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    Maybe this time? I've always liked Page for it, I hope his version is finally pressing ahead (after he was announced, what, two, three years ago?).
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    I have been rewatching The Return of the Saint its a shame its run was cut short. Ian Ogilvy was no Roger Moore though he is IMO the second best Simon Templer. Ian does remind me of Moore on occasion, not sure if that was deliberate. I always felt not showing the star of the show in the opening credits was a bad move.

    In the "new" Saint movie, Ian Ogilvy seems to be the only actor having genuine fun.

    The Adam Rayner film yes Ian is certainly enthusiastic despite the film suffering from TV movie syndrome. Just watching the film now, Ian gets to say 'Well I have got all the time in the world' I recall he was considered for Bond briefly.

    I read Ian did not take the cancellation of The Return of the Saint well so its good to see him return for the movie in a prominent role.

    The film was made 25 years too late. It's a TV pilot for the 90s.
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