Bond film ranking tournament. Final results



  • j_w_pepperj_w_pepper Hamburg, near the Atlantic Hotel
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    NSNA over DAD anytime.
    SF over FYEO, clearly enough.
  • ThunderfingerThunderfinger Thunderfinger World
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  • Agent7777Agent7777 England
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  • zebrafishzebrafish <°)))< in Octopussy's garden in the shade
    Posts: 2,817
    NSNA wins for me in every category.
    SF I still enjoy a lot, so stylish!
  • RoadphillRoadphill United Kingdom
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    DAD and FYEO...
  • PrinceKamalKhanPrinceKamalKhan Monsoon Palace, Udaipur
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  • Posts: 1,191
    NSNA stomps on DAD.

    I love FYEO but SF is, for me, the superior film.
  • ThunderfingerThunderfinger Thunderfinger World
    Posts: 37,471
    DAD beats NSNA 21-9

    SF beats FYEO 16-14

    Round 112:

    TB vs GE


    OP vs SP
  • Last_Rat_StandingLast_Rat_Standing South Florida
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    GoldenEye and Spectre
  • Posts: 10,097
    TB over GE, though I love both.

    OP over SP easily.
  • DarthDimiDarthDimi Behind you!Moderator
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  • MajorDSmytheMajorDSmythe "Better cold with them on, than dead with them off, I always say."Moderator
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    TB vs GE - GE is rough around the edges, but TB really bores me to tears.


    OP vs SP - I used to like SP, but as time goes by, I still like it in parts. But what I simply didn't like before, really grinds my gears now.
  • Agent7777Agent7777 England
    Posts: 37
    TB over GE, but very close.

    OP over SP, easily.
  • BMW_with_missilesBMW_with_missiles All the usual refinements.
    Posts: 2,963
    GE over TB

    SP over OP

    I don’t think I’ve had an easier time deciding a round so far.
  • edited September 2019 Posts: 4,705
    TB over any of those. TB over almost any other Bond film...

    And I love GE. I really do. It's practically a tie.

    Ok, seriously now.


    ...ok...OP... if one must. Nostalgia and Sir. Rog trump bad dialogue, piss-filter Bond film with the worst song in the series. Although SP did have many good things that were better than most things in OP. Oh, oh, Maud Adams...Ok, OP, for sure then.
    ColonelSun wrote: »
    NSNA stomps on DAD.

    Oh yes it does, easily.
  • infoviseinfovise Ireland
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    GE over TB

    OP over SP
  • GE over TB (this is close)
    OP over SP (this is not even close)
  • BirdlesonBirdleson San Jose, CAModerator
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    TB by a comfortable four spaces in my rankings.

    OP by a huge margin.
  • ThunderfingerThunderfinger Thunderfinger World
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    Both of these are easy wins.

    TB and SP.
  • Posts: 2,705
    TB easily.
    OP, though I enjoy SP a lot!
  • MooseWithFleasMooseWithFleas Philadelphia
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    TB & OP
  • Major_BoothroydMajor_Boothroyd Republic of Isthmus
    Posts: 2,690
    GE and OP
  • Love both TB and GE, but I’ll give it to GE for importance. Thunderball was an expected success. GoldenEye proved that Bond was back and relevant even after the Cold War.

    Here, OP wins, no contest. Even if I don’t hate Spectre as much as some, it’s still too...weighty? Octopussy has its flaws, but Maud Adams and Roger at his most IDGAF help a lot.
  • GE over TB- I like TB, but the atmosphere of GE and the interesting and quirky characters are brilliant.
    SP over OP- although I do think OP is a tad underrated, SP is a film I can put on no matter what and just enjoy it.
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    Both very easily.
  • j_w_pepperj_w_pepper Hamburg, near the Atlantic Hotel
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    GE and SP, without particular enthusiasm in either case.
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  • DwayneDwayne New York City
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    GE. Even though I consider TB to be top-notch Bond, GE – on balance – is the better paced movie.

    OP. Maud Adams, Maud Adams and yet more Maud Adams 😊!
  • TB - Bond at its best. Connery is in top form here.
    OP. Spectre has a much better PTS. In fact, one of my favourite.
  • GoldenGunGoldenGun Belgium's biggest Timothy Dalton, George Lazenby and Éric Serra fan!
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