Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016)



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    Will hopefully watch this shortly as my brother has lent it me on dvd!
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    Lionel Luther was brilliant on Smallville, had a great character arc through out the show.

    Lex Luther on Superboy was totally miscast in season 1, season 2 and 3 the role was recast thankfully. Underrated though a rarely seen show.
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    Too bad it never happened.
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    Mel Gibson calls Batman v Superman 'a piece of shit':

    Even if I liked the film, I applaud Mel Gibson for speaking his mind and cutting through the bullshit.
  • It's funny- if the movie had been made in the early to mid 90's, I could easily have pictured Mel as Batman OR Superman!

    Sorry he didn't like the movie- I did! And I still like Mel too!
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    Gibson was offered the part of Batman in the 80s. He would have been great.
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    I like to call it Bull v Shit, because it's one of the worst comic book movies ever.

    Be it not for the great Batfleck, it would easily be one of the worst movies ever made even.

    MoS shines in comparison and that is the real irony.

    I guess BvS could profit from future solo Batfleck movies. Once Batfleck is established it will be easier to sit through BvS. Unless Batfleck fails (what I don't expect) in that case the whole bunch of DC movies will go down in history as one gigantic failure.
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    Lol Gibson isn't wrong.
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    Gibson calling it like it is. I love it.

    Reminds me of Brosnan on Spectre, but Mel just doesn't mince his words.

    He's absolutely correct on the outrageous budgets too.
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    Our best Lois has a word on the film too:

    Chris would probably be shaking his head at the film too, rest his soul. "A Superman that says, 'You can't stay good in this world?' I mean, what've they done here?"
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    Snyder: Wtf is Christopher doing with his face??
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    doubleoego wrote: »

    Snyder: Wtf is Christopher doing with his face??

    I swore not to use emoticons again but.....

    =)) =)) =))
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    @doubleoego, haha!

    Snyder watching Superman II with his wife:

    Snyder: "Wait, what? What the f@#$ was Donner even thinking with this piece of shit movie?!

    Mrs. Synder: "What's wrong, hon?"

    Snyder: "Did you not see that? Superman just saved the planet from Zod and his cronies and...and nobody died? No buildings toppled with thousands of innocents in them and no fires or explosions sparked? I mean, what kind of bullshit is that, right? This isn't realistic, it's so...happy with its idealism and this take on Superman. Like Donner is actually proud of what he's made here. It makes my skin boil."

    Mrs. Snyder: "Well, honey, this is Superman. He's a good man who saves innocents first and foremost, a superhero representing a beautiful clash with the modern world paradigms of morality that tell us men can't be all good and all powerful at the same time. Superman is the person that proves to the world true good can exist next to absolute power, and his actions reflect that."

    Snyder: "Stop talking, alright. If I'd known you were going to disagree with me this much, I wouldn't have married you. 'Modern paradigms?' You don't see me making up my own f@#$ing words to win an argument, do you?"

    Mrs. Snyder: "I was just being honest, hon, that's all. And it's a real term, by the way. Read up on some philosophy."

    Snyder: "But this is not Superman, goddammit. He's not a man of the world, he's an alien. What have these humans done for him that would make him give so much for them in return? Superman should be realistically bogged down by the worries and suffering of the world. He should travel like a nomad with a bushy beard, working hard labor jobs on the open sea at a fishery or bartending in taverns feel stuff. To confront humanity for what it really is: cruel, unforgiving, bloodthirsty. Just like all my ex f@#$ing girlfriends, and you at times too."

    Mrs. Snyder: "But honey, Superman isn't meant to be like humans. He's intended to be above us, representing the best of what we can all aspire to be. He's an alien, sure, but he was taught American values like any other boy by his wonderful parents."

    Snyder: "God, here you f@#$ing go again... Ma and Pa shouldn't give him all the answers and right advice, okay? What sense would that make? It's too idealized. It's not realistic. Real parents hardly ever give you the answers you want to hear, much less the right ones. Hell, when I was a kid, when I asked my dad what a fork was for, he told me, 'Zack, that's the thing you shove into those holes on the wall over there.' He-my own father-tricked me into putting that f@#$ing fork in an outlet, and you know what happened?"

    Mrs. Snyder: "You got shocked."

    Snyder: "I got shocked! Superman's dad should be like my father was. He should be an asshole that gives Superman bad advice for the entire movie, then dies senselessly in a situation where Clark could save him, but decides not to for stupid reasons. It'd be a cinematic way for me to put a middle finger to my own dad right up there on the big screen for all the bullshit he told me growing up that I could never get him back for. Donner got it all wrong in his Superman movie, anyway, like basically everything else he touched. Pa Kent dies from what? A heart attack? How f@#$ing unrealistic. Anyone who's anyone knows that it's been statistically proven that bad fathers die more often from tornados than heart attacks. That's how Pa would die in my movie, and it would be f@#$ing epic. All Superman would do is stand there and take it, watching his father die, like I always wanted to have the opportunity to do. Man, Warner wouldn't even realize the gold I was making for them with this f@#$ing movie. "

    Mrs. Snyder: "Mmm."

    Synder: "Don't 'mmm' me. I'm serious here. One day, I'm going to make a Warner produced Superman movie, and it's going to be done the right way. I'll use sloppy religious metaphors to make Superman a Jesus-like figure, create pseudo-intellectual arguments for why he can't be all good and all powerful, and he'll be f@#$ing realistic, for crying out loud. He'll be moody. When he fights, people will die and buildings will topple. Lois will only exist to be saved by him, to be a damsel like any women worth f@#$ing. Forget using her as an independent gender role model for women. That's overplayed and not realistic. After a decade of being married to you, it's clear to me that women are at their very best cranky, flawed and always cowering for strong men to save them. Portraying them as anything more is an illusion. My movie would make Donner's look like the trash it is with all these elements in place."

    Mrs. Snyder: "That's the plan then, eh? A Superman movie directed by 'The' Zack Snyder?"

    Snyder: "That's the plan. I make the movie, Warner build me a throne made of gold, and we watch the f@#$ing money from that film just roll on in. I'll be their Superman, you just watch. I'll make millions for them, dirty, dirty millions. I'll make so much money I'll be able to single handedly fix the box office once my super f@#$ing mega awesome Superman movie breaks it from all the money it makes. When that time comes and I'm Warner's king, we'll look back at this beautiful moment and pinpoint where my great journey to fame and fortune began, riding off the back of a Superman movie done right."
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