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    Luthor and Lenny (or whatever he's called) create Nuclear Man.
    Apparently this was Mark Pillow's only screen role.
    The visuals as Superman captures the missiles in space remind me of "Panic in the Sky". The classic episode where Superman (George Reeves) destroys a Kryptonite meteor and loses his memory. That worked better as it was in black and white.

    Clark Kent is working out at a gym with Mariel Hemingway and making an a$$ of himself. They have the scrawniest, wimpiest looking gym bully here pushing Clark around. When Mariel isn't looking, Clark kicks the guy's a$$.
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    The set design is quite nice. Luthor's lair here is lavish and appropriate.
    Nuclear Man is sporting a very 1987 mullet.
    The yellow/black striped jacket Jon Cryer is wearing reminds me of a coat I had in 6th grade, except it was styled more like a letter-man jacket. Had the same bright yellow and black colors though.
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    Superman is on a double date with Lois and Mariel Hemingway. Comic elements come into play as he has to come up with excuses to change back into Clark.

    Lois is clearly turned on by the older looking Superman here. Mariel goes for Clark.
    Now if this were the evil Superman from SUPERMAN III, he could make this situation quite interesting......................Lois would be thrilled as well.
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    Much like Bond, Superman is called away from this romantic scenario and must fight crime. "Sorry, darling. Something's come up" would be the right here.
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    I think Dolph Lundgren should have played Nuclear Man. He was dong the MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE film for Cannon. They should have switched and had Mark Pillow play He-Man instead. Pillow looks like an incredibly nice guy trying to look mean by making faces. He might have made a better He-Man.
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    Superman is down for the count and suffering from an illness. Clark kind of has a crummy apartment for a top reporter. George Reeve's apartment looked more like a home.
    I do like the added years on Christopher Reeve here. He looks more chiseled and tough. Had he been powerless in this film, he looks more like he could have taken on the trucker bully from SUPERMAN II and come out unscathed. He looks like he wouldn't be above fighting a bit dirty.
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    Nuclear Man threatens the people of Metropolis. This is a redoing of the bit in SUPERMAN II where Zod and Ursa use Superman's affection for humans as a weakness and threaten their lives.
    Except here, it brought the house down. The audience roared with laughter in this scene.
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    Superman vs Nuclear Man on the moon. The moon set looks less convincing than Willard Whyte's. Really is a pity as this could have been a great climax
    The moon in SUPERMAN II looked great by comparison.
    Nuclear man kidnaps whatshername and brings her into outer space.
    Had it been Lois Superman might be more in a hurry to rescue her.

    And Nuclear Man is out for the count. Superman wins. YAY!
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    Superman gives a speech on how beautiful the world is. Reeve is secretly cursing this crummy industrial park location. Doesn't affect his performance one bit, though. He still gives this film his 110% in spite of being back stabbed by the studio.

    Supes drops Jon Cryer off at BOYS TOWN and Luthor back in prison. I should watch BOYS TOWN later. Kind of in a Spencer Tracy mood now.

    The final outer space bit from the first movie as he flies around the world.

    Great viewing I must say. I think he should have come back for a 5th film in the '90's.
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    Here we go...........bring back this thread with

    THE BIG SLEEP (1946)

    Bogie is Raymond Chandler's Philip Marlowe.

    Hired by an aging military General Sternwood (Charles Waldron) to get blackmailers off his back. The general had paid Joe Brody (Louis Jean Heydt) $5000 to lay of his youngest daughter Carmen (Martha Vickers). Normally he'd have his personal employee Sean Regan take the case but he ran off with his oldest daughter (Lauren Bacall). then left the family without notice and disappeared.

    Blah, blah, blah, yadda yadda yadda, and Bogie is assigned to look into gambling debts Carmen owed book shop owner Arthur Gwyn Geiger.

    The plot is amazingly complicated, convoluted making THE LIVING DAYLIGHTS caper look like an episode of MISTER ROGER'S NEIGHBORHOOD.

    Bogie meets Bacall and flirts with her while she tells him off and give him s**t.

    One of the film's greatest scenes, Bogie pops into the book. acts like a dork store and gives the clerk (Sonya Darrin) s**t. He then pops into the competing book store across the street, and flirts with that book shop keeper (Dorothy Malone) while he stakes out Geiger's return. Pretty sexy scene, really.
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    Noir at it's finest as Bogie adjourn's to Geieger's mansion in the rain. He finds Carmen drugged, posing for porno pics. The plot thickens as he finds Geiger dead on the floor. The 1978 Robert Mitchum version of this film is a little more explicit here.

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    Now I'm at the Joe Brody scene. Louis jean Heydt is great. This film is one classic scene after another.

    I'm watching the regular 1946 release version.

    Long story short: the film was shot in '44 to be released in '45. It was shelved so Warner's could fast track their war themed films for release since WWII was ending.

    In the meantime, Lauren Bacall was getting poor reviews for her performance in CONFIDENTIAL AGENT, and her agent, future rival 007 producer Charles K Feldman requested several scenes in THE BIG SLEEP be re-written and re-shot with Bogie in an effort to salvage her career.

    Jack Warner complied and several classic scenes were created. The film, however lost a key sequence with the District Attorney which made the story-line far more coherent.
    That scene is present in the pre-release cut.

    Both versions are great, but the later cut, IMO is far better. Lauren Bacall is showcased in her full glory here and the chemistry with Bogie is wonderful.
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    Bogie gets pounded in an alley and is helped up by Elisha Cook Jr.
    Great character actor and role here.
    I've seen this film in the cinema three or four times. Took a couple buddies with me once, also Bogart fans, and one laughed loudly as Bogie gets thrashed.
    Ever since I can't help but laugh when I get to this scene. Maybe it's the fight choreography or the immaculately clean alley, but it is kind of funny.

    Reminds me of the scene in SUPERMAN II when the humanized Clark gets slaughtered by the local trucker bully in the diner. Some fans are disturbed by the sight of seeing their hero, played by the beloved Christopher Reeve bloodied and bruised, others find it hilarious.

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    Bogie gets thumped again, this time with a roll of quarters. Out for the count until awakened by Eddie Mars' wife (Peggy Knudsen). Here we are at the climax of this film noir classic.

    Great film.

    If I were to pick just one all time favorite movie, THE BIG SLEEP is it.

    OUT OF THE PAST (1947) with Robert Mitchum is a close second.
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    SUPERMAN II (1981)

    I was planning on watching the Donner cut, but popped in the regular version instead. So I'm going with it.

    The recap in the beginning drags a bit. Never bothered me as a kid, but now let's just get on with it.

    Always liked the Eiffel Tower bit anyway, and the alley change sequence is one of my favorite moments in any comic movie.

    Luthor and Otis are hanging out in prison wearing old school stripes.

    I love Gene Hackman, Great actor.
    YAY!!! Shane Rimmer!

    Ursa is great.


    What kind of a creature are you?

    A man?????

    She would have made a great Bond henchwoman as well.

    I could see her dominating Roger Moore the way Mayday did.

    General Zod is my hero and idol.

    The moon sequence is funny.

    John Ratzenburger!

    Making the way in the world today, takes everything you got...................

    He's in the first film as well.

    Wouldn't you like to get away???????????????

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    Zod thinks the Earth's name is Houston.

    Otis is goofy as hell.

    Luthor escapes and leaves Otis behind. We never see Otis again.

    Miss Tescmacher disappears from the film mysteriously as well.

    Clark and Lois pose as newlyweds.

    The bell hop is being an A-hole to Clark.

    He doesn't believe for a minute Clark is going to get laid tonight.

    Clark is annoyed at his rudeness.

    Everyone treats Clark like sh*t.
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    Niagara Falls.

    I should be watching NIAGARA with Marilyn Monroe instead.

    Great color noir

    This brat kid is playing with the hand rail. His parents are un attentive.

    Clark is pretty whipped for a newlywed.

    He is sent off to get some hot-dogs.

    Kid falls and Superman saves him.

    George Reeves might have given the kid a lecture on common sense, but Chris refrains and lets the parents hall off the brat for a spanking.

    Clark pretends he never noticed Superman was around.

    Luthor and Valerie Perrine find the Fortress of Solitude.

    Lex starts effing with Superman's stuff and plays around with the crystals.

    Blofeld from FYEO shows up to talk about trees.

    Superman's mom schools Lex on Zod, giving him inspiration and plot motivation.

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    Lois gives Clark sh*t about being Superman.

    Considering he's saved her multiple times, and turned back time for her, she could be a little more respectful in outing him.

    Now they frolic in the water making fools of themselves.

    I always liked the TV show's version of handling the disguise. They definitely know they're one and the same, yet humor him anyway.
    The wink at the camera was a nice gesture, as well as George Reeve's many excuses to leave the room to go and change.

    Zod, Non and Ursa arrive on the planet Houston.
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    Non can't get his heat vision to work. The audience roared with laughter at this comic bit.

    Clark trips over a pink bear rug and reveals he is indeed the Man of Steel.

    Chris and Margot play this scene beautifully.

    I think I actually prefer the cinematic cut to the Donner restored re-edit.

    Oddly. That looked like a work in progress and the effort to make the effects look like 1981 just didn't work for me.

    Sheriff JW Pepper relocated to Iowa.

    Clifton James is great.

    This encounter with the supervillains is pretty funny.

    I like this section where Zod and company destroy this little town.

    Superman and Lois head off to the Fortress of Solitude for some romance.
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    Iowa looks like a set. Ursa breaks the guy's arm. Zod pushes people around.

    Meanwhile Supes is explaining his life story in vivid detail to Lois.
    He even stops off for groceries and flowers.

    Christopher Reeve looks great in this one.

    Completely oblivious to the fact Zod has arrived on Earth and is causing havoc. Love is blind.
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    Non gets his heat vision to work.

    Zod is great here. He has some great facial expressions.


    I do wonder if these scenes would have looked cleaner with Donner finishing the directing duties? The Iowa section doesn't quite hold up. The miniature work is a bit lacking compared to this first film.............and the third.

    Superman is ready to lose his virginity...............however there is a catch.

    Leave it to the parents to spoil this moment . That's why there's this invention called the back seat.

    I think George Reeves might have given up his powers for Noel Neill, but with Phyllis Coates he would have just disobeyed mom and gone for Lois anyway.

    What would Henry Cavill do in this situation?

    He'd say forget that and have slept with Lois anyway as well.

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    Zod and friends destroy the White House while Clark is having fun. I wonder if the crystals taught him anything about sex?

    The president reluctantly kneels before Zod.

    Great scene.
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    Here is another great scene.

    Clark and Lois stop off at Don's Diner for some hot dogs and burgers.

    Lois has worked up an appetite after that long drive from the North Pole.
    Clark's back is stiff. Time for a pee.

    Pepper Martin plays the trucker bully here who takes Clark's seat, insults him and hits on Lois.


    Clark wants to fight now.

    Ouch, right through the glass door.

    Blood, its my blood..............uhhhhhhhhh

    Poor Clark. He gets really pi$$ed and is just about ready to attack Rocky, but just stands there.....................and Clark is down for the count while Lois fights the trucker off.

    She pretty much kicked his a$$ and he retreats not getting to finish his steak and eggs special.

    Clark is bloodied and humiliated.

    Now George Reeves would have handled this situation differently.

    He would have mopped the floor with Rocky, while still sustaining a couple blows to learn being mortal isn't all fun and games. Jimmy Olsen would then turn up and say something like:

    "Gosh, Mr Kent! Even without your powers you're still the Man of Steel!"

    "That's right, Jimmy"............... wink at the camera.

    The trucker would have been played by Richard Reeves and the diner would look like the one in THE KILLERS.

    Henry Cavill would have handled himself here better as well.

    Chris, on the other hand steps up to the plate for realism and is more than glad to take one for the team.

    Makes one sympathize with the hero more.
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    I find the sequence of the humbled Clark going back to the Fortress of Solitude genuinely moving. Chris gives a wonderful heartfelt performance here.

    The Donner version has more substance, but Chris' performance in the Lester version is just as great, IMO.
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    Here we go................Superman returns to fight Zod in Metropolis. I really love this section.
    He's brought his A game this time and is ready.

    He slaughters Non underground.

    I remember the audience cheering during this scene.
    This may be my favorite Superman film.

    It's a lot of fun.
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    I wouldn't mind seeing this film remastered. I always felt the DVD transfer a bit lacking.

    In the cinema the contrast was deep enough to disguise some of the model work, and Chris' costume was a richer red and blue.
    Here, some shots his cape looks a bit orange.
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    The infamous cellophane \S/ bit.

    I like it, myself.

    Donner and Lester shots are inter-cut in which Reeve and Kidder are 3 years younger in some shots. It's not very seamless. Chris looks remarkably different in build and hairstyle, and Kidder's face is different.

    Superman crushes Zod's hand. No more Mr Nice Guy.

    George Reeves would be proud. He leaves villains atop snowy mountains to fall to their deaths. LOL. He also bangs their heads together.

    One last little fight scene:

    Clark returns to Don's Diner for a rematch.

    He kept his promise and taught Rocky some manners.
    He also paid for the damage.

    Another scene the audience loudly cheered.

    Great viewing of this classic film.
    Been awhile since I watched it all the way though. I loved every frame.
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    ToTheRight wrote: »
    Zod and friends destroy the White House while Clark is having fun. I wonder if the crystals taught him anything about sex?

    The president reluctantly kneels before Zod.

    Great scene.

    Damn hippies.
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    In the mood for my hero, Sir Christopher Lee.

    Quite possibly my favorite Hammer Drac after HORROR.

    A wimpy, whining, wussy priest (Ewan Hooper) and the town Monsignor (Rupert Davie) adjourn to Castle Dracula to bless it and prove the Count is dead.

    Things go awry thanks to some thunder which scares the terrified priest even more.
    A quick tumble onto a frozen stream which is preserving The Count, some conveniently located blood drippings from the priest and Sir Christopher is back in action.
    Lee looks great in this one.

    Dracula is annoyed his castle has been holy blessed and he can no longer enter his humble abode.

    Time to plot revenge!

    Time to steal a coffin from the grave. Technically it is Dracula's homeland so he can pretty much use whatever coffin he wants.

    Kleinenburg, Klausenburg, whatever, they don't call it Transylvania here.
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    The hero of this film is named Paul. The hero of several Hammer horrors was named Paul, because that name was deemed easy to type.

    Paul is played by Barry Andrews. A dashing young rock star of a lead. I think he resembles Roger Daltry a bit.

    Here we go, Hammer legend Michael Ripper as the owner of the local bar/cafe hang out.

    Michael Ripper was great. Lee considered him the real star of Hammer horror.

    Paul is dating the Monsignor's niece played by Veronica of my favorite Hammer beauties.

    Here's a great scene:
    He's prepping to meet the uncle for the first time, make a good impression, and the obnoxious colleges kids pour beer all over him.

    Barbara Ewing is the cafe's lead barmaid and soon to be Dracula's victim.

    I really love late '60's era Hammer. The sets here are at our beloved Pinewood.

    Great village sets and matte paintings.
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