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  • I'm an American as well so I will have to wait for my screening in New York. I can only assume that the US gets a much later release date for Bond films in retribution for a little revolution we started a few centuries ago!
  • I'm amused at how Mendes didn't want two shots of Craig walking towards the audience with his gun raised in SF, but was cool with Eve mentioning two car brands in her first lines of dialogue (in a very product-placement sort of way )
  • If Spectre turns out to be a terrible movie, but the GB is at the beginning, then it will still be a better film than DAD
  • I don't know much about Sam Smith but I have heard him called the "male Adele" -- now the song that is stuck in my head is Adele's voice in Sam Smith's body singing Adele's "Rolling in the Deep" -- except with the chorus "The Writing's on the Waaaaa…
  • There you have it, ladies and gentlemen!
  • Fandango is currently saying that the nearest theater that is showing Spectre near my location (New York City) is in Milford, Connecticut. So... I guess I'll wait!
  • Thank you! I guess Fandango still has 24 hours to decide if they want to alert me of the ticket release date if they get around to it...
  • Hang on -- I am confused abour the ticket release date for the US. Is it indeed Tuesday the 8th? If so, at what time? I have been watching closely for this news but perhaps I missed it. As far as I know, 007.com only mentioned a gradual rollout a…
  • Jan1985 wrote: » At the SPECTRE premiere I had a side view, but it still was a blast. The movie was great, the atmosphere was great. I hope that they will sell tickets to the public again. Would be cool to be "inside" for the second time at a B…
  • dominicgreene wrote: » I like the simplistic poster. But I agree that it should have been more Casino Royale esque rather than just a model shot of Craig. At least it's better than a picture of the ground with a shadow on it, like the QOS t…
  • It's my understanding that Kleinman (or whoever is the main title designer of a Bond film) designs the gun barrel sequence --- how do we go about reminding him and Mendes to put it at the beginning of Spectre?
  • Soundofthesinners wrote: » If the extra-classic-now-with-the-guys-he-was-fighting-back-in-the-60s SPECTRE doesn't feature the gun barrel at the start, I'll probably put my head through a wall. This. Yes. A million times yes. Mendes basic…
  • I would be fine with Arnold or Newman returning. I feel like Arnold gets a bad wrap sometimes. I loved the score to CR; I prefer it to SF, actually. I was actually surprised that Newman got the Oscar nomination, as it didn't stick out as Best Sco…
  • KlausHergesheimer wrote: That's a very easy question. Do you want to watch James Bond or do you want to be James Bond? I would definitely rather experience the movie in IMAX because the picture and sound quality are 10x better than that of a norma…
  • Actually, I take back my earlier comment. The SF score is growing on me now that I'm listening to it more. Plus, there's more Bond Theme in the SF score than the QOS score, at least. I'll take that as a significant improvement.
  • doubleoego wrote: Bond 23 aka SF doesn't have a full orchestrated Bond theme and it's supposed to be celebrating 50 years?? And the movie is being hailed as if not the best but one of the best in the series??.......with no full Bond theme?? My …
  • Wow. I like it a lot. I'm curious as to how its theme will fit into Newman's score. I feel like YKMN had some distinct melodies; whereas the 90-second clip features the James Bond Theme heavily.
  • I'm so excited. The new Bond theme sounds spectacular, too.
  • It's not so much that it has/needs a specific role... Take a look at its appearance in GE: it had no impact on the plot, and Bond ended up getting that BMW anyway. It's just very enjoyable. Yeah, they can't have it in every movie (unlike, I wou…
  • Generally, I would say "no." But, with one exception: I think having that yet-to-be-revealed sequence when Bond confronts Mr. White would have been a good post-title thing. Other than that, I'm not big on it.
  • That beautiful car will never get old, in my opinion. It's a Bond icon!
  • Samuel001 wrote: and end as they always end". ...and I hope that means, "with a girl in his arms!"
  • Jazz007 wrote: No. The truth is that the franchise will kill itself if it resorts to gimmick and nostalgia over timeless character, story and quality. The 007 series will live on through good films, Skyfall seems to be following that path -…
  • sirseanisbond wrote: When I’m sitting in that iMax theater on November 9th to see Skyfall, after the MGM lion roars and the Columbia lady fades away, the first thing I want to see is a twenty foot tall white dot moving across the screen while the …