Bond film ranking tournament. Final results

ThunderfingerThunderfinger Digitalia
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I know there have been a few similar threads here already, but they all fizzled out sooner or later, and didn t have an end purpose.

In this thread I will pit every Bond film against every other Bond film in random order, and that will eventually include Bond 25 as well as it is going to take a while.

When we are done, I shall put up the ultimate community ranking based on your simple preferences in each round. The film with most wins compared to losses will come out on top, and vice versa.

I aim to run each round approximately a week, so everyone gets a chance to have their say.

You just state which of the two you prefer, but feel free to make any kinds of comments and comparisons or none at all. I won t count ties.


  • DarthDimiDarthDimi Behind you!Moderator
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    You do realise that at one pair per week, we'll be doing this for 300 weeks, not including NSNA or CR67? :) That's a little under 6 years! By then, the forum may have changed, people's opinions may have changed, ... :)

    How about you throw 3 or 4 combinations in the mix every week? That, at least, may render things somewhat more plausible. ;-)
  • Andi1996RueggAndi1996Ruegg Hello. It's me, Evelyn Tremble.
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    I loved both movies but DAF has a special place in my heart, as it was the first of the Bond movies I have seen.
    Fell in love with Tiffany, all the dialogue and the hilarious action. DAF will be my special Christmas treat this year. Can't wait to see it again.


    Moonraker is a favorite of mine as well. I love all the more humorous, over the top Bond films!

    PS: This serves as my re-introduction to the forum ha ha...
  • ThunderfingerThunderfinger Digitalia
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    DarthDimi wrote: »
    You do realise that at one pair per week, we'll be doing this for 300 weeks, not including NSNA or CR67? :) That's a little under 6 years! By then, the forum may have changed, people's opinions may have changed, ... :)

    How about you throw 3 or 4 combinations in the mix every week? That, at least, may render things somewhat more plausible. ;-)

    If six years seems too long, how about two choices a week, then? Three years isn t that long.
  • ThunderfingerThunderfinger Digitalia
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    @Andi1996Ruegg , thanks for kicking it off. There is another pair to choose from as well now. I will be doing two matches a week.
  • DarthDimiDarthDimi Behind you!Moderator
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    Excellent, @Thunderfinger. :)

    Well, here are my two cents:

    DAF vs MR: MR

    Minority vote, no doubt, but someone has to save this underdog from the slaughter house. The technical achievements of this film, its score and acting, the photography... all of these things are exquisite. MR truly is one of the more underrated gems in the series.


    One of the weaker Connery Bonds perhaps but a great score and unbelievable production design make this a no-brainer.
  • ThunderfingerThunderfinger Digitalia
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    Thanks, and I may change the rounds every five or six days. That will shorten it quite a lot in the long run as well. We will still get Bond 25 in the mix.
  • Andi1996RueggAndi1996Ruegg Hello. It's me, Evelyn Tremble.
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    oh good! two is even more fun!

    The second match is more difficult for me. I love Day Another Day to bits, I had such a blast watching it and it almost made Mr. Brosnan into my favorite Bond, but no one ever can beat Roger Moore I guess.

    You Only Live Twice is fascinating, I love the fantastic element of the space capsule and the villain Blofeld. The big battle in the end is awesome and I love the movie score of John Barry.

    DIE ANOTHER DAY - my pick. The deciding factor may be that Mr. Brosnan's 007 in DAD is exactly the way I want Bond to be.
  • QBranchQBranch Always have an escape plan. Mine is watching James Bond films.
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    MR > DAF
    YOLT > DAD
    DAD > TF
  • ThunderfingerThunderfinger Digitalia
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    QBranch wrote: »
    DAD > TF

    Haha, What TF?
  • QBranchQBranch Always have an escape plan. Mine is watching James Bond films.
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    QBranch wrote: »
    DAD > TF
    Haha, What TF?
    Thunderfinger's at the bottom of my list, but there's still lots to enjoy.
  • ThunderfingerThunderfinger Digitalia
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    I didn t catch that.
  • BirdlesonBirdleson San Jose, CAModerator
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    DAF beats MR...handily. MR has the better sets, the better score (same guys on both films), but DAF feels more Bondian to me. Both are flawed, but what started to go wrong with the franchise in DAF peaked in MR. And Connery's weakest performance handily tops Moore's weakest (actually, that's probably AVTAK, but it's close).

    YOLT slays DAD. Despite the wacky missteps, YOLT is still one of the classics; it never veers far from the Top Ten. I know that I defend DAD quite a bit, but that is just relative to the other clunkers. It still languishes in that bottom grouping.
  • ThunderfingerThunderfinger Digitalia
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    What he said.
  • MooseWithFleasMooseWithFleas Philadelphia
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    MR and YOLT with ease!
  • Major_BoothroydMajor_Boothroyd Republic of Isthmus
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    See above.

    MR and YOLT win. I enjoy both.

    DAF and DAD occupy the bottom two slots of my rankings.
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    MR and YOLT

    Those were two easy choices.
  • MR
  • TheWizardOfIceTheWizardOfIce 'One of the Internet's more toxic individuals'
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    DarthDimi wrote: »
    Excellent, @Thunderfinger. :)

    Well, here are my two cents:

    DAF vs MR: MR

    Minority vote, no doubt, but someone has to save this underdog from the slaughter house.

    Underdog schmunderdog.

    MR is a glorious and spectacular excess binge. DAF on the other hand heralds the start of the early 70s 'we can't really be bothered' trilogy which, with the exception of the LALD stunt team, led us down a cul de sac of diminishing returns and even less inspiration and nearly sunk the series in 74.

    YOLT another excess binge in a good way and DAD an excess binge that ends with you vomiting up your own stomach lining.

    If you are going to stuff your face like Mr Creosote then go with YOLT and MR every time.
  • bondjamesbondjames You were expecting someone else?
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    MR vs DAF - MR easily, although I enjoy DAF as well these days (but not in the past). The production quality, lush cinematography and sheer expense and scale have yet to be topped in the series. It truly represents the visual pinnacle of what Bond is all about for me, despite other faults. Combine that with a superb Barry score and Sir Rog firing on all cylinders (yes, I'm one of the few who thinks he nails it given the tone they were going for) and it's an easy win. I much prefer Chiles to St. John as well (although Jill gets kudos for the bikini). Having said all that I really like a lot in DAF as well (score, Connery having lots of fun despite his portly appearance, dialogue, Wint and Kidd, Gray as Blofeld etc. etc.). It's just that between these two MR is more my kind of film.

    YOLT vs DAD - YOLT, with considerable ease. Just the locations give it the win, but even if we exclude that, we've got Barry's sublime score, Aki, Tiger, #11 (those lips), Osato, and one of the greatest sets ever built by Adam. Oh, and how can we forget - most importantly, it has Big Sean. DAD can't hold a candle to that.

    I guess I'm a Gilbert man all the way.
  • ForYourEyesOnlyForYourEyesOnly In the untained cradle of the heavens
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    @bondjames - I too am a fan of Gilbert. When it came to camp and scale, nobody did it better. DAF and DAD are some bottom-barrel entries that are only enjoyable for me at certain times. YOLT and MR are always great fun and they easily beat DAF/DAD at their only game - OTT camp.

    MR vs DAF — MR in a landslide. Both of them are utterly ridiculous flicks, but MR crushes DAF in scale: the scale of the adventure, scale of the sets, even the scale of the score. Moore gives a stronger performance than Connery, I much prefer Dr. Goodhead to Tiffany Case, and Drax is a superior version of Gray's Blofeld. Jaws beat Kidd and Wint too. Just much better chemistry between the cast in MR than DAF, even if they're not going for a Godfather-level performance. That makes the movie a lot more enjoyable. The stunts and action are better in MR, and in the few scenes where we're expected to take the two seriously, MR still triumphs over DAF in terms of tension (centrifuge scene, Corinne getting mauled by the dogs, etc). The money is very lavishly spent in MR and you see it everywhere. In DAF, not so much. If you're going to make a film revolving around camp, you better go the whole mile.

    YOLT vs DAD — Again, Gilbert's entry wins in a landslide. Better locations, better sets, far better cast (even with Connery putting in less effort than Brosnan; he's made up for by the supporting characters as well as Aki and Pleasance's Blofeld, who are a million times better than Jinx and Graves), infinitely better score and theme song, infinitely better atmosphere, etc.
  • JamesBondKenyaJamesBondKenya Danny Boyle laughs to himself
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    Good idea, I’m bang up for this
    I am very sure about my answers
    Moonraker is better than DAF
    YOLT is better than DAD
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    MR vs. DAF I like both but I'm going with Moonraker because it has the better production values IMO. When I watch each from beginning to end the finale of DAF on the oil rig feels pretty lackluster in comparison. Jaws turning good doesn't bother me nearly as much as it used to and Bond in space doesn't feel that far fetched to me now.

    YOLT vs. DAD Even if just for the dialogue and sets YOLT wins.
  • BondAficionadoBondAficionado Former IMDBer
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    This is one of the worst Bond films imho, but when paired against something as atrocious as DAF, it wins without contest.

    Love this one. It's the perfect mix of sneaky Bond and wild/campy Bond. The production value is also top notch considering it was made in the 60's.
    This film is an apt example of "it's good, just not better than..." as it's still in the middle of the pack because there are many JB movies that are simply better. In other words, it is the worst out of the 'best' JB films.
  • BennyBenny ...OctobennyModerator
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    When in Rome I guess. ;)

    DAF v MR - While neither rank very highly, they’re both immensely enjoyable and easy to watch. So many lines and characters to love in DAF, but for me MR wins.
    Despite the over the top sci-fi stuff. It’s a well made film.

    YOLT v DAD - Whilst DAD has risen up my ranking (Slightly) and I do find it a fun film, it’s not as good as YOLT. Not Connery’s best. But stunning visually and that John Barry score.
  • pachazopachazo Make Your Choice
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    DAF over MR - This was a tough decision, but these days I prefer Diamonds, if ever so slightly. I just have such a fun time with it. And while it may get a little too wacky at times, there's actually some dark things going on beneath the surface which makes for an interesting mix. Plus, the score seems to be underrated. Of course the MR score is amazing, but don't discount Barry's other effort here.

    YOLT over DAD - YOLT has many faults, but it beats DAD quite easily. No contest here. Next?
  • Last_Rat_StandingLast_Rat_Standing South Florida
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    MR over DAF by a hair. Both are in my top 10.

    YOLT over DAD by a slightly larger margin. Even though it slows down after Little Nellie. I do prefer the crater base scene than anything that DAD presents.
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    DAF because it has Connery. Though MR is the best out of the slapstick Moore Bonds.
    YOLT because it has Connery. DAD is so bad, I think I prefer the '67 spoof of CR over this unadulterated tripe.
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    YOLT because it's brilliant. I can get a kick out of DAD in a so bad it's good way but this one is really no contest imo. One of the classics vs one of the worst.

    I'm not a huge MR fan at all but I appreciate how big and epic it is, so for that reason alone I'll take it over DAF. I think the PTS is awful but after that DAF is pretty good, lots of colourful characters, witty dialogue, the lift fight. Then Blofeld is revealed and it goes downhill so fast. So lazy and half arsed, no sense of danger at all, the special effects for the lazer are terrible, and Bond and Blofeld seem more like friendly rivals than old enemies.
  • echoecho 007 in New York
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    YOLT vs. DAD is no contest. YOLT wins.

    MR vs. DAF is much closer, but MR's PTS and its overall glamour put it over the top.
  • BMW_with_missilesBMW_with_missiles All the usual refinements.
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    MR over DAF

    DAD over YOLT

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