Which Bond Girl is your absolute favorite?



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    First and foremost : Teresa Draco Di Vincenzo Bond.

    Second : Vesper Lynd

    Third : Tatiana Romanova
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    For looks:
    For spirit:
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    hahaha ok....obviously to us its a bloody big yah !!
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    I think Domino and Fiona are perhaps the best, most universally adored Bond girls ever, the good girl and the evil girl, and what is truly amazing is that they are in the same film. I think that the two of them alone help elevate TB immensely, and should place it in almost all Bond fans top 10, of not top 5.

    I agree 100% on Fiona. Domino is extremely beautifull but I guess her character could have been developed better. She is also a bit naive. I also wish she had a bigger part in the film.

    Vesper is th best in my eyes. I love everything about her. I also really like Meilina. I think she is a very underrated Bond girl. In my eyes, the romantic relationships between Bond and the Bond girls are better developed in the later Bond films. Even though I like Aki, Domino and Pussy, the romantic stuff comes out of nowhere and without any build-up to it.

    I think it was intentional to not develop the romance thst well, since Bond is only charming them to get the information he wants and have fun with them for while to latter forget about them.
    And to make Tracy and Vesper much more important.

    But since Dalton we have seen Bond having deeper relationships with their Bond girls even if its not the love Bond felt for Tracy.

    I agree that most Bond girls were not intended to be more than a short romance but even then it comes across a bit strange for me. A good exampe is when Aki falls for Bond's charme. The scene really comes out of nowhere. I guess there could be at least some kind of development to that scene that makes it more believable.

    Yess some have been really random like Honey first so onguard and not letting him to get to close, a few seconds latter she is crazy about him.

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    Olga. Her lips and nipples are sublime. Nice hair as wel..

    She's so much hotter in November Man!

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    If we're talking looks alone nothing beats Britt Ekland.
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    Corrine Dufour
    Tatiana Romanova
    Vesper Lynd
    Stacy Sutton
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    I'm surprised that Domino is a popular choice. She's pretty, granted, but dull as dishwater elsewhere.
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    I'm surprised that Domino is a popular choice. She's pretty, granted, but dull as dishwater elsewhere.

    Maybe they aren't looking for interesting conversation.

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    For me, it's all about sexual measurements. Some Bond girls look like they're strictly in the category of sensual romantic love making; others in the category of unleashing one's carnal desire and being ravaged; and then there are those that can fit in both categories.


    Sensual love: Kara, Stacey
    Ravage: Fiona, Onnatop
    Both: Severine, Vesper, Natalya, Camille
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    I'm surprised that Domino is a popular choice. She's pretty, granted, but dull as dishwater elsewhere.

    I prefer to think of it as more of a low key performance! She has the looks, the glamour, the flirtatious nature and also the fragility of the typical 'kept' Bond girl from the novels.

    Something we haven't seen again since Severine in Skyfall whom could have come straight out of one of the books with that back story.

    She may not be my favourite but I'll give a shout out to Holly Goodhead whom is woefully underrated. Lois plays off against Moore wonderfully with her put downs and a shame they weren't partnered together sooner in the film.
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    I'm with you @Cowley. I wasn't too much of a fan of Lois growing up, but I'm definitely looking at her in more favourable terms these days after my most recent watches of MR. She's a capable female counterpart, and ahead of her time in my view.
  • Did Claudine Auger (domino) or Daniella Bianchi ever give interviews in English? Those, and maybe Carole Bouquet are the ones I have never seen an interview.

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    I could have sworn I've seen Bouquet give an English interview before.
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    She has given English language interviews, here's two:

  • Probably my favourite would be... predictably Vesper. Closely followed by Fiona.

    Surprised no one has mentioned Naomi? Possibly as its a small part?
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