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    ODDJOB007 wrote:
    Im talking about the poll right above your last post. Click the link. Casino Royale was the champ and they showed the next 7 top movies that were voted the number 1 best Bond film. Die Another Day was one of those 8 movies. I voted for Goldeneye which is clearly my favorite Bond film. It is all of my friends favorite Bond film too folks. Bungie jump scene and Janus faking his death via Orumov. Yah by far the best PTS. Me and my friends have been quoting Treveylan from the PTS for years now.
    DAD has a billion more great scenes than OHMSS. OHMSS is the 19th best Bond film out of 23 Bonds. DAD is 4th. OHMSS had cool music when Blofeld was chasing them down the mountain and the woodchipper scene was cool too. Too little too late folks. 5th worst Bond film. Guess a lot of you dont like good action scenes and beastful henchmen like ZAO. QOS has bad action scenes and stupid chases with bad villains and henchmen. I cant name a henchmen from that movie.
    DAD has a way better PTS than Goldfinger. He electrocutes a guy in the shower in a hotel room. Hmmm maybe you are the one with no clue.

    I'm not even going to pay attention to most of your drivel as its way too infantile and bereft of anything approaching a coherent argument for me to deign to address in any detail.

    I'll just point out that in that link you are hanging your entire argument on it actually states the following:


    This is utterly meaningless. Apart from CR at number 1 there is absolutely no indication of the positions of the other films. Its just a list of some Bond films that some of the fans voted for.
    They could have equally said:
    'Other favourite Bond films voted by the fans include DN, TND, MR, DAF, LALD, QOS and TB'

    All they are really saying is 'CR came top but some people voted for some of the other films.'

    For all we know from this DAD could be 2nd and OHMSS last or vice versa.

    Thanks to Baltimore for saving me having to bother pointing out that you look a fool if you accuse someone of not having a clue but can't even get your head around the inherent differences between basic bathroom appliances.

    (Although Baltimore sorry mate but you are very wrong when you say the DAD PTS is better than GFs which pretty much has it all and is the template that helped get us to 50 years).
  • You're adorable and dont warrant a response. You're posts are pure drivel. Back to MI6 poll: I agree with all the top 11 movies except for FRWL and OHMSS. They are too high. FRWL is my 13th favorite/most enjoyable Bond film. OHMSS is my 18th. CR I have 5th instead of first. Goldeneye is clearly the best film.
  • Surprised by how high TND ranks, always considered it to be the 3rd best Brosnan (impression I have also got from the general rankings I have seen elsewhere on this forum)
  • I had another look at the list again and TND is placed in #13, slightly above mid table, I think that's a fair reflection for the general opinion, although I would of placed it nearer the bottom five

    At another look, the list is quite accurate, apart from the nonsense rankings of having Casino Royale in first place and Moonraker bottom. (I just had some further hysterics at seeing Goldfinger again in second place, were these people on LSD?) and it does make for fair enough reading. It would of been interesting to see where Skyfall would of been placed if this list had been done about two months from now. Impossible to say before time, but I was thinking maybe top five at minimum, just getting a bit hyped up over this upcoming release, it could be an absolute disaster for all we know, there was some frenzy for QOS too remember before that was released..

    I think Moore did well, having his highest place (TSWLM) in 6th position, such was the standard of competition
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