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Hollywood News: Will Smith Primed To Be Next James Bond Agent 007

American A-list actor Will Smith is reportedly primed to land perhaps the biggest role of his career as Agent 007 in the next James Bond movie, according to latest buzz on several social networking sites.

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Daniel Craig could pass the torch to Will Smith as first black James Bond

Smith, one of the most marketable actors in this generation, will likely become the first black American to play the character of James Bond, the main protagonist of the successful movie franchise.

With British blue-eyes debonair Daniel Craig now passing the torch to another actor, James Bond producers are looking for a new twist in the movie franchise without compromising Agent 007's stylistic and suave outlook.

The 45-year old Smith has proven to be a big draw at the gates with his movies gaining blockbuster results. He has also received recognition as an actor, drawing praise for his movie "AfterEarth," "Men in Black" trilogy, "Seven Pounds" and the "Pursuit of Happyness."

be the next James Bond following the footsteps of Craig, Pierce Brosnan, Sean Connery, Roger Moore and Timothy Dalton.

Three Reasons Will Smith would be good for the James Bond franchise via Media Masss

"First and foremost, it would clarify that Bond is a rotating identity: If M can be a woman, why can't James Bond be a 45-year-old American? Secondly, No other performers could be nearly as cool and broodingly suave as Smith. And lastly, it would give Will Smith a chance to play a lover, as well as a fighter," Media Mass stated.

Smith Interested To Accept the Role

Smith already expressed his interest to play the role of James Bond several years ago. The 45-year old actor believed he's the best choice to become the first ever black James Bond because of his ability to draw flocks of cinemagoers.

"Puff (P Diddy) probably lives the most like James Bond, Jamie Foxx got the swag for James Bond. He can sing too, so he can add a new element to Bond. "Wooing the ladies... and I think I can guarantee the box office," Smith told reporters during the premier night of Men in Black III four years ago.

Smith is popular for portraying the lead role in blockbuster movies "Men In Black," "Bad Boys," "Independence Day" and "Hancock."

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If there is even one inch of truth to this, I will be extremely angry..It's bad enough that Skyfall was a disaster with all of it's politically correct innuendo's, but this would just be the final blow for me...Can't the White European race have anything these days ? Everybody is guaranteed a cultural identity, except White males these days, and no I am not a racist. Could you imagine the uproar if a white male was going to replace a traditionally black male role of a action franchise that existed for almost 52 years ? The media would be in a frenzy...and Will Smith ? Who the hell even suggested this fool...this is extremely devastating to even read about, regardless of its authenticity. I want to clarify I have many black friends who even disagree with this ! Below for anybody who doesn't understand where I am coming from, I will leave a article below for you to read.

"Diversity" is about Disinheriting Whites

December 16, 2013

"Diversity" is doublespeak for discriminating against the white,

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

We are all affected by "Diversity" but few understand its true nature.

Warning: It isn't pretty.

"Diversity" is a massive long-term behavior modification program that uses minorities to disinherit the majority.

In English, "Diversity" means acknowledging different races, religions and "sexual orientations."

In New World Order Doublespeak, "Diversity" is a devious way to dilute and discriminate against the white, heterosexual Christian majority in Europe, Canada, Australia and the US.

While it pretends to advocate equality, its real goal is to guilt mainly heterosexual White males into yielding position and power. The object is to prepare North America and Europe for inclusion in a "world government" run by the central banking cartel based in London.

This private cartel's power is measured by the fact that virtually every major corporation, educational institution and government agency provides "diversity training" (i.e. political indoctrination) to its employees. Even though studies show it has zero economic benefit, they spend eight billion dollars a year on it. Toyota alone plans to spend that much in the next ten years.

Here is an example of the shaming of Whites that takes place in these sessions. It is from the text, "Seeing Ourselves: Exploring Race Ethnicity and Culture" (1999) by Carl James.

A participant, Greg tells the group:

"As for my race, I am white but I never really had to think about it before. I don't feel that it ever affected the people with whom I associated or talked to. My two best friends are Black and (Canadian) Indian. I was brought up in a family that didn't believe in prejudice and I'm proud of that. If I don't like a person, it is because of their personality, not their race or heritage."

Now you'd think that Greg would pass with flying colors.

You didn't consider the hidden agenda. The author, a Diversity trainer, chastises Greg for assuming he is "the norm." Greg fails to acknowledge his "race privilege," that "invisible package of unearned assets" that is the "white colonial legacy." Whites like Greg deny "the ways in which they socially, culturally and politically produce relations of domination." (p.44)

In other words, Whites naturally oppress other people. That sounds like vicious racism to me.

Can you see what's happening? These Diversity sessions lay guilt trips on Whites, especially males, so they will yield power to compliant & grateful minorities who have not earned it. This is a scam. Anyone who objects to this political agenda commits career suicide. That's political persecution.

I want to be clear that I think the human race is one family and God loves all people equally. Like Greg, I believe people should be judged on their merit alone, regardless of race, gender or sexual orientation.

I have no problem with "minorities" winning positions of power so long as they do it fairly. I welcome the rich contribution immigrants make. I came to Canada when I was a baby in 1951.

But "Diversity" is not about fairness or enriching society. It promotes minorities not for their own sake, but as a way to undermine and control the majority.


It's ironic that the central banking clique should lay this guilt trip on Whites when the bankers are responsible for imperialism and wars past and present. They grew even richer through the slave and opium trades, and they control organized crime today through their agents.

The US population is more than 75% White and Christian. The plan is for Whites to become a minority by 2050 or sooner. Whites are expected to stand by and become guests in their own house.

When Whites are a minority, no one will champion their rights. There are two million more females than males at US universities. Have you heard of any affirmative action programs for males?

"Diversity" is practically unheard of in China, Japan, Israel, India and Latin America. These countries are allowed to keep their racial character. But because people of European origin have a sense of material, spiritual and political entitlement, they are the hardest to absorb in the New World Order. They are the targets of the "Diversity" program.

The central bankers use the tactic of "divide and conquer" to demolish the four pillars of our humanity identity: race, religion, nation and family.

First, they pretended to champion the workers to get rid of the Tsarist regime in Russia. Then they pretended to champion women and homosexuals to undermine heterosexual values and the family. Finally they are duping Whites to passively accept discrimination and diminished status.

They use the same dog-eared playbook. (Select one) Workers, Jews, Blacks, homosexuals, women -- have been oppressed for centuries. Let the bankers put their (select one) front men (or womyn) in power.


The central banking cartel is the real "colonizer," and people of European Christian origin are being colonized. "Diversity" is part of this program.

The banking cartel creates money using our national credit. As a result, society has been subverted by an alien power with a satanic agenda. Our poltical and kultural elites consist of traitors who, for example, allowed 9-11 to take place and covered it up. We are subjected to a constant stream of lies from these sanctimonious self-serving pawns.

In a poll taken Oct. 18, 2007, by the Toronto Globe and Mail, 63% answered "No" to the question: "Do you think Canada's multiculturalism policies have been a success?" The sample was roughly 11,000 and Globe readers tend to be liberals.

The founding peoples of the West have a right to maintain their national character and see it flourish. Immigrants expect to integrate, while retaining their heritage. They don't expect to be used to undermine the majority.

So, let's not fall into their "divide and conquer" trap by focusing our indignation on minorities. They are manipulated as much as we. Let's focus on the central bankers and their lackeys, in politics, education, business and the media.

I know this goes against the grain for some. Ask yourself where your attitudes came from. They were dinned into you by the media and education. Our society is essentially colonial and collaborationist. To succeed you need to be complict in the banker scam, or at least not openly oppose them.

May I remind you: the term "politically correct" originated in the Communist Party of the USSR in the 1920's. It is no coincidence that the term is part of our lexicon today. The same bankers who controlled the USSR then, secretly control the USA, Canada and Europe today.

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