Complete and Detailed Bond Movie Ranking



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    It is easy to rank the best and the worst
    1. OHMSS
    Simply put the other films in between these two. I would place Goldfinger near the top and Licence to Kill as well.
    DIE ANOTHER DAY, TSWLM, DAF, DAD near the bottom. I even liked CR 1967 and NSNA better than Moonraker.
  • It is easy to rank the best and the worst
    1. OHMSS
    24-MOONRAKER (
    Simply put the other films in between these two. I would place Goldfinger near the top and Licence to Kill as well.
    DIE ANOTHER DAY, TSWLM, DAF, DAD near the bottom. I even liked CR 1967 and NSNA better than Moonraker.
    I have to admit your logic is hard to argue with there OHMSS. Out of 22 official films, I have MR at #21 and on the atrocious meter, only DAD is worse. Appalling film :-))
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    After much badgering by my girlfriend, I gave in and started my Bondathon. I’ve been itching do this for ages! Discipline, 007, discipline; I was waiting for next year (this year, show's how it takes me go thourgh the Bond moives!) in preparation for Bond 23.

    Rather than starting with Dr No, I choose to start with GoldenEye; I’m breaking my girlfriend in gently, I don’t want her thinking all Bond films are “old” and too “slow”. Furthermore, I decided to pair each Bond with other Bond films that they have some similarities; I’m going to pair this one with CR, helmed by Campbell, both reinvigorated the series, etc…

    I watched them it this order;

    Casino Royale

    • Both lead actor’s debut
    • Both feature a understated story
    • Both feature Bond’s home etc…
    Doctor No
    Live and Let Die

    • Original and updated world war 3 plot
    • Both feature an Asian setting
    You Only Live Twice
    Tomorrow Never Dies

    • Iconic
    The Spy Who Loved Me

    • Ingenious plots
    • Both directed by John Glen
    • Both feature touching romances
    The Living Daylights

    • Both fourth actor’s appearance
    • Big budget extravaganza

    • Both feature an uncomfortable mix of fantasy and realism
    Die Another Day
    The Man With The Golden Gun

    Licence To Kill
    I was going to follow LTK with Quantum of Solace, both revenge driven films, etc, but….

    Diamonds Are Forever

    • Both feature European locations
    • Both feature a touching romance
    • Snow!
    • Tracy
    On Her Majesty’s Secret Service
    For Your Eyes Only
    And then Quantum of Solace

    And on to, A View to a Kill; this was meant to be paired with DAF; seventh Bond appearances etc…

    • Both feature Istanbul
    • First and last appearances of Desmond Llewellyn, respectively
    • Both feature when a villain saves Bond’s life; in the banker’s office in TWINE and, in FRWL, in the gipsy fight.
    The World Is Not Enough
    From Russia With Love

    Thanks to @PKK for help on suggesting on the pairing's.

    Anyway, on to my ranking;

    22. Diamonds Are Forever

    I watched this, my newly bought Bond remastered DVD, and I have to say, it looked exceptional, like it was shot yesterday. Anyway, back to the “review”… Sean Connery adds to lot of presence to a decidedly lightweight cast. From the first moments of this film, it seems the director has lost interest in the film, merely “that will do, on to the next scene” ethos, that undermines the entire film. Sloppy is the word I’m looking for. Also the Guy Hamilton trio of Bond movies seems to be devoid of any tension, any danger. Perhaps the absence of Peter Hunt has something to do with this; he filled, particularly the action scenes, with a certain dynamic energy.

    Diamonds succeeds as an entertaining comic strip Bond adventure, but a Bond film should aim to be much more than that.


    21. The Man With The Golden Gun

    Andrea Anders is a stand out character, truly tragic. She also allows Moore to show a nasty side to his persona, which is coupled with a good fight scene in Saida's dressing room. Indeed Moore is good value here, building upon his performance from LALD. His scenes with the legendary Chris Lee are well, simply put, erm, legendary. True Bondian classics.

    A pity the rest of the film rarely reaches those heights; the humour gets very silly at times while Hip and Goodnight are damned inept. Furthermore locking the latter in a closet, while Bond gets groiny, is unforgivable.


    20. Die Another Day

    I studied the chapter scenes and something is clear; half the film is great, and the other half, not so great; i.e. when Bond goes rouge, top notch, and when he’s back in the bosom of MI6… meh. Still Brosnan is on fine form here, it’s a pity that he went out a whimper. Brosnan was a damned fine Bond, whose tenure was undermined by too heavy an accent on action, and scripts that seemed to purposefully self destruct with an abundance of not very good boner gags.


    19. A View to a Kill

    A schizophrenic film; youthful, dynamic pairing of Zorin and Mayday vs. the aged forces of MI6; inventive action scenes (steeplechase, City Hall) vs. seventies spectacle (Paris chase, Fire truck escape); forward thinking plot vs. 70’s overt humour; well written characters, unfortunately portrayed by weak actors; Moore’s easy going charm vs. cut- throat 80’s business ethos. It’s like the producers wanted to give Roger Moore a spectacular send off, but the film can’t make up its mind whether go with seventies excess vs. eighties characters/conservative style.

    It’s an unfitting way to say goodbye to Sir Rog; I always get a lump in my throat when the end titles come up, it really is the end of an era. Roger Moore provided a steady hand, when the films were at their most inconsistent.

    However there is plenty to enjoy in AVTAK; namely Barry's score, the performances from Walken, Fullerton and Macnee, the whole climax and having an intuitive Bond doing a nice bit of espionage, keeping in tone with the previous Glen efforts.


    18. Moonraker

    Moore is on fire here, and it also benefits from some typical Barry and Adam contributions. I particular admire the cinematography and the locations, framed beautifully by Jean Tournier. I also must confess to really liking Bond and Holly hunting down the space globes in the films climax. The idea of Bond going into space has never really bothered me, but the laser battle just left me cold. Still, we got to hear John Barry at his celestial, ethereal best.


    17. You Only Live Twice

    Truly epic. Fleming said “go beyond with is probable, but never the impossible”, I always try to judge the Bond’s film plot by this mantra. However… it was the space race, it was the 60’s, a time when people were not so cynical… and I let myself be swept up in the sheer genius of Adam and Barry.


    16. Live and Let Die

    Very understated entrance for Roger Moore. Very good cast, especially the heavies, ( “You’re entering Harlem, baby!”), ingenious plot; cunning in its simplicity, and some delicious lines. I would have given it a 9, but….. Sheriff bloody Pepper.


    15. Quantum of Solace

    I like the bleak ambience of the film; it makes it unique, also digging the cinematography and set design. Forster delivers a very slick film, where the drawbacks are the much maligned hyper-editing. Other than that is a very effective, 70’s style thriller.

    A quick comment on the political overtones; I like ‘em. Helps make the film seem more plausible and credible. The speech from the Foreign Minister is a great little scene which explains the stance of the British and Americans. “Right and wrong doesn’t even come into it.” The world is not as black and white as Bond would like it.


    14. Goldfinger

    Of the first four Connery films this is my least favourite. Why? Compared to its brothers it lacks that slightly callous and hard edge. Then again it hits a sublime balance between the world of Fleming and the cinematic Bond.

    While Goldfinger may represent an artistic turning point for the series, it took its cue from Fleming's novel which, for me at least, is his most laid back and expansive. In the novel we get an iconic set of characters brought straight to the screen, not to mention Bond's first spy car and an extra emphasis on the hardware.

    Of course the way the film utilises these is really the difference between the cinematic and literary Bond's, but the spirit of Fleming's writing is retained, even if the context has been altered.

    Some things grate in this film; the over use of back projection makes the film seem overly cheap, while both the dialogue and acting in the Hood's convention is dire.
    Still we get a superb Bond/M exchange, golden roles fleshed out by some great casting and Barry and Adam get into their stride. I adore the 60’s Bond movies because of these two geniuses.


    13. GoldenEye

    A greatest hits Bond film that launched our venerable hero into the nineties. There really is a lot to enjoy with this one, namely a superb primary cast and a very strong script.

    Indeed this script helps anchor GoldenEye’s more fantastical elements, allowing for some rare moments of introspection. The script also cleverly asks Bond to validate himself in the post cold war era, something he achieves with aplomb.

    There are a few quibbles; some of the action scenes need trimming, while Boris gets far too much screentime, especially for such an annoying and superfluous character.


    12. Octopussy

    The action is inventive, locales stunning and it has great cast; Moore, especially, has some fine moments, defusing the bomb, squaring up to Orlov, the death of Vijay; very touching and sombre. Plus Moore has a great chemistry with Maud Adams. Silly humour infiltrations into a few scenes, the Tarzan yell, for example, but the overall theme from For Your Eyes Only is retained.


    11. Tomorrow Never Dies

    A neat updating of You Only Live Twice’s plot, and with recent events, so topical. Sleek, sophisticated and thrilling. The accent is on high tech sleek thrills, and the film delivers it in spades. Kudos must go to Spottiswoode, who betrays his background as a film editor delivering a taut and pacy film. A quick word for Mr Brosnan, who, builds upon his good work in GoldenEye, with a more composed and confident performance as Bond.


    10. For Your Eyes Only

    In many ways this film is the spiritual successor to OHMSS. Which is why I love it. After the spectacle of the seventies, this film marks a refreshing change of pace, where emphasis is placed on characters, and on having Bond rely on his wits.

    For me this makes the film eminently more satisfying. Bond becomes key to the plot; rather than being the catalyst around which action rotates; Bond is proactive in propelling the story along.

    Moore is particularly satisfying, his performance now undercut with a steely determination.

    What isn't so good however, are the comedic hangovers which bookend the film, and dent its appeal ever so slightly.

    Which brings me on to Bibi Dahl. She used to be a cute little irritant. Now she has evolved into a cute little character who, despite admittedly being somewhat out of place in a Bond film, at least establishes a little humanity for Bond and Kristatos.


    9. The Spy Who Loved Me

    I had a smile plastered on my face the whole time I was watching this movie, from the death-defying jump to the climatic battle, I enjoyed Spy like never before. Sure it’s too implausible at times, but it also has a fair bit of introspection that balances out the fantasy. Moore establishes his legend in this film; not just in terms of his Bondian performance but also his stature as a leading man.


    8. Doctor No

    Simply classic, iconic Bond. Young used to say, about DN success, that it was all “Connery, Connery, and Connery”. I think he’s being too modest; Young, and indeed, Hunt and Adam all contributed massively to the earlier Bond movies. Although Connery is immense as James Bond, 007, naturally.


    7. Casino Royale

    Is it me, or does Craig seem not comfortable with his sex symbol status here? I’m talking about the scenes with Solange. Hmm. Anywho… the pre titles/main titles is exhilarating, I was humming YKMN for ages afterwards, certainly up there with Spy; every time I view either of these I feel THIS is the best Bond movie ever. Although, they’re not. :-)


    6. The Living Daylights

    Superb Mr Bond, superb!

    This ranks as one of the very best Bond films. Glen’s direction is assured while it also features probably the best cinematography of his tenure. The screenplay is as intelligent and complex as any in the series. Barry’s score serves as a fitting swansong to this great man. The film is filled with a real sense of Fleming, yet all the cinematic hallmarks are here, and executed brilliantly and originally. And I haven’t even mentioned Tim Dalton, who’s the closest we ever got to Fleming’s 007.


    5. The World Is Not Enough

    I love this film. It gets a real hiding around here and that stings deep man, stings deep.

    Pierce Brosnan excels as Bond turning in an elegantly lethal performance. Backing him up are the supreme and fascinating double act of Sophie Marceau and Robert Carlyle; Elektra is dead inside and Renard is dead, physically. You feel pity for Renard. He realises Elektra is playing him, but he does not mind; he goes even so far as sacrificing his remaining days to see her happy.

    Marceau is smouldering and sensual, and for me, she shares a genuine chemistry with Brosnan. Elektra is an angel with a wing down, or so Bond thinks. Bond thinks he has found Tracy, but he finds Blofeld. Some people complain about the “quip”, “I never miss”, but I view it as an admittance of Bond’s heartbreaking choices, that Bond has to make.

    Now then in the light of objectivity I shall point out some of the films flaws.

    The more emotional nature of the script allows for some unintentional melodrama. (Primarily the scene between Bond and M in Scotland and the scene where Bond confronts Elektra. I like drama in my Bond films, but when it’s subtle)

    Casting a cheerleader as a nuclear physicist was either very naïve or very cynical. Richards dies when she has to share the screen with Marceau.

    However, the overall premise is inspired and all the Bondian attributes abound and in novel fashion.


    4. Thunderball

    A prefect Bond adventure, featuring Sean Connery at his most virile best. All the elements work; the plotting, sets, action, music, tension, violence, sex and the quips. I’ve complained before about the hijack of the Vulcan, saying it’s too slow and Young’s direction is anal, but not this time. It is an epic film, and Young is trying to tell us a story, I got caught up with the story like never before. It’s only on for two hours, that’s time to be spent with Bond, so what’s the rush? I just let the film wash over me, savouring Thunderball’s magnificent “epicness”.


    3. Licence To Kill

    Timothy Dalton again excelling as Bond, although this time we don’t see Fleming’s consummate professional, but a more animalistic interpretation, where Bond loses his sheen of sophistication, exposing the blunt instrument beneath. For most of the movie Bond fights with his heart, the personal nature of the story clouding his judgement, making his aim sloppy. It is only once Bond learns about the stinger missiles is he finally able to treat his vendetta as a mission, and he finally gains control of the situation. Superb again, Mr Dalton, superb.


    2. On Her Majesty’s Secret Service

    Once you get over the shock of George Lazenby as Bond, he gives one of the most underrated performances. Ever. Lazenby is the most natural Bond; sure he looks out of his depth early on, but as the film goes on, he settles in to the role, and by and end of it, I was rooting for his Bond; he made me care. Lazenby is the Human Bond.

    Other than Lazenby, everyone is on form here; from John Barry to Diana Rigg, this is a sublime experience.


    1. From Russia With Love

    This is a very cool movie, very sixties chic. For me Connery may well have delivered the greatest Bondian performance; suave, professional, poised, decisive, charming, virile and ruthless. Need I mention the brilliant writing, the superb translation from book to screen, towering performances from the greatest ensemble cast in any Bond film etc etc etc. Intrigue, romance, action and suspense, plus intelligence and craft in the way the whole package was assembled.

    The climatic battle aboard The Orient Express is superb and very tense. Young and Hunt bring us a master class of directing and editing. One of the best fight scenes, ever; it’s so brutal, really evoking Fleming’s novel. It’s been building to this for the entire movie. Bond, so decisive and authoritative usually, is played as a mere pawn, and Grant has executed the plan brilliantly. Grant is the most realistic and frighten Bond villain ever, he’s more than a match for 007, and only Bond’s quick thinking and resourcefulness saves the day.


    Catching up with the Bond films is like meeting an old friend. I really enjoyed this latest marathon, especially as it’s the first time I’ve done a Bondathon since the stroke.

  • royale65 wrote:
    My ranking

    Great list! Really enjoyed reading that and although I don't agree with some of the rankings (*coughilovetmwtgganddafcough*), it's nice to see that even your lowest ranked movie gets a 6/10. Being a member of "I like all the movies" club myself aswell.

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    I'll have a personal update, if it's any different from before without looking

    #1 Live and Let Die
    #2 The Man with the Golden Gun
    #3 The World Is Not Enough
    #4 For Your Eyes Only
    #5 The spy Who Loved Me
    #6 Moonraker
    #7 From Russia With Love
    #8 The Living Daylights
    #9 Goldeneye
    #10 Dr No
    #11 Thunderball
    #12 Casino Royale
    #13 On Her Majestys Secret Service
    #14 You Only Live Twice
    #15 Octopussy
    #16 Goldfinger
    #17 A View to a Kill
    #18 License to Kill
    #19 Diamonds are Forever
    #20 Tomorrow Never Dies
    #21 Quantum of Solace
    #22 Die Another Day

    Yes, I'll go with all that
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    Favorite to least favorite:

    01. TMWTGG - Solid fun entry, my favorite movie of all time. Light and fun. I would have to liked some gadgets though. Scaramanga is one of my favorite villains and Nick Nack is my favorite henchman in the series.

    02. MR - A feast for my eyes. Love the part in space. Pure entertainment. Great villain and henchman.

    03. AVTAK - A more serious Bond movie from Moore. A real solid movie, with highlights as the PTS, the scenes in France and the fire truck chase. Moore looks perfect as an english snob.

    04. TSWLM - OTT and good but I prefer MR in that department. I love the Lotus, Jaws, Stromberg and the lack of seriousness.

    05. TND - A modernised version of TSWLM. Brosnan proves he is the second best Bond, after Moore. Great villain and great henchman. Extra points for the lighter/handgrenade and the Q-made BMW.

    06. YOLT - Great OTT flick, by far my favorite Connery Bond. My favorite Blofeld and great gadgets and scenery.

    07. DAD - A real great popcorn action movie, but still follows the Bond formula.
    I love the gadgets and the OTT-stuff for the most part.

    08. LALD - Good but I don´t really like the "card crap", as Mr. Big says. Cool movie with lots of wrecked cars/busses/boats/planes.

    09. OP - Another good movie by Moore, mixes spices from FYEO and MR.

    10. DAF - An uneven Bond film, with some really great stuff, like the car chase, the moon buggy chase and Connery in his best ever performance. Sometimes it becomes to american and silly, like the circus scene. Great tone though.

    11. DN - Introduced some great things like a great villain with an crazy plan. Feels cheap but remains solid as it relies on Connery, and he does a good job as the tough but handsome agent.

    12. FYEO - My least favorite Moore film, but is a good solid action flick. Unfortunately
    it pales in comparision to his other movies.

    13. GE - Not a strong performance by Brosnan, but is breaking new ground for Bond while still resembling the older movies. Very serious atmosphere, but has a great tank chase and a great climax at Cuba, while the parts in Severnaya drag a little.

    14. TWINE - Really good except for the drama scenes. I also love the BMW Z8.

    15. GF - Created the formula, but that has been done better in later movies. It was very much an improvement over FRWL, and introduces real gadgets, like the DB5.

    16. TB - A mix between GF´s formula and the atmosphere of FRWL. Drags in some places but is a good Bond movie overall.

    17. TLD - Good debut from Dalton, even though the movie resembles an agent novel more than a Bond film. The car chase is great, as is the showdown with Whitaker and the scene with Pushkin in his hotel room. Solid.

    18. LTK - A good action movie, but doesn´t feel like Bond except for Q and the gadgets. The seriousness and violence should have been present to a lesser degree, and Dalton, while acting really well, should have had more quips (I think he has 2 in the whole movie). Still, an enjoyable film.

    19. QOS - A full gear action movie and is aiming right compared to CR. Great action scenes, but would have benefitted from less fast cuts in them. Good that the drama is only present in small doses. It´s doesn´t feel very much like a Bond movie though (keep in mind I have never read Fleming, so I mean compared to the older movies). To cynical and dark also.

    20. FRWL - Like TLD it resembles a real agent novel more than a Bond movie, but lacks the action that TLD has. It also drags sometimes. A pretty good movie, but far from a favorite.

    21. OHMSS - Underrated performance from Lazenby, who really could have been a great Bond. The movie however, while good, drags a lot in the first half. And it has a lot of drama scenes, like the one where Bond proposes to Tracy (I really don´t like that). The helicopter attack in the end is great, as is the theme song that fits perfectly with the sci chase.

    22. CR - My black sheep of the Bond family. Is this a Bond movie at all? Of course the name is there, but as a whole this could be Bourne or whatever. The parkour chase scene is great and the movie is doing quite well until the torture scene. That scene and all the love stuff really aren´t what I was expecting. Even without that it would be my least favorite Bond film, but that really settles it. Still it´s a pretty good film and Craig does a good job. I only wish it was lighter and less emo, had Q, Moneypenny and gadgets.
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    Jesus-- are you sure you didn't write that list backwards?? j/k
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    Yes, haha, I´m sure. I think it´s funny that I have such a different taste compared to most Bond fanatics. That is why it´so fun to debate in places like this.
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    Favorite to least favorite:

    01. TMWTGG - Solid fun entry, my favorite movie of all time. Light and fun. I would have to liked some gadgets though. Scaramanga is one of my favorite villains and Nick Nack is my favorite Henchman in the series.

    02. YOLT - Great OTT flick, by far my favorite Connery Bond. My favorite Blofeld and great gadgets and scenery.

    03. MR - A feast for my eyes. Love the part in space. Pure entertainment. Great villain and henchman.

    04. OP - Another gold movie by Moore, mixes spices from FYEO and MR. Destroyed NSNA in "The Battle Of The Bonds" (quality wise, I mean).

    You're going to make instant friends with DaltonCraig007 with a list like that! Welcome aboard!

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    Thank you, JBfan626.
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    Group one, the fantastic movies!

    1) Casino Royale
    2) Quantum of Solace
    3) The Livingdaylights
    4) Thunderball
    5) From Russia With Love
    6) Tomorrow Never Dies

    Group two, the great films!

    7) The Man With The Golden Gun
    8) For Your Eyes Only
    9) The World Is Not Enough
    10) Licence To Kill
    11) Dr.No
    12) Octopussy

    Group three, the good films!

    13) The Spy Who Loved Me
    14) Goldeneye
    15) Goldfinger
    16) On Her Majestys Secret Service
    17) You Only Live Twice
    18) Die Another Day

    Group four, the " okey " films

    19) Diamonds Are Forever
    20) Live And Let Die
    21) Moonraker

    The Bad Movie

    22) A View To A Kill

    I think some of you guys are going to wonder about this list ;))
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    DAF isn´t your least favorite anymore? I remember how much you used to hate it, and also TMWTGG.
  • MrBondMrBond Station S
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    I think it was a year ago or something like that i decided to re-watch both of them to give them a new chance.
    And as you see i keep TMWTGG as my favourite Moore movie, just because it has a more serious side and Moore plays the character at his best here.
    And with DAF i just watch it as a movie which is packed with some funny stuff, i don't find it as a serious Bond though.
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    Yes, I remember from last year that we agreed that TMWTGG was Moore´s best movie. But you didn´t agree that it was the best film of all time. :)
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    No because it's not, not in far distances. Because it has some major letdowns, like the elephant robbing J.W Pepper, Goodnight bumps her butt on the button which did mess up for Bond. And of course the whole end " fight " with NicNac where he puts him in a box and hang him up onto the pole on the ship. Charming end for a comdey? Certainly.
    Charming end for a Bond movie? No way.
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    Which one would you rank as the best of all time?
  • MrBondMrBond Station S
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    In terms of Bondmovies, Casino Royale. No doubt there.

    Best of all movies, hard question. Maybe Pulp Fiction or Nowhere Boy.
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    Luds it refreshing to see you're still around at MI6, you're a real veteran. Do you remember the user "Splinter Cell " from the old days?
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    First of all, I have to say that I love every single Bond movie. Here is my ranking:
    22. Moonraker -

    The film is great untill Bond is in Rio. The PTS is really great, the Venice part too. But could someone explain me how on earth could a few dancing guys prevent Jaws from atacking Bond? and everything gets worse when Jaws falls in love. What? Just no coment. I have no problem with the space thing, I have a problem with the laser guns. Why do they use laser guns? And the worst thing of the film: Jaws talking.

    21. Die Another Day

    The PTS is great, I didn't like the song, I liked the TS with the ice and fire thing and I liked the fencing scene too. But going into a hotel like he goes and being offered the presidential suite... and what about the DNA thing. It's just too surrealist. I don't have so many problems with the invisible car, because it's based on a real technology used by tanks which are invisible when they are far. Here you have a video explaining and some say that the french have this technology since 2003. However, the Ice palace with a tropical forest in the midle and icarus were just too much for me.

    20. Licence To Kill

    I'm sorry for the lovers of this film, but the film is just too american. Yes Sánchez is a great vilain and the PTS is almost perfect. But it's the old story of a cop who while seeking revenge is taken out of the poliece because of the case being too personal, however he continues with the case and with the help of someone of his office, he solves the case by killing the bad guy. This film is too overrated IMHO

    19. You Only Live Twice

    I love the game they played with Sean Connery's Bond of Bond being dead. In Thunderball with the JB in the coffin and From Russia With Love with the SPECTRE actor faking Bond. Ken Adam, Maurice Binder and John Barry are the best of this film. Connery was just tired and didn't want to be Bond longer.

    18. Tomorrow Never Dies

    I like this film, it's just that the intro is too long for me, the part where the boat sinks is way too long, and the film tries to then have a fast pace, but it doesn't really get it right. However, I like both Carver and Herr Stumper, or something like that. The score is not Arnold's best, the bond girls were dull...

    17. A View To A Kill

    I don't think that it's as bad as some claim, however, it's one of Moore's worst. It had the silly and hateful Duran Duran title song, and Binder's worst title sequence. I never thought that Zorin was a fair villain, however, Cristopher Walken did a great job.

    16. Diamonds Are Forever

    Fun to watch, that's everyithing positive I can say. Charles Gray was the worst Blofeld. Mr. Wint and Mr. Kidd were stupid, just like Bambi and Thumper. The story was ok. But I think that this film could have been much more, with the revenge theme and Connery NOT coming back. Connery was the best Bond with Roger Moore, but he didn't want to come back, and we could see it in his acting.

    15.The World Is Not Enough

    I like this film, I know that many of you hate it, but I think that it's Brosnan's second best. If it wasn't because of his overacting and Christmas Jones, it would possibly in my top 10. The action scenes are great fun. And I love Desmon's Q's last scene. "I always tried to teach you two things. First, never let them to see you bleed." Bond: "And second?" Q: "Always have a scape plan"... perfect scene for classic Q's ending...

    14. Goldfinger

    I think this film is very overrated. It's a really good film, true, but it's not as good as some claim... The best things of the film are: Connery, Ken Adam and Oddjob. What else can I say about this classic? Just one question, did anyone else think that it was stupid to destroy the car without taking out the gold first? I mean, the guy was already dead...

    13. The Living Daylights

    The best Dalton film, I really believe that he was the worst Bond. He did it really well in this film though. I don't think that the villains are as weak as some claim. I mean, when compared to Dominic Greene or Osato... The score is a really good one. And I loved John Barry's cameo. The worst thing of the film, is the bond girl, she was so dull...

    12. Live And Let Die

    Great introduction for Roger. Loads of action, loads of fun but, and it's a big but, no Q, and although George Martin did it well, I still miss Barry. Plus I didn't like Kananga's death.

    11. Thunderball

    It's a great film, however it's pace might be too slow, even if I really enjoy it that way, that drags it down a litle. Plus, I find the ending of the PTS stupid, how on earth could a Car have so much water? And why do the bad guys run to the water instead of going sideways? It's just stupid. Connery is superb in this film. Nothing more to say.

    10. Quantum Of Solace

    This film is so underrated. Just with the Opera house scene beats nearly the half of the films. However, it's not the only good scene: the PTS, and the ending are preatty good too... Plus Craig does a great work, just like Judi Dench and Jeffrey Wright. The bad things of this films are: bond girls, villain and shaky camera.

    9. Goldeneye

    A great introduction to a Bond that then, after this film, turned out to be worse than expected. Natalya is a marvelous bond girl, and Sean Bean one of the best villains, up there with Blofeld, Scaramanga and Sánchez. "For England James" is one of the best Bond film's quotes ever. So is:
    M: You don't like me, Bond. You don't like my methods. You think I'm an accountant, a bean counter more interested in my numbers than your instincts.
    James Bond: The thought had occurred to me.
    M: Good, because I think you're a sexist, misogynist dinosaur. A relic of the Cold War, whose boyish charms, though wasted on me, obviously appealed to that young woman I sent out to evaluate you.
    James Bond: Point taken.

    I just love that part...

    8. Casino Royale

    Great introduction to the second best Bond ever, (because I consider that both Roger and Sean are in the first possition, as I might have already said, they're both sides of a coin, I need Roger to apreciate Sean and vice versa). Vesper is the second best bond girl. The problem of this film: product placement. However I must mention that this film has the best Title sequence since the end of the Mauriece Bender era.

    7. For Your Eyes Only

    Back to the earth after doing the reentry... I think that the story is a grown up story, with loads of action, and again, Roger at his best. You might want to kill me, but I didn't like the Bond girl...

    6. On Her Majesty's Secret Service

    IMO a litle bit underrated. Lazenby is not the best Bond, but he doesn't do it that bad! Tracy is the best Bond girl, and the slow pace works really well in this film. I really like this Blofeld, much more if I comapre it with Charles Gray... The last half hour of the film is awesome.

    5. Dr. No

    A classic, the thing that started all. The thing that made me put it 5th and not 1st is that it is slow in some sequences, however, it's great fun as it is, and I wouldn't change a thing of it.

    4. Octopussy

    Great Roger's acting, I quite like the whole film, the things that make me put it 4th are details, like I didn't like Magda quite much or the TV clock thing. I liked Q, and of course, Octopussy. The villains are ok, just ok,...

    3. From Russia With Love

    No words, nearly perfect. Barry's best score, Connery's best acting, Kerim Bey is perfect, I don't quite like Biancci, but well it's acceptable.., I just missed Ken Adam, I'm sorry...

    2. The Spy Who Loved Me

    This film should be regarded as a classic. It had one of the greatest Bonds, one of the greatest, if not the greatest henchman (Jaws), a great Bondgirl, (I don't understand the critics to Bach), the title song is great, Ken Adam at his best and so on. Just one problem: the yellow skiing suit...

    1. The Man WIth The Golden Gun

    Nearly perfect, fun to watch, Roger Moore's greatest acting, Christopher Lee's terrific acting. I can't believe that I'm saying this, but the worst thing of the film was John Barry. His score could have been much better. The only other failure of the film was the bloody whistle...

    So this it is. It's not the usual ranking I know, but it's mine now, it might change tomorrow but, anyway.
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    (22) On Her Majesty's Secret Service
    I'll get murdered for this after I've typed this post, I realize that, but I'm sorry, I just don't find OHMSS to be that great. It's much too slow, the first half is absolutely horrendous, the villains are just bland except for Blofeld, and Lazenby was not the right choice for Bond. Let's face it, he just isn't good as all. Even when the action in the second half gets going, the movie still carries this air of blah about it. Now, I do like it somewhat because it is a Bond movie, but it's the bottom of the barrel for me.

    (21) Goldfinger
    Again, I'm probably looking for a beating, but like OHMSS, this one is just plain D-U-L-L. The action is spread few and far between, and really only the PTS, Miami Beach, and Fort Knox work for me, otherwise the entire middle section of the movie is pretty lame.

    (20) You Only Live Twice
    Haha, this isn't a good day for you '60s Bond fans, sorry about that! Much like the above two, YOLT is like someone yawned on the camera the entire movie, with the exception of some few action scenes like the fight with Osato's driver, the Kobe Docks, and the volcano finale. Everything else, however, is very forgetable and boring. Also, for me, this movie lacks the color and exoticness of the others in the series.

    (19) Dr. No
    This is a shame, because I used to like Dr. No. However, I've found it to be very unengaging, too short, and lacking in many crucial departments such as action and music especially. Sean Connery did enter the series with a bang here, but the movie around him and even some of his scenes just put you to sleep quite honestly.

    (18) Moonraker
    Not half-bad at all, in fact, sometimes very entertaining to watch! However, and this might be a hold-over from my previous "MR-bashing-to-the-extreme" period, but compared with the other 17, MR has to take the back seat here, and semi-regrettably too, as I am beginning to like MR a little more.

    (17) Die Another Day
    My love for Pierce Brosnan's 007 saves this one from the twenties range, and also DAD has terrific action pieces that are worthy of praise. Also, the locations are very Bondian and exotic, Arnold does a good job with the score in some areas, and I don't know, it just has the Bond feel to it. Unfortunately, Jinx, Graves, Zao, and much of the dialogue related to them keep Brosnan's fourth from reaching the Top Fifteen.

    (16) The Man with the Golden Gun
    This one has grown on me recently, so I'm placing it right outside the Top 15 for now, but that could change soon. Roger Moore is in top notch form, Scaramanga is a fascinating main villain, the locations are there, and a few of the action set-pieces really catch me eye with their excitment appeal.

    (15) Quantum of Solace
    This one has grown tremendously with me, and for good reason. It's got Classic 007 appeal, a swift, action-smothered pace, stellar locations, and a very solid performance from Daniel Craig. It's a fun movie to watch, and it has equally interesting/engaging "talk scenes" as it does action stuff.

    (14) Thunderball
    Even though the run-time seems exceptionally longer than it is, and the underwater scenes become repetitive and slow-paced, I still really enjoy Thunderball. Connery is in A+ form, the locations are eye-popping, the score is great, the plot and characters are very engaging, and a few action sequences are quite good. It's got that classic appeal, color, and vibrance to bring it out into the Top 15.

    (13) Casino Royale
    If they had to bring the series around in a more modern, serious-toned direction in 2006, this was the way to go. CR contains excellent characters, wonderful action pieces, color and vibrance like the previously mentioned TB, magnificent location work, and even a good score in some areas by Arnold. Daniel Craig came in with a bang, it it worked, because CR will easily become one of the "classics" much like the esteemed Connery era in the years to come.

    (12) Diamonds Are Forever
    Hang me if you wish, but DAF is such a great Bond movie! There's goofy antics to laugh at, heard-edged Bond moments provided by Connery that make you grit your teeth in epic excitment, engaging dialogue, a magnificent Barry score, and some neat action sequences as well. Definitely an old favorite of mine for sure.

    (11) The Spy Who Loved Me
    Classic Roger Moore right here my friends! Everything you would expect to see from our beloved Sir Roger and more! You've got the music by Hamlisch, the dynamite-action, larger-than-life sets by Ken Adam, Bondworthy locations, and the classic Bond traditions in full swing.

    (10) A View to a Kill
    What can I say, it's an old favorite! I really do think that AVTAK is highly under-rated and deserves much more attention that it gets. So what if Moore was old, he certainly gave off 10x better the performance than Lazenby or Connery in YOLT! You've got a good lot of villains, a recycled plot made even better this time around, a fascinating Barry score, and a climax like none other!

    (9) The World is not Enough
    Had you told me that this would have been my #9 a year ago, I would have laughed in your face! However, after re-evaluating TWINE, I realizw just how much I enjoy it every time. It has all the Bond elements in great stride, with that classic gem of the 1990s Bond gleaming in the background.

    (8) Live and Let Die
    A true Moore/70s Bond classic, and for every good reason. Martin blows my mind with that epic score, the villains are in a giant lot and are equally varied in character, Roger is in super A++ form, and there's this real sense of Bond quality to LALD. I can't put my finger on it, but anyone who also enjoys LALD will know what I'm talking about.

    (7) The Living Daylights
    A wonderful introduction to Timothy Dalton, with all the Bond elements checked off here in amazing quality. Not much to say here except that I really like it, there's just one of those qualities to it that shouldn't have to be spoken, you just know what it is.

    (6) Octopussy
    Interestingly enough, when I first viewed OP, I absoutely hated it! I thought it was one of the worst without a doubt. Then, as I reviewed it more frequently, I noticed just how awesome Roger's 6th outing is. He's truly the star of this one, and with great reason! Everything here comes together nicely, and it has one of the best plots in the series which brings together the two halves of this movie (Inida and West Germany) in a very well-done fashion.

    (5) For Your Eyes Only
    This one is a real gem to watch, every single time! It never fails to deliver, no matter when or where you view it. All elements work together and fit very nicely, making it my favorite of Moore's outings, close with Octopussy, but it wins by just a hair, and I mean a hair!

    (4) License to Kill
    Whether you prefer Bond to be hard-edged or not, there's no denying that LTK simply works. The plot might be a simple and straight-forward drug matter much like LALD, but nevertheless, there' the revenge factor that makes this mission personal. Dalton is fantastic here, and he really drives the movie home along with all the other stellar aspects like the large lot of villains and terrific action.

    (3) Tomorrow Never Dies
    Agreeably disagree if you wish, but this one is just awesome. The blitz-fast action pacing is very well-accomplished, and even the "talk scenes" have a meaning and place in the movuie which move the story along quite nicely. It's an old favorite no doubt, and I could never fathom kicking it from the Top 5. It's just that good!

    (2) From Russia with Love
    As the first bond movie I saw, and having grown up playing the game on the Nintendo GameCube, you better believe it gets a spot in the top 5! As everyone else will mention about FRWL, since the vast majority of us place it in the top 5, it's a stone-cold classic, and there's really nothing more to say except that nearly every Bond fan holds FRWL in high regard for reasons which have been stated plenty of times, and I'm no exception to those reasons.

    (1) GoldenEye
    My favorite Bond movie of all time, and it will never ever change, no matter how good SkyFall or any other Bond movie after it turns out to be. Every single Bond element works out perfectly, and nothing is left behind. Brosnan is the man, the action is explosively entertaining, the plot is absolutely entertaining, the dialogue is quote-worthy, and I'm sure I can go on for days about how truly great this Bond Legend is!
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    My personal list. Just sharing my opinion...

    1. Casino Royale - Loved Craig's performance and I thought he fitted the part
    2. GoldenEye - Great film for Brosnan to start of with. Just perfect. Tied with CR
    3. From Russia with Love-A true cold war spy film.That fight with Grant
    4. Goldfinger- Altough a little boring at times, its still a classic.
    5. OHMSS- Great film . Would love to see Lazenby come back for his revenge.
    6. The Living Daylights- Amazing Dalton perfomance.
    7. The Man with The Golden Gun- A good film
    8. Quantum of Solace- Altough pumped with too much action, still a very good BOND film
    9. Tomorrow Never Dies- A pretty good film all around.
    10. License to Kill- My love for this film remains
    11. Live and let Die- Poor Solitaire. Great Bond
    12. The spy who loved me - Just amazing.
    13. The world is not enough - Great action scenes
    14. Dr.No- Compared to the falls down the charts
    15. Thunderball- I was expecting more from this film.
    16. For your eyes only- Didn't like this film very much
    17.Die another day- Brosnan deserved a better script
    18. Moonraker-didnt like it very much. Prefer the book
    19. A view to a kill- It had some potential, but it got weird
    20. Octopussy- Still like it, but not the best for me.
    21. YOLT - I agree that Connery seemed bored
    22. Diamonds are Forever - OHMSS deserved a better follow up. It just seemed like a parody. Sorry to those who disagree

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    In groups (no particular order within a particular group):

    The best Bonds

    The better Bonds

    The not-so-good but guilty pleasure Bonds

    The overall disappointing Bonds

    The strangers
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    00Beast wrote:
    (22) On Her Majesty's Secret Service


    Only joking old boy. It’s refreshing to see some Brosnan love. Nice work.


    In my opinion there no bad films in the cannon. Now, there are “bad” Bond movies, but each one, I love dearly. No Bond film has failed to entertain me. I have a separate scale for deciding on Bond. Even DAF, which scored a 6.5 on my "Bond scale", would be 9ish out of ten if I was grading normally.

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    royale65 wrote:
    00Beast wrote:
    (22) On Her Majesty's Secret Service


    Only joking old boy. It’s refreshing to see some Brosnan love. Nice work.


    In my opinion there no bad films in the cannon. Now, there are “bad” Bond movies, but each one, I love dearly. No Bond film has failed to entertain me.

    Exactly, I love all 22 current Bond movies, it's just that some are a little better than others. Even though OHMSS is dead last at #22 for me, and I almost have to force myself to watch it at times, I do like it because it is 007.
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    I've changed my list a bit.

    1- LTK. Dalton is more badass than ever, Bond is realistic but still Bond (gadgets, one liners), great locations, hot girls, great stunts, the best villian of the series, the best Bond of the series, great film.

    2- TLD. Classic cold war action. The stunts are great, the car is great, Dalton is great again, really classic Bond.

    3- GE. Brosnans best film, TWINE just behind. Great action, great side characters, Brosnan is great, Sean Bean kicks serious arse as the villian, a great comeback for Bond after years away.

    4- GF. In alot of ways, this was the 1st Bond film. It's classic and filled with memorable moments and lines, Connery is at his best, and alot of the most loved things in the series were introduced here.

    5- TSWLM. Moore's best film. Lots of good humour, a good plot, memorable moments, great henchman, great villian, great car, it's awesome.

    6- TB. Another great Connery film. The locations are great, and the fight scenes are awesome.

    7- TWINE. This film seems to be hated, even by some Brosnan fans. But I like it. Renard is a tough villian, Elektra is hot, the action scenes are great, and it has the best PTS in the whole series.

    8- CR. This has dropped afew places on my list. Still, Craig is good as Bond, and there's plenty of great action, and the story is great. Q and Moneypenny should've been in it though.

    9- OHMSS. Blofeld, check. Ski chase, check. Car chase, check. Could've done with some gadgets but it's a fun, unique Bond film with an emotional side we've barely seen and that would have a lasting effect up until CR.

    10- LALD. I don't like the stereotypes, but still a good Bond film. The theme song is awesome, and the henchmen are some of the best ever.

    11- TMWTGG. This is just a really fun, enjoyable film. Moore is great as usual, there's an awesome villian and a funny henchman, and karate schoolgirls.

    10- LALD. I don't like the stereotypes, but still a good Bond film. The theme song is awesome, and the henchmen are some of the best ever.

    12- TND. Carver is a crap, weak villian, but other than that this is a fun film with great action and Brosnan doing what he does best, kicking ass as Bond.

    13- NSNA. Fun TB remake with Connery better than he was in DAF.

    14- YOLT. Blofeld, ninjas, volcanoe lair, classic Bond.

    15- OP. Fun film, great plot, decent henchman, Moore is great.

    16- FRWL. Cool action, great villians, and Connery is awesome.

    17- FYEO. This is low because Blofeld deserved a much better death. Still, Moore is again good as Bond, it's realistic but still has gadgets, and has a nice cold war feeling.

    18- AVTAK. There are some great stunts, like Maydays base jump, but some bad qualities, like Mayday. The villian is great. Moore is still good as Bond but let's face it, he was too old.

    19- DN. I know it's the original, but it bores me, especially the 1st few scenes. It doesn't have an awesome PTS or proper title song, Dr No is a great villian but he's barely in the film, and Connery doesn't seem as good as he is in his other films. But there is the bikini scene, and the finale, which kind of save the film from being lower.

    20- DAF. Wow Sean you put on afew pounds. The again he doesn't need to be in his top physical shape to fight the worst Blofeld and his stereotypical gay henchmen. Too camp for me, although the fight in the lift is great and the Bond girls are hot.

    21- MR. Roger is great, Drax is a great villian, Chang is a great henchman, I can get past the whole space thing but... THEY RUINED JAWS!!!! WHY?!?!?!?!

    22- DAD. Poor Brosnan, he deserved better. Great PTS, great Cuba scenes, John Cleese is in it and is awesome, Rosamund Pike is hot, and Brosnan is on top form. I was really enjoying this up until the Iceland part when Icarus was introduced. From there, it's all CGI, crap villians and robocop suits. The references to past films weren't needed. And Zao is really, really crap. He was crap in Fast and Furious and he was crap in this.

    23- QOS. Bond forgets he's Bond and goes on a shaky cam rampage after Vespers death. There's also some plot about Water or something, it's hard to tell. Crap villian, crap henchman, decent Bond girl, a DAD type reference to GF that wasn't needed, alot of stuff that makes no sense (Instead of telling M what happened on the opera house roof, Bond thinks, nah... I'll let her think I'm going for revenge). The Bond/M trust thing is overused to death. DAD was a bad Bond film, QOS isn't even a Bond film. Or at least, it doesn't act like one.
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    Ok so after ranking the films based on what I like and a quick look in my memory, the list I came up with was as follows:

    1) Goldfinger
    2) The Spy Who Loved Me
    3) Live and Let Die
    4) From Russia With Love
    5) Thunderball
    6) On Her Majesty's Secret Service
    7) The Living Daylights
    8) Octopussy
    9) Diamonds Are Forever
    10) For Your Eyes Only
    11) Moonraker
    12) Licence To Kill
    13) You Only Live Twice
    14) Casino Royale
    15) GoldenEye
    16) A View To A Kill
    17) Dr. No
    18) The Man With The Golden Gun
    19) The World Is Not Enough
    20) Quantum Of Solace
    21) Tomorrow Never Dies
    22) Die Another Day

    Having thought about it more, I decided to go at this more scientifically and devise 10 categories: storyline plot, 007 performance, bond girl, bond villains, locations, action/stunts, cars/gadgets, interaction of other characters such as M, Q, Leiter etc, music and how much I like the films personally. With each category, I gave the film a mark out of 10 and when adding all the marks together, divided the total by 10 to give an average mark out of 10. The results were as follows:

    1) The Spy Who Loved Me 9.1/10
    2) Goldfinger 8.1/10
    3) Live And Let Die 7.9/10
    4) Moonraker 7.9/10
    5) From Russia With Love 7.8/10
    6) Octopussy 7.7/10
    7) For Your Eyes Only 7.5/10
    8) Thunderball 7.3/10
    9) Diamonds Are Forever 7.2/10
    10) Dr. No 7.2/10
    11) On Her Majesty's Secret Service 7/10
    12) You Only Live Twice 7/10
    13) A View To A Kill 6.8/10
    14) The Living Daylights 6.8/10
    15) Goldeneye 6.6/10
    16) Licence To Kill 6.4/10
    17) The Man With The Golden Gun 6.4/10
    18) The World Is Not Enough 6.4/10
    19) Casino Royale 6.3/10
    20) Tomorrow Never Dies 5.6/10
    21) Quantum Of Solace 4.7/10
    22) Die Another Day 4.6/10

    Points of the list

    I was surprised to see how much the Dalton films had fallen, same with OHMSS as these are films I really like in the series. OHMSS was let down by a poor performance by Lazenby (gave him 2/10 for that category). TLD was let down by a weak Bond girl, poor Bond villains and awful music. LTK didn't seem to warrant the high marks in any of the categories.

    TSWLM seems to be by some distance the best 007 film for me looking at all aspects.

    DAD and QOS are streets behind the other films in every respect.

    Moonraker rises to a dizzy high of fourth, which is surprising.

    Sean Connery and Roger Moore dominate the top 10 with 5 films apiece. 5 Roger Moore films in the top 7, no less. Supports my theory that these two actors are by some distance superior Bonds.

    Only LALD, DAF and DAD have the same ranking on both lists

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    @Signed Nice ranking, nice to see some Spy love. I have done a similar thing, categorisation each film on specific parts. I didn’t like the results, so I stuck to my original rankings. There’s no qualitative measure on how much you like a film. So, I went by gut instinct.
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    Anyone else have a Bondathon ranking for the 50th Anniversary? I'll be doing my first ever Bondathon detailed ranking starting tomorrow, just wanted to see if anyone else had a list they have yet to add, alongside wanting to bump this for future reference.
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    1. Thunderball - One of the most gorgeous Bond girls of all time in Claudine Auger's Domino (and Lucianna Paluzzi's femme fatale ain't bad, either), one of the most sinister villains in Adolfo Celi's Largo, one of the best gadgets in the jetpack, and the best Bond of all in Sean Connery. Half of all of the cliches that have been copied or parodied a thousand times since, the eye-patched badguy, the tank of man-eating sharks, nuclear blackmail . . . were all fresh and new here. As for the other half . . .

    2. Goldfinger - The quintessential Bond film. This, more than Dr. No or FRWL set the template for every Bond film to follow. Two very memorable villains in the form of criminal mastermind Auric Goldfinger and his minion Oddjob, and the classic Bond girl with an incredibly suggestive name, Pussy Galore. Bond's tricked out Aston Martin. And that great scene on the laser table. "Do you expect me to talk?"

    3. Skyfall - The critics are calling this one of the best Bond movies ever, and I'm inclined to agree. Few Bond villains since the Sean Connery days have left as much of an impression as Javier Bardem and few Bond girls since then have been as exotic and glamorous as Berenice Marlohe. Casino Royale might have kicked off the reboot, but all of the classic elements are succesfully reinvented in Skyfall.

    4. You Only Live Twice Three of the best Bond movies are actually three back-to-back-to-back of Sean Connery's. YOLT has a great Japanese setting, a great ally for Bond in Tiger Tanaka, two beautiful Bond babes played by Mie Hama and Akiko Wakabayashi, and a climax that defines epic when an army of ninjas assaults a volcanic lair. Also, the script's by Roald Dahl.

    5. The Living Daylights - Timothy Dalton's Bond is second only to Sean Connery's. While he only stuck around for two movies, his debut ticks all the right boxes, from beautiful damsel in distress (Maryam D'Abo) to equally sexy car (the Aston Martin V8 Vantage) and exotic locations (Bratislava, Vienna, and Tangier). It also has the most complex plot of the series, packed with twists and turns to the very end.

    6. The Spy Who Loved Me - The best out of Roger Moore's record-holding tenure, TSWLM introduced Richard Kiel's Jaws, the only henchman that can compete with Oddjob in terms of infamy, and featured a Bond girl (Barbara Bach) who worked as a female counterpart to 007 better than most Bond girls who tried to fit the same mold afterwards. Plenty of suspense, action, and humor make this the perfect representation of everything right with Roger Moore's Bond movies.

    7. The Man with the Golden Gun - As far as comic relief goes, TMWTGG is one of the most genuinely funny movies in the entire series. Still safely below the level of ridiculousness of Moonraker, great lines include "This gun is pointed precisely at your groin. Speak now or forever hold your piece" and "There's a very useful 4-letter word, and you're full of it!" And while Goldfinger was protected by Oddjob, Stromberg was protected by Jaws, and Blofeld was protected by armies of anonymous henchmen, Christopher Lee's villain with his very distinctive weapon of choice actually did his own dirty work. His game of cat and mouse with Bond in his private funhouse may be the closest Bond has ever come to meeting his match.

    8. The World is not Enough - It's largely a sentimental favorite, because TWINE was the first Bond movie I saw theatrically. The PTS is one of the most action-packed of the series (matched only recently by Skyfall's.) All the other action sequences are eye-popping as well. The BMW Z3 is every bit as much of a "Bond car" as the classic Aston Martin. And, notably, the Bond girls are two of the most ravishing of the franchise. Say what you will about Denise Richard's Christmas Jones, but she's absolutely drool-worthy in every scene she's in, and Sophie Marceau is not only sultry as hell, but also the most interesting femme fatale of the series.

    9. Quantum of Solace - Contrary to popular opinion, I rank QoS slightly higher than Casino Royale. Daniel Craig's "blunt instrument" shows expensive tastes and a dry sense of humor, evolving a little bit more into the suave super spy we all know and love. While Olga Kurylenko is worth mentioning, Gemma Arterton's Bond girl (in my mind) leaves a much larger impression in a much shorter amount of screentime. She's a more realistic Bond girl, Matthieu Almaric's a more realistic Bond villain. And, after Casino Royale became the longest movie in the series, QoS is short, sweet, and to the point. The one downside is the shaky cam approach to the action scenes, but the scenes themselves . . . if the rope-fight in the cathedral had been filmed more traditionally, it would be one of the best in the series.

    10. Casino Royale - Daniel Craig is the only Bond actor to have all of his movies make my top 10. While I don't hold his debut as highly as some (it goes on half-an-hour too long, gets too maudlin, and at times Bond seems like he could be replaced by any other action hero), it moves the series in the right direction after the huge misstep that was DAD. There are some great action sequences, like the construction site free-running sequence and the race against time at the Miami Airport. And, while it's not as flashy as the other movies, all the important elements are there: glamorous Bond women, a cunning baddie with a physical deformity, and exotic locations.

    11. Dr. No - The formula wasn't in place yet, there weren't a lot of gadgets, and the action scenes were relatively low-key. But Dr. No got the ball rolling the right way. From the first seconds, introducing the iconic gun barrel sequence, leading into a simple display of lights, shapes, and colors for the main title sequence introducing the famous theme music, to the introduction of Bond himself, with Connery's effortlessly cool "Bond . . . James Bond", the series was off to a great start. And Bond's death-defying instincts and detective skills tracking down the nefarious Dr. No are as sharp as (maybe even sharper than) they'd ever be.

    12. A View to a Kill - Maybe Roger Moore stuck around for a movie or two more than he should have, but the Duran Duran theme song and the inimitable (by which I mean very imitatable) Christopher Walken as a villain alone make this well worth the watch. Enough said.

    13. Octopussy - Basically a rehashed version of Goldfinger, with the setting moved from Kentucky to India. But the exotic India locales are luscious, and Maud Adams, after a thankless role in TMWTGG, gets a much deserved larger role as the titular character, a more mature Bond girl aged more appropriately for the aging Roger Moore, a nice change of pace after the cradle-robbing Sir Roger had been resorting to lately.

    14. From Russia With Love - This is definitely one of the slowest-paced movies in the series, perhaps even dull at times, taking a more plot-based approach to Cold War era espionage rather than all-out action. But it's got an enthusiastic Sean Connery going for it. And when there is action, it's some of the best in any of the movies. There's an intense shootout at a gypsy camp, and there's also the most brutal brawl in Bond history: Bond and a pre-getting-eaten-by-Jaws Robert Shaw going mano a mano on the Orient Express.

    15. License to Kill - Timothy Dalton never made a bad Bond movie. LTK loses points for ignoring international espionage in favor of a simple revenge plot, but it's a very well done revenge movie. When Bond makes it personal, we feel his pain, since LALD's David Hedison reprises his role as Bond's most loyal sidekick Felix Leiter. And Bond's mind games, turning Robert Davi's cocaine dealer against his own lackeys, shows the most cunning Bond has displayed since Dr. No.

    16. GoldenEye - Sure, 007: GoldenEye for the N64 is the greatest video game tie-in any Bond movie's ever had. But the movie itself is kind of overrated. There's a great PTS, but after that it's a slow start, taking nearly an hour for the plot to get rolling. Sean Bean does a great job as the villain, and the idea of Bond squaring off against a rogue Double-Oh is a good idea for a bad guy, but a lot of the drama is based on a supposed history 006 and 007 have together that, after almost 40 years of Bond movies, the audience had never seen.

    17. For Your Eyes Only - After the ridiculousness that was Moonraker, FYEO brings 007, both literally and figuratively, back to earth. The plot's taken more seriously than in most of Roger Moore's missions. But there are some incredible action sequences, particularly during a chase that has Bond weaving in and out of various winter sports, including taking a bobsled track on skis! There's a great Bond girl in Carole Bouquet, and an underrated one in Lynn-Holly Johnson as a frisky figure skater. Too bad the excessively disco score, Bill Conti trying to fill John Barry's shoes, dates it. Also, Bond's anti-revenge sentiments seem pretty contrary to his usual character.

    18. Live and Let Die - Roger Moore takes on the role for the first time with confidence, as if he'd already done it a dozen times before. Jane Seymour is lovely, and there's a whole host of memorable bad guys, from Kananga to Tee Hee to Whisper to Baron Samedi. But Bond battling the denizens of Harlem, New Orleans, and the Caribbean, seems almost (if not entirely) racist, probably today more than it did in the 70's.

    19. Tomorrow Never Dies - Not bad, but not quite worthy of an agent of 007's caliber. Jonathan Pryce makes for an excellent Bond villain, but he chews the scenery a little too much and his plot can just barely be taken seriously. It's a fun romp, but it pales in comparison to most of Bond's adventures.

    20. Diamonds Are Forever - Sean Connery is, without a doubt in my mind, the best Bond. And DAF, without a doubt in my mind, is his worst Bond movie. Again, it's not bad per se, but after the high standards Connery set for his previous adventures, this one lowered the bar. The stand-outs in the cast are Putter Smith and Bruce Glover as hitman duo Wint and Kidd. Charles Gray's take on Blofeld is so-so, and the movie veers just a little too far into silliness.

    21. Die Another Day - Pierce Brosnan grew more comfortable with the role of Bond each movie. Unfortunately, he was a better Bond than this movie deserved. The plot's little more than an excuse to hang references to other Bond movies on ("Diamonds are for everyone") and tests the audience's ability to suspend disbelief too much (Invisible cars! Race-altering gene therapy! Sci-fi body armor!). There are a couple notable sequences (the sword fight's one of my favorites), but while the over-the-top action was cool to see on the big screen the first time, the movie doesn't hold up so well on repeated viewing on DVD. Even Halle Berry's Bond girl is just meh. DAD is Brosnan's Moonraker.

    22. On Her Majesty's Secret Service - While some Bond movies veer too far into silliness, OHMSS veer too far into seriousness. Maybe Sean Connery's grizzled Bond could have injected more energy into the movie, but while each actor has brought something new to the role of Bond, Aussie model George Lazenby seemed content to smirk and hope people would just forget Connery. He doesn't even really get to "play" Bond the whole movie, being dubbed for a huge section in the middle by the actor playing the character he's supposed to be mimicking for cover. And that middle section really drags. Telly Savalas does a great take on Blofeld, there are a couple great ski sequences, and the movie's tragic ending needs to be experienced by every Bond fan, but mainly the movie's too long and too dull.

    23. Moonraker - By far the most ridiculous, over-the-top, far-fetched Bond movie. The climax is a laser fight in space! Even for Roger Moore, the first time I saw this one I thought it was too hokey. The triumphant return of Richard Kiel's Jaws is hurt when the huge lug finds love and actually speaks, and even Lois Chiles' hot, wonderfully named Dr. Goodhead and a plot where the stakes are higher than they've ever been for Bond can't save the movie from the bottom spot on my list.
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    22. Die Another Day - Up until the Cuba scenes, we were having what may have been one of the best Bond film... then all went batsh*t insane when he went to Iceland. While watching this, really, I thought it was the best Bond film of Brozza until the second half; I was expecting Ashton Kutcher to show up behind me and say "Emil, you just got Punk'd!"

    21. Diamonds Are Forever - Sean should've remained in OHMSS and leave this one to another actor. It was evident that he was very busy negotiating about his contract that he didn't even bothered watching the previous film. "Everybody seems to act like someone died? Guys? Did someone die? Who killed who?"

    20. Moonraker - Only one word for this film's existence: money. The novel deserves justice for this atrocity.

    19. A View to A Kill - Roger Moore stars as Agent 0070 years old in this rehash of Goldfinger, but this time it's about computers.

    18. Octopussy - This could've easily been one of the better Bonds. Shame the humor dragged it down. At least the clown costume was appropriate for Sir Rog's performance.

    17. For Your Eyes Only - At last! Roger Moore went serious! In the wrong film! The dialog is mostly bad, the villains lack menace, it could've been saved by a few extra cuts to shorten some of the unnecessary scenes that added weight to this overlong film.

    16. The Man With the Golden Gun - Maybe if they stuck to the whole "assassinate James Bond" story, instead of the Soliton Radar whatnot. Disappointing, but I enjoyed it anyway for Roger Moore's straight performance and Christopher Lee's Scaramanga.

    15. The World Is Not Enough - The PTS, the villain, the story are all top-notch. Enter Christmas Jones, who was named as such solely for the purpose of having a facepalm inducing innuendo at the end.

    14. Quantum of Solace - The first and only art-house James Bond film. It's only let down was the nerd villain and the cameraman's constant spasms but when you get down to it, it's an excellent thriller of a film.

    13. Dr. No - the first entry was unsure about its footing in a pool of adventure/thriller films, but its greatest asset, just like it always was and will ever be, is its hero, James Bond, Agent 007, as portrayed by the manliest man to ever set foot on earth, Sean Connery.

    12. You Only Live Twice - Though it featured some of the most ludicrous moments in Bond history (the volcano lair, Little Nellie, etc.) YOLT offered us the very first outland-ish James Bond film and brought the series to greater heights when it comes to ideas and escapism.

    11. Thunderball - This is the closest thing we can have to Goldfinger as directed by Terence Young. Sean Connery, the two girls, and the villain are great in this film. Like FYEO, this could also need some cutting on the underwater sequences.

    10. On Her Majesty's Secret Service - Never mind if it's not Sean Connery: OHMSS took Bond away from the notion of being a 2-dimensional character and showed him not as an invincible hero, but as a man who gets scared, gets infatuated, gets in love so deeply, and gets hurt to the brink of denying reality. Don't let the mellow side of things fool you though, it's just as explosive as the previous ones, perhaps even more.

    9. GoldenEye - Pierce Brosnan refreshed us with a new Bond after 8 ball-kicking years of the Daltonator. This film showed that Bond can exist even if thee are no wars present, that as long as we have enemies threatening us, there are still heroes like Bond to defend us by all means, but with style.

    8. Tomorrow Never Dies - Another great one by Brozza, this time showing the dangers of greed knows no bounds. It's amazing how this issue is still relevant today. The entire Vietnam sequence was excellent in pulling up the stunts.

    7. The Spy Who Loved Me - Three really is the lucky number. Roger Moore proved this in this out-of-this world adventure that never seemed too induce wincing amid its constant cartoonish nature. It's a Bond film for boys. And even we like to be boys sometimes, don't we?

    6. Live and Let Die - This is Roger Moore's best Bond, period. The New York sequences are enjoyable and it features one of my favorite Bond girl, Solitaire. I wouldn't mind having an inflated opinion about this film.

    5. Casino Royale/Skyfall (tie) - Casino Royale brought back life to an ailing then 44-year old series by bringing back grit and realism to satisfy our testosterone-drenched appetites. The disappointment brought by DAD was gone and we once again put faith that nobody does it better than Bond. Skyfall is just the same: a mixture of all the things that made us love Bond after 50 years. This verifies our trust to the name of Bond. James Bond.

    4. Licence to Kill - Tim brought the franchise to new territories in LTK simply by showing the darkest side of Bond for the first time: this is not a Bond who raises an eyebrow and quips at every moment someone does. This is a Bond who will feed you to a shark, frame you to death, and burn you alive. Franz Sanchez is a mirror image to Bond, and the two girls are sizzling hot.

    3. The Living Daylights - A breath of fresh air. Tim showed us that he's the very same Bond Ian Fleming wrote about, but didn't lose the tounge-in-cheek characteristics exhibited by his predecessors. The European settings were not wasted, and even Afghanistan showed up its gems. Excellent, excellent movie.

    2. From Russia With Love - The classic Bond film that aims right at the center of the Cold War themes and hit it. Everything about this film is tops: the characters, the setting, the plot, this is on par with the novel and is truly worthy of being branded as "Ian Fleming's". And while we're at it, who's that guy in the yellow shirt standing near the railroad?

    1. Goldfinger - I'm not trying to ride in the "Goldfinger is #1!" bandwagon, because after all it's true: Goldfinger is #1. If Dr. No was a Fu Manchu parody and From Russia With Love was a generic 1960's cloak-and-dagger spy thriller, Goldfinger made the James Bond films a genre of their own. It set up the formulas: the girls the gadgets, the villains, etc. Connery once again owned the character, far away from the Fleming character, but just as entertaining nonetheless. Goldfinger knew what we wanted, and delivered it to us just as we wanted it.
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