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It began late last year when MI6 launched a poll to find the most and least loved James Bond films from the 22 outings in the EON Productions series to date. It quickly became the biggest independent Bond fan survey ever, taken at a time when votes would be unlikely to be swayed by the hype of a new movie, not hitched to a product or company, and available worldwide. The format was simple: tick the five 007 films you like the most, and the five you like the least. No complicated forms, surveys, ranking systems, essays or tie-breaker questions. Just a list of 22 films with check boxes opened up to the audience of the world's most visited independent Bond website. With over 15,000 votes tabulated from true Bond fans, MI6 can now reveal the results. Raw. Unfiltered. Unbiased.



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    #1 Casino Royale??? WT FUDGE... Come one new generation.... geez. I mean Daniel is fine, but that movie isnt one of the "BOND FILMS" we grew up with making people love Bond films so much. I understand why Casio Royale is up there, only because the new generations had no idea about the "old stuff" but I wish it would have been weighed out better. Ya know what, I wouldnt be surprised if it was a bit fixed just to promote SKYFALL. Wouldn't surprise me a bit.
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    ^Don't be so certain the 'new generation' has no idea about the 'old stuff', just look at the next 3 films on the list, all from the 60's and considered some of the best of the series! The weighting worked out that 75% of people put Casino Royale in their top 5, which sounds reasonably correct to me as when it was released it was already seen as one of the high points of the franchises history!
    Casino Royale was on the very rare films in the series that managed to balance the action, the humour, the drama and the Fleming source material while also appealing to the audience, would I have preferred From Russia With Love or Goldfinger to be the top? Of course! Does that mean I am disappointed that Casino Royale won? Not at all, as you will probably find most Bond fans young and old will rank it as among the best in the series even if they would not consider it to be their favourite
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    I just think the new wave of fans out weighs the old fans. Which is why the old films are on the board. I think the new generations and Daniel being the "current Bond" is having everything to do with it. Boo.
  • A good list in the top 5. Just glad to see OHMSS there!...and I am surprised that DAD wasn't bottom.
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    Good to see four different Bond actors in the top 5. I somewhat expected FRWL (my favourite film) to take the top spot again, but CR is definitely worthy to take the crown. Could this have something to do with the Craig/SF buzz? I guess I shouldn't be surprised to see GF placing above FRWL- thanks to it's role in defining what is considered Bondian. OHMSS gets more love these days, so no surprise there. I'm glad GE made the top 5, which IMO is Brosnan's best film.
    I never expect to see anything of Moore or Dalton as high as 3rd place, although it would be nice to see. At least TSWLM and TLD managed to rank fairly well. Refreshing to see DAD out of last place, however I wouldn't have let it go to MR which I believe belongs higher up on the list. Overall, I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.
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    jolearon wrote:
    I just think the new wave of fans out weighs the old fans. Which is why the old films are on the board. I think the new generations and Daniel being the "current Bond" is having everything to do with it. Boo.

    I disagree, my grandfather has loved Bond since the 50s and he thinks CR is one of the best films and Craig one of the best Bonds. My grandmother loves Craig as well and she used to watch Connery's films religiously when they were released.
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    Ich bin ein sehr sehr großer Bond Fan&damit bzw den Filmen groß geworden.Kennen tu' ich sie,natürlich,alle&jeder hat seinen Charme.Aber was Platz 1 betrifft stimm ich 100% zu,nicht weil er einer der neusten ist,sondern D. Craig diesen zu den Besten gemacht hat.
  • I do think Craig being the current Bond and CR being recent has lots to do with CR's popularity and I think it's far from the best Bond film but I'm happy with how that turned out, there could've been worse Bond films at no 1.

    Nice to see Dalton making the top 10.
  • God bless all members of this site and forum.
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    I didn't expected CR at #1 but it's really good Bond movie and it helped the franchise to be "rebooted" in a way so i can see why it is #1
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    I've got to confess.. I have had FRWL as my no.1 for a long time. And when Casino Royale came out, I have to be honest... I thought it was the best Bond film ever. But as a long time fan and Bond Purist, I refused to let myself put it top of my list. But I am coming out of the closet after this result!! It is no.1. It has it all. I love it. So there.
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    jolearon wrote:
    I just think the new wave of fans out weighs the old fans. Which is why the old films are on the board. I think the new generations and Daniel being the "current Bond" is having everything to do with it. Boo.
    Nonsense; I belong to the "new generation" as you put it, and I prefer the first Connery's Bonds. But I also love Casino Royale, because it's a perfect version of Bond.
    If "new generation" has everything to do with the result then we should have seen more Brosnan's movies, it's not the case so...
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    Surprising results. OHMSS and no Moore films in the top 5. Those would not be my top 5 choices but it's not a bad list!
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    I was expecting a different result but this isn't a bad result by any means. I'm glad DAD didn't finish last, that was a nice surprise.
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    All in all a quite balanced poll. I'd still put FRWL top of the tree, and GE further down, nice to see 'the forgotten Bond' (as the Radio Times review always calls it) OHMSS service getting a good showing, my second favourite Bond. And good to see all Bonds made it somewhere in the top ten!
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    I sort of agree with the last three, although I would put another film in the last place.
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    jolearon wrote:
    I just think the new wave of fans out weighs the old fans. Which is why the old films are on the board. I think the new generations and Daniel being the "current Bond" is having everything to do with it. Boo.

    So how do you explain the low ranking of QOS? If film quality isn't the 'thing' and Daniel is, then surely QOS would come in at No 2?

    I'm surprised by the low ranking of OP, otherwise nothing too outrageous.
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    It's a very good top 5 Bond films - although I would have gone for TSWLM ahead of GoldenEye. But all the others hit my top 4 choices.
  • For a long time FRWL was my #1 but then I switched over to OHMSS being #1. It stayed that way for many years, but now my top 3 are CR, OHMSS, and then FRWL. And I'm not a "new fan" - I'm the same age as Craig and have been a fan since I was 12.

    I agree with what @maxcraig says; if "new fans" skewed the results then Brosnan's films should have rounded out the top 5 after CR. Nice to see GE up there, it's a big fave of mine as well.
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    Just how are these results calculated exactly?

    It says 'people who had the film in their top 5'. Does this mean positioning within that top 5 is irrelevant?

    Therefore you could have 10 Sean fans voting FRWL first, 10 Rog fans voting TSWLM first, 10 Brozza fans voting GE first but because 5 out of each group have CR scrape in at number 5 that equates to 15 appearances for CR but only 10 for the rest?

    I'm not devastated that CR is number one as I would certainly have it top 3 but a clear 20% over FRWL and 30% over OHMSS - youre having a laugh.

    And GF 2nd? This is supposed to be a fans survey not one of those bullshit polls in the Radio Times. I dont know anyone on these forums who rates GF particularly highly at all. I think most respect it for its iconic elements and what it did to cement Bondmania but the amount of times I hear people complaining its dull and Bond spends half the film sitting around captured.

    A top 3 of FRWL, OHMSS and CR in any order and I dont think there could be many arguments but GF is way too high.
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    Ignoring specific order, I'd say the top five films in the list probably all deserve top-five status and the bottom five certainly all deserve bottom-five status, and the ones in the middle all belong somewhere in the middle. We can argue about specific order until the cows come home. Actually, that's mostly what we do here! ;-)
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    Certainly interesting results! Have to say CR is one of my favourites!
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    I am very happy for the results, especially since my 2 favorites are in the top 3! <:-P

    Great work to MI6 for compiling this list as you did.
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    On the whole, taking all opinions into consideration, that's a very good ranking.

    Yes, number one is very strange indeed though alas that's life.
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    Can't complain much about that top 9, except maybe for TSWLM. And it just so happens that the list and I share some similarities when it comes to the #1 and #2 choice in Bond films. ;)
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    I don't know why people think CR being #1 is so strange? Is it because it isn't a so called "classic"? You know classics don't have to be 50 years old to have that status. CR is as deserving as any other great Bond film.
  • My current top two are the top 2 here, I can't complain. But I waffle from time to time between CR and LTK for #2, and was disappointed at the lack of respect for LTK :(
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    Pleasantly surprised - even if my current top 3 is OHMSS, QoS & TMWTGG.....

    Moore seems to have taken a bit of a hit. Poor old MR! Although Spy and FYEO (another surprise) are at the upper end...

    Look at Living Daylights!

    GE seems a little high for me although, despite the silly skydive into the plane at the beginning, it is a good movie and is ageing really well.

    Still, 15000 votes? Seems a healthy top 5 all said and done
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    Happy to see that DAD isn't ranked the worst Bond film of all time, even if it is still really low on that list. I don't think MR should be at the bottom but I do understand why it is.
  • ColonelSun wrote:
    It's a very good top 5 Bond films - although I would have gone for TSWLM ahead of GoldenEye. But all the others hit my top 4 choices.

    I agree. TSWLM is a much better film than GE. I need to organise my list of best Bond films...
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