Rest In Peace Tony Scott

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RIP Tony Scott. Thanks for some great films.

He jumped off a bridge in California.


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    Oh wow... :O
  • RIP, sad news indeed.
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    I just can't believe it. I like Days of Thunder and Spy Game very much.
    My sincere condolences to Ridley.
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    RIP Tony Scott indeed. Very shocked this morning.
    Some of the best films ive enjoyed were created by this man. Sad sad loss. :-(
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    Was only just reading this morning about Tom Cruise doing research for reprising the role of Maverick in Top Gun 2. Hope the film goes ahead in his memory, RIP.
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    Condolences to the friends to friends and family.

    Let this top gun director RIP.
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    Wow, can't believe this.
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    What a darn shame. Was a very talented director. Very shocked. RIP
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    I just saw this online...I am in absolute awe right now. So incredibly shocking.

    I say goodbye to a truly wonderful director tonight. I can only hope Ridley and his family make it through these terrible times.

    You will be missed, Tony. Thank you for bringing me one of my favorite films of all time, 'Man On Fire.' RIP.
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    Man on Fire and Ture Romance two of my fav films. Another one of the great British Advertising heroes of the early 80s goes.

    Still in shock and the way he went.

    RIP brother RIP.
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    What a shame.

    He had innovative ideas and, what´s worth even more, handled them like no other. What looked pretentious and self-conscious in other peoples´ films, he made it look perfectly natural and logic.

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    WTH. Why, Scott, why? :O

    Rest in Peace.
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    Filmmaker Tony Scott, regisseur van Hollywoordfilms als Top Gun en Beverly Hills Cop 2 is overleden nadat hij van een brug in Los Angeles afsprong.

    De 68-jarige Scott sprong van de Vincent Thomas brug. In de zwarte Toyota Prius van de filmmaker, die geparkeerd stond op een van de rijstroken van de brug, werd een afscheidsbrief gevonden.
    Producent Numb3rs

    Scott was naast regisseur van verschillende blockbusters ook producent. Samen met zijn broer Ridley Scott produceerde hij de series Numb3rs en The Good Wife.



    Filmcreater Tony Scott, directer from Hollywood movies like Top Hun and Berverly Hills Cop 2 past a way after he jump from a LA bridge.

    The 68 year old, Scott Jump from The Vincent Thomas Bridge. In his car who whas parked on one of the rows from the bridge, there found a goodby letter.

    Scott be directer, but also made various big movies as producer. Together with his brother Ridley Scott he produced various series like Numb3rs and The Goodwife.


    Thank you for Enemy of the State, Spy Game and Man On Fire Scott and your contribution for The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3 as producer.


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    I love 'True Romance'. That's probably my favourite of his. It's a Tarantino script.
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    Going to watch Top Gun tonight in his memory. Still shocked.
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    So shocked and saddened. Very sad he felt he had to end it that way. RIP, wonderful director Tony Scott. My thoughts and prayers are for his family and friends; such a really difficult time for them.
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    Keep on ridin' that Highway to the Danger Zone, my friend. We'll miss you.
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    Completely stunned by this news! Thank you for your cinematic memories. RIP
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    Very sad day. He was probably my all-time favourite film director. Ever since my teenage years watching Top Gun, he was my idol in terms of film-making.

    It's sad to think we will never see Top Gun II by Tony Scott, or any other new film by this legendary director.

    Damn shame!
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    This was quite a shock to hear. My first thought was, why? Things must have been very bad. Scott was 68, so he wouldn't have been directing films for that much longer anyway.

    It goes without saying RIP and thanks for all the memories with those great films.

    My heart goes out to his family at his time. I hope they can get through it OK.
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    Truly shocked when I read about this :(

    He's responsible for several really great movies. RIP, Mr. Scott.
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    Apparently, before his suicide, he had inoperable brain cancer.
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    Oh, man. Had Scott died of the cancer you can bet he would have gone done in history in a much bigger way and at least he'd have been with his family.
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    I always thought he'd make a great Bond director. Knew exactly how to make a visceral fast-paced action film without being self-indulgent. A real shame.
  • Sad news. Great director gone. RIP
  • Very, very saddening.
    One of the greatest film directors of our time, gone. Scott was a fantastic director, he even had his own style and tone to his films that i loved watching.

    He was, and still is, a huge inspiration to me since he grew up in the same area as I am, and I'm also a wannabe film director. Very shocked at the news! Rest in peace.
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    Very sad to hear about Tony Scott's passing. My condolences to all his friends and family. I happen to think he would have directed a great Brosnan-era Bond. Top Gun is a classic and Crimson Tide and Enemy of the State rank high on my favourite Friday night movie list.
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    Spy Game is one of my favourite films. Probably the one where Scott's stylistic approach really worked best, for me anyway.
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    It turns out Scott did not have brain cancer:

    His autopsy results, pending toxicological and other tests, will come through in 4 to 8 weeks.

    Scott is said to have written "multiple" suicide notes.
  • CraigMooreOHMSSCraigMooreOHMSS Dublin, Ireland
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    Samuel001 wrote:
    It turns out Scott did not have brain cancer:

    His autopsy results, pending toxicological and other tests, will come through in 4 to 8 weeks.

    Jesus, that's quite a big thing to get wrong under the circumstances.
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