Which Bond Girl is your absolute favorite?

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I am just curious to see which Bond girl is everyone's personal favorite. You can base it on attractiveness, charm, usefulness, or whatever suits your fancy. Just give the name of the girl that you are particularly fond of and give a brief explanation if you want. I am curious to see if most people favor a select few or if it's all over the place. I'll kick it off!

Tatiania Romanova - I just can't get past that little black satin neck-tie! Plus she's charming, pivotal to the mission, and just plain adorable!



  • Domino or Vesper
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    Quoting Mr_Sterling: Domino or Vesper
    Same for me as well. Can't decide between the two.
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    Solitaire easily takes the number one spot on my list!
  • I've just got a thing for feisty, 'well-proportioned' brunettes ;-)
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    Fiona Volpe is my favourite girl, a fantastic performance in TB and the very best femme fatale of the series, voluptuous, deadly, sexy, she had it all.

    But if we only consider beauty, no one ever matched the breathtaking Honey Rider.
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    Discounting Fiona Volpe, my favorites are Vesper, Solitaire and Tatiana.
    Tracy and Domino are up there as well.
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    Absolute favorite good girl-Kara Milovy. Sweet, innocent and adorable. The kind of damsel-in-distress a man wants to protect.

    Absolute favorite bad girl-Fiona Volpe. The gold standard for Bond villainesses. Lovely but lethal.

    I consider Kara and Fiona the sugar and spice, respectively, among the Bond girls. I also think of them as the Mary Ann and Ginger of the entire series.
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    I guess, at the end of the day, it has to be Tracy (OHMSS). She was the best - as well as being glamorously irresistible, appealingly smart and almost Bond's female equal.

    High on my list too, mind, are Volpe the Voluptuous (TB), Aki (YOLT), Solitaire (LALD), XXX (Spy), Natalya (GE) and Vesper (CR)...
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    Dr Christmas Jones...yes I really am that shallow!
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    Natalya would have to be one of my favourites out of all the "modern" girls. Beautiful, intelligent, feisty but romantic.

    Tracy was also a great one.

    I'm not sure about Kara to be honest. She is sweet but having watched Daylights the other day she just seems a bit...wet.

    "Dr Christmas Jones...yes I really am that shallow!"

    Well she did have a couple of standout features (raises eyebrow to Roger Moore heights)
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    Domino is my favourite. With Fiona Volpe a close second. Claudine Auger and Luciana Paluzzi are simply gorgeous. Strangely enough, Thunderball is my favourite Bond film.
  • Purely in terms of sexiful-ness:

    1) Domino
    2) Tracy
    3) Miss Taro
    4) Fields
    5) Manuela
    6) Jill
    7) Lupe
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    Fiona "caged" Volpe
    Vesper Lynd
    Pam Bouvier
    Kara Milovy
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    Teresa Bond
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    1) Kara
    2) Domino
    3) Helga
  • Samuel001Samuel001 Moderator
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    Domino, Kara, Tracy, Solitaire, Tatiana, Honey. I think you can tell who are the good girls and characters and who are only average or awful. Well I hope the fans can. ;-)
  • Tatiania Romanova
    Fiona Volpe
    Jill Masterson(don't know if she counts but she left an impression on me after her two scenes)
  • WillardWhyteWillardWhyte Midnight Society #ProjectMoon
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    Tracy and Vesper
  • here is my top 3

    1. Domino
    2.Tatiania Romanova
    3. Xenia-You really have to give Famke credit. She brought it. A star making performance, and , sadly, she hasnt been that good in anything else since.
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    Tracy and Natalya.
  • CraigMooreOHMSSCraigMooreOHMSS Dublin, Ireland
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    Natalya and Domino.
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    As i already had said before, Paris Carver. I like natalya, but Paris' my favourite.
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    I would go with Natalya. As I've stated in other threads, she has a very homely 'sexy' appeal to her, and it makes her my favorite. Oh, and I love her accent.
  • Tracy. Abosutely gorgeous, saves Bond as well as gets saved by Bond, and the scene where they meet at the ice rink is one of my favorites.
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    This can't be the only thread for this

    #1 Jane Seymour / Solitaire
    #2 Ursula Andress / Honey Ryder
    #3 Barbara Bach / Major Anya Amasova
    #4 Luciana Paluzzi / Fiona Volpe
    #5 Jill St John / Tiffany Case
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    All of them are my favs! mi6007.com/bond-girls/

    And i really want to say its a tie with these ladies.

    So many to choose...haha
  • I have to admit-Bach in the black dress was something else.
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    Andress, Solitaire, Lupe Lamore, Vesper, and without a doubt Severine! :x
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