Has Each Bond Actor Done a "Classic" Bond film?



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    Herr in Sweden on one of the biggest tv-channels has started to broadcast some Bodn movies as they refer as " the classic James Bond movies " and the movies they are going to show is DN to DAF. So i guess the public sees the Connery movies as the real classics.

    And in Sweden TMWTGG and OP is also classics, just because it have so many Swedes in it.
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    SC - From Russia with Love and Goldfinger
    GL - On Her Majesty's Secret Service
    RM - The Spy Who Loved Me and For Your Eyes Only
    TD - Licence to Kill (because TLD is too 1980's New Wave for me)
    PB - The World Is Not Enough (maybe because it has the perfect elements for a Jmes Bond film by the Brozza)
    DC- Casino Royale
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    Well, if classic means iconic to the series, here's my list:
    DN. intoduction of Sean and Ursula, both definately iconic scenes
    GF. The plot does that. And Odd-job of course. Nobody doesn't know GF
    TB. Same as above, they both propelled Bond to immortality
    OHMSS. perhaps. It's the skiing, the ' odd Bond' and the marriage that probably make this one very well known.
    LALD. The croc-jumping is a very well known scene
    TSWLM. personally I don't care for this film, but Jaws is a series icon.
    TMWGG. perhaps. Mostly becouse of NicNac.
    LTK.Becouse Bond loses his license. Again, not my pick, but that's a thing the audience is going to remember.
    GE. The music, the jump off of the dam, and Famke Janssen with her killer thighs. Also, the tech-geek is introduced to Bond, also on the wrong side.
    CR. Well, we've all been discussing the most iconic scene here, Bond in the sea. The public isn't going to forget that one. But also the love for Vesper. As a friend told me: ' now I know why he is the guy he is!'

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    Connery-FRWL,Dr.No, Goldfinger
    Craig-CR and QOS
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    Connery-FRWL,Dr.No, Goldfinger
    Craig-CR and QOS

    So you only like Connery and Craig?

    And how can rank QOS as a classic while missing out TSWLM, LTK, TLD, GE, OP, YOLT, OHMSS is really beyond me.
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    Connery-FRWL,Dr.No, Goldfinger
    Craig-CR and QOS

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    Connery - FRWL, TB
    Lazenby - OHMSS
    Moore - TSWLM, FYEO
    Dalton - TLD, LTK
    Brosnan - GE, TWINE
    Craig - CR

    I'm under the impression that this is our own individual definition of "classic" otherwise I'd rank on money gross or societal impact. For example YOLT could be considered classic Bond, because Austin Powers spoofed it, or Moonraker could be a classic on a sci-fi level. Goldfinger is hugely popular and helped start Bond mania, but for me it's not the spy classic as some feel. The titles I picked are classic for me, and tend to be the ones I gravitate towards re-watching, though I really love all the Bond films!
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    Connery-FRWL,Dr.No, Goldfinger
    Craig-CR and QOS


    I'll agree. That's a tad harsh...
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    In terms of popular appeal with the audiences, as in commonly known and loved by the masses:

    Sean Connery- FRWL, GF, TB, and YOLT
    George Lazenby- None
    Roger Moore- LALD and TSWLM
    Timothy Dalton- probably TLD
    Pierce Brosnan- GE
    Daniel Craig- CR

    In terms of my rewatchability factor and personal liking:

    Sean Connery- FRWL and TB
    George Lazenby- None
    Roger Moore- LALD, FYEO, OP, and AVTAK
    Timothy Dalton- TLD and LTK
    Pierce Brosnan- GE, TND, and TWINE
    Daniel Craig- CR and QoS
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    I think that neither Moore or Dalton made a classic Bond film.
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    Array of different (and bizarre) comments, but Moore at least did a classic with For Your Eyes Only, could be the best ever of his tenure, at least to some neutrals and critics alike. Also, Golden Gun really does work, but maybe not of 'legendary status', also Spy Who Loved Me is as close to a classic Bond film as you will find, the remainder didn't live too long in the memory for most

    Dalton made a classic in Daylights, everybody should be aware of this. Damn improvement from what came immediately before and got Bond back on track with some hard edged reality, after Moore's latter efforts threatened to submerge the series to the depths of Atlantis. LTK is not so good, certainly not a classic by any means. More brutal and harsh than before, but not a classic by any stretch. Truly great or classic Bond movies seem few and far between sometimes, the most recent we came close to was Royale six years ago, before that (for me The World Is Not Enough), but most people will argue Goldeneye, and then Daylights before it. This year is promised something special by some quarters, but don't believe all the hype and just wait for the film's final presentation. Then we can make proper judgments

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    Connery-FRWL,Dr.No, Goldfinger
    Craig-CR and QOS

    So the likes of four of the six Bond actors had absolutely nothing close to a classic Bond film, yet you consider QoS to be one? You must be joking.
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    I don't think he is. Lazenby, one release, not a classic (to him), fair enough, Moore, seven films, no classics, ok that's good enough, Dalton, two movies, not a classic there, sure, good for you, Brosnan, no classics either, I can maybe appreciated that thinking maybe, Craig, lo and behold, two classics which include Quantum Of Soalce, I think he went a bit haywire at the end there, that was a classic headache
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    I'll most certainly agree to disagree with the both of you.
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    I was stating his thoughts on the actors in question, not necessarily my own. I was merely trying to understand his reasons

    My intial reactions are at the top of this very page
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    Classics? You mean movies that that almost everybody knows?!


    Very Close
    Goldeneye( The video game has a little bit to so with it. It might be more iconic than the actual movie)
    Casino Royale
    Dr.No(just because the Honey Ryder introduction shot)
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    Here are a few definitions of classic (according to thefreedictionary.com):

    1. Belonging to the highest rank or class (which seems to be the one we use in this thread)

    2. Serving as the established model or standard

    3. Having lasting significance or worth; enduring (We seem to use this one a little as well)

    4. A typical or traditional example

    I will go ahead ans use nr. 1, since that seems to be what most do. I ignore the general public's opinion and pick the ones I deem to be of the highest class.

    SC: YOLT
    GL: None
    RM: All his movies
    TD: None
    PB: TND & DAD
    DC: None
  • I'm going to assume the term "classic" in this case means something that will be remembered as a gold standard in years to come by both Bond connoisseur's and the general public alike.

    Connery - From Russia With Love and Goldfinger
    Lazenby - On Her Majesty's Secret Service
    Moore - The Spy Who Loved Me (though I prefer FYEO, but most may not consider it classic)
    Dalton - None. (I love LTK, but I don't think it has achieved that status yet, and may never.)
    Brosnan - None. (Though GE comes close, but doesn't quite make it.)
    Craig - Casino Royale
  • For me, a film to be considered a classic, it needs to be recognised by a popular consensus of the Bond community and the wider general public who watch Bond films but aint necessarily Bond fans. Therefore, one needs to assess the classic value from two different perspectives for each of the actors:

    Sean Connery (Bond fans) - From Russia With Love and Goldfinger
    Sean Connery (General Public) - Dr No, Goldfinger and You Only Live Twice

    George Lazenby (Bond fans) - On Her Majesty's Secret Service
    George Lazenby (General Public) - None

    Roger Moore (Bond fans) - Live and Let Die and The Spy Who Loved Me
    Roger Moore (General Public) Live and Let Die, The Spy Who Loved Me, Moonraker and Octopussy

    Timothy Dalton (Bond fans) - The Living Daylights
    Timothy Dalton (General public) - None

    Pierce Brosnan (Bond fans) - GoldenEye
    Pierce Brosnan (General public) - GoldenEye

    Daniel Craig (Bond fans) - Casino Royale
    Daniel Craig (General public) - Casino Royale

    Only films that are considered classics by both parties are true classics of the series. Therefore, using this method, only Goldfinger, Live and Let Die, The Spy Who Loved Me, GoldenEye and Casino Royale are classics (using my, admittedly, shaky methodology)
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    I'm suprised how many people have said Brosnan none when they're talking about what the public thinks.

    It gets a bad rap on here like all his films but tons of people think GE is a classic, it's memorable and it's always at the top of polls.

    I think the films most thought of as classics by the public are GF, TSWLM, GE and CR.
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    Sean - FRWL, TB
    George - OHMSS
    Roger - LALD, FYEO (Shame john Barry did not do the soundtrack)
    Timothy - TLD
    Pierce - GE
    Daniel - CR
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    sorry double post
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    I definitely feel each Bond has at least one film with either, all the classic 007 elements or strong impact.

    Connery - FRWL, GF, TB, YOLT.
    Lazenby - OHMSS.
    Moore - LALD, TSWLM, FYEO (And, believe it or not, MK feels like a classic).
    Dalton - TLD.
    Brosnan - GE and perhaps TWINE.
    Craig - CR, and Skyfall! [-O<

    Niven - CR for sure!
    "You must be joking" :P
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    Connery - From Russia with Love, Goldfinger, Thunderball

    Lazenby - His one outing

    Moore - The Spy Who Loved Me, For Your Eyes Only

    Dalton - The Living Daylights, Licence To Kill

    Brosnan - Goldeneye

    Craig - Casino Royale, (i've got everything crossed for 'Skyfall')
  • I know I have participated in this before but without looking back, will go again with each actor and I doubt there will be any change

    Connery - Doctor No, From Russia With Love, Thunderball

    Lazenby - only the one, but OHMSS is a classic Bond movie, even if I never really enjoy it as much as I should, but it's a success for Mr Lazenby for his one and only appearance

    Moore - Live and Let Die, Golden Gun, The Spy Who Loved Me, For Your Eyes Only

    Dalton - The Living Daylights

    Brosnan - Goldeneye, TWINE

    Craig - Casino Royale, Skyfall - (?) (I am quietly confident)
  • I think I could choose one for each actor (although some made more). This is after recently seeing Skyfall and watching all 22 others on the blu-rays:

    Connery - From Russia With Love.
    While Goldfinger is the movie that took Bond into the stratosphere, FRWL gave us all of the elements that would become staples of the franchise for the first time. Also, the fight in the Orient Express is still one of my favorites of all time.

    Lazenby... not much discussion here, other than the fact that OHMSS has won fan polls for favourite Bond film of all-time. I almost would have liked to see more out of him, although, watching the special features makes it seems like he was a little bit of a pain-in-the-ass off camera.

    Moore - For Your Eyes Only was my favourite here. More classic than his other ones simply because it was the least ridiculous and to me had the most realistic plot of his, which is not to say that I'm not a fan of high fantasy adventures like Moonraker. Those are not just as "classic" as others.

    Dalton - I would have to choose Licence to Kill. Very memorable moments like the loss of his licence and the death of Felix, one of those classic series characters. Plus Sanchez was one badass villain.

    Brosnan - Goldeneye is the one he'll probably most be remembered for and that's the one I'll choose as well. Sean Bean as 006 was fantastic. And Brosnan finally brought the nice mix between comedy and badass-ness that Moore struggled with on one end and Dalton on the other. A fresh breath of air.

    Craig - My second favourite Bond behind Connery, and Skyfall will be tough to beat as I believe it's the best film in the franchise. Emotion that we haven't felt since OHMSS, a villain that's right up there with the best of Blofeld, Goldfinger and Red Grant and the lovin and action we've all come to expect from Bond (someone gets eaten by a komodo dragon, 'nuff said)

    All this being said I think every Bond film is far more fun, memorable and classic than 3/4 of the rehashed boring garbage that's being manufactured by money-printing Hollywood now anyways. Just my opinion.

  • I would say that the movies that stand out from the rest, and puts their own mark on the franchise is considered classic. Saying that, I'd say yes, every actor has made a classic movie.

    Connery: Definitely From Russia With Love. That's a classic spy movie, right there.

    Lazenby: Obviously OHMSS. I don't even need to explain that.

    Moore: This is a bit harder. I guess the movie most people remember is TSWLM, and I'm inclined to agree. While not my favorite, it's got a lot of classic elements.

    Dalton: Licence to Kill, for sure. A very different Bond movie, exactly the reason why people remember it.

    Brosnan: This is a bit harder as well. PErhaps Goldeneye, seeing how most people in the younger generation remember it as their first Bond, and so it'll live on because of us. I'm still inclined to say Tomorrow Never Dies though, but I may be a bit biased, I don't know.

    Craig: Casino Royale. No question about it. It's got every element a modern Bond movie should have, and people will always remember it as "that movie without the gadgets".
  • Connery : FRWL, GF, TB
    Lazenby : OHMSS
    Moore : TSWLM
    Dalton : TLD
    Brosnan : GE
    Craig : CR
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    Connery-FRWL,Dr.No, Goldfinger
    Craig-CR and QOS


    Connery: GF
    Lazenby: OHMSS
    Moore: FYEO
    Dalton: TLD
    Brosnan: GE
    Craig: SF
  • Yes! Each actor has been apart of a classic Bond film.

    Sean Connery-From Russia With Love & Goldfinger
    George Lazenby-OHMSS
    Sir Roger Moore-The Spy Who Loved Me
    Sir Timothy Dalton-The Living Daylights & License to Kill
    Pierce Brosnan-Goldeneye
    Daniel Craig-Casino Royale & Skyfall
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