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    How far into it are you? I don't know about the comparison to B25 other than what they revealed on the main publicity day and that they're reportedly making up the script as they go along (I don't know if that's totally true or not). I still like SP because it's the latest Bond film, though in my view it doesn't compare to better Bond films. Still, I think it has its charm and works. About "dreary, dull and depressing", I just finished YOLT last night and know that that has a lot more sunlight than SP, partly due to SP's grey Austrian cloud cover, Rome night scene and indoor scenes. Hopefully with Bond in Jamaica in B25 that'll add some brightness and color.
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    I don't know. I don't know about being a jerk, but it's true that he's not more talkative nor emotional (friendly) than necessary in the circumstance. Maybe he's still feeling out where her allegiances lie (i.e. could she also work for SPECTRE?) or he's preparing to tell her that her father's dead. My best guesses. But then of course he offers to help and protect her but she turns him down. You're right that Connery and Moore may've played it differently.
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    You do have a point though now that I think about it regarding Craig's demeanor in SP. Maybe some of it had to do with the script and he was just following along. But one could say he's often rather humorless in at least this film and probably in many other scenes in his films though he does have a dry dark jabby sense of humor. Maybe he could've used that prolytic digestive enzyme shake. And maybe it was even during the filming of SP that he felt he'd rather break a glass and slash his wrists than go on with the role, as he said, and that came across on film.
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    Time for my fave Roger


    This one almost never leaves my top 5.

    I'm at the Stromberg/ Professsor Markovitz scene.

    Here we go Sandor and jaws!!!!!

    On the Blu-ray Stromberg's outfit looks black. On the 1992 "remastered" edition VHS it was a royal navy blue. Jaws' suit seems to have changed colors on that version as well.

    I've seen 35mm prints of this Bond on the big screen about 4 times, and it was one film that pretty much looked consistent in colors on film regardless of the print quality.

    I'd say the 1999/2000 SE DVD probably looks closest to the cinematic prints in color timing.

    Actually the 1988/89 MGM/UA Home Video VHS was pretty accurate as well. The film had a very slight magenta look, with the exception of the desert scenes.

    Roger and Olga Bisera. Great scene. I love Roger's jacket here.

    The fight with Sandor was always a scene that stood out to me when I was a kid.
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    Jaws and Fekkesh. Sometimes I wonder if the costume designers had been watching the old OUR GANG/LITTLE RASCALS shorts when deciding on Richard Kiel's look. Jaws, with his hair parted down the middle and suspenders seems to be going for Alfalfa's style minus the cowlick.
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    Anya never leaves my top 5 leading Bond Girls. I imagine there's a Bond Girls ranking thread on here somewhere.

    Although Barbara is often given flak for either her accent, or overall delivery I think she does quite well. I wouldn't expect Anya to break out into tears or hysterics when Bond admits to killing her main man. Maybe Stacey Sutton might though, in a similar situation.

    Bond and Anya following Jaws is always fun. Sneaky Bond in broad daylight.

    I love this section. Jaws really looks like Alfalfa here.
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    General Gogol is one of my favorite characters in he series. I love this period of the franchise when we had Gogol, and Geoffrey Keen as Frederic Gray becoming regulars.

    Today we have the Scooby Gang.

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    Here we go: Valerie Leon and Caroline Munro. Two of my favorite Hammer ladies.

    Ride to Atlantas- one of my favorite bits here.

    Stromberg tests Bond's knowledge of marine biology and 007 is nearly stumped. Great little moment by Roger here. His facial expression as he struggles to provide the answer is perfect.
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    The Roger nod! Yay!!!!!
  • QBranchQBranch Always have an escape plan. Mine is watching James Bond films.
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    ToTheRight wrote: »
    I love this section. Jaws really looks like Alfalfa here.
    That's hilarious :))
    ToTheRight wrote: »
    The fight with Sandor was always a scene that stood out to me when I was a kid.
    Same here, and I like these fights that have no music playing in the background. All you can hear is the traffic below.
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    The Supertanker is without a doubt my favorite set in a Bond film. Definitely my fave Ken Adam set (even though the volcano is so iconic).
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    QBranch wrote: »
    ToTheRight wrote: »
    I love this section. Jaws really looks like Alfalfa here.
    That's hilarious :))
    ToTheRight wrote: »
    The fight with Sandor was always a scene that stood out to me when I was a kid.
    Same here, and I like these fights that have no music playing in the background. All you can hear is the traffic below.

    I think sometimes less is more when it comes to Bond scores. I liked the lack of music for the duration of the Acrostar jet chase for example.

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    I love this entire section of TSWLM. Bond attempts to remove the detonator without blowing everyone up. LOL.

    Bond says "Blast!!!" out of frustration. I'm sure there was no pun intended.

    The impulse conductor circuit.
    Great scene.
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    Bond stuck dangling above the water with the explosive just a few feet from him.

    We need to see Bond is more situations like this. Roger was great at these scenes.
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    Bond has three minutes to reprogram the missiles, yet takes time to look up the manual.
    The audience I saw this with laughed at this moment.
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    Bond has an hour to rescue Anya. I can imagine most of that 60 minutes was spent assembling the wet bike.
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    Hamlisch's score is excellent here, IMO. I love his music, especially in the 2nd half of the film.

    Bond fires at Stromberg multiple times. The ABC network airings of this film usually trimmed down that bit.
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    Great viewing of SPY. This one never lets me down and remains at the top of my Roger rankings.
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    I love this PTS and Barry's playful score. Makes me feel like sneaking into a factory at night and blowing stuff up. Dressed in black no less.

    Sean's toupee here reminds me of Bing Crosby's.

    Bond enters the nightclub wearing a completely different toupee.

    The fight with Alf Joint is fun Not as polished as the Grant fight, but fun.

    Classic PTS.

    Already this film has made it's way back to my number spot.


    The early VHS copies were missing a few frames here, thus cutting out the opening chord.

    GF is one film I can pop in any time of the day. Certain films I prefer to watch at night.

    Classic titles.
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    I love "Into Miami".

    and here is Felix.

    Felix sure has changed since DR NO.

    I do like Cec Linder, though. He and Connery have pretty good chemistry.
    I just can't picture him ever being thrown to the sharks and losing some limbs.

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    Controversial opinion: I like Connery's delivery of "Bond, James Bond" even better here than in DR NO.

    Connery really is the man. Puts Goldfinger in his place and then easily steals his girlfriend.

    All while wearing a ridiculous blue terry cloth jumpsuit (which I actually like).

    Looks like Bond and Jill had salmon for dinner.

    Halloween night, 1985 the ABC network aired a butchered up version of this Bond. Two years earlier I had caught an even worse airing on that network in terms of editing.

    As much as I loved the film I felt I hadn't really seen it. A few weeks later my folks bought a new RCA television set and VHS player, and we started renting movies. That Friday night we rented GF from Tower Records. I finally got to see the wonderful PTS I had read about in Benson's, Rubins's and Brosnan's books.

    I remember comparing the similarities of this film to OP, which my Dad had bought a few days earlier.

    It was a treat to be able to pop in a Bond whenever I wanted, and re-watch scenes over again. Something I take for granted now.
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    Thoroughly enjoying this viewing. I really enjoy the Auric Stud Kentucky scenes.
    I love that the early films devote quite a lot of time to particular set pieces or locations.
    The Crab Key beach scenes in DN, the Orient Express in FRWL .
    Not something you see in newer films much, though CR with the poker game I think qualifies.
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    The Oddjob fight. Bond is getting destroyed here.

    One of my favorite Ken Adam sets is Fort Knox.

    Great scene this is.
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    Been several days since my last post, so it's something of a must in me to return to this thread with some Bond commenting.

    Showing some love and nostalgia for Pierce with


    The first Bond film in my lifetime in which I walked away somewhat disappointed. Not gutted, but feeling like my then least favorite film in the series now had competition.

    Today, however I embrace it more, but it still seems rather low in my rankings.

    Let's see if this viewing can give it a little lift?

    Bond and Prof Bergstrom. She's my favorite Bond girl in this film. Classic Bondian scene Pierce plays beautifully.

    I love Bond, M, Moneypenny and Robinson in the car discussing Carver. Great stuff. Wonderful Arnold score as well.

    Pierce looks great in this one. He seems like the book cover art image of Bond come to life. Reminds me of model Dick Orme. Also reminds me of the silhouetted image of Bond used in the U.S. cover art for the Gardner novels.

    My favorite Q scene in the Brosnan era.
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    Elliot Carver seems an underrated villain. Classic, IMO and relevant. I suppose today he could be an internet media baron. Jonathan Pryce is excellent.

    Bond meets Paris and is slapped.

    I remember seeing this film (for my second time) with a group at a Bond themed party.
    Typical 1990's multiplex cinema that, of course was showing TITANIC on some of the other screens.

    As we waited in the lobby for TND, the host of the party informed me that he knew my ex-girlfriend was there for a showing of TITANIC. I was dressed in my black Bond dinner suit complete with bow tie trying to look as Brosnan like as possible in case we crossed paths. I kept thinking if she shows, I'll say: "I always wondered how I'd FEEEEL if I ever saw you again".

    Turned out TITANIC was an incredibly long movie. The Bond party crowd was in and out of there before she'd even see us.

    Ironically, I ran into her at a stop light about 5 years later as I was crossing the street (like Ving Rhames in PULP FICTION). I rather cockily climbed into the passenger seat and got a ride to wherever I was going.

    Bond and Paris are going at it. As much as I love Monica Bellucci and feel her missing out on this film was a loss, I don't think Paris' role here was that much better than Lucia in SPECTRE.

    Here's my favorite section of this film as 007 breaks into Carver's newspaper printing factory.
    Brosnan looks cool as ever here. All four of Pierce's films have great sneaky Bond moments in which Pierce just looks amazing. He truly excels at these scenes exuding cool. Arnold's score here compliments him.

    I also love the two fights here.

    Bond and Dr Kaufman. Great scene.

    The BMW chase is fun as well. I think the Rome chase in SP was intended to be fun like this but without the innovation. Oh well. So much for that.
    Brosnan plays these scenes so smoothly.
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    The return of Sheriff J.W. uh, ....I mean Jack Wade.

    He's pretty obnoxious and makes Sheriff J.W. Pepper look like Sean Connery.

    Brosnan really needed a Felix. Maybe someone like Dennis Quaid at the time.
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    Bond underwater with Wai Lin............and they are captured.

    I like Bond's sloppy outfit here. He wears this for quite a duration.

    And onto the banner sequence.

    The bike chase is pretty fun. Seems meant to rival the tank chase in GE, though.

    I think I like this better............followed up with the Wai Lin fight.

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    Bond and Wai Lin searching for the Stealth Boat. I love this it here and dialogue as they prepare. Arnold's score really hits the spot, IMO.

    Of course the greatest scene in cinema history is coming up...................................

    Carver's impression of Wai Lin.

    Carver is a solid villain. Probably my favorite Brosnan era baddie.

    Ready to rock and ruin.
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    Sorry about that, I, uh, tuned out there for a moment, Elliot.

    This climax was, at the time, my main reason for being a bit disappointed. Quite a bit of action, but more suited for a Terminator movie or something. Seemed rather typical 90's action more than Bond. Maybe I was spoiled on the Glen era giving us breathtaking aerial stunt-work for his Bond film endings?

    I enjoy this far more now, though. Closer in spirit to the big battle style Bond endings set in Ken Adams enclosed sets. Only with just Bond and Wai Lin against Carver's army.

    Bond drills Carver to pieces.
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    Love every chord and note in this Bond theme. So good I had to back the end credits and hear it again.

    Great viewing of this Pierce classic!
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