist that should remain secret.

      Imagine you have access to the Sony executives sharing their thoughts about the script as it's being written, until very recently. Imagine it is for the "Sixth Sense", it's a major blow. For "Avatar", hm, well, who cared about the story ?

      As I said, IMO there's enough to spoil the fun for the fan base, but I don't think the film plot will be harmed to the general audience. It's really like the Hateful Eight : the script is all over the place it seems, but did you actually go and read it ? People will go and see a Quentin Tarantino movie when it's out, no matter what. I don't even know where to look for it, but I know it's there. I think the same will happen with Spectre. Yes probably, if you click on every web page that talks about it in the next months, you'll probably fall on too much information at one point. But not everyone does that...
  • Welcome Aboard!
    December 2011
    • wheemsKihoops
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