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    Thanks @Shardlake I had read reviews and wanted to make my own mind up. I'm guessing the fan boys have ramped up the IMDB rating. Aside from a few scenes and set pieces, I'd say Tenet is the bottom of Nolan's films.
    I believe it was you who said you don't want him anywhere near a Bond film. Well, I'll agree with you if this is what he makes.
    I'm glad that Spielberg never got to make a Bond film in the 80's, or we wouldn't have got Indiana Jones. Let Nolan do the same. I want a Bond film, not Christopher Nolan's take on James Bond, that I'm left scratching my head at when I leave the cinema.

    As I've said I took no pleasure feeling how I did about Tenet but I was utterly dumfounded it had received the reviews it had.

    I'm a big Nolan fan, I don't like Interstellar and TDKR was the weakest of the 3 Bat films, though I did very much enjoy Inception but that had a plot, possibly a little too clever at times but I felt thrilled by that.

    I got it the first time and then went back to find more elements that enhanced my viewing. I think Nolan constructed Tenet to elicit this idea but I'm damned if I'm wasting 2.5 hours on my life to be likely more frustrated than I was the first time round.

    Not at one point did I find Tenet thrilling, confusing and frustrating yes but thrilling no.
    The vulture article below is worth a read if you want to try and work out what it was that Nolan was trying to say. Although we shouldn't have to read articles written by other people to make sense of a film.

    If you have some time to waste check out NolanFans, they seem to think it is amazing, it is beyond me.

    Quite a few of Nolan's detractors have used the phrase the emperors new clothes, I've defended that accusation in the past despite sometimes understanding Nolan's cleverness might be a wind up to some but I can't here.

  • New details of Christopher Nolan's next project! Sounds interesting, plus Cillian Murphy as Oppenheimer sounds like inspired casting to me. However, I was a little disheartened by this news as I understand Cary Fukunaga was developing a similar project (I'm rooting for that guy). Is that right @peter ?
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    The only WW II film he's developing at the moment is called NOBLE ASSASSIN which is about a French aristocrat trained by British Special Forces to become an anti-Nazi saboteur.

    He has about ten new projects in development that includes just writing, or just producing, as well as doing all three.

    But if he was doing a similar project as Nolan's it may now be on the backburner.
  • Despite the disappoint of Tenet, I'm greatly looking forward to Nolan's Oppenheimer film. My first instinct was picturing Christian Bale in the role, but Cillian Murphy sounds like an excellent fit!
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    I'm still laughing at the PERFECT joke stated above...that TENET is a film ahead of its time...hello ? Is this microphone working ? Brilliant !
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    Great news! I love Christopher Nolan.
  • He’s already made the Oppenheimer film.It’s entropy has been reversed and is currently tunnelling its way back through the timestream to be released in cinemas.
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    Indeed ! In fact, I am quite certain -- though only in the vaguest way (yeah, a Nolan-ism) that I saw his Oppenheimer film, backwards in the future, so I remember nothing about it presently.
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    Cillian Murphy is set to play J. Robert Oppenheimer in Christopher Nolan's Oppenheimer, releasing in July 2023:
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    AstonLotus wrote: »
    He’s already made the Oppenheimer film.It’s entropy has been reversed and is currently tunnelling its way back through the timestream to be released in cinemas.

    :)) :))
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