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    I love black and white cinematography. Loved classic movies since I was a little kid.
    Kids my age loved Darth Vader, I liked Lugosi's Dracula.
    I had a friend that visited this location in San Francisco back in the '90's. No one knew what he was talking about when he said it was featured in DARK PASSAGE.
    Young kids never heard of Humphrey Bogart.
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    I love this film- Bogie befriends a cab driver who takes him to a plastic surgeon.
    One great scene after another.
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    Bogie spends another 3rd of this film in bandages.
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    Bogie has to be tied to the bed by Lauren Bacall to prevent his his facial surgery from becoming messed up while the wounds heal.
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    I love the 3rd act of this noir. Great stuff!
    The diner scene with Douglas Kennedy as the cop who give Bogart a hard time is classic!
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    In honor of the discussions going on in the INDY 5 thread I'm compelled to watch the first outing.
    Dammit all, the only copy I have is a pan and scan VHS version.

    Dr. Jones wears a different fedora as he travels to meet Marion. Like Bond he's constantly being watched.
    I think SKYFALL was influenced here as Marion drinks shots.
    I think she could kick Bond's ass in this department.
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    The discussion on the INDY 5 thread on whether Dr. Jones is a statutory rapist/child molester is fascinating.

    I'm on that scene now.

    Hello, Marion

    I love the smile on his face right before she decks him.

    This is such a classic. Wonderful fight sequence.

    Damn pan and scan, though!!!!!!!!!
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    The segue from " I'm your G****med partner" to the next scene reminds me of classic golden age cinema. TREASURE OF THE SIERRA MADRE for instance.
    I love it.
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    It's a date. You EAT 'em!!!!!!!!

    These scenes have a CASABLANCA vibe.
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    It's pretty moving when he believes she's been killed.
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    Paul Freeman is so great here.
    He could have been right out of the classic golden age.
    Reminds me a little of Paul Henreid.
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    Ford in Indy 5 is like if Connery had played Bond in QUANTUM OF SOLACE instead of Craig.

    I love this section where Indy goes underneath and finds the headpiece to the staff of ra and lets the light shine thru.

    Beautiful score.
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    Anthony Higgins previously had gone by the stage name Anthony Corlan and appeared in a couple Hammer horrors.
    He's great. He could have played Dracula himself by the time this film was made.

    Why did it have to be snakes?

    The scene between Paul Freeman and Marion is great.

    Ford looks scared sh*tless as he' descends to the snake pit.
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    What shall we talk about?

    I love that Lucas and Speilberg were so heavily influenced by the classic Hollywood era.
    I watched a feature length edit of a 1932 John Wayne serial recently, THE HURRICANE EXPRESS, and it was one adventure moment after another.
    This film really captures the essence of that era.
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    I love Ford's response when she burns his whip.
    My dad took me to see this on a double bill with TEMPLE OF DOOM when I was a kid. There was a serial chapter shown in between of some western. I don't remember what serial it was but it was a blast.
    Great times.
    I've seen this film on the big screen 4 or 5 times.
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    Here we go...........the iconic Pat Roach fight.
    Indy's getting creamed.
    Such a great scene.
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    The famous chase sequence.

    I love the shot if the jeep going off the cliff.
    Today that would be CGI and look like CGI.
    I really hope Mangold keeps the digital effects to a minimum in the new film.
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    The famous truck/whip stunt. Amazing stunt, done before in westerns but never bettered than here.
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    As today is my favorite actress, Lana Turner's birthday, thought I'd bring back this thread with


    Of course I'm watching this today after a long a$$ day at work.
    Love John Garfield's voice over narration.

    I always like movies set in diners.
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    Considering the number of jobs I've had in the last couple years, I can relate to John Garfield's character.
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    There she is...................

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    I love the 1940s.
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    I love the way she just barks orders at John Garfield.
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    Superb chemistry between Turner and Garfield. Holy crap.
    I've actually watched this about 25 times in just this last year.
    Quite possibly my favorite noir after OUT OF THE PAST and THE BIG SLEEP.
    A crime I waited so many years before watching this one.
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    Lemon meringue pie.
    Hmm that almost sounds good........maybe with some coffee very black.
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    Classic scene where they plot her husband's murder.........
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    I had not even been aware of this thread, but I suppose those latest additions would have been perfectly placed on the Film Noir thread instead. Just saying.
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    j_w_pepper wrote: »
    I had not even been aware of this thread, but I suppose those latest additions would have been perfectly placed on the Film Noir thread instead. Just saying.

    @barryt007 created this thread several years ago. Pity is hasn't been utilized too much. I try and revive it every now and then.
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    This film really is another variation on DOUBLE INDEMNITY. Same author, James Cain.
    I actually prefer this, even though DOUBLE INDEMNITY is a more classic, iconic example of the noir genre.
    I suppose it's like prefering THUNDERBALL to GOLDFINGER or SKYFALL to CASINO ROYALE.

    I'm a pretty big fan of Barbara Stanwyck as well as Fred MacMurray, but damn, Lana Turner and John Garfield are much more up my alley.

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    They eff up their first attempt. I love that they're total amatuers, and freak out when things go wrong.
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