Music Composers you would like to see score a Bond film



  • suavejmfsuavejmf Harrogate, North Yorkshire, England
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    David Arnold (again).
  • CraigMooreOHMSSCraigMooreOHMSS Dublin, Ireland
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    Always been a fan of Bear McCreary, but I'm fairly happy to throw his name forward for Bond now that I've heard his incredibly strong work for GODZILLA: KING OF THE MONSTERS.

    Reminds me of......yes, 90's David Arnold. ;)

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    talos7 wrote: »
    This was posted elsewhere but it illustrates what Noel Gallagher , and his producer David Holmes could do, not only for a title track but the score.
    Holmes has done some outstanding work, including the "Oceans" films

    This song alone would have improved my assessment of SPECTRE by several points ;)

    It´s unreal how that song makes even this abysmal title sequence in parts thrilling!
    As if Kleinman had this sing when he made that sequence...
  • talos7talos7 New Orleans
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    This would have made an incredible title song.
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