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    He would not have to be a good Jew. My father in law is Jewish and eats more pork in a week than I do in a year. And I have never seen him resting on a Saturday, or indeed any day. And it's not like Bond is a good Christian, if he considers himself Christian at all.

    Oh, and isn't Sam Mendes Jewish? I think I heard that one when American Beauty (which I never liked much) came out. I don't know how accurate it is.

    Just looked it up--Mendes is half Jewish.

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    Well more than 6 months on from the original question I'm sure that you have had ample time to research if necessary. And the tone of some replies suggests it isn't being taken too seriously.

    So, if anyone is still curious they can use the Bond Questions thread.

    Otherwise, yes I agree it can be locked. Any dispute just message me and I review the decision if necessary.

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