No Time To Die - Deleted Scenes *SPOILER warning*



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    IMO it was kind of a dumb idea for a gadget. I can see why they'd do it, but the analogue worked because any one of the three plates looked like a real plate.

    Any one electronic plate... you're getting pulled over. :)) Anyone can see that the only use for an electronic plate would be so you can change plates... I know I'm probably overthinking it but I just thought it was a poorly thought out gadget. Glad it didn't get used.

    Do you know if anything was filmed with them?

    On the new podcast Chris Corbould does confirm they shot a scene with them but it didn't make it to the final cut. He says which countries' plates they display too.

    Other gadgets they considered apparently included drones which launch from the rear numberplate, and giant Union Jack wings which allow the DB5 to fly (yes really!) :D

    Sir Rog would have been proud :D

    Can you imagine seeing something like that though? Especially in a Craig film.
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    Heh, was gonna post that myself. It's canon.
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    Might as well have had Bond die by trying to jump over a passing Great White...
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