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  • It looks like @Suivez_ce_parachute is not willing to send the link. In other words he is like a five year old kid bragging "I have the screenplay but you don't!" Guess what? Probably EVERYONE else on this forum would be happy to send the link to people asking.

    @dominicgreene I will keep looking for it, and once I found it I will be happy to send a link in a PM for anyone asking.

    I completely disagree with these comments @PanchitoPistoles and if you stand by what you say and are successful I think the moderators of this site should permanently suspend your membership.

    We're all excited for Spectre but actively encouraging the dissemination of private material is not just morally repugnant but outright illegal. Your comments are clearly endorsing something which would not just put Mi6's reputation on the line and people like @JamesPage who have created this network.

    @Suivez_ce_parachute should not be baiting you either with his comments but I feel no harm was meant on this behalf. My impression is that @Suivez_ce_parachute has downloaded a large amount of the leaked files and has cyphered through endless documents for Spectre information. If that's what he wants to do with his time; fine. But @Suivez_ce_parachute in the future please be more tactful with your comments.

    I hope MI6Community take a hard line on people trying to share this information. Otherwise I would encourage a cease and desist letter being send to the site.
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    EDIT: @Pierce2Daniel I deleted my 3 offensive comments.
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    @Pierce2Daniel According to Suivez_ce_parachute several people on this forum already have the screenplay. EDIT: It looks like Suivez was lying all along.

    EDIT 2: It looks like @Suivez_ce_parachute was telling the truth after all. http://defamer.gawker.com/new-bond-script-leaks-execs-scrambling-to-fix-awful-en-1670479885/all
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    Gee I already explained before on another thread what happened. This new forum is a mess to search information I agree, but sorry I won't actually spend my time answering endlessly the same questions. If people thought I lied, well, fine, it proved I simply did not gave any spoiler away, as I intended to do.

    And now that one site has published a very short "summary" (hint : this guy had some problems reading it), there's already one person here who has put what is clearly a major spoiler if is true, on this forum, and then posted a spoiler link without any kind of preparation for all the others who wanted to stay away.

    Well... I'm afraid even the spoiler section should be closed now, and people discuss the huge leaks in PM if they want to discuss it. And let this spoilerish thread live, with infos taken from the usual "fun" sources (photos from fans on set, etc).

    And I repeat : these scripts ARE obsolete. Not only in the third act. The scene 21 from these scripts is not the scene 21 from the official twitter photo, for instance. So there are still surprises ahead for everyone. Both good and bad surprises :)

    Let's hope it won't be a very bad one though. I mean, now there's room for legal procedures because MGM and Sony scanned the screenplays to send them over the Internet - while it should have remained on paper.

    When we worked on Avatar's marketing at my company, when "we" needed to look at some images from the movie to prepare some things, it was really like you expect it would be : only one person allowed, entering a closed room with someone to monitor him, and the images were displayed on a computer with every USB port physically disconnected to prevent any connection... (and well, I never saw the stuff myself)

    But whatever happens, all the info will be a "goldmine" for behind-the-scenes authors writing about Bond (lots of professionnal discussions have been made "public", not just about the plot, but about IMAX, the marketing, the actors' wishes, etc...), despite it being the result of a criminal activity (and at Sony I have friends of friends and friends of colleagues who have big personal troubles because of these leaks - and they fear there are more to come : their own mailboxes !).

    Once SPECTRE is released, all this info will be probably in the books (if the author is an hypocrit, he can claim he had educated guesses, or had info from personal sources, even if everyone will understand how the author really learnt it).
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    @Suivez_ce_parachute you're absolutely right :-)
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    But this thread should be used for any info, that contains "legal" spoiler news.
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    I have the screenplay. It's the shooting screenplay dated October 17, 2014. It looks 100 percent genuine. The wording
    AMY PASCAL - 041
    in large diagonal letters on the first page. There is some legal stuff:
    Draft screenplay must not be divulged to any third party.

    Yet to read the screenplay. Will read it tomorrow when time allows. Had a quick glance through it. Looks interesting.

    I'll be happy to post my thoughts/review tomorrow or later in the week.*

    I'll judge it as fairly as possible rather than getting too bogged down with past Bond continuity. I assume this is a new version of SPECTRE rather than a direct continuation of the 1960s version.

    *If this is against site rules then I won't. I don't want to get into trouble!
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    Discussion of the leaked screenplay or devolging information within is ill advised @fanbond123
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    Okay, I wont mention it then.

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    Some interesting news there on page 20.
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    And some of you thought the B25 Production Diary was the most "off-topic" thread.
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