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  • The trade audiences understand that this MGM/Epix/P+ conversation only kicks in months after the film's theatrical and home ent release, hence the mentions of terms like "pay TV window" and "pay one window". The one outlet that's seemingly getting v…
  • Someone better ask Viacom/CBS/Paramount+ to clear up their wording, then, because all the trades and numerous other websites are all understanding it differently. What it seems is that the MGM films (No Time to Die, Creed III...which hasn't even st…
  • TripAces wrote: » Some are suggesting this would prove a "cloning" theory. I say not so fast. As I suggested when Madeliene was dressed the way she ]was at Safin's lair, there may be some other deeper, more sinister connection between Safin and Ma…
  • http://variety.com/2016/tv/news/purity-showtime-daniel-craig-scott-rudin-1201753115/ "Sources say the project is a megabucks deal for “James Bond” star Craig, who will also serve as an exec producer on “Purity.”" Not surprising.
  • Deadline has amended the text a bit further... "While Mendes’ first love is theater, it became clear that the producers wanted him and he wanted to return, and the only thing standing in the way were these stage commitments that Mendes felt oblig…
  • Creasy47 wrote: It doesn't mean anything yet, as nothing is confirmed. Whatevs. While I admire Mike Fleming's cojones with his affirmative "Mendes will be the director of the next Bond." ...Find me a time Deadline's been wrong.
  • Sir_James_Moloney wrote: Ang Lee would be an attempt at Sam Mendes 2.0 but Lee has a sketchier track record What? Hulk? Virtually every other film he directed is considered very, very highly. He's a visionary. I'd like to be the guy …
  • It just means that now Bond 24 will be farther away...
  • "Recently, he and the producers got back in touch, and they’ve decided to wait for him to work through those other commitments." Deadline is the go-to industry source. It's not "just a headline."
  • JWESTBROOK wrote: What's going on? Who do we believe? Is Deadline reliable? Quite.
  • I mean...crazy, right?? ;-)
  • http://www.deadline.com/2013/05/sam-mendes-back-in-the-picture-to-direct-next-james-bond-film/ I think that this is a suitable first post. ;-) ...New thread?