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Just thought that seeing as the old thread has obviously gone it'd be good to ensure we still have it. As before, this is for telling everyone about your James Bond Collection and any new items you may have acquired.

Myself, my latest item was probably a 007 soap (with box) that I picked up in a charity shop for about 20p. Unused and box in half decent condition so quite chuffed with that.


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    soap?how you mean? is the some picture of that soap on the net?that isnt some movie soap right? :D
  • Scroll to the bottom of this page - - and you'll see the soap I mean.
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    Cool man, the latest i got was the Behind the scenes books from Qos and CR the one with photos and all
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    At this point all my collection amounts to is 20 DVDs in the Ultimate set, and 2 of them burned from the Internet. :-D I'm working on purchasing those ones legally.
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    'Oh drat, I've dropped the soap.' 'I'll get it!' 'THAT--- is not the soap.'
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    I've just got the new 'Bond Girl 007 Forever' perfume to go with my previous 'Bond Girl' perfume from Avon, now all I have to do is A) explain to my wife why I'm buying perfume and B) explain why she's not getting it.
  • Oh dear Saunders. Good luck with that
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    My latest addition is a second hand Sony Ericsson C902. Still works perfectly.
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    pesto nice!!! how much was it, my one still works perfectly but the colour on the phone is starting to fade beginning to look like the actual phone used on set cause of all the damage haha
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    Well i've got alot of Bond items (104 at my last count, along with 20 Ultimate Edition 2-disc DVDs, Casino Royale 2-Disc, QoS 2-disc and 20 Bond VHS' 2000 collection); including cars (favourite been; 1995 GoldenEye DB5 - still packaged car, playing cards, old warner bros. released bond vhs', atleast one version of each console game release since 1999, old (unofficial) - unopened 1000 piece jigsaw, walther PPK 7.65 mm replica, Walther P99 replica, a James Bond Jr. vhs, 4 Film Posters (including a 90's reproduce of Goldfinger poster) etc. My latest will be Johnny Lightning: 40th anniversary Bond miniture cars, unopened x2
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    My Bond collection never seems to stop growing. At the moment, I'm still going with the Bond car collection which has given me 103 models and counting to find a spot for. I'm also building the 1:8 scale DB5, where the engine and driving seat are complete so far. I've just bought the last of the soundtracks I needed, so they are all complete and matching, having bought the 2003 remastered versions.

    Apart from that, I have 2 complete sets of DVDs, a set on video, a bookshelf full of Fleming, Gardner and general Bond related books, all of the Bond games, all of the Corgi cars and several of the Icon figures. I also have all of the different playing cards, and random bits like magazines, trading cards, mugs, etc.

    I have far too much stuff, but it's a hobby that I enjoy, and gives me something to be on the lookout for.
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    I have been actively collecting Bond memorabilia for over 30 years, so I do have a bit of a collection. I have a room in my house that has been converted into a "Bond Bar" and displays much of my collection. Unfortunately it is not big enough to properly display everything, especially all my posters so they occasionally get rotated. Pictures can be found here
    I can't figure out how to display pictures on this new site.
  • OMG, can we swap? ;)
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    That's a great collection jaguar007. B-)
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    Very nice stuff @jaguar007. I'd burn the Brosnan&Jinx stand, but other than that it's pretty darn awesome. ;)
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    Guys where can i get a replica of the hand gun DC used in Qos and Casino royle? the wlather pp
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    Picked up two Bond T-Shirts in a Primark sale yesterday (big thanks to the Mother in law!!!)

    One's white with a print of the DN poster on the front, the other is black with a silver 007 logo across the chest and a silver Bond girl on the reverse....
  • Dr No - The World Is Not Enough on VHS, Die Another Day - Quantum of Solace on DVD.

    Oh, and a few Ultimate Edition DVDs (FRWL, GF, TSWLM, TND) and a 007 Car Chases DVD.
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    Nice collection Gaz1961 B-)
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    @Gaz Wow! I'd love to see all those books on a shelf. Respect sir, a beautiful collection to say the least.
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    @Gaz1961 That is quite a collection! I respect you and the time you took to get these books
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    Quoting Gaz1961:

    Just the books...
    I can see four of them that i also own - including the imperial war museum (for you eyes only) one :')
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    I have the first 21 films on DVD, all the Fleming novels, all the Higson novels, the James Bond Omnibus Volume 001 - 003, the Bond On Set books, as well as the James Bond Car Collection. I have 'Devil May Care' somewhere too.
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    Cheers DarthDimi and AgentJamesBond007 for your kind comments. That's not the entire collection, there's also two complete sets of DVDs and all the soundtracks and the radio dramas and audio books and a lot of CD singles and some dodgy cover version CDs, and that "Car Chases" DVD from Top Gear and a QoS mouse-mat and a little toy DB5. I'm not one for toys really, I'd rather have hundreds more books.
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    great collection you have :)
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    Quoting Mark_Hazard:
    Just excuse my "acting" in that last clip.
    Very nice Hazard much better than my TV appearance :-D

    I'm pretty embarrassed to show this, but here is a TV interview I was on in 2002. I spoke a little too positively about DAD (what am I gonna do on TV).

    My friend made a DVD of it.

    Me and the wife were also a little heavier back then :)
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    Great collections chaps, I'm very jealous. Great to see your efforts getting recognised by the media and don't worry about your overwhelmingly positive DAD comments jaguar007, as Bond fans we have a moral duty to publicly endorse the current Bond releases and you were very tactful, especially when that reporter stated that he 'wasn't too familiar' with OHMSS. If that had been me I would probably of responded to his comment with 'Well maybe you should do your research properly then, you ignorant prick!' :)
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