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    Heres a link to my collection, only took on my phone so its not great

    When it opens you can click on it and it will get bigger, not in the picture is Licence renewed, james bond omnibus comic collection volume 1 and carte blanche and also some posters
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    @Alan007, I bet those VHS tapes will be worth quite a bit in the years to come! It still pains me that I didn't collect them all, in fact I don't even have half.
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    The video collection is great. I didn't collect them at the time myself but came across a seller not too long ago on ebay who had the full set on as an auction. Now, videos don't go for much at all on ebay now, if in fact they actually sell. Anyway, I watched the auction and got the lot, as in the picture 2 posts above for £5. And the postage? That was free. One of the best buys I have ever bought.

    I kinda felt bad for the seller as he was making nothing as the postage cost him near on a tenner. But I guess that is the chance they take.
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    We didn't have a DVD player till 2003 maybe later, if we had got one sooner I wouldn't have all the vhs either
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    I have FRWL, YOLT, OHMSS, and DAF on Ultimate James Bond Edition DVD, and the rest of my Bond DVDs are on Special 007 Edition. I have three of the collectable cars, which are TSWLM Lotus Espirit, TWINE BMW Z8, and Zao's Jaguar. I have every Bond video game since TWINE, and I have two Bond posters, which would be one of Sean Connery as 007, and another with Pierce Brosnan as 007, and the Bond movies he did are listed on the side. I also have the James Bond Encyclopedia and a book called The Man with the Golden Touch, written from a fan's perspective about all 22 movies.
  • Here's mine:
    (PS I am STILL trying to get my hands on a DVD of Casino Royale (2006) Deluxe/collector's Edition :/ and I also have an un-official Sean Connery bond cup, but forgot to take a picture of it :$ ;D)

    - This is just over two-years worth of collecting...
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    Other than the Ultimate Collectors dvd set, here are my other James Bond items that ranges from the 007 Omega watches to the 007 figures!!!! Recently completed my James Bond figures of all 6 actors to portray James Bond after finally getting the Roger Moore figure....




    See more of my James Bond collection here >>>
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    Received today issue 107 of the James Bond Car Collection. At least, LTK has the same number of cars than YOLT. Next issue: the Ford Econoline from DAF. Me wants.

    BTW, as there are not enough cars to fill up my third display case, I took out two shelves and i placed my Ian Fleming books (french edition, all of them, but given that some are in a dreadful state, I'll be replacing them with the english editions), the 24 DVDs and all the Bond CD I own.
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    @imranbecks- please fill me in where you got the suit Roger's wearing!! I just got a good deal on a TMWTGG Roger Moore and I HATE the suit he has!
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    Next issue: the Ford Econoline from DAF. Me wants.
    Great news. Are 109 and 110 the Chevrolet Impala Custom Coupe and Aston Martin DBS V12 from Live And Let Die and Quantum Of Solace respectively, confirmed?
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    @imranbecks- please fill me in where you got the suit Roger's wearing!! I just got a good deal on a TMWTGG Roger Moore and I HATE the suit he has!
    Haha.. Funny you should ask. The Roger Moore figure is actually from the Moonraker version, I hated the Moonraker suit it came with, so I replaced it with that business suit. To complete my Bond actors, I was intending to get the Sideshow Legacy Roger Moore figure which had him in a white tux, but I missed the boat and was really amazed by the overpricing of the Legacy figure for Roger Moore.. So I ended up getting the only Roger Moore figure, which was the Moonraker version locally at a store. It was warming the shelve for a few years now at that shop..haha.. It was the only piece they had, and for only US$50, I finally decided to get it, but I promised myself to get the horrendous Moonraker suit replaced... Hahaha.. So to answer your question, the suit I replaced with is actually from another Sideshow figure... It was from The X-Files Cigarette Smoking Man figure :-) >>>

    By the way, what's wrong with the white suit on TMWTGG Moore figure? Its the white suit with black tie right? Its definitely better than the Moonraker outfit. I wouldn't mind getting that suit from you and putting it on my Roger Moore..hahaha.. But I think the white tuxedo that the Legacy Moore figure had looks way better.... >>>
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    well.... wanna TRADE?!?!?
    JK yours looks way better than the dumb TMWTGG suit- you'd be getting the bad end of the deal :)
    Thanks for the info on the Cigarette Smoking Man- now to hunt one down

    For your second question, sure it's not that bad.... it's just that ol' Rog is the only 12 inch Bond figure I own (for now), so I want him in a classy suit or tux.... not that 70's nightmare, lol
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    Cool.. Haha.. Ok... More to come I suppose? Get all the actors just like I did... The display looks epic...

    If it were my way, I'd want all my Bond figures to be wearing the black/white tuxedo, just like the one on the Dr No Connery figure.. Right now, its a mess of 3 Bonds in a tux and the other 3 in business suits..
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    Oh... this is so heartbreaking ;)
    I actually used to own one of each! After college I sold them :-((
    For no particular reason other than I was moving out and didn't have the room- now I've settled down once and for all-- and naturally I miss them, lol

    BTW where'd you get the Daniel Craig?
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    Oh... this is so heartbreaking ;)
    I actually used to own one of each! After college I sold them :-((
    For no particular reason other than I was moving out and didn't have the room- now I've settled down once and for all-- and naturally I miss them, lol

    BTW where'd you get the Daniel Craig?
    So sorry to hear that you sold them away... Its really difficult to acquire these figures at a reasonable price now no matter where you're at.. Sideshow has stopped making Bond figures for now, but they still have the licence to do them as far as I know, otherwise, the James Bond page at their site wouldn't be there.. You can only hope that sideshow would do future Bond figures, kinda like what they did with the legacy collection, thats the only way you can get it at a standard retail price..

    As for the Daniel Craig, that is a custom figure. Got that one back in 2008. Bought the Daniel Craig headsculpt that came along with the Walther PPK and a silencer as well as the blue outfit and jeans he wore at the climax of QoS. Its from a company called Loading Toys. Here's how the figure looked at first >>>

    I had to get the black suit that came with the body separately... The only flaw abt it is that its a 3-button suit... Bond usually wears 2-button suits... But it still looks good I think...


    With Connery Sideshow tuxedo...
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    Do the watches that Bond wore in the movies count as a James Bond Collection?

    As worn by Pierce Brosnan:

    As worn by Daniel Craig in Casino Royale:

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    NICE- I have the Brosnan one as well! Love that thing!
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    NICE- I have the Brosnan one as well! Love that thing!
    Agreed! The bracelet on the Brosnan Seamaster looks so much better than the Planet Ocean bracelet worn by Daniel Craig in Quantum of Solace..... Although the latter has a more modern and sleek looking design on the bracelet, the Brosnan one I think is more suitable for dressier occasions thanks to its great looking bracelet and dial..


    By the way, I have the Planet Ocean model that Craig wore in QoS incoming in the mail... At 42mm, it will be a lot smaller than the 45.5mm that I already have which he wore in Casino Royale..
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    Bought this suit last week and it arrived yesterday!


    HELL of an improvement! For the record, the suit came with an actual tie, and so help me I tried to tie it!!! Eventually I said to hell with it and used the black one he came with (tie shaped fabric/plastic, with an elastic band to go around the neck)

    This is a NICE suit, BTW, all the pockets are real and it even has a freaking working belt!

    This will have a place of honor on my shelf!




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    Here's one part of my collection...

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    Thanks to, I managed to get the french editions of The Diamond Smugglers and The James Bond Dossier (long out of print here). I wanted to get The Book of Bond as well. But when I saw the price on, I was agog, aghast, and everything in between: 200 Pounds ?!?!?!? No smegging, frakking way !!!!!!!

    Still waiting for issues 86 and 87 of The Bond Car Collection. I certainly won't receive them tomorrow (one guess as to why). I'm starting to get worried. I also ordered issue 108. I'll see which one arrives first.
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    I have the first 21 films in the Bond Ultimate Collection DVD set, with QoS burned. I have a CR, QoS, and GE movie poster, along with a bunch of stills from GE, all the Entertainment Weekly James Bond covers, a Pierce Brosnan autograph (autopen, unfortunately), and a big cardboard cutout from Brosnan in the PTS sequence of TND. A local Suncoast shut down a few years ago, and it was up on their wall - not sure if anyone recognizes what I'm talking about. They were throwing them out, and me working with mall maintenance gave me a chance to go in and grab it before they left. I also own FRWL, DAD, TWINE, CR, and QoS on blu-ray, along with many of Fleming's novels, along with 'Devil May Care' and 'Carte Blanche'.

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    Received issue 86 and 87 today. My James Bond Car Collection is now up to date. Waiting for issue 108, which my british contact has told me is not available yet (apparently, Fabbri has some difficulties fulfilling their orders). He should receive it by tomorrow. Let's hope that it doesn't take as long to get here as the two aforementionned cars.
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    I have all the movies on dvd, 5 games (+ the two games that I have stored at my parent's place for older systems; commandore and atari) , mouse pad, some movie magazines and three miniature car models + plus my parents have some really old book with Sean Connery's picture from 'From Russia With Love" and three novels. I think that's the little I have.
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    Nothing amazing. All the Connery and Craig. I want to get all of them on Blu-Ray next year anyway. A Bond calendar, all of Fleming's books but FYEO,GF and the short stories. Carte Blanche, DMC, and a cool The Science of James Bond book that shows a scientific opinion on the possibilities and workings of gadgets, cars, lasers, etc; in the Bond universe and gives a lot of information on decoders and old spycraft. Highly recommended. Not much of a collector yet, but I'm young.
  • Hi Everyone, New member to this site. British but now living in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. Been collecting many,many years now and all my items are shown on . I am sure many of you have already visted from other sites however have just updated with a lot more items. Regards JBA
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    Casino Royale -1967 DVD
    Never Say Never Again DVD

    VHS DVD Soundtrack Film
    Yes UE Yes Dr. No
    Yes UE Yes From Russia With Love
    Yes UE Yes Goldfinger
    Yes UE Yes Thunderball
    Yes UE Yes You Only Live Twice
    Yes UE Yes On Her Majesty’s Secret Service
    Yes UE Yes Diamonds Are Forever
    Yes UE Yes Live And Let Die
    Yes UE Yes The Man With The Golden Gun
    Yes UE Yes The Spy Who Loved Me
    Yes UE Yes Moonraker
    Yes UE Yes For Your Eyes Only
    Yes UE Yes Octopussy
    Yes UE Yes A View To A Kill
    Yes UE Yes The Living Daylights
    Yes UE Yes Licence To Kill
    Yes UE Yes Goldeneye
    Yes UE Yes Tomorrow Never Dies
    Yes UE Yes The World Is Not Enough
    Yes UE Yes Die Another Day
    N/A 2DCE/DE Yes Casino Royale
    N/A 2DCE Yes Quantum Of Solace
    UE – Ultimate Edition
    2DCE – 2 Disc Collectors Edition
    DE – Deluxe Edition

    Casino Royale
    Live And Let Die
    Diamonds Are Forever
    From Russia With Love
    Dr. No
    For Your Eyes Only
    The Spy Who Loved Me
    On Her Majesty’s Secret Service
    You Only Live Twice
    The Man With The Golden Gun
    Octopussy And The Living Daylights [2006]

    Licence Renewed
    For Special Services

    Die Another Day – Raymond Benson

    Devil May Care – Sebastian Faulks
    Casino Royale – Movie Tie In [2006]
    Carte Blanche – Jeffery Deaver

    James Bond The Legacy – John Cork And Bruce Scivaily
    James Bond The Secret World Of 007
    The Essential Bond – Lee Pfeiffer And Dave Worrall
    For Your Eyes Only Ian Fleming + James Bond – Ben Macintyre
    James Bond Omnibus – Volume 1
    The Book Of Bond

    Roger Moore As James Bond 007 [Roger Moore’s own account of filming Live And Let Die]
    For Your Eyes Only Special
    Moonraker Special
    The Making Of Licence To Kill
    The Making Of Goldeneye – Garth Pearce
    The Making Of Tomorrow Never Dies – Garth Pearce
    The World Is Not Enough A Companion – Iain Johnstone
    Filming Of Die Another Day – Greg Williams
    Bond On Set Filming Of Casino Royale – Greg Williams
    Bond On Set Filming Of Quantum Of Solace – Greg Williams

    The Best Of Bond…James Bond 007 [1999 Version] [2002 40th Anniversary Version] [2008 Version]

    Computer Games
    James Bond 007 in…Agent Under Fire [PS2]
    Goldeneye Rogue Agent [PS2]
    Goldeneye 007 [Nintendo DS]

    James Bond Multimedia Screen Saver Collections Vol. 1 Girls n Gadgets
    Casino Royale playing cards
    James Bond Postcards (Sean, Roger, Timothy)

    Plus some posters.

    Need to update my pictures of my bond collection and I'll post them. It looks quite a big list but it's only a couple of shelves, I think I need to get a few models though.
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    x anyone help with how to put pics on here as i would like to show my collection if i can
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    largo2 wrote:
    x anyone help with how to put pics on here as i would like to show my collection if i can
    The simplest way is to upload them on a site like You don't even have to have an account. When you have updated your image you'll get several different link URLs to it. To show your image here, simply copy the code containing the [ img ] tags and paste it directly into your post.
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