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  • 007Blofeld007Blofeld Minnesota USA
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    Congratulations to the St. Louis Blues for being Stanley Cup Champions for the first time.
  • Artemis81Artemis81 In Christmas Land
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    :( :((
    Congrats to the Blues, they played a great game. The Bruins just couldn't score and Binnigton was exceptional. It's tough, but at least we got this far.
  • 007Blofeld007Blofeld Minnesota USA
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    What a great series by two great teams Congratulations to the Bruins on a great year this is why the NHL is so great and awesome 😊 @Artemis81
  • 007Blofeld007Blofeld Minnesota USA
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    It's a new year the NHL season starts tonight.
  • 007Blofeld007Blofeld Minnesota USA
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    Blues vs Capitals should be a good one.
  • 007Blofeld007Blofeld Minnesota USA
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    Looks like three games tonight.
  • Creasy47Creasy47 In Cuba with Natalya.Moderator
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    Four: Senators vs Leafs, Caps vs Blues, Canucks vs Oilers and Sharks vs Golden Knights.
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    I could do without Canucks vs Oilers (poor McDavid; I wonder what he and his agent will do if this is another lost season)....
  • Last_Rat_StandingLast_Rat_Standing South Florida
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    I'll be flipping back and forth with the Caps-Blues and the Rays-A's wild card game.

    I'm expecting big things from Florida this year. If we can't win with Quenneville behind the bench, Bobrovksy in goal and our current offensive core, then might as well just fold.
  • 007Blofeld007Blofeld Minnesota USA
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    Oh yeah I forgot about the west coast game sorry 🤣
  • thedovethedove hiding in the Greek underworld
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    Since we are a couple of months into the season anyone surprised by the performance of their team?

    As a Leafs fan I was shocked how poorly the Leafs played. Clearly the rift between coach and GM got to be too distracting the coach is gone. Kennedy looks to be a bright young mind and two games in the Leafs seem to be buying what he's selling! I only hope these type of results continue. To think heading into tonight's game we had the same points as the Senators who are clearly in rebuilding mode.

    Any surprises out there for the hockey fans of this forum?
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    Like you @thedove , I am a Leafs fan, but I wasn't surprised with their start. I was in fear that this would happen since last Spring. When our boys lost to the same team, in the exact same fashion two years in a row, it's clear the coach's systems aren't working.

    When Auston Matthews is getting 18 minutes in Game 7 and Hyman, with a torn ACL is getting 22 minutes, that's a huge problem.

    And then when they started this season, being scored on first, 17 out of 22 games? I was mortified. But this "late start" business had started last year. By the time Babs was fired, his team's record, going back to last December, was .500.

    With this type of talent? Unacceptable,

    When we trade for an exciting D in Tyson Barrie who's good for 50 to 60 points/season, and he's being used as a stay at home D-man, it crumbled the player's confidence (to the point his agent supposedly asked for a trade just days before Babcock's firing).

    Babcock complained his team didn't play "heavy". No guff! Dubas and Shanny have built a team of immense talent where speed kills and offence is the best defence.

    And it looks like Sheldon Kennedy has been prescribing this to his Marlies teams.

    My gut feels that Kennedy's the right man for the job, and, although there are bumps to iron out (last night's game from halfway through the middle period to the end got dicey (but the Leafs didn't stop skating, which was good)), I'm convinced he will be very successful. He's a great brain, and so far I love his interviews-- solid hockey mind, with a nice dose of creativity (he was saying he looks at what other sports are doing, like soccer and basketball, to see if he can adapt certain plays into hockey)...
  • Sheldon Keefe, not Kennedy ;)

    There is a lot still to fix with the Maple Leafs, but they look to be heading on the right track. They should be able to finish in the top 3 in the Atlantic.

    However, it's a wildly unpredictable league now. A lot of teams with top end talent have been struggling, with the likes of Islanders and Coyotes are racking up wins due to having player buy-in into their system. I'm really excited to see what next spring's playoffs will look like.
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    Right Sheldon Kennedy-- former NHL'er!

    Keefe. Keefe. Keefe

    You're right @GeneralGogol, I thought TB would be steam-rolling over everyone after their embarrassing exit from last year's play-offs.

    And you're also right-- team buy-in to systems. It'll be an interesting playoffs.

    But I think we may see St Louis as one of the finalists (and Washington as the other?)?
  • Creasy47Creasy47 In Cuba with Natalya.Moderator
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    I, too, have been thoroughly surprised by the likes of Toronto, but 2-0 since Keefe's signing might mean that the coaching was indeed the issue, which most fans figured was the case. Babcock's first ever firing from an NHL team, too. Crazy.

    I've been thoroughly shocked by the abysmal performance from New Jersey. All those first round/#1 picks and they're one of the worst teams in the league.

    As for my Penguins, it's going the way I figured - nothing spectacular but nothing awful. They've got some great defensive numbers so far, their GA/goal differential is fantastic and they've played pretty damn well for the most part, considering the amount of injuries they've been accruing. They usually turn things up around January-February so there's still time to rise even further.
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