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    I have the Moonraker action figure made by Sideshow Collectables, but I can't find the gun that goes along with it. I also have other stuff as well, such as DVD's, posters and the like.
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    Got rid of alot of stuff over the years matchbox toys books magazines etc. i still have FRWL, LALD, MR and LTK on vinyl.
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    Some of my collection below on this link (thanks DiscoVolante for the heads up)

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    I have DN, GF, TB, LALD-TWINE in Special 007 Edition and FRWL, YOLT-DAF in Ultimate James Bond Edition. As for DAD-QoS, those are just regular DVD releases. Does anybody have Special 007 Edition or Ultimate Bond Edition in all 22?
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    had all the movie's different video and dvd versions. though just bought the ultimate edition box set, neglected bond for a while looking forward to watching the documentary's, and brushing up on my bond history.
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    Just bought Carte Blanche at the Paris WH Smith. I'll start reading it next week.
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    Great stuff @largo2.

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    Great stuff @largo2.

    xxx Thankyou marketto007 updating photo's at end of March with new items. Do you collect anything yourself?
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    Received last friday issue 116 of the James Bond Car Collection: the Lada Niva. Didn't( expect it to be so small. Nice little model, though. The next model, the Mercedes from GF, is one of the most interesting cars in a long while.
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    Just had my Q mug delivered, time for a coffee methinks.
  • The love of my life is my Omega Seamaster 007 edition that came out to celebrate QOS>
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    Getting harder to track down but got one at last

    Uploaded with
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    Excellent @largo2. Soon everyone will be after one. Well done for getting in quickly.
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    Samuel001 wrote:
    Excellent @largo2. Soon everyone will be after one. Well done for getting in quickly.

    Thank you Samuel00, amazing when shopping around the only letter that almost everyone had sold out of was Q - not long till the merchandise bandwagon starts
  • Mostly die-cast models from:
    The James Bond Car Collection
    The Minichamps James Bond Collection
    James Bond Corgi Icons
    Ultimate DVD Collections
    11 BD Titles
    Sideshow collectibles of all Bonds made
    Various Corgi and Johnny Lightning Models
    Walther PPK and P99 Metal Based Gas Pistols
    Various Books on Bond in the Cinema
    Laserdiscs of GoldenEye, Goldfinger (Collectors edition)
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    No where else to put this, but it really has to be posted.
    You see, here down under in Australia we're celebrating fathers day, and my two beautiful kids have spoilt me somewhat.
    And all of the gifts are Bond related...well almost. Firstly James Bond Monopoly

    And also, James Bond top trumps.

    And finally an Aston Martin DB5, that I've never seen before.
    I'll have to upload a photo, but it's quite cool.

    After all these years, they finally get me. Yes I love the socks, but Bond gifts are sure to make me smile.
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    Nice @Benny! :-bd

    @largo2, lots of great stuff there, impressive!
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    I own:
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    And these:
  • ^ Sexy! What scale are those?
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    1:16 is the scale. They're from the James Bond Car Collection.
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    No, much smaller: 1:43
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    I did think I was wrong but thought if I put down what I thought they'd be I was bound to be right! Lesson learned!
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    They are slightly bigger than regular Corgi cars. Not sure of the scale to be honest.
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    Actual photos of my collection, rather than the google search above!!! :P

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    Got the James Bond Encyclopedia for being an Usher at my sisters wedding, I didn't bother telling her it'll be out of date in a months time after Skyfalls release but its a cool little book
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    Part of my collection. I'll post another one on the Bond day, that is going to feature on a Interview I gave.

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    The only thing not shown are my 1950s-60s Fleming paperbacks. And the scotch tape that holds them together.
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    =bg= wrote:
    The only thing not shown are my 1950s-60s Fleming paperbacks. And the scotch tape that holds them together.

    Wow wow wee wah!!!!! Amazing stuff!
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