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    Unlike earlier Hammers which were filmed at the cozy Bray Studios, this was shot at Elstree, so the castle interiors are different. Decent set, though.

    Lee appears...............

    looking a bit pasty.

    His makeup would improve substantially in the next film, and appear more natural.
    His wig looks fine, though.
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    Dracula bites Anouska, and it's shown in all it's glory. Lee felt it was better to just have the Count raise his cape and fade the scene, but these later Hammers preferred detail.
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    Unlike OHMSS, Anouska Hempel is a brunette here. Now she's seducing Paul.
    No real nudity here. I'm pretty sure the television edit I originally saw trimmed this scene down.
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    She's about to bite him..................she's quite fetching really...............
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    Dracula interrupts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And stabs her repeatedly with a rubber dagger. THAT was cut on television.

    Now he leans down to drink the blood from the wound.

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    Don't know why the Count didn't just kill him here.

    Now we have Paul making a rope from the bed-curtains, and climbing down the side of the castle. Much like Harker in the Stoker novel.

    I love that matte painting. Pretty damn cool.

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    He ends up in Dracula's abode and finds him asleep in his coffin.......................another bit taken from the Stoker novel.
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    Dennis Waterman and Jenny Hanley arrive at the Count's castle looking for Paul.

    Klove is leering at a framed portrait of Hanley. He kind of reminds me of a former co-worker I had, right down to the beard. If I ever run into him again, I'll tell him he looks like Patrick Troughton in SCARS OF DRACULA.
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    I always felt Christopher Lee had the coolest costume of all the screen Draculas.
    Subdued 4 button black suit with cravat, floor length scarlet lined, spread collared cloak, and silver pinkie ring.
    In the first film, the clothes are all black.
    I pictured the Dracula of the novel sporting the clothes Lee wore in the first film.
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    Dracula is about to bite Hanley.............but she's wearing a cross. Time to call Klove.

    Traitor refuses. Hard to find good help these days.
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    Dennis "the bad ass" Waterman exploring the castle. He had a good career post Hammer with quite a bit of television in the U.K.
    He pretty much looked the same most of his career as well.
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    Waterman and Jenny escape and go back to the obnoxious inn to plead for help.

    The local priest (MICHAEL GWYNN) is the only one to offer help. GWYNN previously played the Creature in Hammer's REVENGE OF FRANKENSTEIN (1958).

    GWYNN has a cool look and I imagine had Lee really refused this film, might have been approached to replace Lee. He looks too much like a nice guy, though to be Dracula.
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    The most famous scene in SCARS OF DRACULA.

    The Count tortures Klove for his disobedience by branding his back with a long sword taken from the fireplace.

    Klove looks a bit turned on by this.

    The film's title is now justified.
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    I find that scene funny. My girlfriend gets pissed every time we watch this one together because I start laughing.
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    Klove redeems himself by kidnapping the barmaid (WENDY HAMILTON) for Dracula to feast on.
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    Have I pleased you, Master? Am I forgiven?

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    Waterman and priest hike through the woods to the castle to destroy Dracula.

    The priest wusses out as it starts to get dark.

    Actually, Waterman sends him on his merry way.
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    Waterman climbs down the wall to the Count's lair.

    This part is funny, too as Klove cuts the rope nearly causing Waterman to plunge to his death.

    He makes it, though.

    and there is Drac taking a nap.
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    Waterman, the novice, obviously didn't come prepared with wooden stakes like the legendary Peter Cushing would have, so he had to break a table leg to get a stake.
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    He is about to stake Dracula, but the Count's red eyes show thru the eyelids causing Waterman, The Bad Ass to become distracted and lose consciousness.
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    Dracula's little buddy Stanislov, the bat arrives at the church and feeds on MICHAEL GWYNN.

    The prop bat in this scene actually looks pretty cool here and the death is quite bloody.
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    Waterman finds his brother impaled.
    Another bloody scene.

    Lee confronts the young hero.
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    Dracula climbs the castle wall as per Stoker's novel.
    This version of that image is quite simple and quick.
    When Louis Jourdan did the same scene, it was funny.
    When Langella did it, you could see the wires.
    When Gary Oldman did it, he looked like a drop of blood oozing along the wall.
    When Norman Welsh did this scene, he looked a bit weird (even though he had a cool cape).
    This version is no frills.
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    Here is the climax...........
    Dracula about to attack Jenny on the rooftop.

    This clip was used in FRIGHT NIGHT (1985)
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    Klove tries to be a hero and is tossed over the cliff by Dracula.

    Bye bye, Klove.
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    Here comes Waterman, the Hero..............

    he tosses a metal rod at Dracula.....................

    it doesn't phase him a bit..............
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    Lee is about to spear Waterman.

    GO DRACULA!!! GET HIM!!!!!

    GO DRAC!!!!
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    Damn............lightning strikes the Count and Lee is set ablaze...........or rather his stuntman is,

    Pity you can see the stuntman's mask in one shot.

    ...........and Dracula goes off the cliff in a ball of flames.
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    The Hammer Dracula films all had fun endings. I must say, though the television edit here was actually a bit more effective. Dracula is set ablaze and is quickly sent over the edge.
    In the theatrical version it's a bit drawn out as Dracula suffers the flames.

    Well another great viewing of SCARS OF DRACULA.

    This one I'm quite partial to. More screen time for Lee, a solid James Bernard score, some Bond beauties, and overall a good cast. Michael Ripper as the inn keeper also has more screen time and a stronger character than in previous films.

    Good stuff!
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