Realistic & Serious Story Ideas for Bond 25 ( be used by EON Productions Ltd.??)



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    The Fleming script from YOU ONLY LIVE TWICE!!! Maybe, BONDS wife(or not) gets killed by BLOFELD and UGLY wife ERMA BUNT. BOND travels to JAPAN on a mission for M but soon realizes that SHATTERHAND is BLOFELD and he has to travel to the CASTLE OF DEATH, filled with deadly plants, deadly tar pits and deadly snakes, where Japanese lovers go to commit suicide!! A hand to hand battle to the death follows a tremendous explosion, destroying the castle and POSSIBLY killing BOND off!!! Here’s where it gets interesting. BOND dies (maybe) in explosion. As a FEMALE BONDS daughter as 00 agent assigned to kill bond who don't know bond is his father.
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    Would love to see incorporated into a Bond film: a film production company that wants to make a film about him, due to him making the headlines. Give us and Bond glimpses into the film making and casting process. Make Bond frustrated with the whole thing.

    Maybe Idris Elba could play him?
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    Would love to see incorporated into a Bond film: a film production company that wants to make a film about him, due to him making the headlines. Give us and Bond glimpses into the film making and casting process. Make Bond frustrated with the whole thing.

    Maybe Idris Elba could play him?

    You want Elba to play Bond or film Bond? I mean, film Bond or film film Bond? Or are they one and the same?
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    mattjoes wrote: »
    Would love to see incorporated into a Bond film: a film production company that wants to make a film about him, due to him making the headlines. Give us and Bond glimpses into the film making and casting process. Make Bond frustrated with the whole thing.

    Maybe Idris Elba could play him?

    You want Elba to play Bond or film Bond? I mean, film Bond or film film Bond? Or are they one and the same?

    Film Bond of course.

    That is Bond film film Bond.
  • mattjoesmattjoes Happy birthday by the way
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    mattjoes wrote: »
    Would love to see incorporated into a Bond film: a film production company that wants to make a film about him, due to him making the headlines. Give us and Bond glimpses into the film making and casting process. Make Bond frustrated with the whole thing.

    Maybe Idris Elba could play him?

    You want Elba to play Bond or film Bond? I mean, film Bond or film film Bond? Or are they one and the same?

    Film Bond of course.

    That is Bond film film Bond.

    Got it... got.
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    OK, so I've gazed into my crystal ball and have seen the future Bond. It's a little murky as Irma hasn't cleaned the ball for a while so not entirely sure whether these are scenes from Bond 25 or 26 but I'm sure they're coming soon nonetheless…

    - Bond teams up with a female 00 on her first mission
    - A drone strike
    - The current Q or Moneypenny get killed (possibly both)
    - Bond finds himself in a tricky spot sans gadgets and back up, left with only his instincts and skills to survive
    - A tough physical adversary, with skills the match of Bond
    - An ending set on, in or by water
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    Anthony Horowitz and Raymond Benson should adapt their novels for EON, should they ever cut and deal with IFP. Reboot after DC, and set FAAD in the present like with CR. Then do TM, with passing reference to GF. Then do Benson's Union Trilogy, finishing with TMWTDT, with some planned continuity for once.
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    Pretty sure Eon has bought the options to adapt any of the continuation novels, if only to keep them off the market.
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    If they're going to continue the Spectre storyline, I want to see Moreau return. Intriguing character.
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    I suppose bond never had a chase scene in heavy raining. It would be cool to get one in bond 25.
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    Here's something that might work if Seydoux is back for B25.

    Only a week or two has passed since the ending of SP and Bond confesses to Madeleine that he must join the service again (assuming he quit, that is), which will make her more of a target to SPECTRE. But he does regardless. Then a few days pass and Madeleine gets murdered at a crowded place. PTS ends.

    By the 15 min mark we should have a regular JB film where he's after some random villain, which initially isn't linked to SPECTRE, but of course the plot eventually meanders back to Blofeld (who escapes prison). The difference here is that Bond eliminates him this time. The organisation is said to be disbanded.

    Film is basically over. We hear muffled chatting in M's office and Bond walks out with no expression on his face. Picks up some keys handed to him by Moneypenny and drives off...

    Fade-in to an inconspicuous looking house in a new location (anywhere really). Walks to the back, knocks on the door, and Madeleine opens it - alive and well. The end.

    It's a Bondian film tradition of bringing back characters the audience were made to think were dead (YOLT/TLD/GE etc.). Plan out and fake Madeleine's death until Bond has dealt with Blofeld. Bond telling Madeleine he needs to go back at the start of the film is to lead the audience on the wrong path, but it isn't a lie, since he intends to end SPECTRE. I think it deals with Swann rather efficiently, although at the expense of no further character development. But the twist would be rather satisfying and worth it imo.

    So the audience gets a regular JB film and a 'personal' film all in one. But it won't leave a bad taste in your mouth, or feel like it's been done before, since we only find out about the twist in the final shot(s).
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    I have this broad idea in mind that features elements of Fleming's work and early Bond films without it feeling like it would be over-attached to Craig's other Bond films. I only have an Act I written out but it's a start.

    Gunbarrel opens on establishing shot of an island off the coast of Japan.

    We see an unknown man slowly gaining consciousness. A menacing voice tells him to get up. As the man stands up, this voice tells him that this land has very little means of escape and that if he wants to survive, he should begin moving. As this man tries to escape the numerous deadly traps (including deadly plants, venomous snakes, and steaming fumaroles) and numerous taunts that he will not escape, he is close to open space/the ability to escape when he is shot down by a hidden dart gun. Once this unknown man dies, another person approaches the body, the source of this unknown voice, and a group of evil henchmen at his side. He will tell his men that although they achieved their objective, this garden of death is not efficient enough and changes will need to be made. This pretitles will establish the character of Dr. Guntham Shatterhand and the Garden of Death (with no relation to Ernst Stavro Blofeld). This opening sequence will evoke similar status with From Russia With Love and The Man With The Golden Gun to establish the villain's credibility. [Roughly 7-8 minutes]

    -Title sequence here-

    We pan to London, where James Bond and Madeleine Swann are in a romantic encounter. Bond's phone begins to buzz, and when Bond grabs his phone, an encrypted message notification appears on it: "007: REPORT TO HQ IMMEDIATELY -M". He starts to pull away from Swann, who asks what's happening. Bond states that he needs to make a call. He walks out of the room and calls Moneypenny, asking her how soon he needs to make this meeting with M. Moneypenny responds that M wants to speak with Bond in an hour, "but if you're doing what I think you're doing, I will tell him you'll be ready in 90 minutes", Bond turns towards the room where Madeleine is seductively looking at him and he quickly thanks her. [Roughly 2-3 minutes]

    Bond arrives at MI6 (late as usual), greeting Moneypenny in a friendly/flirty manner. Bond then proceeds to meet with M (with Tanner) as they discuss a rising name in the tech industry: Guntham Shatterhand, whose company creates innovative technological products (think Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg). Bond, in this scene, exhibits his encyclopedic level knowledge and he's a bit of a smart arse here, which annoys M to a degree. There are rumours that Shatterhand used blackmail in order to gain contracts with governments around the world, and M wants Bond to infiltrate Shatterhand's company and put a stop to his wrongdoing. Bond will walk back to Moneypenny's office where they will carry some banter a bit more before she sends Bond on his way.[Roughly 5-6 minutes]

    Bond goes to Q's workshop where we see many different gadgets and cars being worked on. Bond greets Q and Q introduces numerous objects that Bond may find useful for this assignment, including a laser watch, a safe cracker guaranteed to crack most safes, and an Aston Martin DB11 with all the usual refinements. [Roughly 3-4 minutes]

    Bond arrives in Tokyo, where Shatterhand's company is headquartered. Posing as a middleman for Universal Exports, Bond sets up a meeting with an executive of the company. Bond states that while UnivEx is interested in their products, they must know the process that the product goes through to ensure the satisfaction of their clients. The executive arranges for Bond to view their product facility inside the building. During this tour, Bond notices that much of the product is already built and asks where they receive the metals and plastics necessary for creating such a product. The executive states that due to exclusive contracts signed, much of this information is confidential. Bond states he understands and leaves the building. The executive walks towards one of the security guards (this man would be seen with Shatterhand in the pre-titles) and tells him to keep an eye on Bond. [Roughly 7-8 minutes]

    It is nighttime in Tokyo and Bond has snuck in to Shatterhand's offices. He breaks into the exectutive's office and checks the room for a safe that could carry information. Once Bond finds the safe, he will use a Q modified handheld safe cracker that rapidly opens the safe. Inside of the documents, it will mention a digital file that carries the locations of each of the company's resource factories. As Bond hacks into the executive's computer, the security guard from earlier is making his rounds where he sees the light on and tries to open the locked door. Bond sees Tunisia as one of the locations and quickly shuts the machine down as the security guard breaks open the door. Bond and this guard fight a somewhat brutal fight but it ends with Bond knocking him out. Bond will make a quip as he walks out of the building. Unfortunately, when Bond walks back into his car, some of Shatterhand's goons follow and Bond must use his wits to escape these villains, an extended and exciting car chase around a Tokyo night. Bond will drive on a steep road next to the ocean, when Bond uses the car's oil slick and the car chasing him slips and falls into the ocean. [Roughly 15-20 minutes]

    The film continues on...
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    @AgentJamesBond007 the whole tokyo sequence plays exactly like a classic Connery film in my head, good on you my guy!
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    I've been thinking about how the MAIN TITLES could be reinvented. We haven't had an original, inspired main title sequence since CR and the only two Bond movies that had truly good main title sequences in the past 30 years were GE and CR.

    How about this idea? No graphics, just the main actors (Bond, main villain, Bond girl, hanchman, M, and maybe a few others) performing interpretive dance to the title song. I'm thinking about something like this and this.
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    I’m actually the opposite. I’m not much of a fan of bond in the credit sequence and much prefer the random ladies of the early films
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    I’m actually the opposite. I’m not much of a fan of bond in the credit sequence and much prefer the random ladies of the early films
    Hear, hear.
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    Though the return of Swann narrows the possibilities to some extent, here is a list I made for one of my own threads over a year ago detailing most of the key untaped pieces of Fleming there still are.

    Major portions of Fleming have still not been seriously tapped into. In an Era where decent storylines appear to elude EON's grasp, it seems well past foolish to have these brilliant ideas sitting on the shelf untouched:

    LIVE AND LET DIE - Bloody Morgan's treasure.
    MOONRAKER - Pretty much the entire story. The weapon can certainly be updated to fit the times. It would be nice to keep the Nazi angle (what great villains for Bond), but they'd all be dead or just about there of; perhaps they can be some third generation of Nazi's spawned and indoctrinated by original war criminals who escaped. But the whole book (Bond, M and Drax at Blades, The White Cliffs of Dover scene, Gala Brand, the steam blown into the tunnels, the ending...) deserves to be incorporated.
    DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER - Spectreville (and the train), Bond gets a stomping, Bond and Felix in NYC and Saratoga, The Spangled Mob, the literary final battle with Wint and Kidd (I guess it would have to be with a new pair of henchmen), and Bond shooting down the helicopter (with the proper firearm in this instance).
    DOCTOR NO - Bond versus the giant squid. And of course the villain being buried in a mountain of Bat Guano.
    FOR YOUR EYES ONLY - The very basics are in the film, but there is much good left out. The confrontation between the Havelocks and the gangsters. The Havelocks being old, close friends of Ms, followed by asking Bond to kill the villains as a personal favor. Bond in camouflage trekking through the Adirondack Mountains, form Canada into the US.
    FROM A VIEW TO A KILL - The entire story. Surely it could be expanded into something bigger.
    THE HILDEBRAND RARITY - Again, pretty much the whole story. It would be a different type (more of a low-key mystery) of a Bond film, but I'd be up for it. With the new continuity they could simply reuse Milton Krest and the Wavekrest.
    OCTOPUSSY - Both attempts to bastardize elements of this tale have failed, so far was I'm concerned. I'd love to see this done straight. Again, it would have to just be a small section of a larger storyline.
    THE SPY WHO LOVED ME - Too great a story and some excellent unused characters to let this one go to waste.
    YOU ONLY LIVE TWICE - Dr. Shatterhand, Bond using his ninja gear to scale Dr. Shatterhand's Castle wall at night, the return of Irma Bundt, The Garden of Death, the final comeuppance of Blofeld and Bundt, Kissy's back story, Bond's escape, near death, amnesia, life with Kissy and going off not knowing he has left her a son.
    THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN GUN - Bond's assassination attempt on M, Felix and the shoot-out on the train, the final duel (as written) in the swamp. All of the earlier Bond/Scaramanga interactions could be rewritten for a different villain.

    The unused Fleming television treatments that have recently come to light (being incorporated into new continuation novels written by Anthony Horowitz) should be fair game. Two have yet to be published, or to have the titles revealed. But the two we have (Fleming's own typed outlines are photocopied and included in the Waterstone Special Editions of the corresponding Horowitz novel) contain some interesting concepts.

    MURDER ON WHEELS - Fleming sets up a story where M directs Bond to go undercover as a professional auto racer, where he must intentionally cause havoc on the track. I would love to see that in a film. Along with using the fresh Fleming dialogue between M, Bond and Tanner.

    RUSSIAN ROULETTE - Though we've seen it several times in the films, this is the only instance where Fleming himself pits Bond against a rogue Soviet officer who, from greed, hubris, insanity, nationalism, or some combination thereof, is willing to risk WWIII. But the scenario here is different than any we have seen before. Bond and the officer, referred to only as the Captain, have their face off in casino in Monte Carlo, with a countdown looming as an off-shore Soviet Cruiser has it's guns aimed at said casino, ready to fire under the Captain's orders. What is unique here is that Bond handles the situation entirely with psychology and compassion.
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    Only a couple of days ago I was wondering to myself why EON insist on struggling to come up with their own stories when they still have the books to turn to.

    I wished that there was a list of unused elements and of the elements they have already used (and in which film). Thanks for providing @Birdleson

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    If EON or CJF is looking for inspiration or outline for next bond film they should really watch THUNDERBALL again. That film has every single elements and characters James bond films known for :

    First off characters Bond/M/Q/MP/Felix/ Girls/ multiple villians and best supporting cast imo.

    Best Sean Connery performance and the first gunbarrel performed by himself



    One of the most beautiful bond girl

    Claudine auger

    Most underrated henchmen, Vargas

    A great henchwoman


    Adolfo celi as villian


    beautiful locations


    00 Agents meeting set design by Ken Adams


    Some great underwater sequences


    Best gadgets that actually became real




    A great ending of skyhook that inspired Christopher Nolan for TDK

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    @Resurrection I couldn’t disagree more. I despise the plot of thunderball and would like a more FRWL story heavy type BOND 25
  • ResurrectionResurrection Kolkata, India
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    @JamesBondKenya I ain't talking about the plot but the elements it got. Thunderball is far from my favorite bond film but Dr No and THUNDERBALL are the two bond films which got everything.
  • Whatever the villain is up to, I hope it's not another cyber terror threat like the last two movies. That is getting more than a bit cliché with the F&F movies milking that to death too.

    Maybe it's time to return to a McGuffin like the lektor in FRWL?

    Or some type of nuclear threat?
  • ThunderfingerThunderfinger Kingdumb of Norway
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    Maybe it's time to return to a McGuffin like the lektor in FRWL?

    Aladdin s lamp!
  • DenbighDenbigh UK
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    A great henchwoman

    I couldn't agree more @Resurrection, especially the use of a great henchwoman. I'll be very disappointed if there isn't one in Bond 25 because nearly every James Bond, apart from Dalton, has had an iconic henchwoman in one of their films and Bond 25 is our last chance to get one in Craig's era.
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    Do we think that Bond25 could feature a cats of villains similar to From Russia With Love? Would fit with Craig's wish of getting his own FRWL as well as keeping Spectre as the main antagonist.
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    So I've done a little writing for my idea of Bond 25, and it cribs from "The IPCRESS File" and Fleming's YOLT and TMWTGG.


    After the gunbarrel, we open on an island somewhere in the Pacific. A young man, in his early thirties collapses on the ground. He looks haggard and beaten, but immediately jumps into a berserk rage. We get a shot of the island, and it appears that it's filled with a number of poisonous flora, fauna, and fumaroles. He survives most of the gauntlet ahead of him, but when faced with a human opponent, one of the island's guards, he fails to win and is thrown into a fumarole. From within a pagoda, we see several figures dressed in clinical attire looking at series of screens. One remarks to the rest of the group that this particular specimen was unsuitable.

    Meanwhile, Bond is in Jamaica, living with Madeline. Apparently, dating back to a few weeks before the opening, Bond has been noticing suspicious figures watching and trailing him and Madeline. Swann assumes he's being paranoid, an artifact of his spy training to notice anything slightly suspicious. However, when Madeline steps out to go to work for the day (Bond is a bartender or runs a sailing company, and she's a local doctor) Bond notices an odd rustling outside of the house. Assailants attack, and Bond, somewhat out of form (it has been five years since his last mission, after all.) is bested after a brief scuffle and is taken away by the thugs.

    After the title sequence, a few months later, Bond resurfaces in London at the MI6 HQ, telling Tanner he's found some information he desperately needs to tell M in person. Tanner and Moneypenny reluctantly let him into M's office, and Bond attempts to assassinate his superior. However, MI6 has long had a contingency for this, and M withdraws the tranq gun from his desk and shoots him. While being medically examined, it's been determined that Bond has been brainwashed (and there's a montage of him being de-programmed). Though M is reluctant to trust Bond, he does have need for him: there's been a few cases of brainwashed intelligence agents assassinating members of their own government, and like the autopsies from the agents that were apprehended/killed, they both exhibit traces of a specific pharmaceutical used to treat PTSD.

    Bond is paired with agent Gala Brand (Lupita Nyong'o), an MI6 agent just shy of meeting the OO requirements on this mission. The two are given press passes and sent to a TED talk-esque conference on the power of the human mind given by young pharma magnate Byron Gallia (Rami Malek) in Barcelona. Gallia, perhaps not so coincidentally is the CEO of the company that produces the drug used on Bond. Bond and Brand are undercover as representatives of an MI6 shell company known as UnivEx, ostensibly a third-party logistics corporation. The two are ostensibly there to negotiate some sort of distribution deal with Gallia. Gallia, enjoying the subsequent bit of verbal sparring with the pair, invites them as his plus ones to a party in a casino. At the party, Bond and Gallia play poker, and talk about their shared love of gambling. Gallia talks about how his dutch housemaid as a child taught him how to play poker, and how much he loves the risk of gambling, or as she called it, "risico". Bond tenses up at the word.

    Bond and Brand get invited to his headquarters/pharamaceutical development center in the hills outside Toledo. Gallia mentions that a major ingredient in the drug is from an exotic plant off the coast of Japan, and Brand manages to sneak around (ostensibly going to the ladies' room) and discover something about an "Island of Death" on his computer, also off the coast of Japan. Bond notices that one of Byron's bodyguards looks quite similar to one of the recently-disappeared brainwashed agents, and begins to make a hasty exit. As they leave the compound, Gallia whispers the word "Risico" to his guard, who then makes an almost-animalistic beeline towards a car. A chase breaks out between Bond and the guard, through Toledo (which, if you've ever been there, would be quite dangerous to do).

    Back at London, the agents tell M that Gallia's likely behind the brainwashing, and that they need to go to Japan. He sets them up with his opposite number in the Japanese intelligence service, Toshiro "Tiger" Tanaka. Upon arrival in Tokyo, the pair meet with Tiger. Some other action scene happens around here, and Bond probably sleeps with a Japanese agent, but eventually, Bond and Gala are sent out to infiltrate the island.

    However, they're captured, and Gallia gets his chance to reveal his plan. The "exotic Japanese plant" he mentioned earlier is a rare species of nightshade, available in large quantities on this island. From this flower, a variant upon the chemical scopolamine (which, in large doses, can "zombify" the victim and make them incredibly susceptible to hypnosis-esque manipulation) is synthesized. In small doses, such as those used in his product, it can relax the user and temporarily alleviate them of their PTSD. However, in larger quantities, this strain leaves the ingestor vulnerable to brainwashing.

    Gallia reveals that he was behind's Bond's capture and brainwashing, and that as a member of SPECTRE or SMERSH (depeding on whether Brexit or Russia's recent interference in other nations' affairs, respectively, is the bigger story) he plans on using brainwashed MI6 agents to humiliate the British government and take out key political figures. To make any of his "patients" into a puppet, all he has to do is say one word: "risico".

    With that, Brand flies into a rage and begins attacking Bond. She beats him within an inch of his life, and Gallia tells her to ease off. Bond awakens in the heart of the Garden of Death. He makes his way through the gauntlet, and manages to sneak into a communications array. He sends a message to Tanaka, telling him to send in his agents.

    A few minutes later, the Japanese agents seize the compound, and one of those classic army-versus-army fights break out. Eventually, Bond makes his way to Gallia's inner sanctum, and they have a sword fight using katanas. Gallia obviously loses, and Brand is subdued. Bond and Brand fly back to Tokyo, with him noting to one of the Japanese agents that she needs deprogrammed.

    The final scene of the film is Bond in Jamaica, looking at his and Mandeline's house. In the yard is a "For Sale" sign. Bond stoically retreats to the car behind him. Inside, M tells him that if he wants, they can find where she is now. Bond just tells him that she ought to live her life free from his spy game, and that he's obviously got work to do.

    Roll credits.

    It needs a henchman, a secondary Bond girl, and rather obviously a bit more fleshing-out, but I think it's not too bad.
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    From what I see in last scene of SP and OHMSS we could have Madeline and Bond driving on Aston Martin and Madeline got killed in PTS just like Tracy and a female villian connected to bond and Blofeld.

    I posted this idea last year in Sept 2018 seems like my wish is getting true :D from what I heard from @jake24 about mi6hq. Slight correction would be Madeline won't be killed in PTS.
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    Very interesting point hidden in this article.

    Apparently the villain’s scheme relates to nefarious use of social media......

    Could Bond 25 be using the Cambridge Analytical scandal/election hacking as the “dangerous new technology”.

    All of the Daniel Craig-led films have had a political undercurrent to them that touches on the current zeitgeist......this feels timely yet just distant enough.
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    So BOND 25 could be OO7's most boring mission ever.
  • StirredNotShakenStirredNotShaken I'm gonna use this to clarify that Dalton is tied with Craig
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    So as I mentioned before, the rough idea behind this was posted in the Bond 25 speculation thread. Not really the best place for it, I had only put it there since @Birdleson goaded me into it ;)

    (or: simply "JAMES BOND")

    James Bond, now in his early 40s and with dozens of assignments behind him, is still the best agent Her Majesty has. Sent by M on a joint assignment with Säpo to capture the kingpin of a human trafficking ring in Stockholm, Bond, along with two other MI6 agents and two Swedish agents, make their move only to realize they've walked right into a trap... too late. One by one, the other four agents are assassinated while Bond is knocked unconscious by an assailant. Upon waking, Bond finds himself next to one of the dead agents... with the murder weapon planted right in his hand.

    Left with no choice and wanted by the authorities, Bond runs. Amidst the international incident that follows, M is put under bureaucratic pressure to find Bond and eliminate him. M assigns MI6's most efficient recruit - almost a younger Bond - to the 00 section, even though he only has one of the two kills needed. His assigned number? 007. Doubtful that his most trusted agent has suddenly become a traitor, 007 is assigned to investigate Bond first, and apprehend him second.

    Meanwhile, publicly branded a traitor and stripped of his honors and 00 status, Bond modifies his appearance and flees Europe, tracking the villain's trail to Boston. Driven by both the need to clear his name, and a thirst for revenge, Bond integrates himself into the dregs of an empire that profits off the worst society has to offer. In the process, he is sent across the globe from Boston to Dublin to Sarajevo to Tokyo and encounters sinister villains of their own, in the process confronting his own morality and humanity.

    Death has a name, and its' name is...

    James Bond

    In the wake of finally having a Bond tenure with a beginning, middle, end for the actor playing Bond, I've been thinking about this crazy five year-old idea for the past couple of days, and I think it could still mildly work as the LAST film for a Bond. He gets screwed over, has to spend a lot of the film NOT being 007, has had to buzz down his hair or whatever, alter his appearance anyway, but ultimately saves the day and is brought back to the service with his codename restored, but permitted to take a moment's leave in order to just recuperate and decompress. We fade to Monte Carlo, where a DB5 pulls up outside of a casino. From behind, we get the man in a tux, walking in, sitting down at the baccarat table. A woman in red is having awful luck against him and gets a credit extension.

    "I admire your courage, Ms.?"

    "Trench. Sylvia Trench. I admire your, luck, Mr.?"

    And then we get the iconic shot, of OUR Bond, looking and carrying himself the way he should be but hasn't gotten to since the PTS. "Bond." Cigarette case closes. "James Bond." Smash to black, the horns come up, Bond theme plays us out.

    It wouldn't have to be EXACTLY that, but I'm not opposed to having another Bond actor's tenure end on a resounding note that, yes, they WERE James Bond, and they ALWAYS will be. In fact, ideally EVERY actor's tenure would end that way from now on, with that kind of feeling, regardless of the story circumstances in which it happens. We got that with Daniel Craig, I'd say we kind of inadvertently got it with Timothy Dalton, who has a rather lovely conclusion to his tenure in that pool with Carey Lowell, but not to nearly the emotional effect that Craig gets. It's a feeling I want to have repeat in actors' final films from now on.
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