Rank the differing Gunbarrel Sequences (from best to worst)

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So, I know there was already an elimination game of each of the 22 gunbarrel sequences back on the old MI6 forum, but this time I want to make a thread about rankings only, no elimination. Instead of ranking all 22 sequences separately, I thought it'd be best to only rank the ones that differ in significant ways other than score (i.e. <i>actor</i>). If someone thinks we should rank all 22 so that we can incorporate scores, please let me know and we can do it that way instead.

Commentary for your rankings is optional.

<font size="1">*Note — Sean Connery's gunbarrel for <i>You Only Live Twice</i> and <i>Diamonds Are Forever</i> differs slightly from the original in that it is black and white, but I don't think that's enough reason for it to be classed separately.</font>

First, here they are in chronological order:

1. Bob Simmons
2. Sean Connery
3. George Lazenby
4. Roger Moore <a href="(TAKE 1)</a>
5. Roger Moore <a href="(TAKE 2)</a>
6. Timothy Dalton
7. Pierce Brosnan
8. Daniel Craig (CR)
9. Daniel Craig (QOS)

Here's a video of all of them together:
<a href="http://www.youtube.com/v/osXaHOsDhnE?fs=1">http://www.youtube.com/v/osXaHOsDhnE?fs=1</a>;

And here are my rankings:

1. <b>George Lazenby</b> — Despite the technical faults of this gunbarrel, Lazenby himself does an excellent job and the knee drop is a great improvisation. Very creepy but effective atmosphere.

2. <b>Timothy Dalton</b> — Smooth, heavy, and a quick and accurate shot.

3. <b>Pierce Brosnan</b> — Some hate the CGI change, but I think it's a perfect milieu between the previous effect and the overblown CGI in the CR and QOS barrels. Brosnan's shot is accurate and his stop-and-turn is quick and to the point.

4. <b>Roger Moore (LALD, TMWTGG)</b> — In Roger's first take, his shot is a bit to the left, and the gun sound effect is a bit out of sync as well, so that takes some points off. Otherwise, a very quick and succinct shot.

5. <b>Sean Connery</b> — Sean's gunbarrel isn't bad, but he's a bit clumsy in his execution, and you can see his stop-and-turn coming from a mile away.

6. <b>Bob Simmons</b> — Very slow build up, almost to the point of being creepy, with an overacted climax. But still, it was the first and is quite iconic, especially since it was just a stuntman, not the real Bond actor.

7. <b>Daniel Craig (CR)</b> — In this unique and creative spin on the gunbarrel, it is for the first time incorporated into the storyline and completely changed. Daniel's pose here is great, no complaints. I'm a sucker for tradition so it's not a favorite of mine, but it's much better than the abomination that followed.

8. <b>Roger Moore (TSWLM-AVTAK)</b> — I've seen 80-year-olds have a quicker reaction time than Moore does in this gunbarrel. It has a promising start, but a very lazy and unimpressive climax. At least Roger gets the aim right this time.

9. <b>Daniel Craig (QOS)</b> — As many have pointed out before, Craig looks like he's rushing through this because he has to evacuate his bowels. The whole thing is rushed (fitting the overall theme of QOS) and the music is particularly forgettable. The CGI is really overdone and just... my god Daniel's almost <i>running</i>, and it looks like he's going to fall over!



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    1.) Pierce Brosnan - say what you want about the films themselves, but i think he has the best gunbarrel sequence.. it's smooth, and then he snaps around and fires quickly... in the commentary to DAD, i remember him saying that he would've liked to film another one to use... Why?? It was perfect..

    1.) Daniel Craig (Casino Royale) - i just liked the way it was incorporated into the story the PTS, and the 'legend' about how Bond attained his 00 status..

    1.) George Lazenby - despite the gunbarrel starting so far into frame, that George looks like he's on a treadmill, i love the drop down to one knee - it's quick, it's sudden, and it's different..

    1.) Timothy Dalton - Tim's isn't bad, it starts off ok, but his turn isn't as quick as I personally would've liked to see.. but it certainly isn't as slow as Moore's..

    1.) Sean Connery - I don't know what it is, but such a classic and iconic James Bond as Connery was, I never really liked his curtsy gun shot..

    1.) Roger Moore (LALD,TMWTGG) - Everything looked okay, but... you couldn't even tell it was Roger, he was too damn small..

    1.) Roger Moore (TSWLM - AVTAK) - Not a poor gunbarrel in design.. but by the time Roger stops and fires, he could've been killed 5 times over..

    1.) Bob Simmons - I really cannot stand how slow he walks, and his bunny hop... what kind of marksman hops and fires at the same time?? - this isn't a videogame..

    1.) Daniel Craig (QOS) - I didn't mind the look, not even Craig walking away at the very end... but damn - it looked like Craig was almost running through the scene..

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    Best gunbarrel IMO - Goldeneye, closely followed by FYEO
    Worst gunbarrel IMO - QoS, rushed and in the wrong place.


    This is the QoS gunbarrel edited to the GE music. Shows how much faster the former is.
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    believe it or not, the difference between the original QOS one, and the slowed down one from Goldeneye, is only 1 second? (maybe 1.5)... if you time it by when the music starts, to the gun shot, QOS's in 7 seconds.... the redone version is 8 seconds... what makes it weird looking, is not only Craig's movements - but also how quickly the blood comes down after the gun shot... usually there is a brief pause before the blood - but in the QOS one, it comes down almost immediately and goes much faster.... the beginning time is roughly the same, but the ending is way too quick...

    lets hope for Bond 23, it's A) Back at the beginning where it belongs, and B) The correct pace..
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    You know,i never to this day,realised that Craig walked onwards and off the gunbarrel for QoS !!
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    Quoting Bond: So, I know there was already an elimination game of each of the 22 gunbarrel
    sequences back on the old MI6 forum, but this time I want to make a thread about
    rankings only, no elimination.
    Actually, there was also a ranking thread for gunbarrels made by me, but it was just forgotten too easily.

    Anyway, not doing the full rankings yet, but I do give ya my current and detailed TOP 5:

    5. Tomorrow Never Dies
    - It's something classic mixed with something new, and it's goood. I just love how the music variates from the previous gunbarrel Bond themes, making it's own tune. And Brosnan's pose is simple yet effective, IMHO.

    4. For Your Eyes Only
    - To be honest, Bill Conti's score for FYEO is midly OK but it's mostly saved by this awesome part. It's a powerful blast of groove, although Moore's gunbarrel pose isn't my favorites. But still it's just...kick-ass.

    3. Goldfinger
    - It's retro Bond at it's best. So what if it's Bob Simmons instead of Connery, it still looks like it could be Connery. The music is awesome and the gunfire sound is threatening as hell. Marvelous way to start a marvelous movie.

    2. Licence to Kill
    - Dalton's pose is simply the best, it doesn't look very comfortable but he still makes it. And Michael Kamen's music is incredible just like in his every other work. It may sound too Die Hard-esque, but that's probably the beauty part of it. Simply putted: magnifico!

    1. GoldenEye
    - It's Eric Serra that made this scene. The music is synthesized, but noticing the time when this came out and Serra's skills, it's extraordinarily kick-ass. It feels like your watching a video game cutscene, only it's a James Bond movie (and a darn good one, IMO). In my eyes, comparing to the rest of the series, this takes the cake too easily. It's one of it's kind.
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    Maybe we should do a new elimination game on this ,as it appears Brosnan's are favourites,compared the the old game where his gunbarrels went out much too early IMO.
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    1. Timothy Dalton
    2. Bob Simmons
    3. Roger Moore (2)
    4. George Lazenby
    5. Sean Connery
    6. Roger Moore (1)
    7. Daniel Craig (CR)
    8. Pierce Brosnan
    9. Daniel Craig (QOS) - MK12 should be shot for this mess!

    Kleinman better create something worthy for Craig for Bond 23 and beyond. I'm looking forward to see what it is.
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    Connery gunbarrels wasnt done by Connery?or just DN gunbarrel?
    worse-well we agree about this QoS.
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    1- Timothy Dalton: Perfect execution, good pose at the end, quick and efficient.
    2- Sean Connery: Quick, good pose at the end, slight stumble does take away from its quality.
    3- Roger Moore (2): Good pose, slow turnaround though.
    4- Daniel Craig (1): Excellent turn and shot, not a fan of the final pose.
    5- Bob Simmons: Walks too slow, not a fan of the jump, but good final pose.
    6- Roger Moore (1): If it wasn't for the arm movement it would be 2nd. It's better than all except Dalton, but the arm movement makes it bad, he may have missed the target ;)
    7- George Lazenby: Good speed, I like the final pose, don't mind the kneel down, but the turn feels unnatural, like a girouette.
    8- Daniel Craig (2): Walks too fast, pretty much ruins it. CGI.
    9- Pierce Brosnan: His first 3 are better than QOS but the DAD bullet ruins his changes. Terrible CGI.
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    Quoting dragonsky: Connery gunbarrels wasnt done by Connery?or just DN gunbarrel?

    No, Dr. No to Goldfinger gunbarrels were done by stuntman Bob Simmons. Thunderball is Connery's first on his own.
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    @dragonsky According to the making of Doctor No on the DVD, (iirc) they decided to add the gunbarrel pretty much last minute, had no shot of Connery doing this so used Simmons.
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    I've actually never considered their "turn-around speeds" in my ratings. I've always been fond of Moore's second, especially FYEO with that groovy music.

    Pierce Brosnan's is really good, nice walk, great pose, great look of it all (I love how the gunbarrel forms in the way we are used to exactly when the turn-around happens).

    Worst: Moore's first.

    Simmons, Connery, Dalton and Lazenby are all good.
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    1. OHMSS
    2. DAF
    3. LTK
    4. GE
    5. FYEO
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    1. Dalton - A confidant walk, with a smooth fluid turn & shoot. It's like one full movement.
    2. Moore - That's a better stance than the first Moore gb, the two handed grip makes more sence.
    3. Connery (TB - DAF) - Wibble wobble Bond takes aim.
    4. Moore (LALD & TMWTGG) - Come on, that would have to put his aim off.
    5. Brosnan - The gb has a nice glossy look, but Brosnans stance is uninspired.
    6. Lazenby (OHMSS) - It was a neat idea to have Bond drop to one knee, but the treadmill at the start is just plain sloppy.
    7. Craig (CR) - Where's the build up, where's the dots?
    8. Simmons (DN - GF) - Look, Bond has even brought his own bouncy castle.
    9. Craig (QOS) - I'm told it isn't, yet why does it's feel too quick?
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    Quoting MajorDSmythe: I'm told it isn't, yet why does it's feel too quick?

    Bond walks at a faster speed I think, well the above video seems to suggest so.

    Hopefully a proper redo will be done for Bond 23 and used for all of Craig's future films.
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    that what i was thinking.but i didnt know why they didnt used Connery.Tnaks @Luds , and what is iirc?
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    Quoting dragonsky: what is iirc

    IIRC - If I Recall Correctly.
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    1. Timothy Dalton
    2. Pierce Brosnan
    3. George Lazenby - This one makes me laugh every time. Extra point for razzle dazzle.
    4. Daniel Craig (QOS) - A really impactful shot.
    5. Sean Connery - The left arm is a nice touch.
    6. Bob Simmons - I never liked the hop.
    7. Roger Moore (TAKE 1) - I feel like each one of Moore's gun barrels should end with him getting shot first. He's way too slow.
    8. Roger Moore (TAKE 2)
    9. Daniel Craig (CR) - The blood looks terrible. Ruins a really good shot.
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    Seems we are discussing more here the various walks/poses of each of the actors and the gunbarrel graphic but not so much the music which for me can make or break a gunbarrel - CR and LTK being prime examples of this (music makes CR and breaks LTK) so after studying each one in silence (I'm at work and having the Bond theme blaring out 22 times (well 21 times fellow pedants) would be pushing it) heres my take.

    1. Dalton - Oozes smoothness, danger and class in all aspects. This man is Bond from the off.

    2. Lazenby - If we omit the treadmill aspect his actual pose is quality. I remember really hammering my kneecap trying to copy it on our hall floor when I was a kid. Its something like the Bond from the books would do; make the target smaller and even if his opponent gets a shot away it will probably be high and then he nails him. Like the hat as well - wouldnt be averse to it returning.

    3. Brozza - Very smooth and controlled. Seems to have a very accurate aim and to drill his man right between the eyes. Quite like the CGI barrel here as well - especially compared to later efforts.

    4. Rog 2 - The one I grew up with although now I can see its pretty sluggish by comparison with some of the others.

    5. Craig 1 - Possibly the best turn and shot. The gunbarrel and CGI blood that flows faster than any fluid I've ever seen (apart from one perhaps...!) though is utter bollocks.

    6. Rog 1 - Practically identical to his other one except for his wandering aim which I'd never noticed until now. The things you learn round here.

    7. Simmons - A bit too slow on approach but then springs and fires quite spectacularly. Loses an extra mark for putting his foot outside the circle.

    8. Connery - For such a physcial man Sean seems to have the co-ordination of a blind, one legged giraffe on an ice rink. Ends up like hes trying to balance on a tightrope - one breath of wind and he'll topple over. You can see his ankle ligaments really straining to hold him up until the camera cuts as teeters on the brink. Would have loved to see him in South Pacific in his early career, his dancing must have been all over the shop. And how did he get a trial with Machester Utd? Woeful.

    9. Where to start? Daniel seems to stomp along like an angry toddler before turning most unaturally as if he is some sort of computer simulation. I think the original Goldeneye on the N64 had a more realistic looking pose. At the start he almost walks out of the other side of the circle before the clown controlling the camera catches up with him. MK1 (or whatever they are called) do a shocking job on the barrel and a worse one on the warp speed blood (little tip guys - gravity does not pull a liquid downwards that quickly).
    And whats all this walking away and then the barrel turning into the Q of Quantum? Presumably because the genius (that will be you Babs) who greenlit the idea to put it at the end didnt know what to do next seeing as they couldnt segue into the film so had to come up with some 'creative' way of getting Daniel off the screen which wasnt a jump cut. For christs sake MGW have a word with Keys and Gray and grow some and keep Babs in her place and make sure we get Kleinmann back for the next one. And put it at the beginning FFS.
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    Is it just me or is this random kid's gunbarrel sequence (the animation, and even his walk and shoot) better than Craig's in QOS? The music sucks, but everything else... pretty damn good! Babs could learn something from this guy.

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    Here's my ranking:

    * Dalton- Calm walk, then quickly turns to shoot- looks very professional

    * Craig (QOS) This ranking may go down a peg later, but I was so happy to see it at all in the new movie so it got brownie points. Hopefully there will be a new one next time AT THE BEGINNING

    * Simmons (doubling for Connery)- I like this since it makes a 'classic Bond' silhouette- I was shocked to learn after all those years it wasn't Connery!

    * Moore (Take 1)- it's nice to see young Moore once in a while, lol. And he turns quick and uses both hands on the gun- just looks cool

    * Lazenby- while I suppose it might make sense to duck when someones about to shoot you, and Lazenby ALWAYS looks cool, I do wish he stood up, just for old times sake

    * Brosnan- It's good- but it's a bit too perfect for my taste- he's like 'step step step BANG, Vogue!!' He looks like one of those action figures that only moves his arms, you know what I mean? Loosen up a bit! If he at least had both hands on the gun it would have been a big improvement

    * Moore (Take 2)- everyone has mentioned, Moore should have been shot first- too true, he's really slow. Also I crack up at his pants- they're practically bell bottoms. And is it me or does Moore have the boniest legs on the planet?? Look at his left leg when he fires- it's like 2 inches thick!

    * Connery- I seriously lol'd when I saw this the first time- I thought , 'wow, really?'. I think Sean had a few too many martini's before filming! He practically falls over!

    * Craig (CR)- IMO this one really doesn't count- there was no walk- no tuxedo- this was really just an homage to the classic gunbarrel

    While I'm on the subject, I wish Pierce did 2 different ones like Moore did- he played Bond for long enough.... and it irks me a bit to see young Pierce's gunbarrel and then cut to old pierce in DAD...
    Also, I feel like Moore could have even done with one more gunbarrel- maybe for Octopussy and AVTAK- I mean, his gunbarrel was pushing a decade old by that point, lol
    Finally, it would have been nice for Connery to have one in NSNA.... maybe he could have made up for his embarrassing one.
    Quoting Bond: Is it just me or is this random kid's gunbarrel sequence (the animation, and even his walk and shoot) better than Craig's in QOS?
    That kid isn't bad! Is he a member on these boards? Better than Craig though, I don't think so.....
    But that looks like fun, now I wanna film one!!
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    1: Pierce Brosnan: always enjoyed his (Except DAD, which just wrecked the tradition)
    2: Daniel Craig CR: Very much his style and love his twist and stance.
    3: Timothy Dalton: Very smooth and accurately shot.
    4: Roger Moore 2nd: Great for his time.
    5: Sean Connery (as in his 'second one'): Connery's only gun barrol, and a great one too.
    6: Bob Simmons: The origional.
    7: Daniel Craig QoS: Personally i don't mind it, except i like the gun barrol to be a far shot, rather than a close on, and i like how he walks off at the end (Let's just hope they make a better and more traditional one for Bond 23 though)
    8: Roger Moore 1st: There's something that bothers me with this one.
    9: George Lazenby: A great performance, but poorly executed.
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    ok that kid wasnt bad he was ok,definitely that was better than QoS but still worse than all others
  • That 'kid's' gun barrol is pretty nice, could have been better with better music, a white carpet, rug beneath his feat and by altering the contrast and brightness of his walk.
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    Maybe my eyesight's not too good, but for the life of me I can't see Craig walk away in that QOS gunbarrel
  • Samuel001Samuel001 Moderator
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    It's at the end as the gun barrel turns into the 'Q' of 'Quantum' when 'Quantum of Solace' appears.
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    lol god, how did anyone notice that??
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    Maybe it would be interesting to compare, Dalton filmed an alternate gunbarrel for TLD. It was actually going to be used before they filmed the one that eventually ended up in the film. It is very similar to the Bob Simmons one as Dalton leaps rather far then shoots.

    It ended up in one of the early British trailers although it is hard to find a clip online. It is probably on one of the DVD's.

    I can see why they wouldn't use it as Dalton practically jumps out of the circle.
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    Yeah I remember seeing Dalton's alternate gunbarrel a few years back- you're right- it's become hard to find all of a sudden!
    He did end in an awkward pose, with his legs bent funny.... I found this custom 'what if' poster and it appears they used that exact image.


    The gunbarrel they ended up with was INFINITELY better!
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    Nice poster - very nice but I believe it's copyrighted, so it needs to be changed to a link.
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